Sharon Humiliated

Sharon got to the gym very late that night. In fact, it was closed.
However being the "Queen of the Gym" had its advantages so she let herself in
with her key. The owner, Steve, liked her very much and enjoyed having a world
class female bodybuilder around. He thought it was good for business and most
of the men at the gym loved having a "big girl" that could keep up with them and
she often outclassed them. Sharon loved showing up the muscle studs and
undoubtedly had the strongest legs of anyone there.
Wandering to the main desk she saw a note taped on the top of the counter. It
read "Tits, I know you'll probably be in tonight. I rented the place out to a
private client. I'm sure she'll stay out of your way and won't bother you.
Steve". Just then she heard a commotion coming from what is known as the
"wrestling room"; a mostly empty space with large mats laid down, mostly used by
the martial artists, but Sharon has used this room before to out wrestle a few
bodybuilders that needed to be taught a lesson. As she got closer she heard
several nasty thuds and grunts, then a loud smack followed by a cry of agony.
She cautiously poked her head around the corner to see Sean, a massive
bodybuilder, on the floor looking winded and trying slowly to get up. He was
dressed only in shorts and shoes and looked very tired. He crouched in a
wrestling stance and staggered out of Sharon's frame of sight. A second later
she heard another mighty smack and Sean flew back, landing hard on the mat to
where she could see him. He was hurting pretty badly and holding his ribs.
Sharon noticed several bruises on his usually handsome face which she thought
was odd because he's such an expert fighter. She then heard the strangest
sound: it sounded like a little girl's giggle. Sharon, still trying to stay
hidden, moved back to the room's other door where she got an even better view.
What she saw made her jaw drop. It was Britney Spears. She was dressed in a
little tank top and very short shorts. She was up on her toes dancing, waiting
for the muscleman to get back to his feet. Britney rolled her eyes and
pretended to look at her nonexistent watch while Sean made it to his feet once
He angrily charged toward the little girl, but she side stepped him and slammed
her bare foot into his rock hard abs. He doubled over onto his hands and knees
and Britney slammed her foot several more times into his side. As she giggled
in delight doing a little victory dance, he rolled over onto his back, hurting
badly. Britney sat ontop of him in a schoolboy pin and flexed her arms. Her
solid biceps popped up and she smiled proudly.
"My God, I do believe I'm killing you," she said. Sean was too hurt to reply.
Sharon couldn't believe her eyes. Sean was a huge, rock hard man weighing about
225 and over six feet tall. Britney was tiny -- maybe 5'5" and 130 pounds.
Sure she was fit and muscular, but Sean is a killer. It looked so strange to
see this tiny girl sitting on him, taunting him. Britney then got off him and
stood up.
"OK big boy, I'll give you a chance. You can punch me in the stomach as hard as
you want. I'm sure it'll be the only way you can lay a hand on me."
Sean slowly got to his feet. He caught sight of himself in one of the wall
mirrors. His face was bruised and his nose was bleeding (and probably broken)
from one of Britney's hard punches. As he walked closer to her Britney just
smiled at him and put her hands on her hips. He grew more angry with each step.
He clenched his large fist and drove it as hard as he could into the teenager's
Sean shook his hand in pain and disbelief as Britney winked at him. Her abs
were way too hard for his ferocious punch. Before he could even react, the tiny
girl hit him with a mind-blowing kick to his face. His bobble head snapped
violently back and he went reeling to the wall. Britney continued her assault
with powerful punches to his face and a vicious knee to his once mighty abs. He
weakly tried to defend himself, but she was too quick. If he'd try to cover up
she'd lightly tap his balls with her foot, lowering his big arms and then
continue to pummel his face. The massive bodybuilder was now reduced to a
pathetic series of grunts and whimpers. After several more hard jabs Britney
took a step back and enjoyed her work as he slouched slowly to the ground,
covered in tears and bl**d. He was nearly out cold, but that didn't stop the
arrogant teen.
"Time to finish you off, pussy boy."
She grabbed him with both hands by the throat and raised him to a standing
position against the wall which was the only thing keeping him standing. She
then took several steps back. Letting out a mighty yell, she leapt in the air
spinning around and slammed her foot into Sean's penis and balls with a disgusting smack.
Britney landed on her toes gracefully. Sean's body traveled several feet,
hitting the ground hard. His face was smashed up, one of his cheekbones was
obviously broken several of his teeth were on the floor with him and his fucking
all the young bimbo days were over as his balls had been crushed. Luckily he was u*********s.

