Sharon our Mom gets trained 3

"I think you should do it, Rob has shown me your Sharon with Tits out sites on
the internet and told me all about it and I saw how you fucked
your other son yesterday evening. So go ahead, I don't mind, I would like to see
a real slut doing it," Karen said.

Phil lightened up; clearly this young girl was no prude.

"Go ahead, Sharon, show her what you can do."

Sharon reluctantly started to suck Rob's cock, which was soon very hard.

"Can you taste something different, he has been fucking me all night? So that's
my juices you can taste on his cock," Karen teased.

This made Sharon suck even harder, realizing it was another woman's juices
covering his cock. Phil helped her take off most of her clothes, so they could
all enjoy her big tits. Karen was also undressing now; all eyes were drawn to
her tanned, firm body.

"Rob, I need you to fuck me now", she said.

He obediently pulled his cock out of his mother's mouth and quickly moved over
to Karen, where he started to fuck her.

Sharon found herself without cock, but not for long, as both the others soon was
at her side, stroking their cocks. She started to suck them off, while she
looked at her son fucking his girlfriend.

Both Peter and Phil were soon ready to come and when their loads landed on
Sharon's face and tits, Karen let out a scream and came in a gigantic orgasm,
while Rob erupted in her pussy.

Karen soon found her breath and looked at Sharon, her face and tits covered with

"Sharon, you look like a real slut. I have some cum for you as well, lie down on
the table," she ordered.

Sharon placed herself on the table on her back and Karen straddled the mature
woman and looked down at her with lust in her eyes.

"This is so good; I've always wanted to dominate a mature slut."

"Now, if we're going to keep this a secret, you must also do what I want,

"Yes Karen, please tell me what you want," Sharon replied, looking up at the
blonde goddess standing above her.

She squatted over Sharon's face and spread her pussy lips.

"Lick your son's cum from my pussy. And whenever I feel like it, you must lick
me until I come."

Without waiting for an answer, she lowered her pussy to Sharon's lips and made
her lick the sticky cum from it.
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3 years ago
it is good
3 years ago
sweet and juicey creampie
3 years ago
3 years ago
Love the trained series TITS!
3 years ago
I would love to join in.
3 years ago
mmmmmm yes