saturday at the Park

Saturday afternoon at about 3PM I left a bar after lunch and a few drinks. On my way home I passed a park that typically is crowded but today there weren't many cars so I went back. In the park I saw a few people at the entrance but no cars parked in the back half.

I parked on the side of the road and I looked around once again and no one was in sight. I pulled my jeans and underwear off and slipped on panties and hose. I took my T-shirt off and slipped a bra around my chest. Snapped in on then spun it around in place. Stuffed my socks in the cups. Lastly I put on a silky slip and a dress. Small black flats. Zipped it up on the side and put my jeans and T-shirt on locked my car. Grabbed a blanket and a tube of KY as well as my trusty dildo and walked to the woods about fifty yards from my car.

Just behind the tree line one more good look and I was fine. Made it and no one in view. Took off my T-shirt and jeans. Put them in blanket and stood up and fixed my outfit. I picked up a stick and whipped my bottom a few times as hard as I could. Once I could feel the stinging I stopped and walked further away from the park.

In a shady area surrounded with sticker bushes and short thick brush I stopped and laid my blanket out. I set my clothes on the edge and my dildo on the blanket. I opened the tube of liquid KY and pulled my panties and hose down a little bit. I pointed the open tube to my bottom and squeezed some in me and on my hole. Closed the tube and tossed it on the blanket. I pulled my panties and hose back up and walked around. I love how I feel with a lubricant between my cheeks. It makes me so horny.

I spanked myself a few more times then it was time to masturbate with the dildo. I want the dildo in my ass. My legs feel so good in the hose. I reached into my bra cups and pinch my nipples a few times as I walked. My tiny pointy nipples are sore from my pulling and pinching but it really feels so good. The tips of my nipples pressing against my socks in my bra cups. I love the feeling. I have my cock pointing down between my legs so that it doesn't poke out in the front.

Now I can see the trees and bushes near my blanket and I'm coming now from a different direction so it is difficult to get to the spot. I stop and go another way.

Just as I walk around the bushes I see two guys laying on the ground on their sides sucking each other. Their pants are pulled down below their hips. Oh crap. They're hands are on each others butts as they are sucking each other. I step on a stick and they stop and both look in my direction. They see me and stop and pull their pants somewhat up a little bit. It is obvious that I am a guy in girls clothes. The two of them sit up and look at me. One guy motions me to come to them and I walk slowly near them. I introduce myself to them as Nance. They are Jim and Lou. They ask me what i was doing and I tell them that I was just goofing around in the woods.

Now I was standing five feet from them and Lou asks me to come closer. I take another few steps and he moves his hand to my leg. Jim tells me that my outfit looks good on me. I step a little closer and Lou pushes his hand up my leg a little further. He sits up on his knees and he pushes both his hands up my legs under my dress to my groin. He begins to feel me off. He moves one hand around to my bottom. He smiles when he pushes his hand firmly against my erect cock between my legs. Lou lifts his hand towards me and I step between the two of them. Both are now feeling me off as I stand still.

Lou pulls his hands back and I watch him pull his pants off. His erect cock flops onto the top of his leg. The two of them are in their early twenties I guess about 23 years old. A nice healthy throbbing cock erection. The damn thing is as hard as it could be. Lou grabs hold of the hem on my dress and he begins to pull me down. I tell them that I have a blanket on the ground behind those bushes if they want to join me there. They stand up and we walk around and come to my blanket. Jim pulls his pants off and sits down. Lou is standing next to me feeling my bottom. He points to a spot on the blanket and suggests I sit there. I push my legs together and sit lady like on the blanket.

Lou lets his pants fall the ground and he sits next to me. He moves his hands back to my legs and caresses me. I lean to my side and lay down as he moves his hands under my dress again. Rubbing his hands on my bottom and between my legs Jim crawls up to me. He touches my shoulders then he pushes a hand into my bra and begins to play with my pointy erect nipples. He kisses my neck then we begin to french kiss. He has both of his hands in my bra cups twisting and pulling at my nipples as we are involved in an erotic exciting kissing session. Our eyes are closed as we kiss. The two guys are playing with my body and my cock is aching in my thin panties.

I move my hand down Jim's body and begin to play with his cock. Now I am slowly stroking his cock as we continue to kiss. Flicking my finger across his cock hole feeling the clear slippery liquid as he leaks from his throbbing member. I stop kissing him for a moment and begin to kiss his neck then down his torso to his hips. I pull his cock upward and I lick his full round balls for a minute. Licking the shaft and begin to nibble on the bottom edge of his cock. He leans over and I slid my mouth over the tip of his cock and suck it. The salty taste of the liquid leaking from his cock into my mouth was wonderful. He moans as I work his cock in my mouth.

Lou pulls my hose and panties down enough so that he gets his hands on my naked bottom and his fingers explore the crack of my ass. He stops and tells me that my ass is wet and then he slips a finger inside me firmly. I moan as he pushes it deep in me. I tell him that his finger feels great. Jim tells me that all they have ever done to each other is suck and swallow. Jim slides back and I turn and lay on my stomach and move up between his legs as Lou crawls up between my legs. He is careful not to hurt me as he puts his knees outside of mine. I continue to suck Jim's cock as he watches his buddy crawl on top of my backside.