Britney let out a victory scream and went over to the overmatched male's prone
body. She placed a foot on his torso and said, "Too bad you're such a wimp
'cause we could've had some fun in bed. I really love fucking you musclemen."
Britney blew him a kiss and started to leave as she caught sight of a hiding
Sharon crouching behind the door frame.
"I hope this wasn't your boyfriend," Britney said with a giggle. Sharon rose up
and began walking into the room.
"What the Hell is going on here? What did you do to Sean?"
"Oh, we just had a little fun. I made him a bet. We fight - no rules, anything
goes. If he can beat me, he can fuck me. He jumped at the chance. I guess he
came up a little short."
"Listen girl, " Sharon threatened, "I think you'd better get out of here before
your luck runs out. Go on, run along."
Sharon then made her way to Sean's body to make sure he was OK. She thought he
was pretty badly injured, but at least he was still breathing. Tits still
couldn't believe that Britney had done this to him.
While she was attending to Sean, the teen sized up Sharon, eyeing her over.
Sharon was about 5'6", maybe 175 pounds of pure muscle. She was wearing a black
one piece suit with socks and gym shoes. Her legs were enormous with thighs of
steel and huge, rocky calves. Her biceps were as good as Britney had ever seen
and Sharon's six-pack was showing through her outfit. Britney licked her lips.
"I told you to run along," Tits said. "I think you've done enough damage
"I'll make you the same bet."
"What!?" Sharon replied.
"Let's fight. If you can beat me, I'm yours."
Sharon was stunned. She couldn't believe a teenager was talking to her like
"I don't want anything to do with you, you little slut. Now just go away."

"Hey, I recognize you. Your Sharon with Tits out from the internet. I wanted
to see my friend Sharon Stones Tits and I googled Sharons Tits and there you were.
Your quite the famous slut
You want people to call you Tits."Well OK Tits", Britney said. "A million dollars.
Let's wrestle. Submissions only. If you beat me I'll give you a million dollars.
That's more than you'll ever see
in your lifetime and it's nothing to me. If I're mine."
Sharon wasn't sure what to do. She had wrestled many times before, in fact
she'd never lost. She'd beaten men, women and even knocked a few victims out
with her headscissors. However she was never a gambler and her gut told her to
walk away.
"I don't really--"
"Two million then you cunt. You know I'm good for it."
Sharon thought it over a second. She was in the best shape of her life and knew
she could knock off this little brat in a few minutes and maybe even teach her a
lesson in the process.
"OK," Sharon said. "Only submissions and knockouts count. No punches, no
"And we keep going until one girl can't continue," Britney added
"Let's go.'' said Sharon.
Britney excitedly leapt in the air squealing with delight and the two went to
the center of the large mat. Sharon was a little unnerved by the teenager's
confidence, but knew she'd quickly put the little tramp in her place and get
some revenge for Sean. Britney removed her tank top and short shorts and was
now only dressed in a lacy white bra and tiny matching panties. The bra pushed
up Britney's large breasts making them appear even bigger and her panties did
little to contain her tight, hard ass. Up close Sharon was a little stunned by
Britney's overall hardness. Looking her over she noticed Britney's muscular
thighs and nicely developed calves. She also couldn't help but notice her rock
hard abs.
The two circled each other cautiously and Britney was all smiles.
"I'm gonna have some fun with you break some bones and mop the floor with your
Tits , Tits," the cute teen taunted. "You're gonna be my little bitch."
"I don't think so," Sharon replied as the two lock up.
The nimble Britney quickly moves behind Sharon and grabs her tightly around her
waist. Sharon attempts to power out, but Britney's grip is too tight. Tits
tries to reach behind her and grab the giggling girl, but she can't. Britney
manages to throw the musclewoman to the ground and get ontop of her. Britney's
legs instantly wrap around Sharon's as she catches her in a g****vine. Sharon
winces in agony as Britney's awesome legs begin to spread her apart. Britney is
now directly ontop of Sharon and looking her right in the face.
"I can do the splits. Can you?"
And with that Britney spreads her legs even farther taking Tits to her limits.

