Moms mistake Part 3

Mom's Mistake

Chapter 3

As I mentioned before, Mom's very first customers were a gang of nerds
from school. They ranged in age from f******n to sixteen and had one thing in
common, none of them had ever been laid. They were a motley crew to put it
mildly. Some of them were into Dungeons and Dragons in a big way, in fact they
seemed almost out of this world most of the time. One had a porn collection
that was awesome when you realized this monkey spanker was only fifteen and on a
tight budget. He also was one of those computer freaks and did most of his
collecting off the Internet. He knew how to get into pay sites, private sites
and those real special sites that shared stuff, most of it highly i*****l. He
was even hooked into a Japanese porn site that showed women having things done
to them that were almost indescribable. He planned on trying some of these
stunts out on Sharon once she was properly broken in. The ringleader, Elf, that
wasn't his real name of course, was one mean sixteen year old with a very vivid

In exchange for mom's services about once a month, usually for part of
the weekend, they guaranteed that neither Honey nor I would ever have to worry
about another midterm or final exam, term paper or other major take-home
assignment as long as we were in high school. This was probably the best deal we
had , since it freed us to do our thing regardless of whatever those asshole
teachers dreamed up to bring us down and get in the way of progress.

Although at this point there were no formal requirements or checks and
balances such as surprise visits to where they were doing mom, or security
deposits to assure her safety, these guys did one hell of a job of documenting
what went down when they had Tits all to themselves for nearly a day and a half.
They video-taped lots of the action and even provided audio tapes of mom
getting fucked bowlegged and pleading for more pain and more cock. Just
listening to those tapes and imagining what was going on was a huge turn-on for
Honey and I. We'd tell each other what kind of pictures formed in our heads when
we heard those tapes. It was funny how sometimes we totally agreed, and other
times when we couldn't believe how different our mind pictures were.

They showed up promptly at seven in the evening on Friday night, as
scheduled. We'd kept mom tied up and had deprived her of any kind of sex that
day, so she was a hunk of burning love, to paraphrase an old Elvis tune. These
guys were organized. They put Tits in handcuffs and leg irons, gagged her with an
O-ring gag that one of them had made in the school workshop, and stuffed her
naked body into an oversized duffel bag. One of them acted as a look-out while
the other three transported mom's body from the house to the trunk of their
waiting car in about twenty seconds. They may have been nerds, but these k**s
sure knew what they were doing. I felt confident that my mom was in good hands.
Had I realized some of the things they were going to do to her, I wouldn't have
had such a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Mom doesn't remember a lot of the details of what happened to her during
the nearly thirty hours they did their level best to turn her inside out. She
remembers riding in the trunk and getting tossed around as the car carried her
and the nerds to the place they had set up for her introduction to their world
that featured all the cock that a nymphomaniac like Tits could ever need and
enough pain to satisfy all but the most dedicated masochist. Unfortunately for
Sharon the nerds were heavy into tits and the poor bitch had a great set that bore
plenty of evidence that they could absorb almost anything a person could dream
up to do to them. By the time they got done with mom's tits she had discovered a
whole new world of hurt that she never dreamed of. These nerds were truly a
fucked-up bunch of young perverts.

Once they got mom inside their place, they wasted no time breaking her
in. All told there were eight teens involved, and everyone of them could come
all night. Now mom must have figured that these virgins would come in seconds
and after a round, none of them would be in any condition to want another crack
at her. She badly underestimated the sneakiness of this pack of nerds. For
openers, the group, four in all, waiting for her at the house had spent their
time watching the porn collector's top ten jerk-off specials. So by the time she
arrived they had shot off enough times to guarantee that they'd last more than
just a minute or so once they sank their dicks into mom's cunt. In addition they
planned to make sure that mom was kept gainfully employed sucking those who had
already blasted off inside her back to readiness for another round. Young
teenagers like this bunch had incredible recuperative powers, so there would be
no way that a fresh cock would not be available, no matter what time it was or
no matter how many rounds had already gone by.

What truly blew mom's mind was when Elf announced the "Sharon with Tits out" menu that had been
prepared for her gangbang. They would start off fucking her cunt, then she'd be
face-fucked and f***ed to swallow every drop. During the next round they would
concentrate on her asshole, another virgin territory for them to explore. Next
up would be the ever popular deep throating experience which would provide mom
with plenty of protein to help her keep going throughout the evening and into
the next day. Like Cinderella she had to be back at her house by midnight of the
following day since I had arranged for another group to pick her up at that time
and take her over to their place for another gangbang. Needless to say that
other gangbang had to be postponed; but that's another story for another time.

