Sharon our Mom gets trained 4

After Karen joined the f****y, Sharon's sexual services were even more in demand
than before. She really liked the young woman and Karen was only happy to use
her every way she could think of.

Sharon always had a submissive streak in her personality, but it was never
explored in full before now. She was satisfied when someone took the decisions
in her life, also of course in her sex life. When they were younger, Phil often
dared her to try new things, things that she secretly dreamed of, but never told
anyone about. He introduced her to oral and anal sex, they experimented with sex
in public places and she learned to love the taste of cum.

Now with all the male members of her f****y using her at every opportunity, she
was only delighted at the addition of a new member and Karen had her own ways of
treating her.

Sharon stayed at their house most of time, so when her f****y came home, she was
ready to serve them. Karen worked at a restaurant and had varied working hours,
so she was often home during daytime.

"Tits" Karen called out, "where are you?"

She had just entered the front door and was looking for her mother-in-law.

"Karen, what a nice surprise" Sharon answered, coming down from the first floor,
"I was just getting ready for the boys."

She was dressed, as she knew the boys liked it, in high heels and black fishnet
stockings, suspenders and nothing else. Her big tits swayed as she approached
Karen, embracing her as they met, her tits pressed against the young girl.

Karen fondled her breasts and admired her body, she stilled looked very sexy for
a mid-aged woman, her ass still firm and her legs in fantastic shape.

She let her hands explore further down and soon she was caressing the moist
pussy, spreading the pussy lips and probing the pussy with a finger. Sharon was
already very wet, anticipating an afternoon filled with sex when the boys came

"You have a very tight pussy, Sharon, but I think it would look better naked. Do
you want me to shave you?" she asked.

"Oh yes, that would be nice. I normally only trim it, but being totally naked
would be even better."

"Come on then, let's go upstairs" Karen said.

Sharon followed the young woman up the stairs, admiring her tanned legs and firm
ass. It was summertime and she could see, Karen was wearing a G-string
underneath her white shorts.

She started fantasizing of undressing the young woman and serving her in every
way the she could think of. The thought made her shiver with lust.

When they entered the bathroom, Sharon sat on the edge of the bathtub and was
ordered to spread her legs. Karen knelt between her legs and looked at the
beautiful sight of Sharon's well-used pussy. First she used an electric shaver
and when Sharon's pubic hair was as short as she could manage, she applied the
shaving foam and started to use the razor blade. Sharon really enjoyed the
feeling of her daughter-in-law using the shaver at her pussy and she could feel
herself get wet.

A little while later Karen was all done and she spread Sharon's pussy-lips,
looking at the juices flowing from her pussy all the way down to her ass.

"Wow, it really looks good when you're all naked. Seems it turns you on as well,
you are all wet."

"Yes, it's the way you make me feel when you use the razor. My pussy gets so

Karen moved closer and started to lick the moist pussy in front of her,
spreading the lips and licking at her clit.

"Oh my god, please don't stop, it feels so good," Sharon moaned.

Karen licked the mature woman's pussy and soon Sharon came, bucking her hips up
and down, covering the young woman's face with juices.

After she settled down, she knelt in front of Karen and kissed her face, tasting
her own cunt-juices. She asked if she could return the favor.

Karen quickly dropped her clothes and straddled Sharon's face. She looked down
at Sharon's excited face, spread her pussy lips and watched a small string of
moisture dripping from her pussy. Quickly she moved her pussy over Sharon's
mouth, letting it drip on her tongue.

Sharon moved her tongue in circles, catching the flow of juices. Karen lowered
her pussy and started to move it back and forth over her mouth.

"Oh yes, lick my cunt, I'm going to cum all over your face Slut, keep licking" Karen

"Mmm, you taste so good," Sharon said between licks" I never get tired of
serving you."

"Well if you do a good job, maybe I'll let you lick my ass too," Karen answered.

"Yes, lick my beautiful ass."

Karen lifted her pussy, juices dripping all over her Sharon's face, and leaned
forward, spreading her ass.

"Come on, lick my ass, I really love to feel your tongue back there."

Sharon started to move her tongue up and down the crack of Karen's ass, letting
her tongue probe her hole.

"Oh yeah, stick your tongue in there," Karen gasped.

Sharon intensified her effort, pushing the tip of her tongue in the young
woman's ass, moving her head back and forth and fucking her with it.

Soon Karen's ass was moving up and down, she pushed it into the older woman's
face while she grabbed her hair.

"Holy shit," a voice said, "look at that. I didn't know she would do that."

