Late night at the office. (part 5)

Fictional story, Late night at the office part five.

I went over to the table and grabbed a whip and small leather cat o' nine tails, soaking in Stacy's soft sobbing. It was one of the sweetest sounds I'd heard in a long, long time.

I walked over to her face and rubbed her cheek with the coiled whip, "Stacy, I'm going to whip you, and you're going to thank me. You'll say, 'Thank you, Master.' and you'll do it every time I whip you."

"Y-You're a s-sick f-FUCK! When I get out I'll--"

I cut her off with a crack of the whip against her thigh. It didn't draw bl**d, I didn't want her bleeding yet, but it did leave a red mark that rose nicely and was already turning a slight yellowish color of a bruise. She screamed of course.

They all do the first time.

I spun her around slowly, the chains making a soft tinkling sound as they rotated her X frame. When her face got even with me, I told her again what she would say. Not wanting to be hurt any more, she nodded.

I spun her again, a little faster this time, and contemplated where I would start. I had already marked up one of her nice thighs, it was time to move up the body. I tucked the small nine tails into one of my belt loops and tossed my whip from hand to hand, pretending to think. All the while, she slowly spun and could see me standing there, cock hard and whip in hand. The terror in her eyes was like a small a****l being squeezed by a c***d. Frantic, looking for any chance to lash out at its attacker.

We couldn't have that.

I lashed the whip out, striking her on the stomach. She screamed, but didn't say what I had told her to. I frowned in disapproval and whipped her again. After the third lash without saying what I had told her, I walked over and put my hand on the dildo.

"Have you forgotten what you're supposed to say? Say it now, or you'll regret it."

"Go to hell."

I pulled the dildo out and walked over to the table. I grabbed a spider gag, the ones that don't let them bite down, but have a hole to stick your dick in, and my third largest dildo, a twelve in one that was about five or six inches around.

I walked over to her and told her that if she didn't do as I said, she'd get it up her ass. She didn't believe me, and her tirade about how sick I was ended abruptly when I disappeared and started poking her ass with it.

"I'm sorry, I take it back, please don't! It won't fit!"

I chuckled, "You'd be amazed at the things that can fit back here. You shouldn't have disobeyed me. Disobeying me never ends well."

I stuck my fingers in her pussy to gather our mingled juices that were still slowly dripping out and rubbed them on the dildo. Then I stuck my fingers in her ass and pumped for a moment. She screamed and told me that it hurt but I only laughed at her pain. I rammed the dildo almost all the way in, leaving only enough for me to retrieve it later.

She was screaming now, a hoarse sound that must've made her throat even more raw. I quickly took advantage of her mouth being open, and clamped the gag into place.

She looked at me in surprise. My cock was mere inches from her eye. I know there are some people that get off on the idea of doing a girl's eye or cumming in it.

But I'm not a sick fuck.

I stuck my dick in her securely opened mouth and started pumping. The way her throat constricted when I hit the mack of her throat felt like heaven, and I kept pumping. I leaned over her and squeezed her nipples hard. I bit them, rubbed them roughly, and twisted them. She couldn't do much but make gagging noises, but I made sure to let her breathe. It wouldn't do for me to break my toy so soon.

I grabbed the leather nine tails and whipped her tits with it while I pumped away at her throat. I was anjoying face fucking her. My cock went deep into her throat and when I stuck it in to the base, I held it there for a moment, savoring her spasming throat around my cock. I counted the seconds, and at around fifteen, I let up to let her get air. Her coughs sounded odd and she gasped, drool running from her gaping mouth

I stuck it in again and started lightly whipping her pussy with the nine tails. She screamed through my cock, which sent shivers down my spine when it was paired with the constricting of her throat.

I stopped whipping her for a moment as I was getting nearer and nearer to cumming. I set the whip down on her stomach and pulled her head all the way down on my cock as I came. Thick spurts of cum slid down her throat as I came. She tried to gag, cough, anything to get the invading cock out of her throat. I wouldn't allow that. When I finally finished cumming, after about thirty seconds, I pulled out and watched as some of my cum dripped out and onto her face.

The sight of it started to make my cock hard again. It was about time I tested that ass for myself.
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where's part 6?!?!?!?!?
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very good