Cum on TITS (Mom) Part 7

"Mom I must say, you did well stretching your pussy open for the people on the
bus to be able to enjoy you, and I think we can move along now" said Billy. Sharons
Heart lept for joy at Billys praise, just as Billy leaned his face down into hers
and kissed her lips.

"Since your such a good cocksucker Mom, ask Bob to give you permission to suck his
cock and remember the booze has to be paid for"

"Yes Sir" came Sharons now immediate response as her head was still spinning from
Billys kiss and also she remembered the pain she suffered from the Tit torture
she got the last time that she responded too slowly. In fact her nipples were
still sore and painful to touch.

"Bob Honey? may I suck your cock PLEASE?? Tits purred.

“This is the best Billy!” said Clint, “you fucking rule man!”

“Hell yeah!” agreed Dougie as they watched Tits submit.

"Tits if I give you permission to suck me off, you must not just take my cock
in your mouth, but you must take it down your throat all the way and then open
as wide as you can and try to suck my balls into your mouth too"announced Bo

"Yes Sir" came Sharons now standard reply as she undid Bobs zipper and her petite
hands moved into his pants and quickly produced Bobs cock. Tits estimated
it at seven inches and was quite relieved that it was relatively small which
made her task easier.

Just then Bob grabbed her head by her hair and yanked her face into position.
"Do you understand the difference between a Blow Job and a Face Fuck Tits"?

"Yes Bob" Sharon explained. " A Blow Job is something I voluntarily give you
by taking your cock in my mouth and sucking it till you cum and fucking my Face
is a violent and f***ed involuntary Blow job, where you treat my mouth like my
pussy and pump away even as I gag, choke and slowly suffocate."

"Very good explanation Tits, I'm forgetting whom I'm talking too" Bob replied.
"This will be a Face fuck Sharon, only Im too lazy to move my cock so your going
to move your head back and forth rapidly,like I was abusing you, gagging and
choking yourself you stupid Bitch."

"I understand my orders Bob" Tits replied and was anxious to begin. "Whoa hold on Tits.
Any slut can perform those instructions but your reputation on the internet as one
of the biggest,most famous,Sluts in the world means you need to do more Tits."

Tits froze knowing that what was coming was going to be hugely unpleasant,
violating and humiliating, but she was flattered too that Bob thought she was famous.

"Your going to drink my piss and the piss from all the Lads here so we can have
fun watching you gag and spew piss out of your mouth as you Face Fuck yourself
on my cock" Bob added."Won't that be fun Slut?

"Dammed right it will be fun for us" Billy chimed in "and just for extra fun when you
cum in her face Bob ,I'm going to put her in a headlock and she can be passing out
as you are decorating her face , struggling away in vain like a helpless pet that she is."

believe her ears". This was music to Tommys ears and the excuse he was waiting for.

"Yank her to her feet Bob", Tommy yelled as Bob still had a firm grasp on Sharons hair.
"Hands behind your back Mrs Johnson" Tommy ordered as Sharon realized that she had
just earned more punishment. When will I learn to stop doing that Sharon thought
embarrassed with herself.

"Hold her hair Bob",Billy said as he moved behind his step mom and grabbed her wrists.
"Now Clint, punch her in the gut with everything you got"

"MMMMMMMMMMM Yeah my pleasure" Clint replied as he wound up and delivered an incredible blow
to Sharons gut. Sharon doubled over and Billy stepped up and shoved her head between his legs
and closed them to help prolong Sharons agony.

Clint was beside himself with pleasure from having attacked Mrs Johnson, when Dougie piped up,
"Hey , what about me"? "OK you can punish the slut too' Billy replied. "Get yourself lined up
behind her and make her spread her legs as I keep her bent over then kick her cunt in"

"Yesssssss, Dougie happily exclaimed as he lined up his boot and booted her cunt like he was
booting a field goal for the Rams.

