Sharon our Mom gets trained 5

"You know what would be a great idea, we should invite the whole f****y to your
next birthday. It's a long time since we had a real f****y party, would be great
to see them again, don't you think" Phil asked.

"Mmm" Sharon answered, her mouth full of Phil's cock.

They were in their bedroom, they were watching a porn movie together and after
having played with each other for a while, Phil ordered Tits to suck him off.
She was naked, her big breasts pressing against Phil's stomach as she sucked his
cock. She was also watching the movie where a blonde lady was on her knees,
looking up at a circle of eight huge black cocks pointing at her face. Soon the
guys started to cum and moved closer, the thick jets of cum landed on her
upturned face.

"Hey, look at that, she getting so much cum, man that's so hot. Would you like
to be in her place?"

"Oh yes Sir, that would be good to feel all the cocks spurting on my face, uhm I'm
so horny, are you ready to cum?

On the screen the blonde had turned her face to the camera and her tongue was
playing with the white sea of cum in her mouth while she was looking at the big
cocks that were hanging half erect around her face.

That did it, Phil started to breathe faster and panted: " Oh yes, open your
mouth Slut"

Tits stroked his hard cock faster and soon the cum splashed her face and shot
into her mouth, it felt so good on her face, With the other hand she stroked her
pussy and soon she came in a huge orgasm that shook her body.

After they had both cum, they lay embracing and talked about the party Phil had

"Are you sure that it will be ok to invite them all, I mean some of them might
know what is going on in our house, but not all know and they might find out."

"Well, the way I have planned the party they will all know for sure. After all
it is your birthday, so you should be the center of attention in more ways than
being the hostess."

"What do you mean "in more ways than being the hostess" she asked?"

"The usual role of the hostess I'm sure you know, but for this party I would
like to expand that role to be more intimate", Phil replied," but just let me
handle the planning, I'll tell you what I mean later".

Next morning Phil told the rest of the f****y about the plans for a birthday
party for the mom, they all thought it was a great idea.

Both Peter and Rob was exited to get to see all their relatives, both their
cousins of which there were quite a few good-looking in between, but also some
of their aunts whom they had been secretly admiring for years and who even now
were very sexy.

Karen protested mildly:" Aren't there any well hung males in the f****y", she

"Oh yes" Sharon said, " there are actually quite a number of good hunks in the
f****y, don't you worry, you'll be in good company."

For the next few weeks they found time between their sexual escapades to
organize the party and soon it was the night before the party. Phil had called
them all into the kitchen and they sat around the table discussing tomorrow's

"Ok, I think we're all set for tomorrow, we just need to decide one last thing.
What is your mother going to wear for the party?" Phil asked.

Sharon was sitting in her usual outfit, almost naked apart from black stocking
and a garter belt.

"Well, I have this new white dress that I bought last year, I think that would
be ok to wear", she said.

"I was actually thinking of a bit more revealing dress, since you are going to
participate quite a lot in the entertainment as well", Phil said.

"What do you mean", the boys asked.

"Your mother is going to be a real f****y slut tomorrow, not just serving us,
but all guest that needs entertaining. This is the part I have not told you
about yet. Most of our f****y knows we're fucking each other and I know a lot of
them do as well. So for the party tomorrow, you will be serving all the guests
in whatever way they want." I sent everyone this link to your page to get them
in the right frame of mind.

"Oh boy, that sounds so hot," Peter said as he pulled out his cock and started
stroking it.

"Can they do whatever they want?"

Karen grabbed Rob's cock and started jerking him off while she fingered herself.
"If they want to have their cock sucked, they just tell her?"

"Yes, you will do whatever the guests want and wherever they like. So you will
most likely find yourself on your knees or on your back most of the party, but I
think that you will like it, you'll get lots of cock and get to taste some
pussy, not to mention all the cum."

Sharon looked at Phil with big eyes.

"Do you really mean that? Don't you think some of the guests will be offended if
we start to have sex during the party?"

"No, not at all, in fact I mentioned it in the invitation and all have come back
and said they were looking forward to the party and the entertainment. Some of
them like your b*****rs Jim and Fred even asked what they were allowed to do to
you, I told them whatever they wanted to do was ok'"

Both boys and Karen were jerking off now, their minds racing thinking about the
possibilities of having mind-blowing sex the next day.

"But I have bought some outfits you can try, we can then vote for the most

Phil fetched a bag with the dresses he had bought and soon Sharon found herself
posing for the f****y in very revealing outfits. She could feel herself getting
aroused, both because she actually liked parading like a model for her f****y,
but also the thought of having sex with her relatives at the party tomorrow.

"So what do you think" she asked" I like the black most, but is it too much?"

She was wearing a black body stocking that left her tits hanging exposed and
only just covered parts of her ass, showing off her beautiful legs.

