*Note from Author* I wrote this for an ex when we were still together but she was working away, please read and comment, its just regular straight stuff.

We meet by the pool as the sun is setting in the distant horizon, you've just emerged from the water and the droplets are running down you and glistening in the twilight, highlighting your perfect skin.

We embrace, i pull you to me and we kiss passionately, you nibble my bottom lip causing a stir in my shorts. You smile wickedly as you feel it grow and give it a stroke before stepping backwards into the pool.

I pull my shirt off and dive in, i swim underneath the surface before popping up behind you causing you to giggle, you try to run away and i grab you in a bearhug, all the while laughing. I kiss you on the neck and trace your ear with my tongue and you melt into me, reaching up to cup the back of my head with your hands and you turn your head to face me.

My hand slips down into the water and sneaks into your bikini bottoms; i slowly tease your warmth and linger on your sweet spot as you grind your butt against me. as i feel you grind against me i slip a finger inside, teasingly slow until i'm all the way in, i can feel how tight you are and i gently start rocking my hand back and forth inside you. You moan into my mouth as you kiss me full on the lips, your back arched, your breasts aching for my touch.

With my free hand i pull at the string of your top and let it drop into the water, now topless you turn out to face me and i stare into your big brown eyes and am lost in them. you lean forward on my still stroking hand and kiss my neck and chest as I caress your right breast with my left hand, running my thumb over your erect nipple. you free yourself from your bikini bottoms and start to take my shorts off underwater. i slowly take my finger out of you and lift you to me. I carry you to the side of the pool where you rest and i sink below the water taking a deep breath as i go. Once submerged i immediately devour you, i slide my tongue as deep as i can go in you and start stroke your ass with my fingers as i do. You writhe in the water and pull me up.

You spin me round so i am leaning against the side and pull yourself on top of me only to slowly slide down on me, i feel you engulf me and your so tight it feels amazing, your legs wrap themselves around me and i hold your butt as you flex your hips.

your breasts are bouncing infront of my face and its too inviting for me to say no and i suck first your left nipple then your right into my mouth, flicking them with my tongue as i go
As i tease your nipple and squeeze your butt you push my face harder into you and cry out wildly. I can feel how tight you are around me, milking me with each stroke.
I pull you up and off me and spin you round against the edge, face first so i'm tight up against you from behind. You reach down and grab me, stroking me as you direct me to the right spot, you shudder as ease myself in and out in a steady rhythm that has you panting and groaning, my hands on your hips i get bolder and start moving faster, almost pulling all the way out before slamming back everytime.
You grip the side of the pool with your hands your knuckles turning white as the first wave of orgasm builds inside, rising from your inner thighs and emanating up through you. I can tell your getting closer and i reach a hand round and find your clit, its throbbing in the water and i can feel the heat coming off it. i rub it gently in time with my strokes and you shake uncontrollably whilst pushing back into me. With my other hand i reach round to your chest and pull your neck up to my waiting mouth.

You explode and scream out my name as your orgasm rips through like a tidal wave of euphoria, i feel every movement and shake as i drive deeper and deeper, almost instantly bringing on a second wave, this one bigger than the first and tears are streaming down your face as scream out. Your hand reaches behind my head as i still suck your neck and you dig your nails into mine. you breathless say my name and beg me to stop, i relent and slowly slide myself out, still rock hard. I take you in my arms to help you stand and you kiss me full on the lips and slide your tongue in my mouth all the while still shaking. You lead my to the side and tell me to sit on the edge.
Once on you move in between my thighs and take me in your mouth. You slowly start bobbing your head up and down and it feels amazing, i feel your tongue swirl around as you take me as deep as you can go, almost all the way in where you hold it there and my breathing becomes rapid and shallow as run my hands through your hair, you suddenly start moving again, faster this time and with more f***e. its getting to much and you can feel me getting near as your tongue still works it magic. as you slip and slide you mouth up and do" wn i feel myself getting close to exploding, so close infact that anymore and i wont be able to stop myself. I ease your head up, pleading for you to stop and you reluctantly do. I stand up at the side of the pool and help you out. We're both still as naked as Adam and Eve and i grab us both a towel and lead you inside, up the stairs to the bathroom where i turn on the shower, a shower big enough for two with jets coming out the walls and ceiling.

With the water just right we both step in, you go first and the water pounds against your skin as i watch you run the water through your hair. I As I work your favourite perfumed soap into a thick lather you lean facing against the cool wall, I step up behind you working my strong hands along the subtle lines of your neck , gently coaxing those tense muscles, a soft moan escapes, slowly I glide across your shoulders and down your arms washing every inch with a familiarity matching your own.