Karen looked up and saw Rob standing in the door, stoking his cock. Just behind
him were Peter and one of his friends. Peter's friend just looked openmouthed at
the sight of Rob's girlfriend getting a rim job from their mother.

"Hey honey, come on over here, let me suck on that," Karen urged Rob.

He quickly went over to the two women and stuck his cock in Karen's mouth. She
eagerly started sucking on the erect cock, while Sharon was still eating her

Peter explained to his friend Chris that their mother, the famous Sharon with Tits out,
was their slut and they could use her any way they wanted. Chris was obviously very exited at that idea
and wanted to know if she would serve him as well.

"Well, drop your pants and come with me," Peter said and got rid of his own

They boys went over to the threesome and Peter asked Karen, if she was all done
with Sharon. Karen took Peter's cock of out her mouth:

"Yeah, go ahead, she can always finish me off later. Now I need to be fucked."

Sharon reluctantly let go of Karen's ass and faced the two boys. She licked her
lips at the sight of two erect cocks and started to fondle her tits.

"You both horny?" she teased them," well come on then, let me suck your cocks."

They both came closer and soon they were poking their cocks in her face. She
grabbed hold of both of them and started to jerk them off. Chris was not used to
this treatment, so without warning he came and plastered Sharon's face with his
cum. She was taken by surprise by his early orgasm, but quickly opened her mouth
and directed the spurts between her lips.

When he was done, his cum was dripping from her nose and she stuck her tongue
out, trying to catch it. She smiled at Chris, showing him the cum in her mouth:

"My my, you were really fast and so much cum. Well, it doesn't matter. You're a
young man and can cum again soon, am I right?" Here,look at my website for a minute
and make yourself hard for me ok. Click on the link right here

"Yes, I normally can cum two or three time a day. Will you suck my cock also?"

Without hesitation she took the still semi erect cock in her mouth, cum dripping from
the sides of her mouth while she sucked his cock.

Peter grinned at the sight:

"See, I told you, she just loves to give head."

Chris just nodded; he was looking down at Sharon, still not believing the sight
in front of him. There was his best friends mom sucking his cock, her big tits
covered with his cum, which was dripping from her face and mouth. She was still
stroking Peter's cock and now took turns sucking them both, urging them to cum
in her mouth.

"Come on guys, which one of you can cum in my mouth first. I want to taste all
your cum."

Rob was now fucking Karen from behind, his big cock thrusting in and out of her
dripping pussy. Her ass was glistening from the licking Sharon had done, looking
very inviting.

Rob withdraws from her pussy and pushed the tip of his cock at her ass.

"You want to fuck my ass?" Karen asked,"Uh, I would like that."

Rob pushed a little harder and soon he felt his cock entering her tight ass.
this was good. She was so tight, but also very wet from the licking she had
received before.

He started to fuck her harder and soon she was moaning with lust, it felt so
good to be fucked in the ass.

Sharon was still busy with the younger boys cocks, they stood side by side and
she stroked their cocks, only stopping when she sucked them. She even
had both their cocks in her mouth at the same time; it was a very hot sight to
see her fitting them in her mouth.

Soon both boys were stroking their cocks themselves, Sharon was on her knees in
front of them, waiting for them to shoot their cum all over her face.

"Chris, I'm going to cum," Peter moaned.

"Oh yeah, me too, let's give her our sperm," Chris replied.You'll have to change
ur name to "Sharon with cum on my face", Mom

Both boys were frantically jerking their cocks, trying to cum first. Peter
thought it was just so cool having one of his friends joining him in having sex
with his mom. Soon they could hold it no longer and the first spurt hit her on
her forehead and soon both boys unloaded their cum on her face. The hot cum soon
covered her cheeks and nose; she opened her mouth, trying to catch it as it
spurts seemed to never stop. Both boys kept stroking their cocks, but eventually
it ended and they used the cocks to smear it all over her face.

Rob looked at his mother getting a facial; it just looked so hot. He fucked
Karen's ass even faster and he soon felt the familiar sensations in his groin.

"Oh fuck, I'm going to cum."

"Yes, cum in my ass, let me feel your hot cum in me."

He gave one final thrust and started to erupt in Karen's ass.

"Oh my god," Karen screamed, "I can feel you cum in my ass, it's so hot."

Rob kept fucking her, filling her ass with cum. At last he was done and he let
his cock slip out of her ass.

He turned around and let his cum covered cock dangle before Sharon's eyes.

"Come on, clean my cock" he ordered.

