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I'm:The Channeled Chairman of the XRat, 46
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This link is just in case you want to go back to the old version of the Rat; http://xhamster.com/switch_design.php

"I come from a time when Men were Men, and Women were Broads! It's a gas Pallie!"

Ok, so I'm not really the Chairman. The real Frank has passed to the big bar in the sky. I'm a 45 year old guy in Florida that just loves to play, listen, sing and emulate the Chairman so; Who's the Man emulating the Chairman? I'm a regimented Virgo. Who's the real me? Let's just say that I'm 6'2" tall, muscular build and have salt and pepper short hair, in pretty good shape and have an extensive military & law enforcement background and I wear sunglasses all the time like a rockstar. Let's say that I teach. I just teach the Dark Arts. So the dimensions are actually the Chairman's, not mine. I'm college educated, traveled the world and speak a few languages well enough to get around no matter where I am. No matter what I do here, this is for fun but I have to stay anonymous here because of my public job. Being open here doesn't pay off for me out on the street right?

Here's some interesting reading for you. Folks generally have a severe misconception of people like me. Just because we're trained in violence doesn't mean we are. The link below is interesting reading and could give you some insight however it is a general analogy speaking in the most simplistic general terms. If you read it, it could help you gain some insight but it should not be misconstrued as the only definitive answer;


Other than that, what do you want to know? I'm a guy, a general purpose, red blooded American Male that delights in the form of the female body. I can't get enough. I'd rather have sex than eat. I love wine, women and song. I adore women with all their different shapes, textures, aromas and tastes. Although I'd love to just find the one right woman but I know that I also love tasting all the women I can from God's wonderful buffet. I first fell in love with a brunette with blue eyes, I was married to and divorced from a blonde with blue eyes and I've recently had my heart broken by a two redheads and been recently taken on a ride by another brunette...I love women and I'm addicted to them but I have a weakness especially for redheads. Dunno why...it's like a bad habit I've gotta learn how to quit. I've already been burned a few times.

If you're a guy I have no problem being a Pallie...BUT with that in mind, I'm not homophobic but I'm not homosexual either. If you wanna swing your club that way, who am I to argue?

If you ain't got an avatar nor been on xRat for over a month, don't bother askin' to be my Pallie. If you ain't got the sense not to post your rod as your avatar, don't bother either.

We're all grown ups on the Rat. We already know what parts go where and there isn't any new equipment on a Broad that I haven't seen or nailed. Others can post the more vulgar stuff, which is great but I've made a decision not to do that anymore. The act of sex is a beautiful thing and it shouldn't be made into a dirty, behind the shadows event.

On this same note, in my humble opinion. There are many female members on the Rat. However many are leaving, retiring or just don't come back on due to the aggressive behavior displayed by some of our members. Any member regardless of gender or sexual orientation should be treated with respect as a person and as a guest to ones personal profile page.

If you approach aggressively it will turn off most of the members here. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar right?

Even if you didn't like what you see posted, is it necessary to remark with a negative comment? I mean why go out of your way to leave a hurtful or negative comments on anyone's things or page? Wouldn't it be simpler to just move on an keep your opinions to yourself? Be polite and cool and members will contact you in their own time and convenience. Would you approach a woman you've never met before and just froth at the mouth and say something overtly sexual? The chances of you getting laid by the use of this site is very limited to begin with. Why would you want to purposely alienate any chances you had deliberately?

The Brain is the largest sex organ. Gently capture the mind and the body will always follow and polite reciprocal communication and respect are the key aspects of relationship success that during my lifetime, I have failed here and there to adhere to but I learn more everyday.

I encourage all you readers, devoted Pallies and browsers to consider this and live to the fullest with some of my suggested principles in mind. Perform a random act of kindness and speak softly and judge slowly. Life is far better in the long run.


Hey all you Pallies or soon to be Pallies...if I'm online, be sure to give me a shout out and say Hi. I'll write back...promise.

I would love hearing from everyone around the world. So, stop in, put your feet up, enjoy my pics and make a comment or two. I welcome any comments and input and any friend invites.


Send me an email at; MrSinatra877@yahoo.com

I'm open to being a Pallie to everyone so long as they're hip and polite. So stop by for civil chat and feel free to drop line to my email or comment on my profile Pallie!

