Cum on Mom Part 5

Still a little shell-shocked from her stepson’s visit, Sharon
took a long swallow from her third glass of wine for the afternoon. She was
already feeling a little tipsy and it was just past 3pm. Her earlier session
with Tommy had left the voluptuous MILF feeling more than a little horny
as well, and she eagerly looked forward to her stepson Billy arriving home. Her
husband Howard was still away on business so they would have the whole house to

Sharon had finally got dressed, several hours after Tommy had left. She wore
what her husband called her ‘young’ clothes, a pair of tight fitting black
hipster pants that clung to the sleek curves of her ass and thighs and left the
sides of her white g-string visible, and a tight fitting white baby t-shirt that
showed off her firm tits to great effect, aided by a sexy push up bra.
The outfit let Sharon’s flat stomach and slim waist bare, it also accentuated
her already youthful appearance, she’d even been asked for ID ordering a beer
whilst dressed like this.

Sharon was only part way thru dealing with all her emails at her email and her
Voyeurweb Instant tit flash section where she was listed as "A brief Sharon with
Tits out"
page where she was still trying
to amass enough SUPERB votes on her Tittie Flash pictures to win Canadas Best Tits.
This was to be Hubbys birthday gift next month and she was still some votes short
of winning and she was beginning to get upset that she wouldnt make it in time for
his August birthday

Her Hamster account however kept her the busiest with about 80-90 messages every
day with request for posters, mugs,invitations, frequent customer discount cards,
calendars,etc.Sharons new mail order business was taking off well

The sound of the front door opening caused Sharon to sit up in anticipation.

“Hi Mom!” called out the sound of her young stepson’s voice. Billy was home!

Her loins tingling slightly in anticipation Sharon hurried to meet her stepson.
Tits stepped through into the entrance hallway, ready to throw her arms around
Billy, but froze in surprise when she saw he wasn’t alone.

“Hi Mrs Johnson,” said the shy voice of Billy’s best friend Tommy, the k** who
had blackmailed her into sucking and fucking him earlier that very day. Sharon’s
heart sank, it wasn’t just Tommy that was with Billy either, there was also two
other young teenagers that the curvy Mom didn’t recognize, no doubt
other friends from his high school.

“Hi Billy, Tommy,” Sharon said the surprise of the boys’ arrival evident in her

“These are my mates from school,” Billy told her, gesturing to the two boys.
“Dougie and Clint.”

Dougie was a tank lanky young man that dwarfed the rest of his friends, he had
to be well over six feet tall. His companion Clint was about the same height as
Billy and Tommy, but much stockier. He had a rough looking, brutish face and his
eye gazed at Sharon’s sexy body with an undisguised lust that sent a shiver down
Sharon’s spine.

“Hi Mrs Johnson,” the two boys greeted her as Billy headed for the lounge with
his three friends in tow.

“Hi boys,” replied Sharon as they all walked past her, she blushed a little as
Tommy whispered to her "Nice Tits Babe" and squeezed her ass on the way past.

The four eighteen years old sat down in the lounge and Billy flicked on the
television, flicking through the stations till he found the football.

“Can I get you boys anything?” Sharon asked, feeling a little awkward with all
four pairs of eyes on her.

“A beer would be great,” Clint suggested.

Sharon frowned, they’d let Billy drink beer on occasion, but he wasn’t
twenty-one yet so she didn’t think she should be encouraging the teenagers to
drink. “I don’t think that’s a good idea, how about Cokes?” she offered in

Billy’s face darkened at her refusal and he stood up. He walked purposefully
across the room, taking Sharon by the throat and leading her into the kitchen so he
could talk to her privately.

“What the fuck was that about?” Billy demanded."OOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW"
Tits screamed as Billy released her

Sharon was really baffled now,and rubbed her sore throat gently as she asked “What
are you talking about William?” she asked.

“The beer.”

“You’re not old enough..” Sharon started to reply.

Billy cut her off, “Listen Fuck Face,Tonight you’re not just our server but our
slave, do you understand?”

“Billy I…” Sharon again started to protest.

“You’re going to do everything I command Tits and I mean EVERYTHING!” Billy insisted
“or I send an email to every guy at school with a link to your SWTO Productions
products page and your home phone number”. "Is that clear enough for you Tits?"

Sharon paled, “It wasn’t my fault William, I..”