"I think it looks so sexy" Peter said, " If you come over here I'll show you
what I mean".

She knelt down on the floor in front of him and he stroked his cock faster at
the sight of his mother dressed like a true slut. Soon he started to moan and he
pointed his cock at his mothers face.

"Oh my god, I can't wait to the party, here's a little taste of whats to come" he
gasped and soon his thick cum was spurting from his cock and hit Sharon's face,
where it dripped from her nose and her chin. Soon Rob was ready as well and
Karen dragged him by his cock in front of Tits and jerked him off until he
came. She pointed the spurting cock at her and let the cum cover her face,
Sharon opened her mouth to catch it and Karen directed the last few spurts into
her mouth.

"Mmmm, that was good" Sharon moaned.

Karen knelt down in front of her and started licking the cum off her face, it
tasted so good and soon they were kissing, swapping the cum back and forth.

"Seems that you both are ready for tomorrow, it'll be a great party" Phil said.

The next day they were all exited and couldn't keep the hands off each other
while they were waiting for the guests to arrive. Finally the first ones were
there and they were greeted in the hall by the whole f****y. Sharon wore her
black dress and Phil's b*****r Manfred and wife admired her sexy body, the b*****r
fondling her tits as he said hello Sharon. Soon others started to arrive and Sharon
was kissing and being groped by the guests, grabbing her ass and fondling her tits,
she was soon very wet and horny.

When they had all arrived, Tits was making the rounds and getting everyone

"Hi everybody" Phil called, "Thank you all for coming to our little party for Sharon. We're
so glad to see you and especially Tits here has been looking forward to this,
he said as he grabbed Sharon by her right Breast and dragged her up to her feet. In a
little while the dinner will be ready, so please find your seats. Remember that if
you need something, Tits is available for your every need"

The table was set as one long table, made out of several glass-top tables put
together. Soon all were seated, there were 24 people in all and some were
noticing that there was no seat for Sharon. She stood at the end of the table
and looked at her guests with lust in her eyes.

"Now that you're all seated, I hope you enjoy your dinner. As Phil mentioned in
the invitation, I'll be the entertainment for tonight and I'll do my very best
to fulfill all you requests. As you might know we have a very liberal attitude
towards sex, so everything is allowed. I hope that you all have some dirty
wishes, I'm really horny tonight." if you looked at my web site ,you know
I go by Sharon with Tits out, but please call me Tits as youve heard Phil call me

After the starters were served, Phil's b*****r called for Sharon.

"Tits, I've being dreaming about this party so long, I really need to get off"

She kissed him and without a word she crawled under the table and undid his
pants. She reached inside and took out his half-hard cock and started to lick
it. Soon he was sucking hard on his cock and the salvia was dripping from her

"Now that's entertainment" Sharon's s****r Susan said.

All could see Sharon sucking off Phil's b*****r Manfred, some were a little shocked, but
most were enjoying the sight. Sharon's s****r Susan was rubbing her husband Tom's hard
cock through his pants, his eyes were fixed on Sharon's mouth gliding up and
down the hard cock. Soon Phil's b*****r started to squirm in the seat and Tits
sucked harder.

"Do you think she will swallow his cum" Sharon's s****r in law asked.

"Oh yes, she absolutely loves cum. Normally she'll suck all of us off at least
once a day and she always swallows if we don't cum on her face" Peter said.

"Well, shes in for a treat, I have tried for a week to make him cum, but he has
saved it all for today" Phil's s****r-in-law said while she was rubbing her

Manfred started panting hard, Sharon took his cock deep into her mouth
and he with a groan he started to cum in her mouth. All could see that Sharon's
mouth quickly filled with cum, her cheeks bellowed and cum started to escape from
the sides of her mouth, running down the cock still filling her mouth. She
swallowed hard and after a few more jerks, she opened her mouth and let the cock
pop out and started to lick the cum off of it. She had a dreamy look in her eyes as
she held the glistening cock in her hand, licking it and slurping the juices of
it. They could all see the cum in her mouth and on her tongue.

When she was done, all clapped and she looked up through the glass table and grinned at
the guests.

"Oh wow, thanks for the present Manfred, that was some load, so much and so tasty. I
hope that there are more presents like this" she said with a smile.

A little further down the table Karen was chatting with Peter's cousin, she
nodded several times and then called for Sharon. She came up to Karen and stood
beside her, then bent over and kissed her.

"Umh, I see what you mean, that cum tastes so good. Listen, Andre here is too
shy to ask, but he got so horny seeing you suck cock, would you do that to him
as well?"

