Cum on Mom 1

Cum on My Step Mom Sharon (Tits)

Billy Johnson woke up with what was commonly known as morning wood. The poster
of "Sharon with Tits out" naked hanging on the ceiling above his bed only made
matters worse. He was
forming a rather large tent under his blankets. His dreams the previous night
had been filled with visions of his beautiful stepmom just as he remembered
seeing the stupid cunt on one of her websites and he even voted superb on his Moms
pictures for the Best Tits in Canada contest at

"Did it really happen?" he said aloud to himself. Billy was referring to
yesterday evening when his father had let him fuck his gorgeous stepmom under
the guise of a sex education lesson of some sort. His father had even let Billy
fuck her ass a little before he finished by fucking her tits and cumming all
over her big 36C boobs.

Billy lay in bed, his thoughts drifting through last nights activities when he
heard the sound of the shower being turned on. His parents had obviously woken
up. Billy drifted off a little, dozing on and off as he waited for his alarm
clock to go off. He must off gone back to sl**p as he was suddenly awakened by
the sound of the front door slamming closed as his father departed for work.

As Billy reached down to scratch himself, still finding his dick hard, he heard
the shower being turned on again, his stepmother was obviously getting up now
too. The sudden mental image of his beautiful stepmom stepping naked
into the shower caused his hard cock to twitch. Billy smiled to himself and let
his imagination run with it, enjoying the picture of Sharon's wonderful curves
getting splashed with water as she stroked her whole body with a washcloth.

"What am I waiting for?" Billy said to himself. After last night he had nothing
to lose!

Billy practically leapt out of bed and walked hurriedly down the hallway towards
his parents room, where Sharon was showering in the ensuite bathroom. As he
slipped into their room he heard the shower being turned off, he was a little
too late, but Billy was not about to let that stop him. He tip toed across his
parents roomand grabbed a pair of Sharons blue high heels. The Bitch had left the
bathroom door open to let the steam from her
shower escape so he crept right in there just as she was wrapping a towel around
the lush curves of her body.

Sharon was facing away from him as he moved up behind her. The fluffy white
towel she wore was knotted between her ample breasts and was a little short,
barely falling past the lovely curves of her ass and displaying her
wonderfully long legs to Billy's hungry gaze even better than he had envisioned.

"Ahh!" screamed Sharon as Billy suddenly pounced, grabbing her from behind and
pulling her against him, his rock hard erection pressing into her ass through
the towel.

"Morning Tits," cooed Billy as he kept her held close, gently grinding himself
against her posterior."Put these heels on Tits!"

"Holy shit Billy! You scared the crap out of me!" complained Sharon, her heart
beating rapidly as she complied with his demand making her legs so incredibly
sexy looking.

"Mmm," Billy moaned into her ear as he kissed the side of her neck, one of the
hands he had wrapped around her slipped up to cup and squeeze her right breast
through the towel she had around her. Sharon moaned at his touch and melted back
against him.

"What are you doing William?" Tits asked him, but did nothing to stop him as he
kneaded her full breasts and continued to rub himself against her ass.

"I just came in to say good morning," said Billy, releasing her breasts as both
his hands moved to the knot in the middle and began to untie her towel.

"I'm not sure we should be doing this William," said Sharon, but her protest was
only half hearted, she did nothing as Billy let her towel drop to the bathroom
floor, unveiling her breathtaking naked body.

Billy slid both hands up to her big tits and squeezed hard, and then harder still
until Sharon screamed.Abusing his stepmoms Tits brought him great pleasure. At the
same time he pressed his hard cock against her bare buttocks, "I've got a big surprise
I want you to take care of for me Mom." Sharon immediately felt a sense of guilt
filling her, Billy's mangling of her breasts and the feel of his hardness against
her ass was already making her wet. Sharon moaned a little, leaning back against
him, she was a married woman and if things went any further she would be
cheating on her husband. Last night she had fucked Billy with her husbands
permission and encouragement, but this was different, her husband was not here.
However,Sharon didn't care, Billy felt so good against her. She wanted him more than

"Ooo," whispered Sharon as Billy kneaded her firm, natural tits. She reached around
behind her and grabbed hold of his erect cock in her soft hand. "Did you wake up
with this swollen thing?" she asked, stroking his hard cock and no longer making
any attempt to stop his advances. She wanted this just as much as he did, if not
more. Sharon no longer cared that Billy was her stepson, for now he was just a
man, a man with an incredible cock who made her feel wonderfully aroused at the
slightest touch.