“I don’t want to hear it, and tonight you’ll call me ‘sir’ you stupid whore”

“Yes,” Sharon hesitated too long, and Billy back handed Tits in her pretty face, causing
her to swagger on her high heeled shoes.Billy was so assertive, so commanding, so sexy,
..sir,” she finished.

“That’s better Slut. If you’re good tonight I might not show the boys your online store
at Hamster where you sell yourself to thousands of strangers every nite you Cunt” Billy
shocked her. He wrapped one arm around
her slim waist the other went between Sharons gorgeous Legs and he slapped at her
pussy. Then he pulled her in against him, their bodies pressed together. His hand
slid up her side from her hip, briefly squeezed her full breasts and then reaching
to her face where he firmly squeezed her cheeks. “Do you understand Mom?”

Sharon nodded, his dominating behavior wildly turning her on even though she
tried to resist it. “Yes sir.”

Billy released her. “Excellent Tits! Now go be a good little waitress and get me and
my friends a beer!”

“Right away sir!” Sharon said, warming up to the idea of trying to make things
up to her stepson. As Billy headed back towards the football game, Sharon
hurried to the fridge to grab four of her husband’s bottles of beers for the

Doing her best waitress impersonation, Sharon served up the four beers to the
guys. She had to bend low to hand the drinks to every boy, u*********sly giving
the others a great view of her incredible ass as she bent forward to give each
one their beer. The back of her sexy g-string was visible above her low-slung
pants and the view excited the boys even more. When she bent over to give Billy
the last of the beers, Tommy reached over and grabbed her between her legs. She
abruptly straightened up, yelping in surprise at the teenager’s boldness.
She couldn’t believe he just grabbed her pussy in front of Billy and the other boys.

“Shhh!” hissed Billy impatiently at her outburst, before Tits could say anything
to Tommy. “I’m watching the game.”

Sharon bit her tongue to stop from snapping angrily. “Sorry sir,” she said
quietly and then headed for the door.

“How about some food Mrs Johnson?” suggested Clint, just as Tits reached the door. Sharon

“Yeah, get us some chips or something Tits,” ordered Billy.

“Yes sir right away Sir,” said Sharon, heading back in the direction of the kitchen.

“She’s a great waitress,” Sharon heard Clint say with a laugh as she left.

“Your Mom’s hot!” Dougie added, "and you call her Tits"? causing all four of
them to laugh at how humiliating this must be for Sharon. "Thats a great name for her"

Tits couldn’t help but blush as she listened in to their
conversation while she pulled out a packet of potato chips from the cupboard.

“Stepmom,” Billy corrected emphaticaly and saying nothing about the Tits remark thereby
acknowledging its validity

“Wish I had a sexy hot waitress at my command. "Move it,be our topless waitress.”
Billy was losing patience

The firm tone of Billy’s voice was not lost on Sharon. She didn’t want to
disappoint her stepson, and after all he and Tommy had already seen her naked
before. Sharon stood frozen in the center of the room, all four boys eyes firmly
on her, their expressions filled with lust. The thought of exposing herself in
front of the boys made Sharon’s nipples hard.

“Please Mrs Johnson?” Tommy said in his familiar begging tone of voice.

She was wearing a bra beneath her t-shirt, Sharon thought to herself, it was
pretty harmless really wasn’t it? Sharon wanted to keep Billy happy, she
absolutely hated the idea of him being mad at her, and she did owe him for
betraying him with Tommy didn’t she?

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea..” Sharon began, still not convinced, but
her determination was wavering. It would give the boys their thrill and hopefully
end this event

“Okay ” she said with a shrug that caused her full breasts to jiggle
slightly under her shirt.

“Good MILF Tits!” exclaimed Tommy. Dougie and Clint’s eyes widened at her agreement,
they hadn’t for a second expected Billy’s sexy stepmother to actually agree to
take her top off.

“We are waiting Tits, hurry up” said Dougie in shock, he couldn’t help but stare at
Sharon’s ample chest, her t-shirt tightly clinging to her
breasts ad her now erect nipples poking there way thru

Sharon smiled shyly, suddenly feeling very self-conscious . She reached down and
grabbed the bottom of her small t-shirt and tugged it up over her head, exposing
her ample chest and red satin push up bra. All four boys sighed in admiration
at the sight of her full tits, pushed up and almost exposed in her sexy

“So what can I get you gentlemen to drink?” Sharon asked with a smile and a
blush, doing her best waitress impression.

