The making of "Sharon with Tits out"

Exposing a very young "Sharon with Tits out"
by magichands©

I was very young, fresh out of high school, barely 18 when my Dad sat me down
for a talk.

"Well, Son, it's time you got a job, get married, and settle down!"

"YIKES!" I thought, I had just taken off my cap and gown less that a day before,
it was summertime, and I had planned on doing a bit of playing.

My Dad was from the old school, once the Son was grown, it was pretty much out
the door! "You can stay here for a few months, but here is your share of the
rent & food!" He told me, handing me a list with a lot more than food and rent
on it.

So I went down and applied at the local mill, and got hired on the spot. They
were quite happy to see a bright, strapping, strong young man show up who was
willing to work from 11 at night to 7 in the morning for peanuts.

I had a girl friend, Sharon. Foxy little thing, a set of tits on her that much
larger women would die for, but she was only 5' 4" or so. We had done some
necking and I had managed to rub those huge boobs a couple of times through her
bra, that was about it.

But I asked her to marry me, she smiled and said yes, just like things were
supposed to go.

Three months later we were living in a ratty used trailor house, and I was off
to work each night stuffing paper bags in bales by the thousands.

It kept food on the table and made the payments on my Desoto, I even owned a 15'
boat and 4 H/P outboard so I could go out fishing in the river nearby, life was

Sharon and I made love, if you could call it that every night, regular as
clockwork. She was my second experience, the first being a fumbling attempt with
a neighbor girl that resulted in me spraying some sperm in her general direction
before I got my pants down all the way. I even got my hand on her pussy for
about 3 seconds one day, but when I leaned down to take a close look she jerked
her panties back up.

With Sharon, I got to play and look all I liked, after all, we were married!

One day, after we had been married for just a few months, we pulled into a gas
station to get some fuel. It was hot, Sharon was wearing a flimsy summer dress
and for some reason I reached over and pulled her skirt up. She put up some
resistance, then gave up, finally the attendant was even vaccuming out the
floorboards trying to get a better peek, and she let him!

Now Sharon never wore panties at all, something I had discovered early on. I
think she got that from her Mother, who I also knew never wore any from a couple
of glimpses I had gotten over the months.

But the idea of some strange guy looking at my wife's bare pussy just gave me a
boner that wouldn't quit! I even pulled over to the side of the road and had her
do the same thing for me, open her legs to let me pretend to reach under the
front seat. YES! Her pussy was open and completely on display, the guy had
gotten a clear look at everything!

Sharon and I fucked like rabbits as soon as we got home, and I could tell that
the idea got her hormones churning, too! She did some funny loud moaning, at
first I thought I had hurt her, and I stopped.

She dug her fingers into my back and yelled, "Don't stop..DON'T!!..." and that
day had her very first orgasm...

Afterwards we lay snuggling up and she told me she had never felt anything like
that before, well, I hadn't either, to be honest.

A few days later I suggested we do something like that again. "Like what?" she
asked, looking at me funny. I stammered out that I liked her being looked at,
she got a funny look on her face and clammed up.

I tried again another time, and got the same reaction. "That is dirty!" she
said, and would have none of it. I tried to explain that it had turned us both
on, she just passed it off as an accident, and refused to even discuss it with

So I resigned myself to things the way they were, and everything went back to

It was about a year later, I found a men's magazine that seemed to print stories
every issue about men who showed off their wives, even some who watched while
their wife had sex with someone. I loved those stories, all sorts of fantasies
popped in my head, and I would sneak off to the bathroom and whack off furiously
while reading them. Then I would hide the book so Sharon wouldn't find out.

But hiding something in a house with someone you live with isn't easy, and
Sharon was noticing the sudden dropoff in our sexual activity, down from every
day to once or twice a week. She was noticing my hour-long bathroom sessions,

One day I got home at 7:30 AM, tired to the bones, and she was up like always.
She set my breakfast on the table, then plopped down my latest men's magazine.

"OH OH!" I thought. "What the HELL is this crap!" she demanded! I tried to
stammer some kind of response, but she was on me in a flash with me being
perverted looking at all the pictures of "Half-naked" ladies..

I was just tired enough and angry enough that I lashed out with some pretty
hurtful words, telling her that I wasn't really looking at the pictures that
much, I was reading the stories, and I pretty much told her what she could do
about it if she didn't like it!

Then I stormed off to bed. We went a few days barely speaking, finally weekend
arrived. I woke up to a breakfast of all of my favorites, and Sharon was dressed
in that light summer dress she had worn that one day at the gas station. She had
never worn it again after that.

I watched her as she crossed the room, the morning sun was shining in and I
could easily tell that she had nothing on underneath. This wasn't new, she never
did, until it hit me that she wasn't wearing a bra, either!

Now that WAS new, my interest perked right up. I ate, relishing each and every
bite, when she said, "How about we go for a drive somewhere today?"

"Sure!" I answered, "What do you have in mind?"

"I read those stories!", she blurted out. "I know they excite you and I want to
make you happy!"

I thought about that for a second, some of the stories were simple ones about
flashing and things like that. But some of them were stories about the wife
getting stuffed by 8 to 10 inch cocks while the husband watched!

