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I'm:Ken ShowMeMoMeat, 49
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Kids:Yes, we do not live together
Occupation:Fixing Me, So I Can BE 100% the Dad my Kids deserve
Education:Associate degree (2 years college)
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About Me
Hi Ya Hooker's! I haven't deserted my Hamster Cage, Just had one of those Tunnnel kits installed and It leads over to a little Blog I call " ALL TRASH NO TRAILER " I honor of my pre pubesent wild redneck experiences with my Cousin, Uncles etc. Check it out, still playing with the layout

WARNING - Moving things around and updating, Sorry if the mess bothers ya. But then as my Nanny Said: "Don't Just Stand There, Take this Sack of Trash To The Curb. Oh, and Be a Dear and Stick this Broom Handle Up Your Ass So You Can Sweep The Walk along the way!" I SO Miss that woman.


"Soldier Video has more Ticks than Fucking Pfizers Lyme Disease Research Center - Sorry"


The main question's I get asked are:
1. What are my turn on's.
2. Are my stories truth or fiction.
3. My first time.
4. Am I Bi? or Gay?
5. Why I Like Vintage
6. My Recent "Coming Out!" - FYI stuff
7. Things That Piss Me Off

1. What turns me on?

We've all done it, A Quick Peek - Hell, I'll back up and give a better view if your that obvious... I was never good with "Obvious interest, flirts,etc. But, I'm working on it. :o) AND,I think I touched base with this in Paperboy Confession #1 or at least used it in the story line. But I'm a huge fan of Chest hair. Love a treasure trail and any chance given to explore Treasure maps. I have a bit of chest hair, sparse.

2. Stories Fact or Fiction?

Everything so far is based on fact. Names are changed in some cases. Yes, I did stumble upon the passed out guy and I have 2 other encounters with REALLY out of it, unconscious persons 1 male and 1 female. But sadly they were discovered on my paper route DEAD. And though I've heard of corpse sex stories, Cadavers do NOTHING for me sexually, sorry.




3. My first time?

First time was GREAT! Plus, I wasn't about to waste the 2 hour's it took to get these mother F'n Fireworks gifs lined and in sync just to delete till July 4th next year! lol

FYI - If they are outta sync, refresh and check em again. - Ken

But as I mentioned in Paperboy Confession #3 Time Warp I consider Jesse and My time in the pool my first time making love. Flesh never touched flesh, but it was hot, very personal and I look back on the "exchange" VERY fondly to this day!

4. Am I Gay or Bisexual?

I personally feel that everyone is Bi, They just lean toward one sex way more than the other. If they were not, Guys would not be friends, it would be like wolves, One alpha, Who get's all the ass, and the lesser male's tail between the leg pissing on themselves when the alpha nears.

You know it's hard out here for a pimp!
(you ain't knowin)
When he tryin to get this money for the rent!
(you ain't knowin)
For the Cadillacs and gas money spent!
(you ain't knowin)
Because a whole lot of bitches talkin shit

But please skip to my recent coming out in section #6 lol

5. Why I Like Vintage Porn

I like old movies of any kind, Glamorous. But porn in it's early beginnings is interesting, Sure Filming gets better like above. BUT, boy did it take awhile Bad Lighting, Rare Money Shots, Hard to See, Fuzzy... I really don't know why I Like, MAYBE because it can be in many of them much like my Days of Teen Masturbation and Trying to Make sense of the Picture while Jacking to SCRAMBLED PORN.

6. My Recent "Coming Out" FYI Stuff / IF you Care

June 27, 2012 Time Was up, Turn's out this was "Fake Back to the Future Day" But oddly enough, was a Future Day for me. I was SO missing "It" - Life was passing by really. So, had to Man Up. Came out GAY to 11 Family Members. - Most were glad for me, others were glad they NOW have something in common to chat with so and so about her lesbian daughter. They seem more empowered I guess. Glad I could do this for them. Like their "So hip now they "Gotta Gay" OMFG LOL

JUNE 28 2012 - "My Sister and Aunt SO Take care of their gay's ??? WTF did I Do? lol

June 29, 2012 - New Dilemma, When coming out to friends of the same sex. Having problem with explaining "The Guys you wanna know, and the guys you wanna blow!" ( Even straight guys, though may or may not be into that(Serviced by a gay) have an ego, My best friend is not gay, but I had to explain it's not that your Not "Blow-able" your totally blow worthy, its just the same as why male / female friends don't hook up, cause it's very "Thin ice" territory and many friendships have been ruin by it. Rare that it strengthens.

When you've seen each other's junk at the gym etc. Little awkward. But even though, yup, it did flash in my j/o fantasy mind a few times. But that's the same as m/f I'm sure. But I was a 1/2 ass friend, WHY? because I only put out 1/2 of me. I know everything about him, and he only knew parts of me. So we can grow from there. or End. But I fully understand if I loose a few, but that's life. Sometimes you have to make a very powerful painful choice. Those friends you must make part of your history and those friends meant to be part of my journey forward. But hiding myself as "Straight" not only robbed me, in truth, it was also robbing someone else out there of maybe having a wonderful friendship, relationship or life. Cause he never knew.

Its like a Mute (Can't Speak) opening a Shop that just says "Shop" and never advertises, keeps its wares in the back. And just hangs an open sign and HOPES a customers comes by and ASKS for the exact thing he has to offer. What kind of chance do you think that "shop" has of succeeding.

You get back in life what you put into it. I get that now, Took over 40 years, but I feel bad for the past, but I can't change that. I'm not that person anymore. But I am a better one now, and will try to prove how great a friend I can be. If they give that choice it's up to them. But I SO hope they do.