Clint was about to order a beer when Billy held up his hand to stop him. “That’s
not a topless waitress Tits,” Billy said. “Take off the bra too Mom, smile and say
I'm Sharon with Tits out and I'm honoured and thrilled to display my bare Breasts
to you Boys"

Sharon’s heart leapt up to her throat as Billy’s command caught her by surprise.
She hadn’t even considered that Billy would ask her such a thing.It was one thing
to get naked for him and for all her fans on line but this was real world and two
boys that were complete strangers. But she again looked at Billy who was about
to turn the laptop furtherrevealing her secret identity.
“O..okay sir,”
she stammered slightly as she agreed to his command to fully expose her bare Breasts
and tell the boys her on line name.
It made sense, after all. Sharon rationalized, she had agreed to be a topless
waitress and she didn't she couldnt even imagine how upset Billy
would be if she reneged
on her agreement now. Her throat was still sore from her earlier defiance

Sharon reached behind her back to unhook her bra, the action pushing her
expansive chest out even further, her full tits jutting invitingly towards the
four eighteen year old boys.

“Holy shit,” breathed Dougie softly as Sharon released the sexy red bra and the
satin cups fell away from Sharon’s Breasts, revealing her incredibly firm tits in
all their naked glory. Her 36C Tits weren’t fake and they were well rounded and
high placed, not even a hint of sag. The large mounds of firm flesh were topped
by small pink nipples that jutted mouth wateringly hard and long from the center
of her pink aereolas

“What a rack,very nice Tits Mrs Johnson. Your even hotter in person than on your
website” said Clint in admiration. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO they know about my web
site. Tits felt a sinking feeling coming over her. She realized that she
exposed herself for no good reason as the boys already knew her on line life actities

"Say your lines Tits" Billy interrupted.'YES sIR" Sharon mumbled stunned and confused.
"Hi I'm Sharon with Tits out, and I hope you enjoy my bare Breasts" Sharon announced

Sharon’s blush deepened as all four boys stared at her bare Breasts. She stood
awkwardly in the center of the room in front of the Television, now becoming the
entertainment, resisting the temptation to cover her breasts with her arms.

“Four more beers now you stupid topless Bitch,” said Billy, snapping them all out
of their daze.

“Yes sir,” Sharon said with a nod, her heart soared as she looked over at Billy
and saw the wide grin, wink and look of happiness on Billy’s face.He was happy again.

Sharon had an extra bounce in her step as she paraded topless out of the room,
her tits jiggling as she moved entrancingly the four teenagers.

“I can’t believe Sharon took her Tits out for us! What a Slut, no wonder shes
called Tits” exclaimed Dougie as Sharon left the room

“Your Mom is the coolest! She should be in the nudie magazines ” agreed Tommy.

"Good idea" Billy added, "remind me to tell Tits later to submit her pics"
" Wow ,you mean the Bitch would actually do it?" Clint asked."Why not shes on
the net 24/7" Billy replied

“The night is still early my friends,” Billy replied with a mysterious grin as
he turned back to the football game, his groin tingling excitedly. The evening
had shaped up very well so far as he warmed Sharon up to her new role as house Slut.

Sharon returned quite soon and gave each young man a new beer, they all eagerly
eyed the way her now bare Tits hung as she bent to serve their beers. When she
reached Clint, who was last to receive a beer the stocky teen said, "Say your
lines again Sharon."

"Yes Sir,Hi I'm Sharon with Tits out and I am honoured and thrilled to be
allowed to display my bare Breasts for your viewing pleasure Boys. I hope
you enjoy them"

Yes we are Clint thought as he pulled a one dollar bill from his pocket, waving
it at Billy’s stepmother.

“What’s that for?” asked Tits with a frown.

Clint grinned wickedly. “Dougie said that if you tip topless waitresses they sit
on your lap,” he explained, licking his lips in anticipation.

Sharon glanced over at Billy for guidance, things were fast getting out of hand
and she didn’t at all want to take things any further. Billy merely nodded at
her. Feeling like an a****l caught in the headlights of an oncoming truck Sharon
nodded slightly and then carefully sat herself down on the edge of Clint’s
knees, feeling very uncomfortable with the way the whole night was shaping up.

