An evening with friends becomes so much more!! TRU

It was a warm & humid summers evening as we drove to our friends house for a "Murder Mystery" evening.

Everyone was staying over the night, so it was a foregone conclusion we would all be getting pretty d***k.

I personally wasn't that bothered about going, as i'm not into 'acting scenes' and public speaking, but a night of drinking with good friends was good enough for me.

The invitation stated to dress up as detectives as such, so i went with a black suit and open shirt, while my girlfriend becky chose a black shortish pencil skirt and white blouse.

We arrived at rob and jenny's house around 7pm, being greeted by rob wearing trousers and shirt, but more surprising was jenny's outfit, simply a man's blazer/jacket, that was it.
You could tell jenny didn't have a bra on, as she has a lovely full pair of 36c breasts which were jiggling and bouncing every time she spoke and moved slightly.
Jenny and i had been friends for 15 years or more, as had myself and rob, and at one point jenny had even stayed with us for 6 months, so i had seen her naked and just in underwear many times, so although a turn on, it wasn't out of the norm to see jenny not wearing much.

There were two other people there, jenny's best friend sara and another guy called pete, who i didn't know.

Now sara is stunning, she stands about 5'9" tall, and has what i would say is a perfect figure. Her breasts, well, they must be at least a 36d, if not an e cup, a very nice toned tummy and a curvy yet not big bum. Her face was something else, beautiful piercing blue eyes, and the most incredible mouth/lips that would give Angelina Jolie a run for her money. And all this topped by lovely blonde hair, just above her shoulders.

She is one of those women who i would look at and think "I don't have a chance in hell, but looking and fantasising won't hurt"!

Sara was wearing a very loose fitting top, fairly low cut, which gave a very pleasant view of her large breasts from where i was now sitting, opposite her.

The drinks flowed all evening, and the game was starting to get boring, as everyone was pretty much hammered by 9.30pm and the conversation had gone away from the game, and just basically talking about everything and anything.

What with jenny to my right, boobs bouncing all over the place with each giggle, and sara in front of me, my eyes were not the only thing that had noticed the abundance of flesh on show, my cock was hard, and i was turned on.

I announce i was going to go in to the garden for a smoke, and left the table.
About a minute later sara came out, also deciding it was time for a smoke.

She was really quite d***k, and being very flirty, which i was enjoying, and as we sat on the wall to the side of the house, things took a turn for the good, which i could have never seen coming.

Sara turned to me and said "Well, as the only two smokers i guess nobody else will be coming out here, so its just you and me", at which she looked at me and smiled as she very sexily winked one of her stunning blue eyes.

"Yep, just you and me indulging in this naughty smoking habit sara".

Of which she then replied with this, which totally shocked me, "I have another naughty habit, which when i am d***k i struggle to control".

"Oh really, and what might that be sara"? as i started playing up to her flirty undertones.

"Well, we don't have much time, so i guess it is best i just show you" which she moved off the wall, crouching in front of me, and started unzipping my jeans.

I was frozen to the spot as her hand reached inside my trousers, and pulled out my rock hard cock, which by now was oozing pre-cum.
She looked into my eyes with a look of pure lust as she licked the tip of my cock, a string of pre-cum stringing from her tongue, then moving forward, taking my cock all the way in to her mouth.
Her head moved back and forth, real slow, as her tongue stud rubbed against the head of my cock, across the sensitive bit of skin below its head, making my legs shake, and my breathing deepen.

She did this, for what seemed like eternity, but in reality was only maybe a minute, before removing her lips, pushing my cock back in my trousers, and gently zipping me back up.
She stood up in front of me, cupped my face, and gave me the most seductive and slow french kiss i had ever had, before stating we should go back in.
"We don't want suspicions to be aroused as well as you and me now do we"?

So we went back, and sat at the table, my breathing still hard, but everyone else just laughing and chatting away, deep in conversation about how rob had once gone swimming with white swim shorts on, and wouldn't come out of the pool as they had gone totally transparent, everyone none the wiser of what had just happened in the back garden!

The evening wore on, and the drink was really flowing and everyone was seriously d***k, not least my girlfriend, who wasn't a heavy drinker.
She wasn't feeling great, so decided she was going to be the first to retire to one of the guest bedrooms.
I took her up, and got her undressed, totally, and we had a little play for a few minutes, which included me teasing her waxed pussy with my tongue, something she can't get enough of, and to which had her cumming very quickly.
She then told me to get back downstairs and enjoy the rest of the evening, but to be sure to awaken her when i come to bed.

I went back into the dining room, and announced i was getting another drink and if anyone wanted topping up....rob said, or should that be slurred..."Sara has just gone to get drinks, but wasn't sure if you would be back, so wasn't getting you one".
"Oh charming" i said, with a giggle and walked towards the kitchen.

There, stood sara, staring straight at me, with a very naughty glint in her eye.

She walked up to me and quite literally ran her tongue slowly across my lips.
"Mmmmmm becky's pussy looked so inviting so i had to have a taste"!

I was confused, her pussy looked inviting? What did she mean?

"I went to use the bathroom, and saw you through the slight crack in the door and couldn't help watching as you licked becky's pussy. She tastes lovely, i might have to have a proper taste one day"!

