Cum on Mom Part 3

Cum on Mom 3

Billy smiled and laid back on the gymnasium bleacher as Sherry Huras, captain
of the girls cheerleading squad sucked on his cock. He moaned softly and reached
down, running his fingers through her lush brown hair as her full red lips moved
up and down his hard shaft. Sherry was dressed in her cheerleading costume, a
tiny flared skirt and tight yellow top with the school logo on. He could feel
her big breasts brushing his thighs as her head bobbed over his lap, moving
faster and deeper with each long suck she took.

"Oh Sherry!" moaned Billy loudly, his hips bucking up slightly off the seat as he
tried to push more and more of his hard penis into her warm mouth.

Sherry moaned around his cock, her soft hand reaching up to toy with his
testicles as she worked her lips all the way down to the base of his shaft.
Billy gasped as he felt her nose touch his pubic hair, Sherry Huras was deep
throating him! Every boy in the school lusted after her and here she was sucking
his cock like he was the last man on earth!

"Sherry!" groaned Billy again.

"Who's Sherry?" said a woman's voice, it didn't sound like Sherry…

Billy awoke with a start, disoriented as he realized he wasn't in the school gym
getting a blowjob from a cheerleader. He felt a warmth from his groin and looked
down to see his stepmother Sharon sucking on his hard cock. At first he'd been a
little annoyed at having such a good dream interrupted, but what a way to wake
up this was.

"Just as requested," Sharon said with a smile, briefly looking up from his hard
cock, "A wake up blowjob."

Billy flopped back onto his pillow as Sharon's lovely mouth once again engulfed
him. He could get used to this!

"Who's Becky?" asked Tits, once again looking up from his cock.

"Who?" asked Billy.

Tits playfully licked the tip of his cock, causing it to twitch delightfully
in her soft hand, "You were moaning her name. I hope I don't have competition
for this wonderful cock."

Billy laughed, "Just a girl from school. Now get back to work Slut!"

Sharon smiled and returned to Billy's cock, sucking it hungrily into her willing
mouth and bathing him in warmth. Billy lay back against his pillow, his fingers
running through Sharon's long brown hair as she hungrily sucked his cock, he
had to admit he liked getting woken up with a blowjob, he'd have to tell his
stepmother to do this everyday for him. Billy got a better grip on Sharon's head
and began to buck up into her face,much more violently then anything she'd ever
had by her expression of panic, holding her head still as he fucked
f***efully at her mouth. He did this for a few minutes then released her and let
her breathe.

"God I love it when you fuck my mouth," moaned Sharon as she pulled off his cock
and nuzzled his balls with her nose. She then rubbed his cock over her cheek,
savoring its warmth and hardness. "You know your father is going to be away on a
business trip for the next ten days."

Billy's eyes rose at that, "Really?"

"That's right," murmured Sharon, swiping her tongue over the tip of his cock,
"We've got the whole house to ourselves, you can have me anytime you want me."

"Oh I will you stupid Bitch," grinned Billy, pushing her mouth back down over his cock.
Sharon willingly took him deep, her head bobbing faster and faster, she wanted
to taste his cum urgently now. "I've got an idea," he murmured after a moment of
relishing Sharon's cocksucking. She tried to rise up to ask him about it but he
didn't let her off his cock. Instead he pushed her back down on him and
continued speaking, "What's the matter Mom, can't speak with your mouth full?"

Sharon glared up at him, but kept his cock in her mouth.

"Tonight we're going to go out on a real date," Billy told her. Sharon stiffened
a little in surprise. She didn't stop her slow sucking on his penis but her
thoughts ran wild. What if someone saw them? What did Billy have planned?
Billy's cock twitched a little in her mouth and she knew he was close.

Billy groaned, reaching down and grabbing fistfuls of her hair. He started to
again fuck her mouth as she struggled to speak, "We're going to go to dinner and
a movie, then somewhere to fuck." Billy paused to moan and hump her face faster,
Sharon did her best to keep up, sucking heavily. "I want you to get dressed up
in something young looking, something slutty." Billy's breathing got very heavy
and he was moments away from exploding. His hard dick slid back and forth
across Sharon's twitching tongue. "Don't wear a bra Tits, I want to be able to play
with your tits, and you will swallow as we don't want to make a mess at the
movies…ahhhh!" Billy cried out with pleasure as his cock exploded, filling
Sharon's mouth with his wonderful tasting cum. His stepmother drank his seed
eagerly, she couldn't get enough of the stuff.


