The first time my husband mentioned it, I was shocked, but I always said I would go along with anything to please him, as long as it was between us. So he calmed me down and I got dressed up in lingerie and make up for him. I did my hair and when I came out, I looked pretty good I would say for what he called a "BBW" because I had recently had a baby and had put on quite a few pounds since we met. He had me pose in different poses and move freely as I chose as he clicked away with my digital camera. Soon I saw his penis growing to full attention as he was naked while taking the pictures, as I asked if I could change yet? I had two or three out fits to try on. Of course he was waiting for the final one, Total nudity, and I knew he wanted a TOTAL Shot of me Spreading my vagina wide so he could get his "Money Shot". I could see he wanted to make love to me badly already as I headed to the bathroom to change, grabbing his hardened cock as I passed him by.

I came out next in a piece of lingerie he had made me out of a underwire bra, some material and some gold lined lace. He really did a good job on it, and it was very complimentary for my assets above, showing a lot of cleavage and even having "Gold Sparkly Stuff" where my nipples would be in the Cups, with outlines in gold trim revealing my breast lines. He could almost be a lingerie designer for BBW women if he chose too I think? I was impressed! He took picture after picture as I sat up, did this, did that, slid the lingerie off, over my shoulder, back on, teasingly revealing my breasts, and such, then he handed me a matching veil! Wow, talk about sexy, he was rock hard, and I couldn't handle it myself anymore. I begged him to use the vibrator on my vagina, and a pad, I squirted off the end of the bad onto the bedroom floor as I gripped his cock. Then I kissed him like when we were engaged and I wished I could have him. I was a virgin when we married. I gripped his thickness and he got on top of me and slid into me deeply, we made love and he massaged my G-spot the way he sometimes can and I wanted him to empty his seed into me! I love it when his seed is in me, and I walk around at work the next day knowing he is with me, deep within me! I feel so good knowing that he is part of me! Especially when I have to go sit in the bathroom and can capture his scent in from within me. Some women would think it's disgusting, Not me, when the man I love has emptied his love for me inside of me, I love it! I love having him with me inside of me deeply, and I get wet thinking about it sometimes! I went so long feeling the desire for it, and not having it, I treasure it!

Anyway, I love him taking pictures of me when I am in the right mood. We even make our own videos from time to time, Then he Produces them, by cutting, splicing, and arranging, and he makes our own little private movies. Of course you can see a small collection he put together for me to post here, Sorry for trying to hide my face and disguise my identity, I just want to be anonymous in public. I love your comments, and knowing what you would like me to do to you, or what you would like to do with me. It turns us both on so much! Please feel free to let us know!
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3 years ago
Would love to hear more honey thanks
3 years ago
Really enjoyed that!
4 years ago
This is a true story.
4 years ago
Very sexy story!
4 years ago
you are both a horny couple keep it up
5 years ago
oh yeah. amazing...huh
5 years ago
Great Story. Thanks for sharing.
5 years ago
Wow sheila very sexy story gave me a very nice hard on , my wife and I have done the exact same things but she is not willing to let me post any .....yet!
thanks again mike