My Mistress

So I met my girlfriend a couple wee,ks ago, I was introduced by my friend Jenny. Her name is . She has dyed red hair, some tattoos, about 5'7, and kind of petite, her breasts are about C cup, and a cute ass. She lives in an apartment with Jenny, I've been there a couple times I was just never introduced. I went over to her place yesterday, we talked about what we like, shows, sports, sexual desires. She asked me "Do you like being fucked?", I said yes. She got up off the couch went to her room came out with a big red strapon on, lube, an enema, a ribbed condom, and a ball. She first told me to go clean up, I did. I came out naked and she was standing in the middle of the room stroking her cock, which got me hard. She said "Get down on your knees and suck my ." I started sucking her as she slid her fingers through my hair, and said "Good boy, you love this cock don't you, mmmmmm you're hard I see that you do." This went on for a little, until she pulled my head away, and grabbed the lube. "Bend over my knee." She demanded, and began spanking me, only till my ass was red. She dripped the lube between my ass cheeks, and rubbed it in. she stuck one finger in my ass and pushed it in and out while twirling it around in my asshole. "Wow your ass is very tight, I'm going to have to fix that aren't I?" She stuck one more in, and fingered me faster, and kept putting in another one every couple seconds. She got to the point where she was fisting me. "Are you ready for this big cock, put the ball gag in and lie on your back and put your legs on my shoulders." She stuck the tip in, apparently this was a vibrator too, it was a about 9 inches long, and her fist in girth, so about an inch and a half. Ashley slowly put the rest in and set it on high. "Oooooooo yeah take this big dick, you're a dirty whore, mmmmmmm, get up and rise this dick". She layed down on the floor I got on top of her and guided her cock into my ass. I rose her for a while, with my cock dripping precum and bouncing up down. She fucked my ass very fast and deep "STROKE YOUR COCK!" I stroked my dick fast and I came all over her face and tits. She took the cum in her hand and ate it, and took the ball gag out and ordered me to eat the cum off her tits. "Keep this in your ass until I say to take it out, you're also going to stay makes at my place" She handed me a big butt plug. I stuck it in and didn't put my clothes back on. "Now you had your fun, its my turn, except you're just going to sit there while I ride your cock."
She hand cuffed me, put the ball gag back in, put the condom on, and started riding me. She moaned loud while rubbing her clit, she put her pussy near my face and came. She went back to riding my cock, I came a big load. She took the ball gag out, and said "You're going to be my little cum whore, now eat your cum NOW!" It was gooey and salty, yet I didn't mind the taste, "Gargle it, good boy, now swallow. Every time you come over here you're going to eat your cum, got it whore?!" "yes mistress"

She handcuffed me and put the ball gag back in, put the condom.on me
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1 year ago
2 years ago
Her name is Ashley
2 years ago
Wow, I'm jealous.
2 years ago
great story but give us more