It's time to hit the gay club. We get ready, dressed like total sluts. Corsets, stockings, heels and boots, gloves, jewles and dark make-up. The only big difference is I'm wearing my tight skinnies and you're in a red satan dress. Our colours are red and black, the colours of sin and lust. I'm mostly in black but my lips are stained red. Now that we look hot, we're ready to go catch a man.

We enter the club head immerdiatly to the dance floor, bumping and grinding and getting a lot of attention. There are many pretty girls here tonight but we are looking to find a man for you. There are many to choose from but since it's your first we are being a little picky.

Finally, we both spot one man that will do the job. Tall, a little slender but well set, very handsome, and he smells fantastic! Gotta love a man who smells good. We entice him to come dance with us, rubbing against each other to catch his attention. He's drawn to us, and we dance around him, you rubbing your butt against his crotch. It doesn't take much to get him excited.

I give you a look and see you nod, it's time. I tap the man's shoulder and say into his ear "My friend came here tonight to lose her virginity. Will you fuck my friend?" It's hard to hear over the noise, but it's obvious the man accepts. And why wouldn't he? I'd gladly be your first if I had a dick.

We walk out of the club and head back to our hotel room, still a little messy from tumble we had earlier. As we enter the room, you pull the man in by his shirt and giv him a deep kiss. I can see how eager you are, and I'm sure he feels it pressing into him. I hate to stop you but I pull you away and drag you both to the bed, peeling off my skinnies and laying back in the pillows. I run my hands over my corseted body and down my legs, over my lace-up stockings and gogo boots. I'm all in black and know I look hot.
I pull you into me and begin kissing you, taking off your satan dress and reveiling your sexy black and red lingerie. I won't let the stranger join us just yet, I have to get you ready first,and he doesn't seem to mind just watching us.

I grab the bottle of lube I made sure was handy and squirt a little of the strawberry scented substance on my fingers, moving your g-string and slicking up your hole while you sit doggy style and push back on my fingers eagerly. You little slut. I smile press into your prostate to make you yell. "I think you're ready now." I whisper and turn you so you're laying between my legs, resting against my body. I throw a condom at the guy and say "Put it on and fuck her."

The man, who was jerking off the whole time, didn't argue one bit. He rolled the condom down his thick shaft as I pulled up your legs, my hands under your knees. He gets between your legs and pulls off his shirt. Wow! You and I are both surprised by how sexy he is. He looked rather slender but he has nice cut muscles, very manly. "Told you I would pick you a good one." I whisper to you as he pushed his cock inside of your virgin hole.

I feel you squeeze my legs are you inhale, letting out a moan once he is all the way in. I throw your legs over his shoulders and let you squeeze my hands while he fucks you. Watching you is making me so wet. I pull out my camera and take pictures of this moment, you being penetrated by a man for the first time. Even I moan just from watching how much pleasure it brings you.

You slide down a little and your head is resting in my breasts as you slowly come closer to your orgasm. Your body thrusts and grinds, desperate for an orgasm. I make sure to have the camera ready to take pictures or your first orgasm from a man.

Within a few minutes, you're writing with pleasure, cumming hard. I click one button and pictures are being taken rapidly. I made sure not to miss a thing. Right after you, the man we picked up groans and slams his hips into as he cums as well.

I listen to your little moans and sighs, watching your pretty face, tinted red from sex as the man cleans himself up and dresses again. We don't want him to stay, we got out of him what we needed.

After he leaves, it's time for just us. I clean you off and kiss you passionatly, removing my g-string so we can scissor like lesbians. Our clit rubbing together, I moan your name, ready to have you in me. "Please I need to feel you." I sigh. Moaning, I feel you enter me, glad you're hard after all that.

It may not have lasted long, but the few minutes we make love get me to cum so good for you. I pull you in for a kiss as you cum inside me.

With out last bits of strength, we pull off our lingerie, breathing sighs of relief to be free of the constricting corsets, even though they are sexy as hell. I wrap myself around you as you do the same to me, and we blissfully fall asl**p in a tangled mess of limbs.
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15 days ago
wow, SxH; this story rocks!
3 years ago
This sure is a good story. i usually come here for the pictures, but now I guess i'll read the articles too!
3 years ago
I love it!!!
3 years ago
Damn. Very hot! I'm sitting here hard and visualizing...Very nicely done!
3 years ago
made me hard ;) fighting the urge to play with myself already tucked into bed.. good story love... ttyl xoxo
3 years ago
You are quite the sex author. The ending was unique just like you. ;)