Clint wasn’t completely sure how far Billy’s mother could be pushed, but he
planned to take a risk and make the most of the situation. He reached out and
pulled her by her bare waist further back onto his lap. Sharon gasped as she was
jerked backwards, falling against Clint as she felt her ass pulled right onto
his groin. She felt a definite bulge pressed against her firm ass.

With one hand resting on Sharon’s hip Clint took a long swallow from his new
beer. He then put it back on the table and rested his cold hand back on Sharon’s
other hip. The lovely older woman flinched from the cold, but wasn’t quite sure
how to react as she perched provocatively on the eighteen years old lap.

“This is so cool ,” breathed Clint as he pushed things to the next level,
running his hand up from her hip to slide it across her right tit, letting the
Breast fill his palm. Sharon gasped with shock as Clint gave her ample boob a
squeeze. “Your Mom has some real nice hooters,” Clint announced to Billy as he
groped his friend’s hot stepmother. The teenager gave Sharon’s rapidly hardening
nipple a pinch, sending a shiver down the older woman’s spine. Sharon realized
things were getting a little out of hand so she stood up, prying herself out of
Clint’s grasp.

“Yoo hoo Slut!” called out Dougie, waving a dollar bill of his own as he won the race
between him and Tommy, who was also going for his wallet, to be next to have
Sharon on his lap.

The voluptuous bitch could hardly refuse Dougie after she had sat on Clint’s
lap so she made her way over to the tall teen and sat gently on his lap.

Dougie, having seen how much Clint had already got away with was not so
cautious. He immediately pulled her right into his lap, pressing her ass to his
crotch as one of his hands came up without any hesitation to fondle Sharon’s big
bare boobs. The gangly teen let out a low moan of appreciation as his big hand
roughly kneaded Sharon’s right breast, her now hard nipple jutting against his
palm as he squeezed and massaged the fun bag roughly causing Sharon some pain.

“Oh wow!” he breathed as his free hand rose to her left breast and he squeezed
one full jug in each hand, their weight and firmness amazing him. Sharon felt
the hardness of his erection jutting against her ass as she shifted slightly on
his lap, his fondling of her Breasts a little too vigorous for her comfort or pleasure.
Dougie’s hands pinched at Sharon’s nipples, shaking her tits violently and watching,
entranced as the ample flesh quivered and shook across her chest.

“You boys enjoying Sharons Tits show"? he asked the others as he continued his
abuse on her mammeries.The entertainment here is much better than Chevy’s!” Dougie
enthusiastically told the others as
he rolled the tips of Sharon’s big boobs around with his fingers.

“My turn!” called out Tommy, waving a five dollar note above his head, which he
had finally managed to extract from his wallet.

Sharon didn’t hesitate, and immediately extracted herself from Dougie’s groping
hands and made her way over to where Tommy sat, the baby-faced eighteen year’s
old face plainly exhibiting his excitement. As Sharon got close, Tommy
impatiently reached out and dragged her onto his lap. She practically fell
forwards, somehow ending up straddling his lap, her Tits in the face of the horny
young man

With the throbbing swell of his crotch pressing directly against Sharon’s pussy,
Tommy’s hands reached around behind her, grabbing her by her nicely rounded ass
and pulling her tight against him. Sharon gasped in surprise as Tommy buried his
face between her bare breasts and squeezed her firm buttocks in his groping
hands. The normally shy young man rubbed his face in Sharon’s cleavage,and then
began chewing vigorously on Sharons nipples moaning heavily as her soft breasts
pressed against his cheeks.

“Take it easy Tommy,that hurts” Sharon said softly. Ignoring her request, Tommy kneaded
Sharon’s supple ass and ground his hips up off his seat, practically dry humping
her as he began in earnest to firmly bite her full breasts.

Dougie and Clint watched on wide eyed as Tommy enjoyed their friend’s
stepmother. As much fun as they had with her, Tommy was pushing it to a new
level as he was actually chewing on Sharons Tits

“That’s enough Tommy!” snapped Sharon, struggling with the boy and trying to
push his head away from her bosom as he started to suck one of her hard, now
fully extended nipples
into his mouth. As she wrestled free from the teenager, Sharon fell backwards
off his lap, landing on the floor, her bare tits wobbling wildly over her chest
and the air whooshing from her lungs.

