Categories of Women We Date After A Divorce

Types of Women That Men Will Eventually Date After Divorce

I’ve been divorced for a number of years and although many men browse through the internet finding articles for women written by women regarding dating after a divorce, I have yet to find any articles that dealt with the issues of dating for men, written by men on how date or avoid these personality types after a divorce. After a few years of extensive research by myself, I have categorized some women into some very recognizable groups that many of you haven’t articulated in your own minds because as guys, well, we’re just plain busy with life, work and maybe for some of us; k**s. These are some random stories and personality categories I’ve found and hopefully you guys out there will heed to these personalities that you’ll probably bump into...and probably should avoid.

The Pet Co-Dependant

This type of woman is the giver, she is a bit frazzled and out of touch sometimes. The ten cats, dogs or a combination of a****ls, easily identify her because she feels bad for the little fellas. She likes the comfort of the a****ls over her own immediate f****y and will always encourage you to make friends with them because if they like you, she’ll like you more. This is especially difficult if you have an allergic reaction. She will be a bit disorganized due to her many a****l responsibilities and her home is a wreck. Is it workable? Yes, once you get over the a****l fur and her demanding home life you will get some time. Is it worth it? It’s all up to the potential boyfriend.

The Girly Pink Woman

This woman is the collector of everything “Anti-Man”. She will decorate the house in butterflies and attain everything in pink. She’d want a bowling ball painted in pink to show her individuality and how she’s doing something you like to do. Do you know this type? I’m sure you do and if you don’t, you haven’t gotten around enough. She is the epitome of estrogen. Overall she’s not a bad woman, she is willing to do things you like and can generally get along with your buddies but think of yourself as the modern comparison to the “Odd Couple”. You’re Oscar, the messy hulk of a man and she would be Felix, the stuffy neat freak, only with breasts. The bad side is that you’ll hear of it every time when your tastes will conflict with hers. You’ll hear common things like, “it’s not nice enough”, “it’s not pretty enough”, “it’s not soft enough” and the all too common “it’s just not pink enough”. Should I say more?

The Corporate Woman

This woman is the shining example of our changing times. She is the supervisor at her work. She’s the corporate minded “yuppet” that wants to climb the corporate ladder with all the zeal and ambition she can. She is tantalizing, exciting and dynamic and has looks that kill with a great wardrobe. She will use you to bounce ideas off of and she’ll intently listen to you when you speak. She’s not a fixer. She’s not a complainer but the bottom line is that you’re number one-hundred on her “to-do” list and you practically have to take a number to elicit a special time for you two. For instance, if you go grocery shopping she’ll be inundated with calls from work. If you take some special time, her laptop or iPad is close by. She’ll organize schedules and training dates while you take her to a fishing trip. This soul just isn’t there to be a partner. Money doesn’t really matter with her because she makes enough but if you undergo a relationship with her know this; it will not be a relationship. You will be penciled in and it will leave you vacant and hollow.

The Newly Strong and Independent Woman

Another example of womanly charm is the divorcee’ with loads of baggage. Now she’s an interesting species of woman that has never learned that all men aren’t created equal. She will constantly bring up her ex’s in conversation and what they did to them. She will grade you in comparison to them and never fully give you a fair shot because she’s got some pent up hostilities and very wary on everything you do and say. Do I blame them? Absolutely not but I’ve learned over the years that every person must learn to observe and evaluate a new person very carefully and slowly. If a sexual relationship can be attained then expect either a very intense session punctuated by tearful remorse over her old relationships or a cold bitter session that merely satisfies you so you’ll stick around. She has a lot of baggage both emotionally and spiritually and it can be cleverly disguised in other personas like the ones listed above but either way she has to learn that we men are all different and that she’ll have to give us not only a shot but also a fair shot.

The Motherly Woman

This woman is the woman that many men are attracted to. They seem absolutely perfect on the outside except for one thing, her offspring. They could be adults or toddlers but she will incessantly coddle them and let them walk on her. She will do everything in her power to ensure their happiness even if it compromises your happiness. Be careful! Sometimes this persona hides in alter egos of the personalities I wrote above. It could be a combination from hell! She’ll show you the characteristics of the most devoted future wife but when it comes to her k**s, watch out. For example if you combine the Newly Strong and Independent Woman with this woman what do you have? You get a woman that will overcompensate for their c***dren’s disappointment with her last relationship that she’ll overcompensate for it by irrationally sacrificing herself or ones close to her to satiate that black hole of self-indulgent behavior that some k**s have. Because of this, if you get involved, and one can fall into this mantrap easily…as the k**s get older things will cost money. You could easily get sucked dry and one needs to set some perimeters before you get too involved.

