My Husband Saw The Tribute!

With all the pix and the fantasies my husband and I have, I decided to post some pix of me once again on Xhamster. I posted a batch of pix as "Please Tribute". Then I spent a good part of a day trying to get men to print my pix, and jerk off all over my pictures and post them on their profile with my picture, their cock on my picture and their Spunk gobbed thickly on my picture! Mmmmm I thought, what a turn on!!! Of course there were the normal bunch who promised too by "Monday" which hadn't done so by the time I wrote this story, so I de-friended them, then there were a couple who promised they would if I would help them, but of course that is why the pix were posted to begin with! I wanted a black man mostly, or an older man, or a young man to "Tribute" me mostly, and wouldn't you know it, Samgrant1865 popped up with all kinds of "Tribute" pix on his profile, so I asked him if he would "Tribute" me! He looked at my pics and said he would, and within an hour or so, there they were! My vagina secreted so much knowing he had jerked off to my pictures, all over my face! I was so hot!!! I wanted to show my husband when he got home! I knew it would turn him on!
When he got home from work I walked in the bedroom while he changed and took his hand and placed it in my soaking wet pants. When he felt my bald beaver vagina so soaking wet he asked eagerly what had gotten into me? I told him after the k**s are in bed he will find out! So we did the usual, ate, got the k**s their baths and put them in bed. I told him to watch some TV while I got ready. I got on the computer for about 15 minutes and did a couple things, and took what I had gotten, and some scotch tape into the bedroom. I also took a shower, and dressed up, did my make-up, nails, high heels, hair and the deep red lipstick he loves so much. I got out what I needed, and then went out all 8 months pregnant of me and sat on his lap, and began to kiss him so deeply and wet just the way he likes it, running my hands and fingers through his thinning hair. I then led him into the bedroom and sat him in the executive computer office chair which I had wheeled in from the computer room, and tied his arms down, and slipped a blind fold over his eyes for a few minutes while I got out a few things. I taped one to the head board over the bed, perfect view for him, I also set a pillow or two at my hip range on the bed to bow my hips up for some very deep stroke fucking. Then I placed a dildo or two and some lube on the bed, and then I placed a pillow at his knees. I had already removed his clothes before I sat and tied him, so he was naked in the chair. I leaned forward and kissed him, and fed him one of my nipples, and my neck, then I dropped to knees, and lightly began stroking his thighs as I began telling him what I had done that day pertaining to this site! How I posted some pictures and wanted someone to "Tribute" me, how I learned what a "Tribute" was, and how badly I wanted him to see the pictures. I slowly began fondling his soft penis which was slowly starting to grow as I told him about the failure of success I had had most of the afternoon. Then I told him about "Samgrant1865" and our conversation, and what he thought of my pictures, and what he had said, as my husbands cock began to grow even more, and stiffen up. Soon I was sucking his tip, and doing it so wet and sloppy, telling him how I would do "Sam", and how he could watch! Soon I was kissing him, and kneeling again and he was asking if I would do this, and that, and I said, yes, and of course, and I went down deeper on him as he imagined it was "Sam" and so did I with my husband watching me do this to him, I was getting wetter and wetter, and hotter and hotter, as I drove my mouth down on him deeper and deeper, till he finally said how much he wanted to see "Sam" fuck me and spew in me! At that point I raised up, took off his blind fold, layed back in the bed and jammed a dildo in my vagina and fucked myself with it like I hadn't fucked a dildo ever I don't think! He was so excited watching me and telling me to take him deep!!! I was crying as the fantasy went on, Fuck me Sam, fuck me, empty your seed in me, please empty your baby juice into my womb, feed it to my baby! At that I pretended he was emptying deeply into my womb as I thrust up one last time and pushed as I pulled the dildo deeply into me and moaned so deep! At that I opened the drawer next to me and pulled out the pix of "SamGrant1865" and what he did to me! I walked over and deeply kissed my husband, and then showed him the pictures as I grasped his rock hard cock! Now that he had seen the picures he was even more turned on, and begged me to untie his hands. I did, and he begged me to lay back on the bed, which I did with my hips over the pillows, He dove in with his tongue and licked me deeply, trying to get all my vaginal cream deep into his throat and taste every drop! He was going insane! He brought me to orgasm as I looked at "Sam's" pix of what he did to my pix. Soon my husband climbed my pregnant stomach and mounted me and rammed his thick hard rock cock deep into my vaginal cavity, when he looked up and saw that cock of "Sam"'s on me with his spunk spattered on me, taped on the head board, he plowed into me like a Stallion Stud in his last hump before creaming his mare! He did this about 15-20 times, I thought I would die with the ripples of orgasm I was feeling from the depths of his cock into my body! As soon I felt his cock Twitching stronger than ever before as he spewed his seed deeply into my body!!! When he pulled out about a minute later his cock was still pulsating "Post Cum" onto my stomach, a couple drops, and it was incredible! I deeply want to thank Sam and any other man who wants to "Tribute" my pix! I can't wait to see his reaction to a Black Cock tributing my vagina! It was such a wonderful Sexual experience I can't wait to live again!
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7 months ago
I do this to my husband all the time would make it 10x hotter if they would do a video tribute saying my name and calling me filthy names. It would only need to be 5minutes long as my husband wont be able to last that long hahah. Those willing pm me beautiful story
1 year ago
Very hot Sheila. I got rock hard, reading it.
2 years ago
I would also like to tribute you
2 years ago
Great story, i'd love to tribute you. Let me know.
3 years ago
nice story love it :)
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
excellent story