Our Encounter with a Lovely Sexy Couple ( swing s

I’m not a writer by any means, please bare with me as I share my thoughts. This is only from my (Shay) perspective.

Part 1 Our First Encounter

J and I have always talked during sex, no not about the weather. We tell stories or create scenarios for each other. For instance while we’re at it I will say, ” can you imagine “Amy” coming in right now, she would be nervous that she walked in on us, but then she will realize she likes it. Then I could go on about how I would control her or I would get her to fuck him while I watched. Things like that…. I think you get the drift. Sometimes theres more than one person. The scenarios change al the time.

At first I wasn’t so sure about all that talk, but with time I began to realize it was an extreme turn on not only for him but for me too. One time I told J that the thought of other people in our stories was such a turn on but I would never really want to bring anyone in. Well, lets just say That changed! Something changed in me this year and I became sexually super charged. I wasn’t always like that and who knows it could leave at anytime. Us women are just built that way.

One night at dinner I admitted to J that I had to admit girl on girl was very hot and that I’d love to experience it. His eyes lit up like a christmas tree! What guy wouldn’t? I really never thought it would really happen and even wondered if I would chicken out if it came to it.

Within the next couple of weeks I finally admitted that playing with another couple would be such a turn on. Jeff has always had a fantasy of watching me being fucked by another guy. Even if he didn’t get anything but to watch. Of course I would want him to get more. To me the thought of hearing a girl being pleasured by him.. wow!

OK OK…. I know your thinking GET TO IT! it’s cumin, I promise ;o)


Part 2 likeminded couples

We soon got on a website to find likeminded couples…. Just like dating sites you have to be very careful. Doing out best to use the right head in this. he he. We began to read profiles and see who seemed a little like us but didn’t mind a new couple. Then I met on Tumblr Happyhornyoldcouple. They’ve taught me and J a lot about the lifestyle, what to expect and all that good stuff. They encouraged us and helped us with knowing what to look for. So we became more active on the site and met a great couple about 2 hrs from us. We just met for dinner and chatted. It’s great to chat about sex with people openly. I’ve learned a great deal of things this way.

After dinner we were chatting and I began telling them that I looked forward to a girl on girl experience. The girl looked her hubby and said “should I?” He said I think she’s cool and I said, Yes I am”

She came over and sat next to me and so softly started kissing me. WOW! I could feel her tounge roll around mine and it was the most sensual thing. It was hard to stop. J and her hubby and a couple of by standers were looking and I think they liked it. Although I heard a lady tell her hubby at a near by table, “I’m sure you liked that” Then later we walked around toward our cars. She and I made out a couple times more. Then we arrived and I was ready for J to experience kissing her too but unsure how to make it happen. Next thing I know… it happened and we were all kissing each other. I about took the guy down LOL!

All to say it was a very nice entrance to what happens next. We realized we were ready to experience more.

Next we meet the very lovely sexy couple to take us over the edge.


Part 3 meeting the couple to rock our world

Well J decided to get a little d***k one night. He never does this either. Next thing I know he’s on the swing site. He got to IMing with a girl on the site. They were chatting a while and I was beginning to be concerned that he would say something silly because of his state of mind. So I took over and explained to the girl. We began to chat for quite a while.I really liked chatting with her. She seemed normal like us. I guess I’m normal ;o) The more we chatting the more I liked her. Then we exchanged email and phone numbers so we can text with each other. As we started to text or sext if you will…. we were all ready to meet. I knew that we could get there and any one of us could change out minds, but we were all ready. Thing is they had a a similar introduction like we had and had never done a full swing before. That introduction left us all wanting more. I think it was good that we all had that. You have to know that seeing your mate kiss another person is not going to bring up jealousy, if it does, this is not for you. There is something erotic about watching your mate in action. For some reason it’s a huge turn on for me.

We decided to meet in 4 days, but the more we texted back and forth the urge was in high gear. We finally worked it out to meet sooner. Nerves were there, but the excitement was higher. I worked on my make up to look sexy J was looking hot and sexy as ever and we were ready to go. I took 2 shots before we headed their way just to loosen me up. You have to remember I’ve always been a VERY VERY good girl. I’ve never been with anyone besides J. So I was a bit nervous. We got there and the lovely couple greeted us. They were both just a sexy looking as their photos. He just a little taller than me but strong looking, sandy blonde hair and a nice smile. Her very curvy in all the right places with long dark hair. He showed us around the house and the e****ted us to a room with pool table, dart boards and a full bar. We chat chatted and laughed. Lots in common. In my head I’m thinking, “wow were here, now how does his transition from point A to point you know where?”


Part 4 strip darts, shall we?

