Executive assistant Sharon

Sharon Stits and Nikki Summers were two mid-level executives in a large PR firm
who were locked in a fierce rivalry from which only one woman would emerge
victorious. Brunette, gorgeous, and in their early fourties, both women were on a
collision course for the top of the corporate ladder.
Sharon had a reputation for wielding her incredible sexuality as a weapon
against rival women who got in her way. With her firm 36C tits and long,
exquisite legs, which were always dressed in short, tight business suits, Sharon,
who went by the name Tits,and was known to every guy in the office from the internet,
had caught the attention of every male supervisor she had ever worked with. She
always wore high, spike heels which emphasized the sensuous curves of her legs
and her strong calves; the smooth muscles bunched and flexed deliciously with
the brunette's aggressive strides. The sharp, beautiful lines of her face were
often framed by a pair of fashionable eyeglasses, which, when combined with the
way her rich, long hair was styled (in several tight coils behind her head),
created the intoxicating impression of a barely contained femininity, of a
raging sexuality that was capable of devouring anything and anyone once it was
unleashed. Women who had tried to compete with her sexual charms inevitably
failed, and those who had dared to compete with the Tart's incredible body
directly had left Sharon's apartment humiliated and in tears. Sharon had never
let another woman beat her body, and she wasn't about to let Nikki, a recent
acquisition from a rival firm, be the first. Especially not with the most
important promotion of her career at stake.
Sharon's rival, Nikki Summers, was the horny Bitch's match in every way. The women
were nearly identical physically. Nikki, too, boasted a pair of astonishingly
hard 36C tits and a full, voluptuous body whose curves demanded to be noticed
underneath the tight blouses and short, provocative skirts that she always wore
to show off her body. Her long, elegant legs were always outfitted in sheer,
dark pantyhose; high leather pumps rode on her feet. Nikki's bright, golden
locks were always styled in loose, flowing curls carefully arranged to convey an
air of almost primitive sexuality hiding behind the fabric of the blonde
executive's formal business suit. Like her rival, Nikki was extremely familiar
with the physical and sexual competition continuously being waged between
beautiful and ambitious women in the business world; among these jealous
corporate princesses, Nikki was a queen-in-waiting, who had humiliated dozens of
rivals with her smoldering body and feminine weapons.
With her long experience of female corporate rivalries, Nikki knew that a
showdown with Sharon Koler was inevitable and very, very close. And Nikki was
determined to come out on top in their coming battle.
The showdown came on a late Friday afternoon, after a heated meeting before the
top management of the firm in which the two rivals had presented their competing
proposals for an important account. The brief, private looks exchanged between
the two beautiful enemies during the long and contentious conference were
murderous. The tension between the women was obvious, but the other people
present largely attributed it to the friction generated by the competing
proposals. Some of the other women at the meeting knew that it was more than
professional rivalry that was charging the air, however.
Samantha Johnson, the sexy, young vice-president of the firm, crossed her
gorgeous legs smoothly as she felt a warm wetness beginning to develop in the
crotch of her pantyhose as she watched the hidden confrontation between Sharon
and Nikki. Sharon tugged on her tight blouse continuously during her blonde
rival's presentation, rearranging her massive cleavage disdainfully, and
distracting several of the men around her. Nikki's long, manicured nails tapped
aggressively on the board behind her as she explained her proposal; Samantha
Johnson heard a clear challenge in their staccato rhythm, and from the hot,
hungry look that briefly surfaced on Sharon's beautiful face, she knew that she
was not the only one.
A slow sexual anger began to build in each woman as the meeting dragged on.
Beginning as a small knot of tension in their stomachs, it gradually expanded,
swelling each woman's straining breasts, traveling down the length of their
elegant legs to their hot, leather-clad feet, and producing a uncomfortable
wetness in hidden, lace-covered crotches of both women. Nikki found herself
dragging one long, red nail up the length of her dark
pantyhose under the table during Sharon's presentation, even darting it under
her skirt briefly to finger her throbbing cunt.
The meeting finally ended, with nothing definite decided, yet. The meeting had
run late, and the conference room emptied quickly as people rushed to make their
Friday evening plans. Sharon, meanwhile, stalked off to the ladies bathroom, hot
and angry from the meeting. She was splashing cold water on her face and blouse
when she heard the familiar clang of spike heels ringing in the hallway, heading
aggressively for the bathroom. Smiling grimly, Sharon undid the top few buttons
of her blouse, squeezing a few more drops of water onto her heaving breasts, and
turned on her heel to face the blonde creature in the doorway, her rival, her
"You're not getting this account, slut," Nikki spat threateningly, advancing on
her rival.
"From the presentation you gave today, YOU'RE certainly not getting it, you big
bitch," Sharon said scornfully.
