An Absolutely Wonderful Dream

You and I had chatted online for almost a year when you decided to come and meet me and spend a night with me. You had told me from the beginning that your fantasy was to always be with a mature woman. You were 28 and I was 77 and that really turned you on.

You flew in and I picked you up at the airport. You gave me a wonderful kiss as we met and we got to my car for the drive home. It was a 1.5 hr drive to my place and it was very hard to keep my hands off of your beautiful body. We got to my place and after enjoying a nice glass of wine and unwinding, I invited you to join me in my bedroom. We undressed each other and I told you that I was in charge and to lay down on the bed and spread eagle.

I tied you with velvet-like d****ry tie-backs. I came to your side and smile at you as I place the black sl**ping mask over your eyes. You try to smile but are not sure what is going to happen and your face appears apprehensive.
When I put the mask on you, I could see a twinge in your cock. I take a step to my right and lean over and touch the beautiful head of your cock. I run my tongue around the crown several times and down into the little opening. Your cock is slowly growing and as I watch it, I want to devour all of you, but I am just beginning.

I opened a drawer beside my bed and take out a small feather duster. I step down to the end of the bed and start touching your feet and toes. Your body reacts nicely. I alternate touching you up each leg, inside and out. Never touching your cock or balls. I then touch your forhead above your mask and below the mask, your ears, nose, mouth, throat, slowly and very sensuous. Moving from one spot to the next, never in sequence of your body. I lean over you and touch your left arm down to your fingers. As I run the feathers over your body, your cock is still growing, getting bigger with each touch of the feathers. I lean down and slide my tongue around the crown of your beautiful mushroom head. Your cock stiffens and several drops of precum start to flow out. I take my tongue and gently and slowly lick them up, tasting your sweet pre-nectar.

I leave the room for a minute and come back without you even knowing I have left, I come back down to your, now very erect cock, and again run my tongue around you crown. Your whole body flenches, as I have an ice cube in my mouth. Sharing the ice as I lick and gently suck on your balls. I am stroking your shaft as I do. The heat from your cock, melts the ice quickly. I resume the feather touching, but with my finger tips this time.

Up and down, ever so slowly taking a few seconds now and then licking your throbbing cock. More precum and I lick it up again. I leave the room again for a minute and return, again without you knowing I left.

You feel something very warm drop on your chest. Your body flenches again. You let out a moan. Then a few more drops lower on your tummy. You are moaning now, I tell you to be quiet and enjoy. I alternate the warm drops of melting wax and holding an ice cube, dripping ice cold drops next to the warm wax. Each drop, your body reacts.

I let you rest for a minute as I wipe off the parafin and ice drops. The next time my hands touch your body, you feel a nice oil being rubbed on your chest. As I rub, it gets nice and warm with a nice fragrance. I rub your inner thighs, being careful not to touch your balls or cock. I go into the bathroom and wash the oil from my hands.

The next thing you feel is my body on the bed beside you. I slowly straddle your body, take your still throbbing cock in my hand and slowly rub it back and forth between my hot, wet, pussy lips. Your precum allows it to slide nicely. Then I guide your member into my twitching and wanting pussy. I ease down slowly onto you enjoying each inch as it enters me. When you are completly inside my pussy, I start to grind against your body. You arch up to meet my moves. You have filled my pussy perfectly. I ride you hard and fast. It doesn't take me long to cum and I squirt good and soak your cock and balls. It is running down the crack of your ass.

I lift off of you, slide down and take you in my mouth so I can taste both of our juices combined. I lick your cock and balls cleaning you up. Then I slowly come up to your mouth, and place my pussy over your mouth. Your tongue immediately begins to lick my pussy lips, then between them, and then inside. It is wonderful and I slowly rise and lower myself onto your ridgid tongue. I cum again and you are licking and drinking my warm sweet nectar.

I lower myself down to your still ridgid and throbbing cock and take you deep down my throat. Sucking and licking and stroking. You are moaning now, telling me you don't want to cum yet. I tell you to shut up and to keep fucking my mouth. I want that sweet cum of yours so I can swallow it. I want part of you inside me. Your body is now rising and falling. I tell you to tell me how much you want to fuck my mouth and cum for me. You do this for me and your whole body begins to tremble, I can feel the pressure in your shaft. I am stroking and sucking now and also gently fondling your balls. You begin to moan loud now, really rising and falling, I can feel it coming now. OMG you explode in my mouth. It just keeps cuming and cuming and I am swallowing all of it. Your cum is so sweet. I slow down and ever so gently suck your cock dry. Your body is still trembling so I start to give you my fingertip massage. After a while, your body stops trembling and you are totally relaxed.

I get off of the bed and remove your mask. Now I get a wonderful smile, and you tell me that was awesome. That was all I wanted to hear. We both slept like babies.

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1 year ago
2 years ago
mmm u get me so hard wish i could show u how much cum u get out my hard cock
2 years ago
Wonderful story baby, so this is what will happen mmmmmm
2 years ago
Wow, really great story. I would love to meet you x
2 years ago
great story from a very classy Lady!
2 years ago
Your the real hot deal my very naughty and always horny granny.
2 years ago
5 *'s from me!