I-80 In Nebraska!!!

Well I finally gave it a trial run guys, I took two of my favorite black dildos with us on a "Road Trip" I guess you could call it. We got a babysitter and went out about 7:00 and headed east on I-80 from North Platte near where we live. Our blue Expedition washed and shiny, and the dusk setting in. We didn't take my car because I knew I would need the room. We drove toward Lincoln, although I knew we wouldn't go that far before we would turn around and head home again. Once it got dark I laid my seat back and and relaxed, and began to let my husband massage my breast through my sweater, I had already undone my bra, and slipped it off. Now by looking at my pictures you can see the breasts I have, and the nipples I have to go with them, believe me they perked up almost immediately! I lifted up my sweater and even took it off, revealing my breasts, and began to massage them with my finger tips which I had painted in deep red. Soon, I lifted up my my skirt revealing the fact I had no undies on, and my bare legs and shaved snatch were there for the viewing for when my husband decided to let me put on a show. He told me I could stick on the toy, so I did, as my seat reclined into the back bench seat, the back seat window might have been the perfect place for it, to stick on, but the window there is tinted, so that wouldn't work, however the back part of my window is perfect, so that is where I stuck it, near the top middle on the back edge. By now I was HORNEY!!! My husband was sticking his fingers in my honey pot and the leather seat I was on was soaking wet, good thing I brought a towel! Soon I was dipping my own fingers in my vagina, but when I get really horney and I am in the right mood, it becomes my "Cunt!" Believe me this night, it had become my "CUNT", MY HOT HORNEY CUNT! It was so hot in the car I thought my heated seat was on, but in all reality, he had the AC on low! I had now rested my feet up, one on the dash, the other half way up the window, and I had my favorite black dildo guiding up and down my very wet and sloppy Cunt which was soaking wet with WANT of a COCK, and beyond my own belief, A BLACK COCK is what I thirsted! Don't get me wrong, I did have the fantasy along with my husband, but I rarely got as horney as I did this night! As I slid that 9 inch long thick rounded Midnight Black Cock with Balls up and down my wanting shaved snatch my husband turned the reading light on for my side which is located on the overhead lights within his easy reach, and I noticed before I realized it we were side riding a Semi Truck in the left lane with the driver gazing down on my body! Now I know many of you watch my videos on here, but to have a REAL LIVE AUDIENCE within 5 feet of me driving multi-tons of machinery while getting off on me right next to him going down I-80 was a total turn on, and it sent me over the edge, I took that dildo and eased it into my Cunt and I shot a gyser into the passenger windshield like a powerful 409 spray bottle which lasted about 4 to 6 seconds, it was an incredible wave as I pounded my pussy with that Black Stud Dildo and ripped it out only to shoot again! I couldn't believe how horney I was! This time I hit the passenger side window, and thrusted my hips forward! It was incredible. As My husband eased off the gas and backed in behind the truck it was all I could do to keep from Fucking Him on the spot going down the highway! I couldn't believe what I just had done! I don't think my husband could either! He reached over and finger fucked me with 4 fingers while I turned my back to the passenger door, and humped his hand, he had never fisted me, but if I had ever been fisted, I was being fisted now! Soon he had his hand inside me, and I was humping it like crazy, flowing like a river! It was incredible! We pulled into the next rest area, it was to late for the truck as he passed the exit, but my husband and I jumped into the back seat, and he fucked me for about 30 seconds is all I think before he shot his cum deeply into my cunt. I didn't care, I just wanted jism inside me! I sure got it! I was so hot, I wanted other drivers to see me, so we got off at the next exit and turned around, and came west toward home again. We ended up in Ogalala before turning around and going home. I fucked my cunt with the black dildo about a dozen times I think, I juiced the window a good 8 or 9 times, and my nipples were sore the rest of the weekend just from being pert and plump all evening, it had nothing to do with anyone handling them, it was just me, and hardly my husband. That night I couldn't even take the babysitter home, and my husband had too, but he took her home in the car not the Expedition, and we made a movie when he returned home, I hope to post it soon. I didn't squirt in it, because I think I was dehydrated, but I sure did cum! I fucked him, or he fucked me 3 or 4 times that weekend, and I am still so horney! I think we'll do that again soon, and get a driver to follow us into a rest area and I'll give my first hand job/blow job perhaps in a guys truck with my husband watching. If what we did this past weekend was any indication of how I will feel, I think my husband has his SLUT WIFE on his hands! I can hardly wait!
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3 months ago
such a hot story...we would love to see your videos
4 years ago
That is a great way to spend some time together
4 years ago
the only thing you hear about Nebraska is its flat with nothing to see, from your story i guess there is more things to see now. great story
4 years ago
great story and I'm a trucker who travels I 80 , wish it had been me that you put the show on for and wounder if I'd of been able to control my rig but would of followed you to the rest aera to see more
4 years ago
It's a true story, except our "Expedition" is actually an Explorer, not the bigger expedition.
4 years ago
Wish I was that truck driver!! NO! Better, yet - I wish I was your husband!!
4 years ago
I love that story, well I'm a truck driver :D
4 years ago
Very sexy; I came while reading your story.
4 years ago
Great story! Can't wait to hear about the next trip!