"I did," said Billy, thrusting slightly against her hand and at the same time
groping even more intensely at her gorgeous tits, "and I was hoping you'd be able to
make the swelling go down. besides you caused it Cunt with your naked poster
hanging on my ceiling above my bed."

Sharon moaned as she heard herself referred to as "Cunt" and as he pulled on her
nipples. She then turned around to face him, stroking his cock with both hands,
"I'm glad you like my poster and I'm sure I can take a look at this thing and
see what I can do since it is my fault you have it," she said, enjoying the game
they were playing. Tits stood in front of him naked now, his big cock between them
and her hands running over the whole long, hard length.

"It's feeling a little funny," said Billy, his smirk growing as he realized that
his stepmom was playing back a little. "Perhaps you should kiss it better Tits you
whore," he suggested cheekily as he admired all the topless and nude shots of Sharon on
his Dads bedroom walls. But first, put some lipstick on Fuck Face.

Sharon complied, applying a thick coat of cherry red lipstick with her left hand
and smiled at him seductively and then dropped to her knees, her right hand never
stopping its skillful stroking. She leaned forward, opening her mouth 'till her
tongue was less than an inch from the throbbing head of his cock, then she
stopped. "Are you sure I should?" she asked Billy, fluttering her eyelashes
innocently, "I mean I'm not sure if your father would want me to."

Billy moaned in frustration, "Suck my cock Mom!" he ordered, thrusting forward
impatiently with his hips, his cock bumping against her lips and smearing them
with his already flowing precum.

"Yes Sir"was the reply she had been trained by Dad to give and with that she leaned
over his cock and took him in to the hilt. Billy's eyes went wide, he had expected
her to play with him and lick and tease him for a bit, but to his amazement she was
immediately deep-throating him. Billy stumbled a little as Sharon swallowed his whole
length, bathing him in the warmth of her throat, her beautiful head bobbing rapidly,
spreading the red lipstick the length of his shaft.

"Oh God!" he groaned, putting one hand against the wall to steady him, the other
going to the back of Sharon's head to guide her movements. What a vision..the famous
"Sharon with Tits out" was sucking HIS cock and deep throating HIM to boot just
because he told her to. Suck my cock Tits, you stupid Bitch, he said again for effect.

Sharon drew his cock out of her mouth and looked up at him. "Does that feel like
it's doing any good?" she asked him, but didn't get a verbal reply, as he once
again shoved his hard cock into her mouth, working her lips down to the base of
his 8 inch shaft and brushing his pubic hair on her nose.

Billy reached down and grabbed handfuls of her long brown hair. It gave him a
great feeling of power, standing in front of his voluptuous stepmother as she
knelt submissively at his feet, sucking his cock. Billy bucked forward with his
hips and began to fuck her willing face. He clutched tightly onto her hair and
slammed his cock again and again into her mouth. Sharon took it expertly,
relaxing her throat and letting him use her mouth as roughly as he wanted.

"Oh fuck that's good!" he groaned, stopping his thrusts. Billy paused for a
moment, looking down at Tits as she sucked on the head of his cock. He then
pulled out and rubbed his cock all over her face, just for the humiliation effect,
loving the way the smooth skin of her cheeks felt against his hardness. Billy then
moved over to the toilet, dropping the seat closed and sitting on it. Tits seemed
to sense what he wanted, she stood up and moved closer, turning away from him so
that her lovely ass was facing his way. Billy smiled and reached up with both hands
to knead and squeeze the firm and rounded globes of Sharon's ass. He groped and
pinched for a few minutes then gave her a sharp slap across one buttock.

"Are you ready for me shit head?" he asked.

"Why don't you feel for yourself?" purred Sharon in reply,totally ignoring his remark
as per her training, and looking back over her shoulder at Billy.

Billy grinned widely pleased at her submissiveness. He then reached up between her
legs and rubbed his hand
across her snatch. Tits was dripping wet. Sharon moaned as Billy's hands moved to
her hips. He urged her downwards and Sharon went willingly, spreading her legs
over his and lowering herself down towards his upthrust cock. When she was
inches above him Sharon reached down between her parted thighs and grabbed hold
of Billy's hard cock, lining him up with the moist lips of her pussy and grazing
the tip of his cock across her.

"You want this?" she asked him huskily. Sharon decided Billy was being a little
dominating and she needed to regain some control.

"God yes," moaned Billy, thrusting upwards with his hips, trying to push up
inside her. Sharon merely re-angled his cock and he grazed across the front of
her pussy, rubbing her clit and sending shivers through her.

"Ask nicely then William," she breathed, she wanted him so much herself it was
hard to make him wait.

"Please let me fuck you Bitch," begged Billy.