That evening Sharon's stomach was churning with nervousness. Billy had left out
the clothes he wanted her to wear and that in itself turned her on. Sharon
liked the idea of being Billy's toy, for him to do whatever he wanted to her, to
use her as he pleased. For some reason the young eighteen year old just made her
feel incredibly submissive. Sharon put on the lacy, black, thong panties Billy
had picked out, and Sharon had to admit that they made her ass look fantastic.
Over top of that she squeezed into a very tight black skirt that was
considerably shorter than most of her clothes, and was also slit up both sides
to show off her long legs to full effect. As Billy had commanded earlier Fuck face she did not
wear a bra, instead she pulled on a short-sleeved white blouse that was a couple
of sizes too small and clung to every one of her lush curves. It was so small in
fact that she couldn't even do up the top few buttons and her deep cleavage
welled up, plainly on view. The outfit was topped off with a pair of black
high-heeled shoes, and the full effect was perfect. Tonight she was Billy's

"Well? How do I look?" asked Sharon as she stepped out of her room to where
Billy was waiting. She did a pirouette, showing off her outfit.

Billy stood up and licked his lips, "Very nice Fuck Face," he said approvingly. He walked
up in front of her and grabbed her by the hips, pulling her in close against
him. Sharon gasped in surprise, she could feel the hard bulge of his crotch
against her already. Billy lifted her chin towards him and bent down and kissed
her on the lips. Tits sighed and melted against him, she realized that was the
first time he'd kissed her. Billy's hands slid around her back and reached down
towards her ass. He gave her firm buttocks a squeeze through the short skirt she
wore and pulled her harder against him, using the opportunity to grind his
bulging crotch against hers. Sharon moaned into his kiss, it felt surprisingly
natural to be kissing him and he was very good at it. Billy's hands kneaded her
rounded ass as his tongue explored her mouth for a few moments before they
finally broke it off, both breathing heavily.

"If we don't get going now, we may never get out of here," said Billy with a big
smile, he was obviously as excited about the evening as Sharon was.

"Remember, tonight I'm not your stepmother," said Sharon as Billy lead her to
the car, "You should call me Sharon."

"Okay Sharon," replied Billy as they got in the car, it felt kind of strange to
call her by her name, he had always referred to her as Mom since she married his
father, even though she was not his real mother.

Sharon climbed into the car beside Billy, her short dress riding up even higher
and displaying an almost criminal amount of her long legs and sleek thighs.
Billy briefly glanced at the impressive view, then started the car up. He gave
her bare thigh a fleeting squeeze as his hand moved to release the hand brake,
and then they were off on their way.

"So where are we going?" Sharon asked her stepson as they drove down their

Billy suddenly pulled the car off to the side of the road, taking Tits by
surprise. She experienced a little déjà vu, remembering when she had done the
same thing to Billy when she drove him home from school.

"Tommy!" Billy shouted, using the electric window control to wind down the
window on Sharon's side of the car. Sharon looked out and saw Billy's best
friend Tommy sitting on his bike. At Billy's shout Tommy rode over to the side
of the car and leaned in through the window.

"Hi Billy, what's up?" he asked, he then noticed Sharon sitting on the passenger
side. "Hi Mrs Johnson…" murmured Tommy, his voice trailing off as he got a good
look at Billy's stepmother and specifically what she was wearing. Tommy's higher
point of view gave him an excellent view down at Sharon. Her tight fitting
blouse gaped open, her huge breasts almost fully displayed to young Tommy, he
also got an eyeful of her sleek thighs, Sharon now regretting letting her skirt
ride up so high for Billy's benefit.

"Hi Tommy," replied Sharon, blushing tremendously. The whole idea of dressing
slutty for a date with Billy no longer seemed like such a good plan. What would
Tommy be thinking?

"Wow," murmured Tommy, staring down at Sharon, her ample bosom rising and
falling as she breathed, "You look great Mrs Johnson." Tommy gaped at her in
wonderment. He'd always had a crush on his friend's beautiful stepmother, but
he'd never seen her wear such revealing clothes. Looking down the front of her
blouse Tommy could almost see her nipples!

Sharon's blush deepened even further, why had Billy stopped the car? They
weren't supposed to be seen by anyone they knew. Billy just laughed, "Tits looks
hot doesn't she?" he asked his friend.

"William!" scolded Sharon, trying to assert herself as a parent. But she was too
deep into her submissive role and her shaking voice lacked any authority.

