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(Poetry) I Still Long For You

Your presence still haunts my neurotic thoughts and all my nocturnal dreams.
Half a year has gone by since we’ve made love and I still hear your erotic screams.
Your memory is seared in my mind as I remember your beautiful face.
But now I stare at the side of the bed which is now an empty space.

I was your Master and Servant, someone you thought you could tame.
I watched you writhe in pleasured agony, and felt you as you came.
I can feel your juices flowing down as l brought you closer to me.
I can feel your body grinding slowly with unbridled energy.

I hear your cries of passion as you grabbed my hair in vain.
I feel your body tensing up as you shivered, shuddered and came.
I feel your heartbeat pounding, as you were slowly catching your breath.
As I fell deeper in the Void, while your lips grew slick and wet.

Your hands were wrapped around my neck as you began to kiss my face.
I can feel my excitement growing firm while my heart began to race.
You teased me with your talented tongue as a Demon tempts with sin.
I could feel my anticipation slowly rising, and my desire burning within.

Your lips traced down upon my shaft, licking and sucking on me.
I can feel your warmth upon my skin as you began to set me free.
I let loose my fury within as my member clinched and flexed.
With an agonizing moan of ecstasy; I lay there totally spent.

The Planets aligned, Stars were brighter; the Universe was all in sync.
But as time flew by, we were foolish to act, and we really didn’t stop to think.
I still miss your loving memory but our time has come to pass.
Our time was short but loving, as it flew on by so fast.

Our hearts were boundless; our souls were forged within the Crucible of Love.
Our Passion was a heavenly gift from the Gods up high above.
Through the years of my life, so you’ll know; I’ve only loved a few.
So I have no choice but to persevere but I’ll always dream of You.

Posted by Sinatra877 2 years ago
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1 year ago
If only She knew that I still loved her so much and that I would snatch the stars and moon from the heavens to have her back...

but it will never be and that is my destiny.
1 year ago
I wonder if my husband loves me only half as much as your testoment of love for HER. Stephanie
2 years ago
I miss my cherished memory of her and what she showed me during our relationship but alas, as the proverbial thirsty man transverses the desert in search of water, that memory was but a mirage. She was not the One but the woman that merely portrayed herself as the perfect woman or the agreeable woman that I wrote about in the "Categories of Women We Date After a Divorce".
2 years ago
Very strong, beautiful.
Sounds like you should go look for her again...
2 years ago
A well-written reminder of who we can learn to go on living without, even if we couldn't imagine life without her.
2 years ago
nice written, powerful story thank you for sharing
2 years ago
Very moving. I could almost feel your words. Thanks for sharing.
2 years ago
This was wonderful. You have tapped into something we all can relate too. The entire time I was reading this I wondering who she was. I hope whoever it was she has found happiness. I am going to send this link to a friend.
2 years ago
Very beautifully written, probably one of the most well written pieces on XHam, easily. There is so much depth on top of it being sultry, which makes it so excellent rather than just smut.
2 years ago
The first and last paragraphs broke my heart. Everything in between spoke of a passion that burned deeply.

Still does...

You are very lucky and blessed to have experienced that. You're a talented writer. My fingertips on fire as I write this. My body warmed by the blaze of your tender, hot words.

I wish I could tell you that you will find that again... Maybe you will. Don't stop trying. You have a lot of heart and soul left to give.

SassyBri ~
2 years ago
You have a way with words, and should write more! This is deep, and took me away...I felt the love, the connection.

Thank you for sharing :)