Sharon screams in pain as the teenager continues the torture with painful hip
thrusts that leave Sharon grunting and moaning loudly. Sharon's hands are all
over Britney's thighs and ass trying to find a weakness, but the teen has her
hold locked in tight. She can't bear the pain and is about to give in when
Britney releases the g****vine and scrambles up to put Tits in a schoolboy
pin. Britney grabs her arms and pins them to the ground. Sharon manages to
power out of the hold throwing the smaller girl onto her back, but Britney holds
on to Sharon's arms and captures her in a headscissor. Now Sharon's face is in
the teen's crotch with Britney still holding on to her wrists. Tits tries to
stand up to relieve some of the pressure from the intense scissor hold, but
Britney's legs are way too strong. The teen plops her back onto the mat,
pouring on the pressure as Sharon paws at her tormentor's young thighs. Ankles
locked, Britney flexes up her iron legs squeezing Sharon nearly into oblivion.
Sharon screams and grunts wildly into the teen's crotch.
"Ohhhhhh, I like that. Scream some more for me you stupid Bitch as I slowly enjoy
offing you cunt. You're getting me hot Tits." Once your unconciuous maybe I will cut
off ur Tits Bitch, have them stuffed and put in a bottle on my mantle with my Grammys

Britney continues the hard squeeze and begins grinding herself into Sharon's
face. Tits can't believe what's happening to her and desperately she grabs
some of Britney's golden hair and pulls as hard as she can. Britney screams and
lets go as Sharon stumbles to her feet, groggy and rubbing her sore neck.
"I was going to just beat the shit out of you Tits and rip up ur pussy lips till I
cum, but now I'm really going to fuck you up. Nobody touches my hair!"
Britney advances quickly on her still dazed opponent, placing her in a full
nelson. Sharon tries to get out of it but Britney takes her down to the ground,
sitting behind her. With Tits in front of her, Britney locks her ankles and
begins squeezing Sharon's middle. Years and years of intense dancing have
turned the young girl's thighs into deadly weapons. Just ask her dozens of
lovers that have suffered horribly between them. Sharon gasps in pain as these
merciless thighs attempt to cut her in half as her ribs start to snap first one,
then two and then three. Britney finaaly releases her full nelson
and Sharon's hands go immediately to the bulging quads that are killing her.
Sharon has never felt anything as hard in her life. Pure muscle without an inch
of give. Britney keeps on squeezing her victim as Sharon begins to moan and
"How many ribs do you want me to snap? All of them?"

Sharon cannot answer and keeps moaning, her eyes closed to the pain. She can
feel her ribs breaking and finally pleads for mercy.Sharon begins to worry about
blacking out and waking up without her Breasts
"Oh,please, oh, I give, please stop, please, Ahhhhh!!!!"
Her submission is cut short by a powerful burst from Britney's legs. The pop
goddess smiles, releases the hold and leaps to her feet. Sharon grabs her sides
and tries to catch her breath. As the musclewoman slowly gets to her hands and
knees the terrible teen steps over her, catching her in a standing headscissors.
Britney is standing facing Sharon as she pours on the pressure. Sharon's hands
go to the superstar's ankles, trying to separate them, but it's no use. Britney
begins bouncing up and down on her toes, pumping up her shapely calves. Sharon
begins groaning as the pressure builds. Her hands run up and down the young
girl's incredible legs trying to pull them apart, but it's impossible.
"I bet I can make you give without even crossing my ankles."
Britney begins flexing up her amazing inner thighs and Sharon instantly screams
in pain. Britney laughs loudly.
"You know I'm only using about half my power. If I went all out on your ass,
you'd be dead right now you bitch."
Sharon can't hear a word she's saying due to the ultra tight scissor on her
head, and is about to lose consciousness. Sharon panics and begins tapping the
mat wildly trying to surrender, but her young dominator won't have any of it.
Britney continues the skull crushing scissor as Sharon's limbs stop flailing.
Britney flexes her toned arms like a pro and concentrates on constricting her
inner thighs and within seconds Tits goes limp. Britney releases her scissor
deathtrap and Sharon's body flops into the mat. For the first time in her life,
the amazing musclewoman is defeated.