"I would love to, I hope that he's got a lot of cum for me"

Sharon knelt in front of him, Karen had already taken Andre's cock out. The tip
was wet with his pre-cum and Sharon licked it off, using the tip of her tongue
to play with it while Andres wife Rhonda watched. She took the cock in her hand
and started to jerk him off. Some
of the guests were openly rubbing their pussies, some had their cocks jerked off
by the women but all were watching Sharon. But the poor guy was so excited that
before Sharon could take it in her mouth, he came in big spurts all over her
face. The first strands covered her nose and chin, she quickly opened her mouth
and caught the rest in her mouth. The spurts subsided and she took the cock in
her mouth and licked it clean.Thanks Auntie ..Ive always wanted to do that

When she got up, she said" your so welcome Andre" stood for a moment and looked
at the guests,Andres cum still dripping from her face unto her big tits.
Thanks Andre.They all applauded again and she licked her lips.

"Anyone else need a blow job" Tits asked

Almost everyone raised their hands, she smiled and crawled back under the table.
When she looked down the row of people on both sides of her, she could see hard
cocks and fingers busy between legs. She started to lick her s****r in law Frans pussy, it
tasted so good and soon the juices were flowing. Then Frans son son Jordan piped up and
said, "Aunt Sharon, when your done with my mom Im gonna to make you gag on my big cock Tits".
With that Fran creamed Sharons face and Jordan grabbed Sharons hair and violently
dragged Sharons cum covered face over to his now huge teenaged cock.

"Open your mouth Aunt Sharon and first drink this pitcher of milk Slut". Tits
drank about a liter of milk and With that Tits felt a 8-9 inch
cock enter her mouth, then the back of her mouth, and then her throat all in one motion.
Sharon felt the still cold milk coming back up her throat and spewed it out beside
Jordans monster cock which was still pumping her throat

The room cheered at Jordans success. Jordan pushed Sharons head against the wall so
she had no way to pull back,and then rammed his cock down Sharons throat all
the way until it disappeared.Then he pinched her nose shut. "Now Auntie, shove my balls
into ur mouth too and show everyone how big a slut you are..DO IT FUCK FACE..NOW
Tits struggled to open her mouth wider and used her hands to shove Jordans balls into her
mouth along with his massive cock. Seconds later the room cheered again as Jordan emptied
his balls down Sharons throat as Sharon flailed about suffocating. He finally withdrew
his now emptied cock and balls

MMMMMMMMMMMMMM that was so good Jordan, thank you and kissed him intensely
She could see the hard cocks next to her being jerked off, this was heaven.

Sharon got up and told
the guests that she now needed to be fucked. She went to the living room where a
bed has been prepared, laid on her back and spread her legs, rubbing her
dripping pussy.

"Who wants to be first, I need a hard cock" she said smiling

One of Sharon's b*****rs Bob quickly jumped on the bed and stuck his hard cock into
her wet pussy, fucking her hard while she gasped. She quickly reached an orgasm
but he continued to fuck her hard. Around them some were watching, fingers in
pussy or on a hard cock, others were fucking. Karen handled three cocks at once,
Rob was in her pussy and another fucking her ass while a third was being sucked

"Oh, fuck me Bob, fuck me hard" Sharon screamed, nearing another good cum.
Sharon's b*****r couldn't hold back anymore and with a groan he started to unload
his cum in her pussy, Sharon moaned as she felt the hot cum filling her up and
soon she came , adding her own juices to his cum.

He slowly withdrew and left her pussy wide open, dripping with cum and
cuntjuice."Happy birthday s*s"he said to a round of applause. Sharon was still
panting hard, her eyes filled with lust as she felt
the wetness of her cunt with her hand. One of her nephews Michael entered the bed,
stroking his hard cock, Sharon spread her cuntlips and he entered her wet pussy,
not minding the fact that it was filled with cum, he could feel it oozing out of
her pussy as he thrust his cock up her pussy.

"Oh my god, I'm so wet, make me cum again Michael"

Sharon's s****r Susan was approaching the bed, dragging her youngest son Billy with her,
he was still fully clothed, but his eyes were filled with excitement of watching so
many of his f****y members fucking and sucking Aunt Sharon, you could see the outline of his
cock at the front of his pants.

"Sharon, Billy here would also like to give you a present but since you're
occupied I'll unwrap it for you" she said smiling.

She placed her son at the end of the bed and started to undo his pants, Sharon
looked mesmerized as she pulled out the largest cock she had seen for a long

"Well thank you Billy, just what I wanted. Come here, let me suck on it."

Billy knelt on the bed beside her head and she took the almost hard cock in her
hand, lifting it slowly over face, marveling at its size. It was at least 10
inches long and very thick, slowly getting harder and throbbing in her hand.

"Mmm s*s, he has such a wonderful cock, do you get to enjoy it as well?"

"Oh yes, Billy regular fucks me, I love to feel his thickness in my pussy.
Especially in the morning before he goes to work, but a nice evening fuck after
Tom has had his turn is also good. He is still young and he has so much cum, try
to feel his balls" Sharon's s****r said.