Then in subsequent rounds they would move into the more unconventional
types of sex, based on the porn addict's collection of high quality smut. This
included such exotic couplings as double penetration; one in her ass and one in
her cunt, triple penetration which added another cock to the mix that would plug
her mouth, then double vaginal and double anal, which need no explanation, but
required a set of blueprints in order to perform properly. There would also be
the ever-popular ass to mouth move and Elf's favorite, tit fucking. This latter
exercise was to be the downfall of mom.

Sharon the stupid cunt as they called her, was placed on a mattress located in the livingroom and the fun began
once they removed her leg irons and the O-ring gag. The gang of nerds proceeded
to try to ream, wrack, wreck, warp and ruin Sharon's insides. What these rascals
lacked in size and finesse they more than made up for with their boundless
enthusiasm and perpetual hardons. Mom's cunt was soon saturated with boy cum and
for hour after hour her cunt oozed and leaked the white stuff as these sex
crazed teens continued to dump load after load into her cunt, mouth and asshole.
She swallowed so much cum that her belly got round. Mom lost her voice sometime
in the early morning as the relentless battering her throat was taking finally
made her vocal cords give way for the rest of the session. For that particular
exercise they used a special dental fixture that one of the nerds had liberated
from his dad's office. It propped her mouth wide open and kept her from biting
as their cocks punched away at her throat.

At around dawn the nerds finally had their fill of what was left of Sharon.
During that long night and morning Mom sort of drifted in and out of
consciousness as they hammered away on and in her body. Twice during the night
and morning they had f***ed some pills down her throat that kept her wide awake
and made her sort of jumpy as well. Tits said that when it came to sheer numbers,
this was the biggest gangbang she had ever experienced. Fortunately the nerds
were still a few years away from maxing out in cock size and their practical
knowledge of the female anatomy was so sketchy that she was able to almost fall
asl**p during portions of this ordeal. This is not to say that mom wasn't good
and sore by the time the last nerd pumped the last few million blind swimmers
deep inside her cunt or was it her asshole? At that point she couldn't remember.

Another bad thing that happened to her during the night was many of the
nerds had nothing to do for relatively long periods of time, say twenty minutes
or so. They started to use this time to explore mom's body in a little more
detail. Her big tits got plenty of attention, the nipples were pulled, yanked,
stretched, licked, sucked and pinched. Her tits were bitten and covered with
slobber from the relentless mouths that took turns roving over those fat globes.
Worse yet some of the more inquisitive ones began to probe her well-fucked cunt.
She took lots of middle fingers up her twat as they took turns searching for her
G-spot; they never did find it. Then one of the more adventurous nerds decided
to see how many fingers he could get into mom's cunt. This naturally led to a
contest and it esculated to the point that one of the younger nerds actually got
his entire hand inside her cunt. Lucky for mom there was a shift change and he
and his buddy got a chance to try out their version of double anal on her.

Once the sun came up, the nerds marched Tits to the bathroom for her
first break of the session. So far none of them had used any form of protection,
and that policy would continue in f***e for the rest of her stay. Mom wasn't
concerned about getting knocked up since her tubes had been tied off a couple of
years ago after her second husband had dumped her. However just to make sure,
the nerds decided to try out some home remedies that one of them had collected
from the Internet. It was no big deal until they gave her one called the
Mexican whorehouse super douche.

This little bottle of concentrated hell contained such items as
liquified jalapeno peppers, a couple of teaspoonfuls of drain cleaner, a few
drops of ammonia, and some other mysterious chemicals all mixed into about a
quart of used motor oil that had been drained from the crankcase of a car engine
driven for nearly ten thousand miles before the oil was changed. The originator
of this recipe claimed that the motor oil was a critical ingredient and must
have been used for at least five thousand miles to be effective. All Tits knew
was that she felt as if somebody had just set fire to her pussy, and acted
accordingly, screaming at the top of her lungs and doing everything except froth
at the mouth as the mixture ate away the mucus membrane lining her cunt. There
is no telling what might have happened had not one of them shoved a hose into
her twat and diluted this fiendish mixture before flushing it from her body.

Mom had a bit of a hard time taking a piss, even though she hadn't peed
in nearly twelve hours. The reason for this was twofold: one, the douche had
managed to work its way up her piss hole and that short, narrow tube was mighty
sensitive, and two, the fact that the nerds crowded around, poked at her cunt
and made all sorts of obscene remarks as she strained to release the contents
of her very full bladder. Once she was successful it seemed to inspire some of
the more freaky nerds to join her. Soon she was being drenched in the piss
issuing from about half the teens watching her pee. This in turn led to a cold
shower and a brisk rubdown that made her feel as if they were trying to scrub
ther skin right off her body. Then it was downstairs to the cellar for some more
very serious business. For the rest of the day and well into the evening her
tits were tortured mercilessly as she screamed and begged them to stop, not
really being very sincere in her pleading for death to avoid the terrible pain
they were delivering to those big knockers.

(To be continued)
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