She obediently opened her mouth and let the length of the glistening cock slide
deep in her mouth. She licked and sucked his cock until all the cum and shit was
cleaned up and he finally withdrew,
stroking it a few times to make sure it was clean.

Karen got up and with hazed eyes she looked at Sharon.

"I need to be cleaned to," she said, while she approached Sharon.

She reached her mother-in-law and turned around and grabbed Sharon by the hair.
She pushed her cum-covered face into her ass and moaned:

"Get your tongue to work. Lick my ass, lick your son's cum out of my ass."

The boys stared in awe at the sight before them. Sharon was licking excitedly at
Karen's ass, moving her face up and down the crack. When her tongue slipped over
her puckered hole, small squirts of white cum appeared, which she quickly lapped

When she was done, her face was covered with cum and her naked pussy was

Karen stood up and she was breathing hard. One hand caressed her tits and the
other probed her pussy. She lifted one of her feet and let it touch Sharon's

"You look like a real cum-slut, sperm all over you face. You want me to clean
you?" she asked, while pushing Sharon to the floor.

Sharon's eyes widened, her answer came in gasps.

"If you have in mind what I think, then no"
Karen stepped a little closer, not about to be denied by Tits the f****y whore.
She was now standing over Sharon with one leg on
each side of her big tits. She shuddered while she spread her pussy-lips.

"Get ready to taste me Slut" she moaned.

"Oh nnnnnnnooo, please Karen"

"Shut the fuck up Tits" Karen said
Karen thrust her pussy a little forward and soon the first drops of her golden
nectar fell from her, dripping on Sharon's tits.

The boys couldn't believe their eyes, was their mother actually having Karen
piss on her. Their cocks were rock hard instantly and they stroked them without
taking their eyes from the scenery in front of them.

The flow intensified and soon a steady stream of hot pee was hitting Sharon in
the face. "Open your mouth Mom" Rob said. Tits opened her mouth and tasted the hot liquid. It was salty and had a
slight rancid taste, but it was not unpleasant and she swallowed some.

"Oh yeah, drink my pee, you slut," Karen moaned, while she moved her pussy in
circles, letting it rain all over Sharon.

When she was done, she quickly squatted over Sharon's mouth. She knew what she
had to do and licked the waiting pussy clean.

Karen stood up and looked at the boys.

"Well, it sure looks as if you liked the show. If you're all ready, why don't
let me help you cum all over her?"

All three boys quickly knelt in a semicircle around Sharon's face, while Karen
was stroking their cocks. The show had been too much for them and after a little
while, they started to erupt, Karen expertly directing the spurts of cum all
over Sharon's face, which was soon covered in cum again. She swallowed most of
it and rubbed the rest all over her tits.

A little while later Karen and the boys were sitting naked in the lounge, while
Sharon was getting them something cold to drink.

"You know, Rob, I thought it was very cool to have Chris sharing our slut. Maybe
we could invite others as well. What do you think?"

"Great idea. Why not let her be the prize for the team, if your no-good
football team ever wins anything?"

Karen eyes lit up:

"Wow, that would be cool. Just imagine her with all the guys. I would love to
see that."

At that moment Sharon came into the lounge, carrying a tray with cold beers and

"What would you love to, my dear?" she asked.

"Oh, you'll see. You might even like it" she giggled.

Later that night after Karen had left for work and Sharon had sucked them all
off again, they sat in the kitchen, watching Sharon fill the dishwasher, her
face still glistering with cum from the facials she just had received.

"Dad, Rob came up with an interesting idea today. You know my team hasn't won a
game for as long as I can remember. If we brought mom along and promised the
guys they could use her afterwards, if we won, maybe that would do the trick.

"What a great idea. When is the next game?"

"It's on Saturday. Do you really mean it, that would be great."

"You just go along as usual, I'll bring mom around for the pep-talk."

When they've gone to bed that night, Phil told her about the afternoon's
conversation; she was shocked.

"Do you really want me to do all these dirty things outside the house? I'm not
sure about that," Tits said.

"Sure, you'll be fine. They can keep their mouths shut; you know they are good
boys and you would really be helping motivate the team"

"Well, I don't know. I mean, it's one thing Peter brings home a friend, but
there are at least 15 guys in the team."

"Yeah, if they all turn up, that's about right. Just think of all the hard cocks
and all the cum you can enjoy. Besides,its not a request its an order Slut"

"Uh, yes Sir.I will obey you my Husband as always you know thatand to be honest,
I'm getting all wet just thinking about that. Please fuck me now."