Gently kneading your shoulders once again I continue my exploration. Wandering over these contours I smile as your nipples rise to my touch. Kneeling, your soft lower back eases quickly at my urging, my throbbing cock twitches violently as I frame that firm, round, delectable butt of yours with my hands, squeezing, rubbing, worshipping. You push back writhing in response to my caresses, As I tickle your tight lathered asshole I can feel each quiver ripple through you.

My resolve is dissolving rapidly, I slip my hand between your legs and across the swollen lips of your sweet pussy, rubbing the sensitive clit fast and furious, you grind into me quaking with excitement. "Not yet, baby" I whisper softly

My hands flow down the back of your legs, you pant in response. Working my strong experienced hands up and down your thighs and calves ease the tension further.

Now facing me, I begin the ascent. Rubbing along the shins, up your thighs, using both hands on each leg I squeeze, massaging deeply, hearing your constant sounds of pleasure is bringing me to my boiling point. As I look up at your beautiful face I gently lift one leg and d**** it over my shoulder as I lean in, the sight of your delicious shaved pussy is so inviting, slowly my tongue runs along the wet slit, I feel a hand stroking my head prompting more, pushing harder, my tongue opens you further, I feel the tiny clit throbbing , as I brush across it you shake hard.

Knowing you crave release my pace suddenly goes from slow and soft to harder and faster. Using my lips to pull and suck your little bud feverishly, you grind yourself into my face , moaning louder, your breath quickening.

Continuing my oral assault on your clit , I draw it in with my lips and lick hard and slow keeping an even pressure. I reach up and grabbing your butt push you into my hungry mouth. With your tummy shivering I hear you moan as you cum hard, convulsing, that sweet nectar flowing into my mouth, my tongue flicking and stroking, draining you. Nearing the end I release you and watch as you writhe in ecstasy. Regaining your senses and breathing returning to normal I again lather my hands and continue working my way up your soft tummy coating every inch.

Looking up once again I see that your eyes are still closed tight and you are lost in your own world, the world of delight my hands are creating.

I move up to those awesome breasts, rubbing them knowing this is one of your pleasure "spots" , the soft moans begin anew. I take those wonderful orbs firmly in each hand as I begin to rise. Now fully upright with my hard cock dancing on your tummy I draw you to me, pressing my lips to yours , immediately we are drowning in passion our tongues twisting and twirling as if for the last time. My rigid cock throbs against you, begging for release.
As you pull away slightly, smiling. I push you into a corner. I lift each leg into my powerful arms, spreading you wide, my pulsating cock lined up with the swollen head pressed to your hot pussy.

With one long, hard stroke I sink deep, stretching those tight inner confines, staying there for a moment drinking in the pleasure then pulling back leaving just the head in I quickly pound in fully again before I begin jack hammering my cock, crashing hard with each stroke, fucking you like a man possessed.

I stare into your eyes and i can see the lust and pleasure in your face and we connect like never before, the raw a****l passion between us palpable and it intensifies everything ten fold.

Throwing your head back and moaning loudly you start to run your fingers down my chest, they leave their mark but with little pain, the sensations we both feel are amazing and it takes all my strength to not explode there and then.

I start thrusting up and harder than before and you squeal as you feel my cock reach new depths, going farther then ever before, you reach up and grab my neck lifting yourself slightly, I pound again and again as, yet, another orgasm washes over you and soaks my cock in hot fluid. I can feel my balls tighten and that familiar sense building deep inside as I near my own orgasm.

As my cock swells even harder you know now that I'm about to cum " OH, YEAH , baby! oh god!" you yell. I tense and moan loudly as one final stroke sends me over the edge and I explode deep inside your velvety pussy releasing a huge volley of cum, splashing hard, as I continue pumping violently draining me completely. Leaning into you we kiss deeply our tongues entwined as i feel the last shot jump from my cock and sliding into that wonderful clenching pussy.

entwined as we are we both wash each other down, gently soaping each other and washing our hair, no rush this time, we just go slow staring into each other’s eyes and not having to say a word as the moment speaks a thousand.

Eventually i step out the shower and take your hand to lead you out. we towel ourselves off and make our way to the bedroom. The white linen sheets are bright in the twilight moonshine coming from the window. I pull the covers down and we both get in, you face the window, staring out into the night as cuddle up behind and gently kiss your neck. You lean round and respond with a ever so gentle brush of lips.

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