"That blouse makes her big tits look great huh?" Billy asked his ogling friend.
Sharon clamped her mouth shut in surprise, swallowing her protests. It was one
thing to be a sexual object for her own f****y, but Tommy was practically a

Tommy licked his dry lips, "Ahh yeah," he murmured in reply, a little
uncomfortable with the way Billy was speaking about his stepmother. If he'd ever
said something like that in front of either of his parent's he'd get his hide

"You can touch 'em if you want," suggested Billy, getting turned on by the whole
situation. He also wanted to test the limits of his control over Sharon.

"Really?" asked Tommy in surprise. He glanced at Sharon's face but she just
stared out the window, looking rather pale.

"Go ahead."

Tommy tentatively reached into the car, his hand slowly moving towards Sharon's
heaving chest.

"Stop!" snapped Sharon out of the blue as she realized what was happening. Tommy
gasped in surprise, jerking his hand back out of the car. Tits turned to
glare at her stepson, "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Billy frowned and summoned his courage. Normally he would have backed off, but
the activities of the last week or so had given him a feeling of power and he
intended to make the most of it. "No Tits," he said firmly, using her nick
name. "You have a great rack Tits and you should share it."
He then turned back to Tommy, "Go ahead Tommy."

Tommy paused for a moment and looked at Sharon. When she said nothing in reply
to Billy's words Tommy decided to try his luck again. He reached down into the
car towards Sharon's bosom, and this time she didn't stop him. He breathed a
deep sigh of mixed pleasure and relief as his hand cupped Sharon's large right
breast through her blouse. Tommy's heart was beating rapidly as he gave Billy's
stepmother's right breast a squeeze, then slid his hand across to her other

"Oh wow," he murmured as the ample orb filled his hand. Encouraged by her lack
of objection Tommy reached into the car with his other hand and grabbed both of
Sharon's breasts. The young eighteen year old moaned softly as he fondled Sharon's
huge tits, this was the first time he had ever felt a woman's boobs and he'd
never imagined it would be such a wonderful pair that he'd get his hands on.
Billy rested his hand assuringly on Sharon's bare thigh as Tommy groped at her
tits, squeezing and mauling a little harder as he got into it a bit.

Sharon's face was flushed and she was breathing heavily. She glanced around the
deserted street as Tommy played with her tits, but fortunately no one was
around. Sharon felt dampness between her legs and was amazed to realize just how
turned on she was. For some reason the idea of Tommy offering her up to his
friend like this was an incredible turn on.

"Okay Tommy, we've gotta get going," said Billy after a few more minutes of
letting Tommy feel up his buxom stepmother.

"Okay," gasped Tommy as he finally and very reluctantly released Sharon's tits.
He was breathing very heavily and Sharon could see that his crotch was bulging
with excitement.

Billy bid farewell to his stunned friend and drove off, leaving Tommy to rush
home and jerk off.

"You liked that huh?" Billy asked Sharon as he headed for the movie theatre
where they were going to have their date.

"Yes," murmured Sharon in reply, her eyes downcast. She blushed a little,
feeling as though she should be ashamed of the fact she had been so turned on.

"Good," was Billy's only reply. He reached over and squeezed her soft knee, then
returned his attention to his driving.

"So where are we going?" said Sharon, repeating her original question after a
moment's silence.

"The movies."

"What we seeing?"

"Dunno, some action flick," replied Billy offhandedly.

"Oh," replied Sharon, once again she felt rather uncomfortable. What was she
thinking? Why had she agreed to this date? Billy was her stepson and here she
was going out with him. Thank god Howard was away on business and wouldn't find
out what they were up to.

The drive to the theatre took another quarter hour. Billy parked and led Sharon
inside, holding her hand and making her feel even more out of place.

"Remember you're my college girlfriend today," he whispered in her ear as he
sensed her nervousness.

Sharon nodded as they made their way to the box office and Billy got them
tickets. Sharon felt a little bit better after the girl behind the counter asked
both of them for ID, the movie was an R rated one. She handed over her drivers
license, a little relieved she hadn't changed the name on it to her married name
yet. They then made their way into the theatre, giggling about her youthful
appearance as they selected a seat in the back row.

Before the lights even went off and the movie started Billy was all over her. He
started kissing hungrily at her neck and his hand immediately lifted to her
breast, squeezing at the ample globe through her blouse. Sharon briefly tried to
push him off, she had never been so forward on a date before, but then again
this was a rather unique situation. Sharon relented as Billy's lips moved to
cover hers, his tongue diving hungrily into her mouth. Billy's fingers found her
hard nipple through her blouse and gave it a brief twist before he began to
unbutton the front of her blouse.