7. Things That Piss Me Off!

Putting aside "LITERALLY" a DICK the size of King Kong's. Any type of Bullying, Not using basic manners that we all were taught our first year of Kindergarten! Man, what a KICKASS world it would be if we ALL tried to use them daily.

They Are as Follows...

Share everything.
Play fair.
Don't hit people.
Put things back where you found them.
Clean up your own mess.
Don't take things that aren't yours.
Say you're sorry when you hurt somebody.
Wash your hands before you eat.
Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you.
Live a balanced life -
Learn some and think some
And draw and paint and sing and dance
And play and work everyday some.
Take a nap every afternoon.
When you go out into the world,
Watch out for traffic,
Hold hands and stick together.
Be aware of wonder.
psst... And "Show n Tell" ROCKS with another nude dude!

Another, while married it was my quick realization That is Would be FAR easier to Train a Chicken to Lead itself to Crisco, Than it Would Be to Get My EX-Wife to Fry It. I do not understand the female mind, nor do I want to explore it. Not EVEN if I were "Tripping" for one instant, Equivalent to ALL the times Helen Keller "Tripped" literally in her lifetime would I EVER Go there.

If you're good at something then that becomes "Your Job" Forever. If you totally SUCK at something, your never asked to do it again!
I never imagined she would play this card when it came to sexually pleasing my "Junk" But obviously she did.

"When My EX wife's girlfriend "THANKED ME" for making the EX-Wife such a PRO At Eating Pussy. She couldn't Believe she had never been with a woman!"
After throwing up a bit in my mouth because she Implied it was like I was doing the deed my ex-wife! I replied "Consider it a GIFT from me,to the lesbian World!" But Might I mention my personal, yet VERY strict, no exceptions, "No Return/Refund Policy" I WISH there was some way to share The LOOK on her face I hold in my mind as a Kodak Moment to share.

But yes, in the "Vag" area "I WAS Pretty Fly For A Bi Guy"

Hell, We were Just Kid's Trying to keep the F outta trouble!"

A few past Employment Positions - Some I still enjoy greatly! Graphic Artist, Amateur Writer, Chef, Catering, Event Coordinator, Retired General Mgr, IT Mgr./Oracle Business Software Application Mgr. For an Est.1865 American Legend Company.

The Following are Just Cool Animated GIF Images

Is the below shit statement TRULY Necessary??

Disclaimer WARNING Sydney University and all other institutions using this or any Adult Friend Finder site or its associated sites for projects - You do NOT HAVE PERMISSION from me to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forms both current and future IF YOU DO IT WILL BE CONSIDERED A VIOLATION OF MY PRIVACY and it will subject to LEGAL ACTION
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2 months ago
That "disclaimer" people post is (at best) good for getting Federal-level entities to laugh for 2 seconds
4 months ago
Thanks for the add....
4 months ago
Just hanging, baby- PM me for details if you are interested- some news is hot and some is not!
4 months ago
DAMN, dude- how long has it been? Shit- I need to be clever, but I just wanna fuck ya!

5 months ago
hi, what a hot profile, wow, so you are welcome on my prof, lets have fun,
7 months ago
Yours is by far the most innovative page I've seen!
9 months ago
nice creativ page !
10 months ago
Great profile page
1 year ago
showing ur page some luv!! hit me up! ;)
love the profile!
1 year ago
Merry Christmas, tiger- you got enough flashing lights to light up a cheap Chinese restaurant... and damn would I love to mui shui you-eeey!


Oh yeah- Merry Christmas!
1 year ago
thanks for the add
1 year ago
Hey Ken! Thanks for accepting my invite! I totally love the profile page and think it's probably the coolest on the site; thanks for the effort and for sharing! All the best bud! Bill
1 year ago
Just checking in. I missed you all. What's up? - Ken
1 year ago
Love this profile x
1 year ago
Hey dude, if you are back...drop me a line!!! Good grief!!!! Hank :-))
1 year ago
I'm BACK.... Thanks for all the love shown in posts and personal messages.
1 year ago
My man is back... lovely...
1 year ago
Thanks for accepting my friends request
1 year ago
I was wondering what the fuck happened to you! I'm doing great and even better now that you're in the mood to hang around here so we can tease each other!

1 year ago
fukkin hot soldiers !
1 year ago
Love your new website buddy...
2 years ago
Meat in your stuffing... or stuffing in your meat? Happy Thanksgiving, Ken!

2 years ago
hot hot hot ;)
2 years ago
Well, SHIT! If this damn hillbilly page didn't take so long to load- and you got fucking loaded by Jesse- I MIGHT BE AROUND MORE OFTEN!!! Fuck, us homos and incest lovers got one thing in common- YOU!


2 years ago
hot profile!!
2 years ago
Ken, what is happening? Too hot for your friends? Hope you have a great weekend! Hank! :-))
2 years ago
Thanx fella a great site:) Hope you good man:)
2 years ago
Thanks for accepting my friends request
2 years ago
very interesting page, thanks for sharing
2 years ago
Hi Ken, totally glad to see you are still rockin' it lol... Wow, it must be fucking amazing what goes on inside your mind. My thought is your brain is boned 24/7 with all kinds of garbled run-on sentences, maxed rpm's! But, I'm now convinced you are laid-back, with a twinkle in your eyes... fuck, whatever it is, you totally sound like a bomb guy to hang with and chill LMFAO! Be great to have a friendship with you, I'm certain... BTW, updated ramblings are fantastic (but ya, ya already knew that, duh ;}) It's great to see that there is no more angst regarding the ex-dyk.. err sorry wife b/c it was pretty thick there for a minute or two... Great that you're healing and gettin' some happy on... Good times Bro.. take good care, have fun! Will certainly stop by again...Thanks for posting...

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