I was shocked, yet so turned on, and she knew this, as her hand once again unzipped me, and pulled my erect cock from its confines and started stroking me hard and fast.
"Would you really do that with becky? I mean, like, lick her pussy? That is my ultimate fantasy, to see two women together, but i never have as yet".
Her reply made me even harder...."Oh i love licking pussy, ask jenny"!
Ask jenny, had way, jenny isn't like that, or is she?

This was getting risky. We were stood in the kitchen and anyone could walk in at any moment, yet those thoughts soon left my mind as once again i felt her large, perfect lips forming an 'o' shape over my engorged cock, taking me deep in her mouth.

I was in heaven, the most beautiful girl i had ever seen, was on her knees, sucking me for all she was worth, i wanted to touch her, see those huge breasts, touch what was bound to be a very wet pussy, yet these thoughts left my mind in a millisecond as i bounced back to reality with a hard bump........Jenny had come out to give a hand carrying the drinks in, and was stood staring, as her best friend deep throated her best male!

She stood there, giggled, and then turned around and went back in.

My head was now spinning, was she in there telling everyone.

I quickly zipped up, we grabbed the drinks and walked in, everyone still in conversation, it would appear none the wiser, and jenny sat, or almost slumped on the sofa, smiling yet clearly about to pass out.

Rob noticed her state of d***keness and decided she was ready for bed, and with one arm under hers, he walked her up to their bedroom.

He returned a couple of minutes later, saying she was out for the count and the four of us returned to 'normal' conversation.

I had stopped drinking so much now, as the reality of nearly getting caught had sobered me up a bit. The rest of them were still drinking heavily, and at about 1am rob and pete were slumped on seperate sofa's, as sara got blankets and covered them both over.

"Well, looks like it's just you and me then"........sara said, as she flung her arms around me and kissed me hard on the lips, her tongue dancing wildly with mine.

She then broke off the kiss, and took my hand and lead me upstairs and straight into the bedroom where jenny was fast asl**p, under the covers.

Sara turned to me, told me to stand back in the corner of the dimly lit room and to just go with what ever she said, and maybe two fantasies can come true this evening.

So i stood there, barely breathing, as sara stood by the edge of the bed, removing her top, then her jeans, her stunning body encased in a soft blue matching bra and thong set.
She looked to me as she unhooked her bra, my mouth dropping, as her perfecly large, heavy breasts were set free, then seductively sliding her thong over her tight ass, facing me, naked.

She put her finger to her lips...."Shhh...." she slowly peeled the covers back, to reveal a very naked jenny, on her back, fast asl**p.

Sara whispered in jenny's ear, several times, and then i watched as a smile formed on jenny's face as sara kissed her neck, soft, audible kisses, as she she kissed down jenny's neck, over her shoulders, down her arms, then across to her stomach, kissing her way to the beautiful breasts before her.

I had by now unzipped my cock, wanking slowly, as i absorbed the scene playing out in front of me.
Sara's tongue stud flicked across jenny's nipples in turn, flicking then sucking each one, as jenny laid there, eyes closed, her mouth slightly open.

Sara again whispered into jenny's ear, for a good 30 seconds, to which she smiled and nodded in agreement with what ever she had said.

Sara then beckoned me over.

I walked quietly to the edge of the bed, and sara told me to undress.
I didn't need asking twice and was naked in seconds.

She told me to lie on the bed, which i very very gently did, not wanting to 'wake' jenny, but as i was soon to find out, she wasn't asl**p!!!

Sara then climbed on the bed, straddling my hips as she leant down to kiss me, her hand grasping my cock, and slowly rubbing it between her pussy lips, before taking me deep inside her.

Sara took my right hand, and placed it on jenny's flat stomach and while still holding it, pushed it towards her best friends pussy.

I looked at sara and said..."Hold on, what if she isn't wanting this"? still thinking she might be asl**p, but my fears were soon brushed away, as jenny's hand grasped mine, and continued the journey sara had started, towards her pussy.

My hand gently ran down her tummy, my head spinning as sara fucked my cock, using it for her own satisfaction, as my hand felt the small line of whispy hair that jenny had left there, the feeling of it going, as i found the top of her pussy, and a tight clitoris, erect and begging for attention.

I stroked it in circles, running my finger through her lips now and then, to lubricate my fingers.

Jenny was breathing heavy, as i stroked her clit harder and faster, and sara then moved forward, my cock still inside her, as she took jenny's nipple between her teeth, and gently pulled it, making jenny moan loudly.

At this point i wanted to fuck jenny, and watch her eat her friends waxed smooth pussy, my ultimate fantasies all about to come true, but my state of incredible arousal took a dive as i heard the guest room door open, and my girlfriend walk down the stairs, quietly calling my name.

My heart leapt, as did i, out of the bed.

Dressing quicker than i had undressed. I sneaked out of the room, and into the bathroom. Making my self look presentable, i then flushed the toilet and walked out, to find becky stood there...."god i wondered where you were when i couldn't see you downstairs"......"Sorry hunny, i was just having a wee before coming to bed.

We walked into the bedroom, and its fair to say becky got the fucking of her life that night, but, this was not to be the end of my ultimate fantasy with sara and jenny......there was much more to be continued!

Please add comments and vote if you would like part two.
This is a TRUE STORY.....not made up.

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2 years ago
Loving it, more please
2 years ago
awesome story! please put up the next part.
3 years ago
Great start. I'll be among the many members looking for part 2. Very erotic and sensual. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Can't wait to hear more
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I await part two with much anticipation... awesome story.
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Would love to hear part two!!!!
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excellent & yes more