The Bait & Switch Woman

The name says it all doesn’t it? These are the fixers but here’s the kick. Instead of finding that girlfriend that will nag you while you’re dating her, this one will bite her tongue until it is too late to do anything about it except another divorce. You’ll find her irresistible. She’s great looking, good in bed and has all the attributes of a modern loving future spouse. That’s the bait. During your dating ritual, everything will be shown to you in a way that you want to see it. It’s all in place, the timing is right and you eventually do it and ask one of the big questions like whether to move in or worse, marry you. This is where things get interesting. After awhile you’re in bliss and your head is in the clouds, then it comes. All your friends she originally met liked her and she liked them then as time goes along she doesn’t like them and tries to alienate you from them. This will eventually segregate you from your Manly support system. Then the questions come. Why are you doing this that way? I don’t want to do that anymore! Why can’t you learn to do this? And the coup de grace…I don’t want to have sex now! She becomes the user. What’s a red bl**ded male supposed to do against this succubus? Easy, one tries to identify early and correctly and then get the hell away from her.

The Sexually Repressed Woman

This woman is the modern equivalent of a vampire and you’d be the willing victim. Single men are single men. We like to score. If we date a great looking woman after awhile we generally have one thing in mind and it isn’t quantum physics. This woman is also a combination of the Newly Strong and Independent Woman and she’ll tell you how she was so sexually repressed during her earlier times without you. This of course gives us the motivation and inclination to do everything she ever wanted within reason because we want to do two things, one; some of us would feel bad for her and would want her to enjoy some if not all the desires she’s held in repression and two; some of us want another notch, some of us just want the fix but most of us just want her to have the most memorable, pleasurable time in her life. But therein lays the problem. No pun intended. We want to satisfy and exceed her expectations. If anything, we would only top off an incomplete shell of a person. Because after it all, you will notice that another year has passed and she’s no better off now that she was all that time ago. If you’re lucky a year is all you’ll have to spend with them because some guys will spend a good portion of their adult lives with a woman like this and that is why they’re like vampires. You will be attracted to that fact and the Venus Flytrap truth is that she’s not the victim here but you are. Her nectar will have you waking up a significantly later realizing your fate.

The Agreeable Woman

This woman is the absolute deadliest of all the women mentioned above. They are the most potent of all the women I wrote about above. Why you ask? The reason is that some of the personalities written above may have one, two or three things in combination. The Agreeable Woman is the combination of everything and she will appear as the next best thing to sliced bread and the woman you’d take home to Mom. She’ll never complain, she’s a vixen in bed, she’ll bring you a beer after mowing the lawn, she’ll decorate to both of your tastes and she’ll even have her own career and money. If she has k**s, they are well behaved at first and everything looks as perfect as a Norman Rockwell painting of you two, a few k**s, a pet and a house with a white picket fence. What’s the old adage? If it looks too good it usually is? I can use this not only with cars but also with women. This woman is a predator on the prowl. How is this so? This type of woman cannot be easily identified. She is a master expert in the camouflage of her inner being. She will only come forward with her flaws in time and that’s the problem that many divorced men get themselves into. This type of woman is the one we were married to before. A while back ago, I read a amusing picture of this beautiful woman in a lovely pose. One of those women that we can only dream of and there was a caption that simply read, “She may be fine but someone is sick of her crap!”

One man’s trash is another one’s treasure. That is what some would say. I honestly blame myself and would have to agree with an older guy that gives me snippets of wisdom from now and then and he just told me one day while we were fishing that the newer generation has lost it’s patience and tolerance. We’ve become more selfish and lost the ability to self-sacrifice for our spouses or future spouses. It is the reason that most of us date; to find a potential spouse. As part of the generation that has married and divorced I think that overall we should judge slowly and take our time. We may be older but there’s still time left. Like buying a new car we want to know about it, it’s capabilities, it’s flaws and we want to test-drive it all the time. Then we buy it and get used to it and drive it a lot once you first get it. After a few years, some of us want to trade it in on a newer model or change it somehow. Unlike that car, a spouse will last us the rest of our lives and we shouldn’t want to trade it in. That’s the compromise everyone will have to go through. What are you willing to sacrifice? Like diplomatic sessions, it’s an art of compromise. Of course nothing I've listed is guaranteed. It's just what I've noticed.

Good Hunting!

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1 year ago
WISE MAN, this Wise womans' jig is Well played. Stephanie
1 year ago
I, for one, cannot be categorized.

Wait is this the same thing as "If you decide not to choose, you still have made a choice."

SassyBri ~
2 years ago
hell yeah. thanks for tha knowledge frankie! those are tha type of women I put into tha category of "hit and quit." i couldn't agree with ya more. i know women always try and categorize us and i think ya did a good job labeling those personality types. i am 24yr and i never been married but I have dated enough women to know each of these types ya speak of. i hope to find tha right broad someday but i don't believe in marriage. im just gonna bang as many broads as possible and try my best to avoid those types of broads ya labeled. i know that's easier said then done. especially tha females from my generation. i would say 90% fall into one of those categories.
2 years ago
One category is missing.
The one woman that is perfect...