"Certainly William," Sharon said, sinking down on his cock. Both Billy and
Tits let out satisfied groans as Billy's hard cock slid up inside Sharon's

"Damn that feels good!" moaned Billy. Sharon had to agree, her stepson's big
cock filled her perfectly, like they were made to be together. Sharon rocked
back and forth gently on him, getting a feel for him. Billy reached around and
pulling her backwards so that she was leaning against him, her head dropping
backwards onto his shoulder. Billy rocked his hips upwards against her as they
continued their leisurely fuck, his hands sliding between her thighs to stroke
her clit as his cock moved within her.

"Oh William!" moaned Sharon as Billy continued to stroke her clit with one hand.
Tits took hold of his other hand and guided it up to her right breast which he
immediately started squeezing and crushing. He loved hearing Sharon scream as he
abused her. Billy continued the slow rotations of his hips, keeping his cock deep
within her. His other hand slid up to grab onto Sharon's other breast and he
vigorously crushed the two melons with every ounce of his strength.

Thats a good Bitch, scream for me to add to my pleasure. He found a little more
the Bitch could manage

"God you've got great hooters," he whispered into her ear, squeezing and mauling
at the now very sore 36C Tits. Sharon merely groaned in reply, almost overcome at
how great it felt as she ground her buttocks back into his lap and he continued
to have his way with her Tits. Billy seized her nipples and pinched them tightly,
tugging on the ends of her breasts. "I think I'm gonna twist these off Cunt...what
are you goin to do about it" Billy moaned softly into her ear.

"Hmmm," murmured Sharon, not properly hearing him. Billy's hands released her
big tits and dropped back to her hips, pulling her downward as he began to shove
harder up into her.

"I'm gonna fill you up," Billy groaned, thrusting faster and deeper.

"No!" gasped Sharon as his words finally sunk in. Tits rose up off Billy and as
his cock popped free he groaned in annoyance. "You can't…" stammered Sharon as
guilt once again set in. Sharon couldn't let her stepson cum in her. After
Howard's insistence the night before she couldn't betray him in that respect.
"You can fuck my tits again" suggested Sharon, at the same time as she wanted
to stay true to her husband she also wanted to please Billy. "Or I can suck you

Billy stood up, a look of displeasure and lust on his face. Billy pushed Sharon
to her knees and she immediately reached for his cock, her mouth opening

"No!" snapped Billy, pulling back and placing a hand on the top of her head to
keep her lips from reaching him.

"What?" Sharon questioned as Billy's hand went to his cock and he began to
rapidly tug on it, only inches in front of her face. Sharon immediately realized
Billy wanted to cum on her face, it was the ultimate in submissiveness and for
some reason Sharon couldn't work out it turned her on even more.

"Open your mouth Mom," ordered Billy, his hand a rapid blur on his cock. Sharon
did as instructed and knelt, eagerly awaiting his orgasm with her mouth wide
open. Billy's hand twitched faster and faster as he felt the cum welling up in
his testicles. He looked down at the glorious sight of his naked stepmother on
her knee's before him, her mouth open and ready for his deposit.

"Oh Fuck!" grunted Billy as his knees buckled a little and cum burst from his
cock. Sharon gasped as the sticky white goo shot from her stepson's cock and
splashed over her face. The initial spurt splattered over her right cheek and
eye, a little going in her mouth and some even splashing into her hair. As
Sharon closed her eyes the second gob roped directly into her mouth. "Oh yes!"
gasped Billy, milking his cock into Sharon's mouth, his load even bigger than
the one she had swallowed in the car.

Sharon gulped down the cum as it filled her mouth, the taste as delicious as she
remembered. Billy, his cock spent rubbed the oozing head of his penis over her
lips, smearing them with his seed. Her tongue flicked out to taste him and lap
up more of his cum, but Billy pulled his cock out of reach. Without a word he
grabbed a handful of her long brown hair and used it to wipe clean his cock,
wrapping it around the shaft and rubbing off his cum.

"Now that's what I call a great way to get rid of morning wood," said Billy as
he cleaned his sticky shaft.Thanks Shit face

Sharon smiled and licked her lips, "Anytime honey."

"Tomorrow I want to wake up to you sucking my cock," said Billy immediately.

"What?" stammered Sharon in surprise, she had not really expected him to take
her up on the offer.

"You heard me bitch!" snapped back Billy. Without another word he turned and
left the bathroom, leaving Sharon sitting on the floor naked and cum covered
(as she should be at all times billy Thought) in bewilderment, her face
and hair streaked with semen. be continued...
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Great story.
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