Phil quickly entered her and fucked her hard, all the time telling her how much
she was going to enjoy being the center of attention.

They soon came and she went to sl**p anticipating the weekend's action.

Peter came into the locker room and saw most of the players were already there.
He was the team-leader and responsible for the tactics. He normally spent 15
minutes before the warm-up, explaining how he thought they should play.

This Saturday it was a little special, they played against their archrivals,
which they had never beaten. So his surprise was perfect timing.

"Hi guys, listen. You all know whom we're playing against today. I want to win
this game as much as you, but to inspire you a bit, I've arranged for a little
reward, if we win."

He went to the door and opened it.

"Come on in, Mom, meet the guys"

Sharon entered the locker room and some of the guys quickly grabbed their towels
and covered themselves. She wore a long coat and when she was in the room, she
locked the door behind her.

"Hi there. Im Sharon, Peters Mom, but you boys can call me Tits. I just wanted to tell you,
I'd be watching the game. If you play well and win the game, I'll be back to congratulate you."

When she said that, she dropped the coat and stood almost naked in the locker
room. She wore high heels and stockings, crotch-less panties and a see-through
bra, which only emphasized her big tits.

All the boys' just stared nobody said a word. They didn't believe their eyes, a
naked woman in their locker room, a good-looking naked woman too.

Sharon grabbed her coat again and left the room. All hell broke loose after she
left. They all wanted to know what she meant by what she said and Peter
carefully explained, what it was all about.

They went out and played the game of their lives. They beat their rivals
comfortably for the first time and were all shouting and screaming, when they
came back to the locker room.

"Ok guys, well done. Now hit the showers, Tits your reward is waiting."

They all scrambled to the showers and when they came back, Sharon was again
standing in the room.

"Congratulations, you've played well. Now I want to see you all lined up."

The boys soon stood in one line and Sharon licked her lips at the sight. 15 nice
young men, all very fit, with balls bursting with hot cum, just waiting for her.
She felt a familiar sensation in her body, imagining the spurting cocks deliver
their cum all over her body. She slowly walked down the line, looking at their
cocks while she passed them. When she reached the end, she knelt and looked
back. What a sight!

There were cocks in all sizes and colors. She was looking at a row of cocks,
some fully erect, others hanging in a curve from the crotch.

She moved in front of the first three, taking a cock in each hand and sucking on
the one in front of her. She took turns sucking all three cocks and when she was
sure they were all fully erect and throbbing, she moved on to the next three.
All the young men were eagerly stroking their cocks, she could see the hands
moving up and down, while she was sucking on their friends.

When they were all ready, she was lifted up and carried to the showers, where
she was placed on a bench. The first boy lifted her legs and entered her wet
pussy in one thrust, and then started to fuck her. She took one cock in each
hand and started to stroke them while another lowered his cock to her lips. She
eagerly started to suck on it and was rewarded with a sudden gush of cum. The
boy couldn't hold back and emptied the content of his balls in Sharon's mouth.
He was soon done and withdrew his glistering member.

"Ok, who's next," Sharon called, her voice thick with cum, "I need more cock."

The next lined up and her mouth was soon again filled with cock. The guy fucking
her came and she could feel the hot cum filling her pussy. When he stepped back,
the next boy quickly took his place, thrusting his cock into her cum-filled
pussy. She could hear the squishing sound it made as he fucked her. She felt the
cocks in her hand begin to twist and she let go of the cock in her mouth.

"Come on, do it in my mouth, " she ordered the boys.

The moved up to her face and she opened her mouth, just in time to receive two
huge loads of cum.. She could see they hadn't cum for days, it was thick and
slowly dripping on her tongue. She kept in her mouth and when they were done,
she let her tongue swirl it around in her mouth, playing with the sperm before
she swallowed it.

They took turns fucking her like that for a while; her face and tits were now
glistening with their juices. One guy placed himself on the floor and she was
lifted from the bench and lowered onto the his cock. When she started to fuck
the guy, she felt another pushing the head of his cock against her ass. She
wriggled her ass and felt him slip in and soon he was fucking her hard and she
enjoyed the feeling of being fucked in both holes at the same time.

Thanks Mom really took one for the team.

Three cheers for the new team whore and Mascot Boys

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3 years ago
Fanfuckingtastic story! If "this" is #4 where are the rest of them.
3 years ago
i will marry into the family if i have to , to get fucked this way
3 years ago
very good mm
3 years ago
sharon is the best mommy ever!!! i so want to be her baby boy!!!
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
nice one and sure the boys will be winning more games