Doo-be-doo-be-doo...Thanks for being my Pallie! Here's some swingin' links for you.

Here's an YouTube video showing you why we defined what Cool Really Is!



Ring-a-ding-ding! All you Pallies make me wanna sing!

I'd love to find a Dame that'll ball me so hard that she'll get me pregnant! I need something cosmically shattering!
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1 day ago
re status :
lol well its not me
9 days ago
I do hope things improve for you but at least
you are headed forward in the right direction.
9 days ago
At the time, it's in the "Ehh" stage. I have no choice but to persevere and move on with my day right? Any less only shows a lack of motivation and forward progression.
9 days ago
Hi there ,
I hope Life is treating you good.
Hugs Céline
10 days ago
Thank you for your comment, very much appreciated. Jo x
12 days ago
Yeah. We've only been going out a month so it's very new. She's 32, 5'6" tall, thin, a brunette, looks a bit like Natalie Portman and Penelope Cruz combined, a Mom of two and a dedicated working woman. She seems to share the same demons I do so we'll see what happens.
14 days ago
Thank you for thinking about me, my sweet tasty warrior friend. I wish the same for you. Yes. I am well. We, Mark and I are still struggling, but will find our way through somehow.

So, is there a special lady who gets all your attention this day? If so then I'm a little jealous. But a whole lot happy for you.

Happy Valentines Day <3

SassyBri ~
16 days ago
I appreciate the sentiment. If you're ever here in Central Florida, I might take you up on that offer.
18 days ago
I just want to thank you because I am real porn
You can see in my videos for this life I was born
I just lust for your cock till my cunt's almost torn
Then I squirt like a gusher not to toot my own horn
1 month ago
Hi Sinatra877 , nice profile keep up the good work ...
1 month ago
Hey Sinatra877, thanks for the kind comments! Glad you dig it! xoxoxo
1 month ago
Absolutely Pallie! My tunes are timeless.
1 month ago
Happy New Year, Pal. Year to bring Sinatra back to the masses.
1 month ago
I certainly hope so. We'll see. The year is young. I hope you have a great new year as well.
1 month ago
Happy New Year Frank! I hope 2015 has a good-hearted & big-bosomed red-haired lady in store for you.
2 months ago
Merry Christmas for you too My sweet friend
2 months ago
Thanks for the add, great galleries!
2 months ago
Thank u for the add, I'm strawberry blonde actually !

Vicki :)
2 months ago
2 months ago
Thanks Pallie, I try.
2 months ago
Great collection of videos and pictures
2 months ago
I can be discreet in my everyday life though when
I want to I do really stand out ;-P
2 months ago
It is a soothing tune though isn't it? I was thinking of the beginning lyrics, "...never lovers ever friends."
2 months ago
Raven haired sultry brunettes are both equal and can easily surpass a red or blonde anyday.
2 months ago
I Wish You Love.

Nice sentiment. But Sir, I'm not quite done with you yet...

SassyBri ~
2 months ago
re status: I am raven haired so no match for a red head
3 months ago
"I've been up and down and over and out and I know one thing
Each time I find myself flat on my face
I pick myself up and get back in the race"

Thank you for the links my sweet guy. You are right. I've been in the middle of this pity party way too long... Time to pick myself up off of my face and give it one more try.

But come "July..."

Thanks for taking the time to come pick me up. Miss you.

3 months ago
Sometimes we can successfully protect and prevent and a lot of times, we simply cannot besides comfort. You've done that and displayed the most sensitive of yourself to others when all you can do is make their transition as comfortable as possible. A stronger character is created through challenges of personal strife. Great people aren't made. Great people are regular folks that rise to the occasion when it is needed. You have done so in your families eyes. Rest, heal, contemplate and continue on. It is the human condition.
3 months ago
Strength? If that comes thinly veiled in anger, then yeah... I got plenty of that left.

i'm too fucking tired of this year to even pretend it exists.

Maybe I'm sick of being the one with all the strength, helping my family get through this hot zone. This path of destruction that has left nothing but stunned loved ones tossed around with nowhere to turn as we step over the bodies of our most precious, only to be assaulted by yet another endless fire fight.

I couldn't protect them. Any of them.
4 months ago
I'm a bit reserved at first but once you get to know me, I'm a barrel of laughs. I'm more fun that Bruno Mars but I don't dance as well...besides, I'm heterosexual.

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