Sharon felt her nephew's balls, they were big and hard and she was looking
forward to a big load.

"Come closer, let me see if it fits in my mouth. I want all your cum in my
mouth, would you like that?" she teased the young man.

"Oh yes, just like my mother likes, she also loves when I empty myself in her
mouth. But watch out, I cum a lot"

Sharon opened her mouth and sucked at the head, opened up as much as she could
and started to let the hard cock slide into her mouth. She used her hand to jerk him off while
she was sucking him.

Karen had another orgasm, she was still being serviced by the three guys, but
they were fucking her faster now, getting closer to cum. Karen was so horny,
having two cocks in her holes and one to suck on was the best she ever had
tried. She could also see Sharon getting fucked and at the same time sucking on
a huge cock, she looked as she was in heaven as well.

Around the room most of the guests were sucking and fucking, Phil was pounding
his hard cock into Moni his niece's wet pussy, her big tits bouncing with his thrust.
Peter was licking the wet cunt of his aunt Susan, he had secretly admired her mature
body for years, getting a hardon when looking at her shapely legs, sexy feet and
her big tits. Now she was naked in all her glory and laying on her back, Peter's
head buried between her legs where he was licking her wet pussy and sometimes
letting the tongue slip further down and probing her delicious ass. She had cum
several times and was now begging for him to fuck her. He got up and kissed her,
she could taste her own juices on his lips.

"Peter, let me feel your hard cock in me, don't let me wait any longer. I have
waited to be fucked by you for years, I could see you always horny when I

Peter was happy to obey, he started to fuck Susans wet pussy, his big cock pounding
away in the slippery wetness. After a while, he let it slide out and pressed it
against her puckered hole, looked up at her when he saw she was smiling and
nodding, he started to let it slide slowly into her ass, enjoying the feeling of
the tightness of her ass.

"Oh yes, fuck me in the ass, let me feel your big cock in there" she panted

At the same time Sharon was sucking and jerking Billy's big cock, massaging the
shaft while she was sucking, soon she felt it begin to throb and she let it out
of her mouth, playing with it and looking up at Billy with a dirty grin.

"Are you ready to cum? I can feel you getting there" she smiled

"Oh yeah, I want to cum in your mouth so bad" he said, at the same time playing
with her big tits.

Her other nephew Markus heard Sharon begging for it, he soon started to cum in her
pussy. Billy was breathing harder now, looking at his horny Aunt jerking his cock,
her pussy overflowing with cum and her mouth open, ready to accept his sperm.

"Oh god, I'm almost there, oh yes" he groaned

Most of the guests were watching the action on the bed, Sharon lying there with
cum oozing out from her used pussy, her hand slowly playing with Billy's cock. She
was teasing him, drawing out the orgasm, but at last she gripped the cock harder
and jerked faster.

"Arrgh, I'm cumming" he panted. "Dam right you are nephew and right in my face too.

The guests and Sharon watched in fascination as the huge cock twisted and
released huge spurts of cum, the first hit Tits straight in the eyes, then she
quickly directed the rest towards the rest of her face. The cum kept spraying from the cock
and her face was soon covered. At last he was done and he fell on
the bed, completely exhausted.

Sharon was still on her back, mouth open with dreamy eyes, the tongue playing
with the cum Billy had unloaded on her Lips. Her s****r knelt on the bed next to

"Uhh, that looks so hot. I told you he would cum a lot, but I think he might
have skipped a session or two. Let me taste it"

She bent down and let her tongue slip into Sharon's mouth, dipping it in the cum
and licking Sharon's lips. They started to kiss harder, sharing the cum, the
others could see it dripping from the corners of their mouths.

"Oh my god, that is so hot" Rob groaned

He started to fill Karen's pussy with cum and soon the other two also unloaded
in her ass and on her face. Karen screamed as she came, the sensation of being
filled in both end at the same time pushed her over the edge.

On the bed Sharon's s****r had moved to the end of the bed and was now licking
her wet pussy, enjoying the mixed juices from Sharon and the men that fucked
her. Karen got up and went to the bed, cum dripping from her face.

"Well. It looks like you have gotten what you wanted, are you up for more"

"Yes, that was a very good and tasty load, but I still want more" Sharon said,
enjoying her s****rs tongue between her legs.

Karen squatted over her face, looked down at Sharon's glistening face and spread
her pussy, letting the cum drip down in her mouth. She lowered her pussy all the
way down and Sharon's started licking her pussy. Karen rubbed her pussy on
Sharon's face, moving a little to let her lick her ass as well, pressing so the
cum leaked from her ass for Sharon to lick up.

The horny scene on the bed caused a lot of the guest to cum as well and when
Karen was done, more of the ladies used Sharon to clean their pussies and the
men had their cocks cleaned.

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