Making Mom my Slave Part 1

i****t/TabooMaking Mom My Slut


“Mike, can you take a look at my computer? I can’t seem to find some of my
recent documents?”

“Sure mom, give me a sec.”

Mike looked over his shoulder as his mom walked back down the hall to her home
office. He couldn’t get over how, even in her mid fifties; she looked
incredibly sexy with her firm tits and tight ass. Many was the night he lay in
bed stroking his hard shaft to some girl in his freshman college class only to
have his imagination slip into visions of his mom Sharon on her hands and knees naked
in front of him with her pert ass teasingly pointed up.

It had been more than a few years since his mom had thrown his dad out for
drinking and womanizing and he knew she had dated very little since, working
hard to make a home for them and pay for his college bills. What little money he
brought in working at a local computer repair shop helped but it still left them
with little leftover at the end of the month.

Mike walked into his mom’s office and sat down at her computer. He could hear
her in the kitchen getting dinner started. It didn’t take him long to track down
the problem and turn up quite a few documents saved into folders that were
generally hidden. He began going through them to make sure they were current.
Glancing through the list he was surprised to find a number of docs with the
.msg suffix. Knowing these were instant messages the system automatically
archived he began to open a couple. His eyes and his cock soon grew large. He
couldn’t believe his mom was having some sort of online affair with a man
clearly interested in treating her like a cheap slut. And his mom seemed to love it. He read through a number of the conversations, looking over his shoulder to make sure his mom didn’t come in, and occasionally running his palm over the bulge now stiffening in his gym shorts.

Then he discovered Sharons web site activity. His Mom was displaying herself naked
under the name Sharon with Tits out and was getting a huge following at

“Dinners ready!” his mom called from the kitchen.

“Be right there, mom”.

He quickly moved the documents she needed to a folder on her desktop where she
could easily find them and then forwarded the instant message archive and
website address to his computer where he could view them at his leisure and convenience

All through dinner he chatted with his mom, surreptitiously glancing at her firm
round breasts and firm ass, but all he could think about was the nude pictures
of Sharon with Tits out and the IM conversations he had been reading. He couldn’t wait
to get back to his room to see some more. Finally dinner over he said,

“I have some homework to do mom, ill see you later”and quietly added "Tits", just under
her ability to hear.

“Good night, dear” his mom replied as she headed off to her office.

For the rest of the evening he read message after message stroking his rock hard
cock while alternating back and forth with her topless pics at voyeurweb. He couldn’t
believe it. The man who called himself BigWood told his mother,
whom he referred to as TITS how he wanted to tie her up,strip her naked and spank
her ass and then f***e her to suck his big
wood. Or how he wanted to pick her up and drive her around town naked while she sucked
his hard cock. Even more amazing was his mothers replies “oh yes, please spank
me, fuck me hard, tie me up, blindfold me, make me your slut”. She clearly was
as turned on as he was by being treated like some kind of slut toy for his

Wow, what a great name for my mom. Tits. I like that Mike thought
Reading the messages, a plan began to unfold. The next morning after his mother
left for work and before his first class he turned on his moms PC and checked
the message archive. Sure enough, there was a new one. He couldn’t wait to read
it and jerked off again to this latest conversation with BigWood telling his mom (Tits)
that he was going to come over on Tuesday night when he knew Mike had a night
class and sneak in the back door. Sharon was to be blindfolded, her hands tied
behind her back, wearing only the skimpiest lingerie she owned.

Mike couldn’t believe it. As he left for school he tried to think of a way he
could take advantage of this turn of events. All day he could barely conceal the
bulge in his jeans or hear the professors’ lecture trying to figure out how to
take advantage of"Tits".

By the next morning, when he heard Sharon leave for work he was ready. He
quickly looked at the latest message on his moms PC and sure enough, she said
“she couldn’t wait to be his little slut and that mikes class was at seven and
she would leave the back door open and be ready at seven thirty for her BigWood
to use her like the slut she was”.

Mike smiled at this because he had a little surprise for Tits. The following
Tuesday morning he quickly logged on his moms PC and sent a message to BigWood
under his moms ID telling him that Mike’s class was cancelled and they would
have to make it another night.

That night he left as usual a little before seven for his class but instead of
heading for school he drove around the block, parked his car and circled back to
his house where he hid behind the garage. A little after seven, he peeked in the
window of his mothers room to see her getting dressed in the tiniest bra he had
ever seen with her nipples poking out the top and a thin thong barely concealing
her sweet ass. His cock stood up straight as he gazed at his moms’ fantastic
body. By seven thirty Sharon had tied a scarf around her eyes and slipped a pair of
handcuffs on her wrists and was kneeling in the living room, her barely covered
ass pointing up.

He was trembling so hard he could barely get the back door opened but he slipped
in and walked to the living room. The sight before him almost made him blow his
load right then and there. His mom was kneeling on the floor with her fabulous
tits hanging down and her gorgeous ass staring him in the face. His cock was
about to rip his jeans so he quickly slid out of his pants and shirt. He leaned
over and roughly began to pull and squeeze Sharons tits, twisting the nipples
roughly. His mothers’ moans and cries made his dick even larger.

“Don’t move” he growled, trying to disguise his voice. Then he moved off to his
room acting like he was exploring the house. He picked up his digital camera and
the fraternity paddle hanging on his wall. Returning to the living room he
started clicking pictures of his mom for future use. Then lifting up the paddle
he brought it down sharply on his mothers exposed ass. He started out slowly,
but warmed up quickly, slapping her ass, one after another, while Sharon moaned and
writhed. Her ass was twisting and rising to meet each stroke of the paddle. He
could smell her juices and the inside of her thighs were soaked. Tits was totally
turned on being used by some stranger. He took a few more pictures of Sharons bright
red ass and then kneeling in front of Tits he grabbed her hair and shoved her face
down over his thick cock. Sharon sucked him like a cock hungry slut and before long
he knew he was going to blow his load. Wanting a taste of the sweet ass he had
fantasized about for so long, he walked around behind her, pulled the thong down
off her ass and with one hard stroke drove his cock deep inside of her. She
started to cum, moaning and crying out with every stroke, and her cries only got
louder when he grabbed her sore ass cheeks and roughly used them to slam Tits
back on his stiff cock. With one more slap on each cheek that brought a gasp
from her he buried his cock deep in her pussy and blew his load. He kept his
cock buried there until her pussy milked his cock dry. Then he pulled out, put
his pants back on, slapped her ass once more and said in a gravelly voice.
“Thanks Slut” and snuck out the back door

93% (59/5)
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3 years ago
Quite the story Tits, I think I'll stick to prose,
could never compete with you! What a luvly fantasy you are!
3 years ago
more plz
3 years ago
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
oh mommy
3 years ago
I can't wait to read what cums next
3 years ago
very hot it made my cock hard
3 years ago
Instant hard on! Great job TITS! NOW WHERE IS PART 2? ;)
3 years ago
very hot story.
3 years ago
oh mommy!
3 years ago
ok now you need more to please us
3 years ago
.......and????? more please