A slight problem.

This is a story that is both part fiction and part truth.

You see, the thing is, I am something of a masochist. I like pain. Now, I'm not into the hardcore stuff like taking jumper cables to the sack or being stomped on by stiletto heels. I just like the light stuff, maybe some smacking around, hair pulling, and some of that. I might even be able to be talked into being whipped. I won't be tied though. The desperate urge to be able to defend myself should (God forbid) halfway through my bondage session, my mistress decides she didn't like the fact that I had lunch with a female friend some time ago and decides to castrate yours truly with a rusty g****fruit spoon.

Now, on the surface this might not sound like a problem, but two things need to be made clear. The first is that I seem to attract mentally unstable people like flies to honey. Luckily, I've learned to stay away from them, and thankfully my current girlfriend is a normal, sane human being.

This is where the second problem comes in. "What second problem? Didn't you just say your girlfriend is normal?" you might be asking. Yes, she is, and she's amazing and I love her. Here's the problem though.

She's too nice. A lot of the girls I've been with have been too nice to slap me around a bit. Even if they did, they're too nice to really give a good slap.

Now, it's not like I need it to get off or anything, but I'd like to try it at least once and I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to do it.

Now, onto the fantasy part. As I mentioned before, I'm a fairly big guy at about 6 feet tall and 220 pounds and built like a linebacker. All of the girls I've been with, with the exception of one, have all been smaller than me.

I'd like to see, just once, a girl not be afraid to smack me around, f***e me to kneel in front of her as she grinds my face into the ground with her heel. A paddle, a whip, riding crop, or other such tools. I'm not afraid to be smacked around and abused.

I want a girl who's about half my size f***e me to call her "Mistress" as I lick her pussy clean. To call me a dirty dog and lower than dirt as she draws me closer to do what she wants me to.

I'll bend over and take what abuse she feels like dishing out. Spanking, whipping, hot wax, I'll even do a blindfold and maybe a gag. To leave me with scratches down my back, bite marks on my shoulders and arms, bruises on my sides, even a black eye.

Someone who's not afraid to take control and let me feel like she owns me, mind, body, and soul. I've never met a girl like that.

Now, don't get me wrong, my current girlfriend is amazing, and I think we might do something like this one day when we have the time and equipment. It's not something I feel that I MUST have, but I'd like to try it at least once.

My only concern is that I'll like it too much. I tend to mess up sometimes and I'm not sure if I like the idea of an angry girlfriend with my permission to beat me if I don't realize that she's mad. In my experience, waking up in the hospital with no recollection of where you are and how you got there is generally a bad sign. And that hand that squeezes yours when you wake up might well be your attacker.

Some people get off on such extremes.

I only hope that I'm not one of them.
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4 years ago
I've had girls like that and guess what? Ask them and they enjoy the experience, if they don't like it they will tell you.
4 years ago
4 years ago
very interesting