"Oh, I don't know," Nikki said. "I have a feeling that I'm going to have a lot
less competition soon."
The women were almost face to face, now, studying each other intently, neither
woman revealing anything other than an intense, jealous hatred of her rival.
Sharon could feel her wet tits expanding underneath her blouse as she stared
Nikki down, and right in front of her eyes, she could see the other woman's
nipples swelling underneath her tight blouse, poking angrily out at her through
the stretched fabric. The tension in her groin was by now unbearable. She had to
lock up with this bitch, NOW!
Hissing with unveiled hatred, the two corporate rivals lunged at each other with
their long, red nails. Sharon grabbed a handful of Nikki's soft, bright hair
with her hands and pulled viciously, while Nikki screamed and dug at the tight
bun of Sharon's brown hair. With their arms extended and leaning away from each
other, the rivals pulled at each other's tresses, their spike heels
ringing on the tiled floor as the women staggered around the bathroom in their
battle. Strands of Sharon's long hair came away in Nikki's hand as the blonde
tore at her rival's head, while her own scalp burned from Sharon's work on it.
Suddenly, Sharon felt Nikki's manicured nails creeping down her face toward her
eyes, and she released her grip on her rival's quickly, pushing the bitch away
from her. Nikki's beautiful face was a mask of hatred as she smiled hatefully at
her rival, staggering back on her heels before regaining her balance. Both
women's faces were streaked with sweat and their makeup had started to run.
Both women knew that their fight had only just begun. With a sharp cry, Sharon
launched a vicious slap at her rival's face. Nikki staggered under the blow, but
she came up swinging with a ringing slap of her own that reddened her rival's
smooth cheek. Swearing at each other, the women launched a violent slap-fight,
each woman lashing out in an almost blind rage at the beautiful face of her
rival. Even as they fought in this violent manner, however, both women felt the
wetness between their thighs increasing, not diminishing, and the grunts each
women uttered as she landed a sharp slap were nakedly sexual. The heat from
their reddened faces flushed their entire bodies with a furious sexual anger
that demanded to be satisfied by some close body contact between the rival
business cats.
Finally, the pace of the slap-fight slackened as the women's arms tired
slightly. Falling forward suddenly, Sharon wrapped her arms around her rival's
slender waist and did what she had dreamed of doing all afternoon: she crushed
her hard, immense cleavage against Nikki's feminine globes of flesh. Squealing,
the women crashed into the door of a bathroom stall, and stumbled within.
Pushing her rival down onto the toilet seat roughly, Sharon twisted around
quickly and shut the door of the stall behind her as she shoved the bolt into
position, locking the women inside.
Nikki lay d****d almost seductively on the toilet seat with her long legs spread
wide and a hot, hungry look on her face, giving Sharon a glimpse of the dark
lace panties she wore underneath her tight, black skirt. Her knees were touching
Sharon's legs inside the cramped space of the stall as the women regarded each
other. Both women's normally immaculate coifs were disheveled and slick with
sweat, while their blouses clung wetly to their drenched upper bodies. Stiff,
enraged nipples poked out stiffly from each woman's blouse, sexual weapons which
could be used to devastating effect in the close confines of the stall.
There was a flash of leg movement and suddenly the heel of Nikki's leather pumps
were heading for Sharon's delicious breast flesh. Gasping in surprise, the
brunette barely managed to grab a hold of them, her firm ass crashing roughly into
the door of the stall as she recoiled from Nikki's vicious attack with her legs.
With a low, lustful growl, Nikki's feet slipped out of her heels and her long,
deadly legs wrapped around the waist of her rival, as she pulled the brunette down
to meet her body.
Soft female flesh collided with soft female flesh as the enraged women tore away
each other's blouses, and hungrily crushed their naked Breasts against one
another. Sharon's stiff pink nips caught and rubbed with her rival's engorged
pair inside the pillow of their combined breast flesh; she panted with
excitement as the women squirmed in each other's strong arms, thrusting their
breasts at one another angrily as they fought to determine which bitch was best.
Nikki felt like her breasts were going to explode with pleasure and tension as
they pushed against her rival's delicious flesh; she felt like they were
swelling uncontrollably, each thrust threatening to burst her massive tits.
Sharon felt Nikki's nylons rubbing against her own as her rival's legs released
their hold on her waist and began traveling down her long legs. As she felt
Sharon's foot pushing in between her legs, trying to worm itself inside, she
opened her thighs, welcoming it. Nikki's short skirt had rode up to almost her
waist by now, and her leg slid in between Sharon's thighs with a delicious
whisper of nylon. Her crimson lips twisted in a snarl of lustful jealousy as she
brought a hard thigh up against Sharon's crotch, rubbing at her rival's excited
mound through her panties.