She began to prepare a shots for all of us. We each took one. Then we began to play pool. Me not being a pool player leaned over and asked is this right, He says, lean over a little more ( I know what he was doing ;o) J was also enjoying the view of her as well as I. She leaned over showing that perfect round booty of hers. ( yes my tumblr friends you would love her curvy body, booty and boobs to die for)

Soon enough the game ended and we decided to do body shots off each other. I’ve never had that done. He choose me first asking politely could he take one from my chest as he ran his finger over the spot. He licked the top of my breast cleavage and poured salt. He licked it very throughly which about put me through the roof… WOWZA! Then He came in for a kiss. WHOOEY. I then watched J do the same to her. WOW again! ( why is that a turn on?) Next I chose her for my body shot. Her breasts were so soft and full. Then it was now time for strip darts. If we got red or green we could pick and ten of clothing to come off of the person of your choice. Between plays kisses was stolen between me and him, me and J and me and her. She and J got quite a few in too. Mmmmm it was nice. From time to time I felt him come up behind me and slide his strong arms and hands around my waist. I loved that I could feel his erection. It didn’t take too long before we were all almost naked. Sex was in the air. I think J and her were kissing a little longer and so were me and him. There was a couch behind me. He was pushing me back to it while we made out. I was dying to get his cock in my mouth, so we stopped mid way so I could suck him ( it was quite a nice cock btw) I took him in deep. I’ve had lots of practice with J ( wink wink)

We decided it was time to all be together in the bedroom. We all headed that way.


Part 5 Point you know where

She and I lay side by side naked. J was on top of her and he on top of me. I was ready if not begging for his cock to enter my pussy. He began to fuck me and good. After a little bit he asked if he could go down on me? Ummmm YES! He began to eat me out and I was saying words that I only say when it fuck time. After a while we switch where I was on top. At this point J was fucking her from the top. I watched him go at it…. mmmm so hot!

I’m fucking him from the top and decided I’d like his cock in my ass. He said it was ok. ( we’re all polite fuckers LOL) His dick was perfect. I moved up and down and then sat upright at this point he began to move under me. I put my hands in the air ( don’t know why, I just did) I didn’t take long for him to say “I’m gonna cum”. I pulled off and stroked his balls while he came.

No less than 2 mins later J said ” I’m gonna cum” He pulled out and came all over her stomach. Next I watched J began to finger her pussy. As he did that I leaned over to lick some of his cum off her and my tongue couldn’t help but to get my very first taste of pussy. I was great to hear a girl going crazy from what I was doing. From here is where it gets a little blurry. The alcohol was kicking in.

I think he came over and took over fucking her and then he fingered her and she squirted everywhere. The bed was soaked. At this point I thought we were done. We were pooped but smiling. Then we realized something she never got to experience eating a girl out and hello I’m right there ;o) I said, “lets get it on”

I could feel Her long dark hair everywhere and she ate my pussy. I was going crazy. I think I was pulling her hair. I hope that didn’t hurt her. She came up to kiss me and thats when he took over. J was watching and I loved the look on his face as he watched this sexy couple take over his wife. She was kissing me and he began to finger me. I was about to lose it. All I could hear was J saying “let go baby” I also heard the couple saying the same, “let go”. All the sudden I felt a gush and there was liquid everywhere. Not a huge amount but enough to wet all over me. I’d never squirted before. I think he’s gonna teach me and J and I can do this at home YAY! I couldn’t help myself but to laugh, partly the alcohol, but also that I’ve want to do this for a long time. Also the release felt so good.

She had the bed soaked! She was on top of J later and I was at the end of the bed I was being splashed! She said it can be annoying sometimes. I guess I can see that too, especially if you’re the one doing the laundry.


Part 6 Here’s what I can say

There was a few other things that happened that night, But here’s what I can say. I’m so glad we met the two couples that helped bring us to point you know where. I’m even more glad that we met this Lovely couple that we had our fun with. I really wanted to be sure when we hooked up with a couple that they were in it together and they went looking to replace each other. That’s not what this is about. I loved seeing him look over at her while she was with J. He had a look of love and also a protective look. I will cherish that look. She couldn’t see it, but I did. It made me smile. I loved glancing a J and seeing him enjoying this every bit as much as I was.

as we drove home I was horny all the way. I was pumped. Over the next few days. We keep talking about. It almost seemed like a dream. It amazes me that there was no jealousy at all. I think because we were all consenting adults and I knew where their hearts were and i knew where J and I were. Happyhornyoldcouple said that you have to remember sex is different from intimacy. No one will have the intimacy J and I share. It goes deeper than sex. It was great to share something so special with another couple. Did I say they were lovely?… very sexy too!

This isn’t for everyone. Men, some of you will be dying to do this but your wife will look at you like you have 3 heads. That’s ok. A good friend told me once you have to enjoy what you have. You can compare your relationship to others. It’s so true. Do what you can to keep it interesting. Do the dishes or hire a babysitter so you can have a night out alone. Women have a lot on their minds, k**s, work, taking care of many many things. Sometimes it’s hard to get your mind into sex. You never know one day she might surprise you ;o) Women, the same thing goes for you, try to enjoy what you can. You can’t f***e this on anyone. Loving your spouse goes way deeper than sex.

Thanks for taking the time to read.


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1 year ago
Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear it was a great experience for you guys. I was imagining it all in my head as I was reading and it made me cum. Thanks ;-)
1 year ago
Great story! Wife and I enjoy doing that!