Lou moves his hands near my shoulders and then he sits back on my legs. He grabs the tube of KY then he tossing it on the blanket near my head. He wiggles for a moment then I feel his cock between my cheeks. It takes him only a second to get his cock positioned against my slippery hole. He once again plants his hands near my shoulders then his body is pressing against me with only his cock touching me. I squeeze as tight as I can for a moment then relax and the head of his cock enters me. He stops for a second as I cry in pain then he slowly lowers his body on mine. I feel his cock sinking slowly inside my bottom.

I had to stop sucking Jim's cock. I was only able to keep my mouth open and he was holding it and moving it around my lips and in my open mouth.

The next minute Lou is in slow motion as his cock continues to slip in my bottom. I push my bottom up to accept his slippery hard cock. My rectum expands to accept his thickness. He pushes down harder and now he has buried his cock in me. He holds still for a minute as we both enjoy the feeling. Lou moans quietly as the warmth of my bottom surrounds his cock. Wiggling from side to side to open me to insure he lasts long enough. He tells me. My insides try to get used to the feeling of a cock stuffed in me.

I am full.

Lou is laying flat on me and he seems to only lift is hips and his cock slips out of me a few inches then he pushes deep in me again. He repeats this method for the next five minutes. Faster and faster he pumps his cock in and out of me a short distance. Yes I was making sure the lubrication was spread good in your ass tunnel bitch he says. Now I'm sure it is cause I'm slipping in and out of your ass pussy nice and easily. It is now time for me to fuck you like you want it bitch.

He lifted off me then pushed down hard and firm and my slippery wet ass pussy opened up for his young meat. He fucked me for ten minutes slow firm and deep. What a great ass pussy you have bitch he kept telling me as he fucked my bottom. I get my concentration back and close my mouth around the head of Jim's cock and suck it as he watches his suck buddy fuck my ass.

Jim's hard cock leaks the clear liquid more as he watches me get fucked. Lou is burying his cock in me as deep as he can with each thrust. My cock leaks on my own balls as he pushes his cock to the max each thrust. Lou is pulling it out and then back into me about an inch now. Yea baby I'm going to open you up a little. I can not keep up and stop tightening my hole each time. I just relax and enjoy the game he is playing with my hole. Another few minutes pass and he tells me that I have an open hole.

Lou tells me he's going to come. That is all Jim needed to hear. Jim grabbed my the back of my head and pulled my face towards his groin. I had to move my hands to keep from choking on his cock and suddenly his semen was squirting to the side of my tongue down my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could to keep up with the flow. His erect cock shriveled in my mouth. He pulled back and his cock slipped out of my mouth as it leaked the balance of his semen on my tongue.

I'll shoot my load on your balls and I tell him to spew it in me. No shit he says then he pushes harder against me. My hole opens to accept his semen. Yea in me baby I tell him. He crams his cock in me and holds still then moans and I feel his semen entering my bottom. It hurts a little and I squeeze my hole tightly around his hard cock as his semen filled sperm shoots out of his cock. He lets the final few spurts land on my hole. The warm gooey semen felt hot as it splattered on my wet hole. What a great piece of ass you are. Give me a few minutes and we'll fuck again.

Lou laid on me as more of his semen dripped on my balls. Jim told Lou to get off me and it was his turn to fuck. I looked at his crotch and his cock was erect. Youth i thought as his cock was as hard as it was just a few minutes ago. He crawled around me and Jim came around the other direction. He sat open legged in front of me. He held his somewhat hardening cock up and he rubbed it across my wet lips. Jim dripped KY between my cheeks and then stroked his cock with the grease.

Jim told me that he was ready and that he hoped I was as he mounted my back end. Jim crawled on top of me just like his friend did and he quickly jammed the head of his cock in my wet semen and KY lubricated bottom. He slid it around on my crack for a few seconds and he told me that my ass was wet and ready to fuck. He moved and kept his dick in me then he lowered himself on me. My loose ass opened for him as he eased down fairly fast. My bottom was lubricated with KY and semen and he slipped deep in me right away. He wiggled his ass around as he pushed.

Jim had his cock buried in me and Lou was playing with my mouth with the head of his cock. I closed my eyes and Jim began to fuck my ass using firm deep thrusts. He fucked me for twenty minutes without slowly down at all. My hole loosened for him and he just kept pounding his dick in and out of my bottom. He fucked me on and on as I sucked Lou's cock.

I pushed my ass out and opened as much as I could for him. I wanted them to fuck me. He jerked and creamed his load in my ass. Once again he squeezed some semen on my hole and the gooey warm liquid felt great. He pulled my hand around and guided my fingers to my wet slippery hole. My bottom felt wonderful as I watched the two guys changing places once again. The two guys fucked me over and over each time lasting longer as they drained their balls in my rectum.

The park closed at 9PM and we left before the cops drove through, I got home at about 10 PM and took a long warm bath.
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mhhhhhh ur story make me horny now....
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great story m8. horny
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fun story - thanks ! x
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Superb story, very erotic and horny
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Fantastic,damn what luck you had.
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i really enjoyed it
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I have often dreamt of spending time in the park fucking and sucking all the cock I can get my hands on.
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Wheres the park i want to visit
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What a slut for cock! Great story.
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nice story well written
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Very good story so hot wish it had been me
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A rea,jack off story had to jack off twice and i'm still hard have to take care of that thanks
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great story
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Nice story! Your such a lucky gurl, got me rock hard wishing it was me.