Sharon leaned in close to Nikki's face, biting at her glistening lips. "That's
it, bitch," she hissed. "Get me nice and ready for your cunt!"
Nikki snarled up into her rival's gorgeous, angry face. "My cunt's nice and
ready for your pussy right now, slut!"
"Show me, whore," Sharon demanded, pulling at Nikki's long blonde hair and
causing her rival's tight ass to lift off of the cold toilet seat in pain, her
skirted crotch pressing hotly into Sharon's groin.
"I'll show you, bitch," Nikki swore, grabbing a hold of Sharon's disheveled
locks with one hand and sliding her drenched pair of lace panties down her
luscious hips with the other.
Sharon felt an uncontrollable trembling take hold of her body as her beautiful
rival's pussy was finally revealed to her. Nikki's cunt was incredibly hairy: a
riot of light, wispy pubic hair surrounded and guarded her glistening sex lips
from rival cunts like Sharon's.
"C'mon, whore," Nikki taunted. "Show me that little schoolgirl pussy of yours."
Recovering from her first glimpse of rival pussy in the fight, Sharon sneered
down at her rival. Releasing her hold on her rival's soft hair, she eased
herself off of Nikki's hot body until she was standing as far away from her
rival as possible in the cramped stall. Bringing her sharp nails to her full,
womanly hips, Sharon slowly shimmied out of her tight red skirt and matching
pair of lace panties. Nikki's eyes narrowed in surprise and jealousy as she
faced a rival cunt that was every bit as hairy and hungry as her own. Sharon's
swollen vaginal lips were moist with sexual fury, as were her hot, heaving breasts,
whose long, stiff nipples were almost enough by themselves to intimidate
virtually any woman.
"Get up, bitch, and let's finish this, woman to woman," Sharon ordered her
"Fuck you, and your body, cunt," Nikki snarled, rising from her position with a
feline grace and furiously shedding her tight black skirt. Smoothing her tangle
of pubic hair down, and flanking her hot pussy with her bright red nails, Nikki
glared at her hated rival, preparing herself for what she was sure would be her
greatest conquest of enemy cunt in her career.
The women paused for a moment before the final tangle of cunts to breathe in the
electrifying smell of fully aroused womanhood that suffused the small stall. One
woman would walk out of here victorious, her dominant pussy devouring and
humiliating her rival's broken pussy. Once a woman's sexual confidence was
shattered by a rival, her career was virtually over. Such women almost never
rose any further on the corporate ladder. Sharon and Nikki smiled cruelly as
they both prepared to end their rival's corporate ambitions.
With twin growls of lust and hatred, the beautiful enemies came together with
their steaming cunts. Gasping as her naked pussy slapped wetly against her
rival's waiting sex lips, Sharon reached around to claw at Nikki's naked back,
raising angry red scratches with her manicured nails, while she crushed her hot
tits against her rival's chest.
The hard, supple muscles in each woman's beautiful ass rippled with furious
effort as the rivals humped each another murderously, their hot bodies fully
joined in sexual combat, now.
Sharon's flat, hard stomach was tight against her rival's equally hard midriff
as the women sex fought, growling in desperate arousal as the heat from their
joined pussies and battling tits threatened to overwhelm their bodies. The
snarls of hatred were gone, now, as both women gasped and moaned, struggling
against each other's hot cunts, fucking each other roughly with their sex and
pulling hair in this corporate sex brawl.
Sharon groaned as she felt her vaginal lips pressed flat against Nikki's with an
almost audible hiss. Both women realized that the end for one of them was near,
now, as the rivals continued to exchange strong pelvic thrusts, each woman
waiting for the devastating moment when clit would meet clit in the final fuck,
and their rivalry would be decided.
Finally, it came, and both women stiffened in each other's arms, crying out
involuntarily as their clits were joined in electrifying, erotic combat. Wave
after wave of pleasure rocked each woman's body as they sobbed uncontrollably;
their pelvic thrusts were now more like spasms as the rivals rode each other to
what would be the most intense orgasm ever for the loser.
Nikki screamed agonizingly as she came, her juices flooding into Sharon's
triumphant twat. Shoving her rival against the wall of the small stall, Sharon
laughed wickedly through her tears into her rival's beautiful face as she
finished off her hated rival with her throbbing, victorious clit. Satisfied at
last, she released her pussy hold on Nikki, letting the other blonde crumple
slowly to the tiled floor.
Throwing on the remains of her tattered clothing, and rearranging her hair as
best she could, Sharon left the bathroom, leaving her defeated rival behind. She
smiled at the small circle of female executives who greeted her outside and
their insincere congratulations. They were all jealous bitches, and she knew
that each one of them was thinking whether or not she was going to be Sharon's
next victim. Sooner or later, they all would be, the Bitch resolved.
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