"What are you doing?" hissed Sharon as he continued to open the top of her
shirt, revealing even more of her impossibly deep cleavage.

"Don't worry Tits," Billy whispered back, undoing another button, "No one can see
us." Her shirt was open to halfway down her flat stomach now, her ample tits
bulging out and threatening to pop into view.

Sharon stopped her protests as Billy slipped a hand inside the front of her
shirt and started to squeeze her bare breasts. As he did this he took her hand
in his and brought it down into his lap. Sharon gasped as she felt the hardness
of his erection.

"God you're hot Sharon," breathed Billy as she squeezed his crotch and her
continued to play with her breasts. Sharon moaned softly, it sounded so good
having him call her by her name. For some reason the fourty one year old
couldn't explain, Sharon was overwhelmed with the urge to please Billy and do
whatever he wanted of her.

"Suck my cock," Billy ordered into her ear.

"What?" gasped Sharon in surprise, jerking her hand away from his crotch as she
felt his dick twitch against her palm.

"Suck my cock Tits you whore," Billy told her.

"Someone will see," protested the gorgeous and nearly topless babe.

"I don't care," replied Billy, pulling his hand out from the front of her
blouse, "Go down on me right now Slut."

Sharon looked around her, no one sat too close to them, but they were definitely
not alone in the dark theatre. "I could give you a handjob," Sharon suggested

Billy shook his head and reached up, grabbing the back of her neck and pulling
her head down towards his lap. Tits stiffened and resisted him.

Billy unzipped his fly and pulled out his hard cock, it jutted out, pointing
directly up towards Sharon's face. Billy reapplied the pressure on the back of
her head, "Suck me you cunt" he yelled!

Sharon relented and allowed Billy to pull her mouth down towards his cock. She
gave one last glance around to make sure no one was looking at them before she
dipped her head into Billy's lap and let her stepson push his hard cock into her
warm mouth. Billy let out a deep, throaty moan, a little too loud for Sharon's
liking, but she didn't halt her attentions. Sharon sucked heavily at her
stepson's hot throbbing cock, eager to get him off as quickly as possible and
avoid being caught.

With his hand on the back of her head Billy controlled Sharon's mouth, pushed
her bobbing head up and down over his lap, the friction of her tight lips
sliding along his shaft incredible. Billy, more and more turned on by the public
blowjob, grabbed handfuls of her hair tightly and began to hump his hips up off
the cinema seat, forcing more and more of his cock into her mouth. Sharon's
obediently sucked at his penis, letting him buck against her face and sate his

"Make sure you swallow it all," Billy commanded down to his stepmother as he
briefly paused his thrusts, "We don't want to make a mess."

Sharon drew up off his dick and licked all over the head, tasting his slick
precum and knowing it wouldn't be long before she would be savoring his load.
"You better hurry up and cum then," whispered Sharon, "I don't think the movie's
got too long to go."

Billy let out a moan and pushed his stepmother's mouth back down into his lap.
Sharon eagerly swallowed his cock and began bobbing her head vigorously over his
erection. In less than a minute Billy bit his lip to stifle a groan and
exploded in Sharon's hot mouth. Sharon sucked and swallowed rapidly, drinking
down his sperm as fast as it filled her mouth, not missing a drop.

"Oh wow," breathed Billy, his hips sinking back into his seat as Sharon slurped
the last of his seed from his cock.

"I should have movie snacks like this more often," she whispered with a wicked
grin as she straightened up and wiped the last few drips from the corner of her
mouth. She then pulled her shirt back over her big tits, which had popped into
view and began rebuttoning it.

"Leave it open," ordered Billy.

"What? No!"

"Leave it open you stupid Cum Dump!" he repeated sternly. Sharon was a little
taken aback, Billy had
never spoken with such authority in the past, yet today he had ordered her
around like a slave. Making her dress up for his fantasies and even letting
his friend feel her up like she was a piece of meat. Even more shocking to
Sharon was the fact that she found herself wanting to follow his orders, in fact
it even turned her on.

Sharon lowered her hands away from the buttons of her blouse. The tight white
garment gaped open, revealing most of her ample breasts and leaving her looking
something like that horror movie actress Elvira.

Billy smiled, enjoying the effect, "Let's go Tits!" With that he grabbed her by her
left Tit and pulled her up out of her seat. Billy led her out of the theatre and
towards the car.

"Where are we going?" asked Sharon as she tried with her free hand to keep her
nipples covered without success as he led her along the sidewalk whilst getting stares;
whistles and comments

to be continued
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