Britney looks down at her pathetic opponent, almost feeling sorry for her poor
performance. She really expected better from her. It's been too many months
since the pop queen has had a decent workout. There was a cute Toughman fighter
in LA a while back that gave her a fight for a few minutes until he collapsed
from Britney's relentless onslaught. Her fist smashed his nose clear across his
face and the tough guy starting crying and begging for help. Britney almost
died laughing at him. Needless to say, this guy never fought again.

Sharon started to come around while the teen's mind was still deep in thought of
her previous fighting conquests. Britney looked over at the defeated woman
trying to clear her head and steady herself to get up. The arrogant victor
walked over to her and Sharon jumped when she saw her. With hands on her hips,
she asked the blurry eyed bodybuilder if she'd had enough. Sharon hesitated.
Britney simply pointed a toe and flexed up her amazing thigh making the muscle
burst out. Sharon realized she had no chance and surrendered.
"OK, you win. Just leave me alone, please. I think you messed up my ribs
pretty bad."
"We're just getting started slave. Crawl over here and kiss my ass."
"Please, I just want to go home."
"I'll tell you one more time bitch. Get over here and lick the shit out of my beautiful
Sharon had her head hanging down like a loser and began to slowly approach her
mistress while she unzipped her top and produced her bare Breasts.
Britney turned her back to her and thrust out her gorgeous, hard ass.
As Sharon neared her she began to crouch down to dutifully serve the winner
when she suddenly rushed Britney and threw her down hard to the ground. Sharon
maneuvered to the side of the bratty teen and managed to get her in her powerful
bodyscissor. She locked her ankles and squeezed her massive thighs around the
abs of the girl. Sharon's eyes were closed as she grunted, squeezing her as
hard as she could. She continued the unreal pressure but didn't hear the usual
cries of submission that accompanied her scissor holds. She slowly opened her
eyes and saw the teen smiling back at her. Britney's rock hard abs were flexed
and she was taking Sharon's brutal punishment as if it were nothing.
"Have you started squeezing yet?," Britney giggled.
Tits doubled her efforts screaming like a madwoman as she poured on the
incredible pressure that would have crippled anyone else. After about two
minutes of this, she was seriously winded and didn't know what to do next. Too
bad for her Britney did. The unstoppable girl easily pried Sharon's tired legs
apart and grabbed her hair, placing the back of Sharon's head in her crotch.
Britney closed her legs and again poor Tits was feeling her killer thighs.
Britney's legs were stretched out and Sharon made a few pitiful attempts to pry
them apart, but by this time too much damage had been done. The teen had
abandoned the idea of crossing her ankles, as she just had her pretty feet
together. Every time Britney would point her toes and increase the pressure
Sharon's beaten body would jerk and she'd yelp in pain. Britney had fun with
this making the bodybuilder scream and grunt repeatedly. Every one and a while,
she'd lift her ass off the mat and really pour on the pressure and Sharon would
yell like her skull was being crushed. Between bouts of serious squeezing, the
cruel teen would grind her crotch into the back of Sharon's head, getting
herself very excited. Sharon knew what was happening but had given up the idea
of fighting back and was just hoping for a miracle to get her out of this
humiliation. However, miracles never happen.
Britney was getting too horny to stop now so she mercifully ceased her brutal
scissor and climbed up on Sharon's face, planting her incredible ass on the
beaten woman. Britney began rubbing herself on Sharon's poor face. The teen
put her hands on Sharon's breasts and really began grinding away on her. Sharon
tried to protest a little, but a painful twist of her nipples put an end to any
effort as the girl continued humping her face. Sharon was whimpering like a
little baby and she had no choice but to take it.
Britney was really going now, her head titled back in ecstasy, her hips pumping
wildly on Sharon's face. Tits could smell the teen oozing through her little
panties as Britney was ready to cum a gusher. The queen sat up and fondling her
own enormous breasts jerked her hips brutally on the beaten woman until she
screamed her climax. Britney's whole body shivered with her orgasm as the large
room echoed with her satisfaction. She was silent for a moment and then stood
up over her little toy. Sharon began to slowly wipe away Britney's juice and
the tears that covered her face. She looked up at her conqueror waiting for
what was next.
"Have you had enough?"
"Yes," came the tearful reply.
"Are you my bitch now?"
Sharon hesitated only slightly before responding, "Yes......Mistress Britney."
"That's a good girl," Britney said as she grabbed Sharon by the hair for a long
kiss. Britney f***ed her tongue into her slave's mouth and Sharon responded out
of fear. Britney then threw her to the ground.
"Now, kiss my ass," said the Mistress.
Sharon obediently crawled over to her and began planting kisses on that gorgeous
ass, eventually using her tongue to lick every inch. Sharon didn't want to
displease her. Just the thought of another beating made her shake with fear.
"Tell me how hot I am."
"You're the most beautiful girl in the world. Your ass is so hard, your legs
are so sexy, your tits are so big and beautiful. You're so gorgeous I want to
serve you all night long.""
Sharon kept praising her as she spoke the words her Mistress wanted to hear,
licking and kissing and feeling all of Britney's hard muscles. The queen laid
down and extended a foot that Sharon immediately put in her mouth. Sharon
sucked all of Britney's pretty toes, sucked them better than she had ever sucked
any man and hoped her Mistress was happy.
Britney got up and addressed her slave who was still on the ground.
"You learn quickly, more quickly than that muscleboy over there. You're not
quite as dumb as I first thought. I hope you've learned a lesson tonight. The
lesson is you're a weak, stupid cunt. You're nothing. All your muscles are
useless against me. I'm stronger and prettier than you'll ever be and I'll
always be better than you."
Sharon started to cry uncontrollably.
"You're a wimpy crybaby and you can't even defend yourself. I've beaten up
little girls that have put up a better fight than you. And you're supposed to
be some tough muscle chick. I don't think so. Come here you pathetic loser."
Sharon obeyed and stood face to face with Britney, unable to look her in the
eye. Britney wiped away her tears and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Now kneel
at the table and put your Tits on the table. Before I, go I want to drop a few
pounds. About 50lbs I'd say on each Tit just for fun and happy memmories. Would
you like that Tits?" Britney says as she poduces a huge hunting knife. Its either
that or I take them with me for my mantle and you better be enthusiastic or I may do both.
OOOOO No Mistress please dont cut off my Breasts..of course I wud be honoured to
have you crush them with the weights.