Dougie had a slightly worried expression on his face, perhaps they had taken
this game a bit too far? So far Sharon was playing along, but this was all too
weird to be true.

Without a word of complaint, Sharon climbed to her feet, looking over at Billy,
expecting to see him holding out a tip for her. Billy however kept his money in
his pocket, happy to sit back and direct the action at this point in time,
content in the knowledge he could have Sharon whenever he wanted to.

“Have you guys ever seen a real completely naked woman?” Billy asked the other guys.

Dougie and Clint both shook their heads. Sharon’s stomach flipped again,
immediately knowing exactly where Billy was heading with this.

“Would you like to see Tits here take off the rest of her clothes?” Billy
asked them. Tommy sat quietly knowing his questions were directed at the other

They both nodded without a word, Clint’s eyes darting between Billy and his
stepmother, trying to tell if she would suddenly snap and things would go back
to reality.

Billy now addressed his stepmother. “Take it all off Tits” he
ordered. “Show the guys that cute ass and pussy of yours and say,may I show
you boys my Pussy and Ass?”

“Billy..” began Sharon, trying to quickly think of an excuse not to go through
with it.

“Go on Mrs Johnson,” urged Tommy. “You’ve got a great body, don’t be ashamed.”

“I think this has gone far enough,” Sharon said, one final protest before she
gave herself completely over to her stepson and his friends.

“Take them off,” Billy firmly instructed her rising to his feet and grabbing her throat.

Her alternatives gone, Sharon unfastened the front of her tight black hipsters and
pushed them down over her sleek thighs, she was now almost naked in front of the
four eighteen year old Boys, only a g-string to cover herself with which had sunk
into her wet pussy and was no where to be seen

“Holy shit,” gasped Dougie softly.

“Turn around Tits,” this time the order came from Tommy instead of Billy, but Sharon
did as she was told, turning to display her fantastic heart shaped ass, only the
skimpy strap of the tiny g-string covering it.

“She looks like a stripper!Better actually, cause they are usually skanks, What an ass!”
exclaimed Clint, practically drooling at the sight of the incredibly sexy brunette slut.

“Bend over Mrs Johnson and spread your ass!” suggested Dougie. Sharon leaned forward
as she thrust her shapely ass out so the boys could get a
better look at it. They could see the bulge of her pubic mound pressing against
her white g-string between her ass-cheeks as she bent forward. Sharon’s ass
looked so firm and smooth, every one of the four teens now had a throbbing

“Okay, now take the G string off and shove it in your ass,” Billy commanded her.
Yes Sir, was all Sharon could manage as she complied with her orders. She gingerly
shoved the G-string into her ass. "No ,No" Billy announced. He went to the bathroom
and returned with the toilet plunger. "Here, shove it up your ass with the handle Cunt".

Sharon was shocked at being ordered to impale herself with the plunger and stood motionless.
Billy grabbed her head by her long brown hair and yanked her forward and walked her across the
room and face first into the wall.Tits moaned as her face smashed into the wall, and she fell
forwards and dropped to her knees. "Now Bitch, I wont ask politely again" Billy added

"Yes Sir"" Sharon sobbed and pushed the G-string up her ass as far as she could get it using
the plunger handle.

"Ya way to go Tits" the othher 3 boys exclaimed as they watched in amazement the plunger handle
going at least 9 or 10 inches up her ass

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sharon cried as she stuffed away the entire G-string.

Ok Mom..thats good , now reach in your ass and pull it out and use these scissors to cut it
into 1 inch shit coated pieces

Sharon began to cry and Billie thought it would be a good idea to wrap up todays training session.
He grabbed her hair and tipped her head up and kissed her mouth passionately as he lovingly
squeezed her Tits. She responded well and kissed him back her tongue deep in his mouth.

He knew he had her now. "Good Girl Tits, now finish your assignment and leave the pieces
on this plate.. then make us a nice dinner while we check out your web site Mrs Sharon with Tits out"

Yes Sir Sharon announced her enthusiasm restored by Billy's long passionate kisses. As she hustled
off into the kitchen Tommy brought up her site. "Hey Tits, bring us all one of these posters
where you say your enjoying having us stare at your bare 36C Breasts. We need something for our bedrooms

Sharon was now beyond questioning any orders and Billy was pleased with his work so far

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