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My husband makes me flash strangers all of the time. I'd say no, but I'm such a slut I can't. I look like your average soccer mom, but don't have any k**s. When I give someone a down-blouse they're usually very surprised. Anyway, heres my thrift store adventure.

Hubby gets days off through the week and we cruise around the county looking for places to flash. Last week we found a thrift store in a strip mall, pretty much in the middle of nowhere. I was wearing my loose down-blouse sweater, my demi-bra and jean skirt with thong underwear. Hubby ordered me to take off my bra while he parked the car.

This place had the usual thrift store smell. The only person there was an older guy (late 50's) working the counter. We walked around the store and ended up in the clothing area. Hubby found a see through blouse and showed it to me. I knew the plan. I asked the clerk where the fitting room was. He laughed and told me there wasn't a fitting room. Most people just size them by eye. I figured that was that, but Hubby said , my wife Tits here really wants to try this on as he grabbed me by the front of my sweater and dragged me in front of the clerk.

The guy got a funny look on his face, and I blushed because of my surprise. "I guess if she wants," was his reply.

The aisle we were in was in line with where he was sitting, so the only privacy I might have was turning around. I was starting to get wet, but told Hubby, "I can't try on shirts right here."

"It's not that big of a deal Tits. You get naked in front of your doctor and he sees you all of the time. We'll never see this guy again, and anyway he said he didn't care."

I turned to the clerk, "Sorry, are you sure it's okay?"

"I'm fine with it ma’am or did he say your name was Tits? Any guy would be happy to see you naked."Yes her name is actually “Sharon with Tits out” but call her Tits for short Hubby explained. O and here’s one of her web sites
Wow thanks Mr!

Now it was really heating up, he wanted to see me naked. "Okay then, if you're sure," and with that I started pulling my sweater over my head while turning around. I'm sure he caught a good view of side tit. I put on the see-through top and modelled it for Hubby.

"It's really too transparent for the party," I said. "I don't want my co-workers and boss to see me like this."

"Sharon...It's fine you stupid Bitch" He grabbed my arm, spun me around toward the clerk so he could get a good look at my Breasts and said, "This looks alright, doesn't it?" I thought the clerk's eyes were going to pop.

"Looks amazing and you are one hot Lady Tits," was all he said. Thanks I replied

Hubby responded, "I think she'll wear it home." He picked up my sweater and walked me to the front of the store.

The clerk fumbled for the tag, then said, "Two fifty plus tax."

Hubby wasn't done yet. "If Tits strips naked for you can we just have the shirt?" I blushed again.

The clerk responded, "You bet."

Hubby ordered me to strip completely naked in front of this guy “get naked Sharon you Slut”. Fuck I was blushing and the clerk was almost drooling waiting for me to comply. Hurry up Bitch I want you sucking my cock in a few minutes so move it. Yes Sir I respond meekly and remove the see thru top , my jean skirt and my thong and am now totally naked in the mans store standing 4 feet in front of him
Now shove the thong up your pussy Tits to soak up that wetness ,then hand the man your clothes so he can bag them, and then pull the thong out and hand it to him. Yes Sir I reply as I’ve been trained to do.
Then he tells me, "Turn around Slut....bend over. Spread those cheeks so we can see your cunt." Honey don’t you think your getting carried away I ask? With that remark I got a hard slap in the face, and it hurt. I got the message that its what hubby wants so I must obey him at all times.

I was hot and wet and shaking all over. I had never been so exposed. I stood like that for a minute, it seemed like forever as the men talked about my ass. Ok Tits thats fine now get out to the car and wait for me. Hubby stayed behind and talked to the clerk for a few minutes while I waited in the car.

"He thinks you're a hot piece of ass. He said tell Tits any time she wants some free clothes, stop by."

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Sexy story!
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very good
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mmmm ! nice