TITS at Home Depot

The Home Depot
I was in the middle of a woodworking project in my workshop and found myself in need of some lumber and a few other items. I didn’t have much time as I was trying desperately to finish my project to keep my customer happy. I jumped into my pickup and sped over to Home Depot to purchase my supplies.
Pulling into the parking lot I noticed a shapely woman about my age obviously having car trouble. She was wearing a pink, sleeveless, silk blouse, tight black shorts, and high heels. She looked out of place dressed this way at Home Depot, but I found it refreshing to see a woman at Home Depot that wasn’t the size of an NFL linebacker wearing an orange apron. My first instinct was to just go about my business as I was pushed for time, but I couldn’t ignore a damsel in distress.
Pulling up in the parking spot next to the woman, I was pleased to find she had a face as lovely as the rest of her. She reminded me of a school teacher, though I never had a teacher that dressed as provocatively as her. Id seen her somewhere before. She had a beautiful, warm smile and behind her glasses, inviting blue eyes.
“Need some help?” I asked after getting out of my truck.
“Yes….I don’t know what the problem is.” The woman replied. “My Jeep just won’t start.”
“I’m afraid I don’t know much about cars, but I can give you a lift somewhere once I pick up a few things.” I offered politely, secretly hoping she would accept my offer.
“Oh, that would be wonderful!” The woman exclaimed. “My name’s Sharon. What’s yours kind sir?”
“I’m Barney, but most of my friends call me Barn.” I answered as we headed towards the store.
As we walked into the store I kept thinking about how badly I needed to get back to work. Those notions however were getting pushed into the background as I could not get the vision of Sharon out of my mind. There was something about her that excited me tremendously. I don’t know if it was her lovely smile, her captivating eyes, or her gorgeous, soft body. Every delicious aspect of her was making me forget about my task at hand.
Walking through the store, I noticed all the other shoppers staring at us. It wasn’t until we arrived in the lumber department that I realized all the shoppers were staring solely at Sharon. I hadn’t paid much attention to her as we walked side-by-side through the store, but by the time we had reached the lumber department, half the buttons on her blouse were unbuttoned. I didn’t know if she had unbuttoned them or if they had worked themselves free as we walked. Regardless, I had a difficult time keeping my gaze from wandering away from Sharon’s eyes to her chest as we talked. When she turned a certain way I would get a glimpse of one of her succulent breasts inside her blouse. She was not wearing a bra and her nipples were erect.
Trying to maintain my focus on why I was at Home Depot, I told Sharon that I needed to find an associate to cut a piece of plywood for me. Sharon told me she’d find one and took off down the aisle before I could say a word. My eyes were glued to her beautiful, round ass and long, shapely legs as she walked to get help. The way her lovely hips swayed as she sashayed down the aisle was causing a stir inside my jeans. I tried thinking of something else, anything else, to keep a noticeable bulge from appearing in the front of my jeans. I didn’t have much luck.
Sharon soon reappeared with a store associate following close behind her. I noticed he was closely watching her ass move from side to side as she walked also.
“I found someone!” Sharon excitedly exclaimed as she approached me. Her beautiful smile broadened as her eyes went from mine to the noticeable bulge in my jeans. “Hmmmm….I think you’re right at home here in the lumber department with that woody you’re sporting.”
I was completely taken aback by Sharon’s comment. I wasn’t quite sure how to reply to it. Here was this gorgeous, demure woman that reminded me of one of my grade school teachers, commenting on my cock.
“Can I help you?” The associate following Sharon asked. The associate was someone that looked as if they started working here during college and decided to remain employed here long after his college days were though. He was in his late twenty’s to early thirties. A handsome man if you were to give him a shave and clean him up a bit. He had long blond hair which flowed over his broad shoulders. He was slightly taller than me, probably 6’2” or so with a rather muscular build. The name tag on his orange apron read “Tom”.
“I need a piece of plywood.” I replied.
Sharon moved over to the waist high pile of plywood stacked neatly on its’ pallet closest to where Tom and I stood. She climbed atop it and knelt on all fours, her luscious round ass pointing seductively towards us. Bending lower until she rested on her forearms, her tight shorts riding high up her creamy white thighs, Sharon looked towards us.
“Is this the piece you want?” She asked in a husky voice.
“Dude......” Tom exclaimed. “You’re gonna have to do something about your wife. Man there’s cameras all over the place in here.”