"Very good Sharon, now here are 10, 50 lb weights You will hold each one above ur head
and drop it so it falls on ur Tits alternating Tits each time, now go.

Sharon raises the first one , aims and then drops it on her left boob.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH The pain is incredible as the tit mashed itself
on the table. "I shud have you do this on my videos..guys would love it"
Tits continues one weight after another. Afterthe first 2 weights hit their marks
Sharons Tits swelled up and bruised which doubled the pain for each further crushing.

"That was really nice of you to voluntarily destroy your pretty Tits for me Sharon with Tits out

"You'll always be mine and I just might come back someday to play with you some
more. Do you understand me?"
Sharon nodded her head knowing that everyday from now on she would live in fear.

Mistress Britney took a step back and with amazing flexibility slammed her foot
into Sharon's cunt sending her slave flying backwards and crashing into the mat.
Britney walked over to Sharon's prone body to check out the damage she'd done.
Sharon was out cold and her nose and jaw were badly broken and one eye was swollen shut.
Four ribs ended up snapping and Sharon was bleeding from her kicked in pussy.
"Im leaving now slut give me the keys to the place and follow me. Your Tits are still
lookin ok Sharon you know I cant let that stay the case". They reached the big metal
entry door and Britney says" Which Tit do u want destroyed? No Comment huh. Ok put your
right tit here against the door frame and close the door on yourself crushing your Tit"
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH Tits screams at the torment. "Now lock the door
with the keys and give me the keys..wonder what will be left of your Tit in the morning
when they find you Tits.

Britney giggled and skipped out of the gym without a care in the world.

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sooo horny
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never liked her nor the other one hilton
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wow holy shit! i will never like britney spears again! thats sooo fucked up!!!