Sharon collapsed in pain. "Now Mom, if we have any more stupd remarks,objections
or delays from you, your going to be surprised what we can do to you in Dads workshop
with all his tools.Is that clear TITS?" Billy asked

TITS could not reply as she still was having trouble breathing thru her agony."Squeeze your
tits if you understand me'. Sharon managed to move a hand to her left Breast and squeezed it.

"Ok Very Good TITS and now you will suck our cocks and we will pee in your mouth and you will
swallow it all and follow that with a cum chaser as you get us all drained.
Oh,but I'm forgetting you TITS" Billy suddenly remembered.

"Get a pot for Sharon to pee in Tommy, and toilet face here", Billy said as he grabbed
Sharon by her right Tit and dragged her to the bathroom,"your getting in the tub. Put the
plug in Mom.We dont want to lose one drop of all this".

Just then Tommy returned with the pot. "Piss in it Mom quickly, we want to get started."

TITS obeyed immediately as her bladder was full anyway."very good TITS, now drink your
own piss first while we jerk off watching you.

Again Sharon complied without delay and the Boys were thrilled.When she had finished
drinking her own piss, Dougie said"OK me next TITS,I have too many beers in me to pee out"

And so the fun began for one after the other Boy and any extra piss and cum that escaped
Sharons mouth ran down her naked body and collected at her bent knees in the tub for later use.

"When everyones been satisfied I will stuff my cock down your throat and the real fun will
begin watching you upchuck all that,all over yourself. Hey we should sell a video of
this to your fans" Billy suddenly had dollar signs in his mind, big dollars. At just $5.00
per video times 1 million eventual viewers..thats $5 Million dollars. SHIT, he thought
just as Tommy was doing a similar math.

Billy said to his best buddy,"50/50"? Sure Tommy replied "but what about Sharon"?

Mom wouldnt you like some new thongs,slutty blouses,stilettos,Micro skirts,dildos
and maybe some Tit clamps and weights"?

Sharon knew what her answer had to be "Yes Sir".

"There its settled, we can hire a professional to make a new web site for Mom and
her series of new videos we will make, but for now"......

"Watch our very own SHARON WITH TITS OUT perform her duties for the camera"

"Smile Tits and open wide, youve got a belly full of piss dont you"? "Yes Sir" Sharon
responded by now almost in a trance.

"Mom, My cocks going down your throat and you are going to vomit up about a gallon
of piss you just drank as you gag on my cock. I want to see it coming out your nose too
TITS..You got it"?

"Yes Sir vomit up all the piss I swallowed as you choke me with your cock down my throat"

Dougie had a suggestion."Why dont we **** the Bitch, fuck her ass while she spews.
"Sure why not" Billy responded. "On your knees Mom"

Tommy started the camera and the fun began as Billys cock entered his step Moms mouth,
slid along her tongue, past her gag reflex point and down her throat. The action was
non stop as Sharon spewed warm piss all over every time Billy rammed her face.

Dougie meantime was contentedly fucking Sharons ass burying his memeber in its entirety
as Sharon yelped in pain. "MMMMMMMM Mrs Johnson , its so nice of you to have us over
like this.

"I bet Sharons fans would enjoy seeing her get her eyes blasted full of cum" Clint
announced as he figured out his contribution to the production.

"Great idea" Tommy added. "Billy hold her eyes open as Clint fills them."

It took about half an hour for the Boys to satiate their lusts on TITS but when they
were done she was covered in piss, vomit and cum. It was an incredible site. Quite a
large amount had collected around Sharon as well in the bath tub and Tommy saw the

Tommys plan was to have Sharon piss and then suck all of the filth in the tub
back up with her mouth working like a Hoover, ..........coming soon Boys

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3 years ago
Mmmmmmm Amazing! xxxx
3 years ago
TITS you have made a subject I'm not into [water sports] seem hot. Good job!
Mail me about when and how you want to proceed with the story idea I've talked to you about.
3 years ago
3 years ago
now this is depravity at it finest
3 years ago
nice story