“No, no….You don’t understand….” I muttered. “She’s not my wife. I just met her in the parking lot. She’s having car trouble and I told her I’d give her a ride after I was through in here.”
I had to admit that Sharon looked absolutely incredible kneeling on the stack of plywood. The way she moved her hips, taunting us with her ass, made me completely oblivious to my surroundings. All I could think about was flipping Sharon over, ripping those shorts off her, and driving my cock as deep as I could into this temptress.
“Not your wife…..Hmmmm….” Tom went on, interrupting my vision of wildly fucking my companion in the middle of the lumber department. “You still have to get her out of here.”
“Get me out of here?” Sharon queried as she got off the stack of plywood and came towards us. “You don’t really want me to leave do you? You’ve both been staring at my tits since I met you. I can tell Barn here wants to fuck me and I bet if I looked under your apron that I’d find that you want to fuck me too. Isn’t that right, Tom?”
Sharon came and stood in front of me, her back towards me and facing Tom. She leaned up against me, her delectable ass rubbing against the huge bulge in my jeans. She took hold of both my hands and moved them to her chest, squeezing her scrumptious tits with my hands and hers. Tilting her head back she began to speak to me in a soft, sensuous voice. I’m Sharon with Tits out ,but call me TITS ,and its ur lucky day boys
“Fuck me right here…” Sharon cooed. “Do me right here on that pile of wood. Mmmmm….I can feel how badly you want you to fuck me. I can feel your cock on my ass. It’s so hard. Don’t you want me? Come on Barney, make me your bitch right here….right now”
I looked helplessly at Tom as TITS moved her ass back and forth, tormenting my cock. His eyes were transfixed on the two pairs of hands roughly kneading Sharon’s tits. I could see by the look in his eyes that getting Sharon out of the store was no longer an option. He wanted her as badly as I did. Normally, I probably would have left Sharon stranded there, especially as hurried as I was and her acting as crazy as she was, but there was something about her that held me captive. There was a connection between us from the first time our eyes met in the parking lot.
“Follow me.” Tom said as he began walking towards a set of double doors at the end of the aisle we were in.
Sharon and I followed behind Tom. Sharon had her arm around my waist, her head on my chest, with my arm around her shoulder. She began rubbing my cock through my jeans as walked. She moaned deeply when she felt how hard I was.
Tom led us through the double doors and into a loading dock, obviously where they received lumber shipments. “She can stay here until you get your stuff.” Tom instructed.
“You’re not going to make me wait here.” Sharon pleaded. “I’ll just follow you back into the store.”
“We can tie her up.” Tom said as he noticed a length of rope lying on the floor.
“No…..no, we can’t do that….Can we?” I replied. It didn’t seem right to me, but it did seem like the only solution at the time. I couldn’t afford to get thrown out of the store, not without getting what I came for at least.
“You hold her hands together.” Tom said as he approached us with the rope. Sharon mildly resisted as Tom wrapped one end of the rope around her hands, securing them tightly. He threw the other end of the rope over a beam above us and began pulling the rope, lifting Sharon’s arms above her head as he did. He then tied the free end of the rope to one of the posts supporting the beam.
I had to admit Sharon looked stunning. With every deep breath she took I could see her hard nipples straining against the silky material of her half-open blouse. She looked helpless yet when I looked into her eyes I could also sense she somewhat enjoyed her situation. Temporarily forgetting my mission, I reached out and rubbed one of Sharon’s nipples through her blouse. She shuddered as I did and her knees buckled slightly. When I softly pinched her hard nipple she let out a moan of approval.
“Harder….pinch it harder…” Sharon begged as she thrust her chest out aching for my touch.
“I think she likes that.” Tom said excitedly. “Give it a good pinch!”
I opened the front of Sharon’s blouse, revealing her mouth-watering tits, and pinched both nipples. The harder I pinched them, the more Sharon seemed to enjoy it. I was now pinching her nipples as hard as I could. The look in Sharon’s eyes was driving me wild. They were ablaze with passion. She wanted more; her eyes told me so.
“You’re a nasty little cunt aren’t you?” Tom asked our captive as he joined me in pinching and twisting Sharon’s delectable nipples.
Sharon didn’t answer Tom’s question. She began squirming, rubbing her thighs together, almost s if she had to go to the bathroom. I slid one hand down Sharon’s smooth torso and in between her thighs. I could feel the warmth and dampness of her pussy through her shorts. She rocked her pelvis back and forth against my hand, aching to feel my touch on her pussy.
