Texas Girls and Shemale part 1. She look like a gi

May02,2010 I went to see some friends in Texas. My friends just got out of the military. I got out 2yrs before them and moved to Fl. We was having fun, hang out drinking and everything that whole week. May 5th we went to a club, I mat this latin girl about 5'3 cute. We dance and we got fuck-up with my friends, drinking and later I took her to a hotel for a few hours. Her hands so little that she had to used both hands to hold my cock in her mouth. she had a nice taned skin with a cute lil ass and pussy, that my tongue love licking her, so wet. I pick her up and sat her on my DICK. She bounce up and down my Dick, hard and fast. I could feel her cum running down my dick, to my balls. She moan something in latin, in my ear. I dont know what she said but it sounded hot. I carried her to the hotel sink and sat her down on it. She put her cute lil toes up to my mouth while I was fucking her on the sink. 1 then 2 lil toes in my mouth. She started moaning louder. So I licked all her toes, pushing my dick in her deeper and deeper. She then pushed away from me and drop to her knees, grabing my balls and sucking my dick. I grab the back of her head. I was about to cum but she stop me.WTF! but she got on her toes and bend over the sink. I look at her cute lil ass. She was waiting on my dick, but she was shock" when she got my tongue in her cute little asshole. She started moaning over and over, some words I dont know what she was saying, but I kept licking her up and down her asshole to her pussy. She put 1 leg up on the sink and said fuck me please. I put my dick in her, pulling her long black hair.She moan fuck me fuck me over and over. She drop her leg to the floor and was up on her toes. She then reach backward and grab my chest with her lil hands. Oh FUCK I'm about to cum. I pull her hair more as she moan louder, do it, do it! OH shit! here I go!!! aaaaahhh yeahhhhh!!....She then grab my dick and walk me to the shower, where she clean my dick off and I wash her back.
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4 years ago
Those latin girls are really hot they know what they want and how they want it thanks
4 years ago