“I think she’s enjoying this!” I said to Tom. “Her pussy is soaking wet!”
“I’ve got an idea.” Tom replied. He took out his walkie-talkie and called one of his fellow workers from the electrical department. Tom asked his friend, Henry, to grab a couple of alligator clips and join us in the loading dock. He also told Henry to bring along Scott knowing Scott would enjoy this escapade as well.
It wasn’t long before Henry and Scott showed up. They couldn’t believe their eyes as they entered the loading dock.
“Holy shit!” Scott exclaimed as both he and Henry obviously enjoyed the sight of seeing Sharon tied to the rafters, her soft, supple tits heaving with each deep breath. “Who is she?” Its Sharon with Tits out from the iternet. Ya i knew id seen her before. You go by TITS dont u cunt?
“Barney here found her in the parking lot having car trouble.” Tom answered. “I think she needs a jump. Give me the clips.”
Henry gave the alligator clips to Tom as I slid to my knees in front of Sharon. I loosened her shorts and slid them over her shapely, full hips and down her long, slender legs. Underneath Sharon wore a lacy black thong. Her excitement was obvious. The lacy material clung to the matted hair surrounding her pussy. I slid her panties off as well. Sharon began thrusting her hips towards me, begging for me to touch her pussy, to lick it, to probe it. I put my face close to Sharon’s pussy and stuck out my tongue just far enough to graze the soft hair.
“Lick it!” Sharon screamed. “Com’n…lick my fucking my fucking pussy!”
I brushed my tongue along the tops of Sharon’s milky white thighs as she spread her legs as far as she could. She writhed and squirmed, trying desperately to direct her pussy in front of my tongue.
“Okay, let’s jump start this whore!” Tom exclaimed. “Those are some nice looking battery terminals!”
Tom proceeded to affix the clips to each nipple causing Sharon to scream. It was impossible to tell if her screams were of pain or intense pleasure.
“She’s making too much noise…..we’re going to get caught!” Scott yelled.
Grabbing Sharon’s soaked panties, I arose and held them in front of her face.
“Mmmmm…smells nice doesn’t it.” I said as I held them under Sharon’s nose.
Sharon frantically turned her head from side to side trying to avoid my advances. When she opened her mouth to scream once again when Tom began tugging on the clips, I stuffed the panties inside Sharon’s mouth. Tom continued torturing her raw nipples, pulling and twisting on the clips attached to them. Scott and Henry watched in awe, all the while rubbing their cocks through their pants. I had to admit I was extremely turned-on myself. At first I had wanted to keep Sharon all to myself, but seeing how excited she got with others present changed that.
“Does she like to suck cock?” Henry asked.
“I don’t know…” I answered. “Would you like her to suck your cock? I guess whether she likes to or not doesn’t matter much. Tom, give her some slack so she can kneel down .”
Tom did as I instructed. Henry came over in front of Sharon and placing both hands on her shoulders, f***ed her to kneel in front of him. Henry undid the front of his pants and removed his large, fully-erect cock. He pulled the panties out of her mouth and began rubbing his cock over her face. Sharon resisted taking him into her mouth until Scott came up behind her. Grabbing two handfuls of curly brown hair, Scott f***ed her to open her mouth. Henry f***efully slid his huge cock between Sharon’s soft lips and began wildly fucking her mouth. She choked and gagged as Henry’s cock hit the back of her throat with each thrust
Tom had finished the electrical connections from a nearby electrical outlet to Sharons Tits. Ok boys when we are done getting sucked off, just throw the switch. She will be stunned , then disconnect her and dump her in the dumpster out back. She can sl**p it off in there.
We had the best blow jobs of our lives which really wernt just blow jobs. They were deep throat face fucks and we were all amazed at how little gag reflex the cunt actually had. We emptied ouselves of all or fluids and then the finale.
Ok Boys lets watch Sharon with Tits out dance for us. Henry flipped the switch. Sharon convulsed and spasmed in all kinds of wonderful ways. Her Tits were probably almost smokin for real when Henry cut the power.
Sharon passed out and her well used and hopefully temporarily satiated body was discarded in the waste container in the parking lot. Her clothing was divided up amongst the three of us.
I got my plywood and thanked the guys and as I was leaving I saw the little whore scurry to her Jeep and slip behind the wheel looking just as Sharon with Tits out should always look

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