Pressing my luck a little, I said, "Which stories did you read?" "All of them!"
she answered. I swear, I blushed a bit, a vision of Sharon laying back while
some stranger slid his rod inside her flashed in my mind.

"It has to be somewhere where no one knows me", Sharon said.

"So how are we going to do this?" I asked her.

"Well, I have been practicing!" she said...."Uhhh..practicing?" I asked her?

"Yes, here at home" and at that she lifted her skirt, showing me a bare pussy!
"WOW!" I said, this was new!

We got in the car and headed out, noplace really in mind. I turned off on the
highway that led to the coast, a short trip of about 100 miles. I still didn't
know what she planned, or even how far she was willing to go, but I was playing
it by ear.

I knew there was a full service gas station about halfway there, I looked at the
fuel gauge which read 3/4's and thought I would stop and see what happened.

In short order we pulled in, a pimply faced k** came to the window and took our
order, ignoring Sharon's dress hiked up high enough that nearly all of her bare
legs were on display.

The k** wandered off as the fuel ran, it didn't take a lot to fill it up. He
came back as the nozzle clicked off, then came to the window to collect.

"Hey, what about the windshield?" I asked him. "It didn't look dirty to me!" the
k** replied, reluctantly reaching for the squeegee. He made a half dozen passes,
created some new streaks, collected and left. I swear he didn't even notice
Sharon sitting there with half her pussy on display.

Sharon and I looked at each other, she started to giggle, suddenly we were just
roaring, it was hilarious!

We proceeded on to the coast, drove around town for awhile. Nothing much was
going on, it was still fairly early in the day. "Let's get some coffee", I told
her. We pulled into the parking lot of a little cafe, I noticed several cars
parked around.

We took some seats against the wall, facing the room. It was one of those rustic
places, there was a long bench down one wall with several tables, then a big
center table in the middle of the room, and a few others s**ttered around.

There were three guys sitting at the middle table, busy in conversation as we
walked in. I heard one say hey check that out as we walked past, but that was

We sat there, the waitress brought our coffee. I noticed that the one guy
sitting facing us was glancing down at Sharon's legs under the table, he would
have a clear view.

I looked down at Sharon's skirt, it was pulled down almost to her knees. "Peek?"
I whispered. She looked at me and then the guy, an older fellow around 40 or so.
Then she reached down and pretended to scratch her leg, moving her hemline up
about halfway in the process. Then she carelessly let her knees part a few

I saw the guy's eyes drop, he saw something because he started a bit, then his
eyes were looking directly at Sharon under the table. He leaned forwards and
said something the other other two, who had their backs to us. One looked over
his shoulder, then they said something and both got up. They went to the counter
and got more coffee, and came back, sitting down facing us.

I also got up and went and got more coffee, walking around behind them on the
way back. Sharon's dress was high enough to see almost all the way to her
crotch, but her legs were just tightly enough closed that thighs were all I
could see.

I sat down beside her, reached out with my left hand and gently patted her knee.
She let her leg fall my way a couple inches. I saw the guy in the center lean
forward, his mouth hung slightly open. I knew he was getting a good "almost"
view between Sharon's legs.

I glanced at Sharon again, her face was slightly flushed and her lips pursed a
little. "What now?" she whispered to me.

I told her to adjust and scoot forwards a few inches, and open her legs a little
more. I could tell that all three of them could see her pussy now, they had all
stopped talking and were staring.

I got up and went and used the men's room, an excuse to take another look
myself. On the way back, I looked down at her. The sunlight shining in the
window went right under the table, it was like a spotlight on her! Her legs were
open more than natural would suggest, her nipples had hardened and were making
solid and obvious bumps in the front of the flimsy materail. I decided we needed
to get out of there.

I paid for the coffee and we got in the rig and rolled. "How was that?" Sharon
said with a giggle.

"Well, they saw you for sure!" I told her.

She curled up next to me as we headed out of town back towards home. I rounded a
curve and here stood a young man with a backpack and his thumb out, on a whim, I
pulled over.

He came to the passenger side, "Heading to Portland?" He asked. "Yep, hop in!" I
told him.

He was loading his pack in the back, and started to climb in the back seat. "Hop
in front" I told him. Sharon gave me a quizzical look, I just grinned.

He slid in, Sharon scooted over to make room. "I'm Carl", he said. I introduced
ourselves, and we headed out again.

I looked him over, clean and neat, about 25 or so, nice looking. Sharon sat
there in silence for a few miles, suddenly she reached down and started fanning
her skirt. "Hot in here!" she said.

We didn't have any air conditioning, so I rolled down the window. The wind
whipping in started flipping her skirt around, showing lots of leg. Sharon made
no effort to hold it in place. I saw Carl look down a few times, but he said

Sharon's dress buttoned up the front to the waist, then had some type of elastic
around the waist. She reached up and undid the top three buttons, fanning the
front of it. That 3rd button was just about level with her nipples, every time
she fanned it out and back she was showing Carl about 90% of her left breast.

Carl looked sideways at me to test my reaction, I grinned and said, "Sharon has
nice tits and isn't bashful!" He seemed to relax at that and just sat back and
watched her.

Then Carl made a curious comment, I am sure to just test the limits. He said, "I
was picked up once by a couple that were nudists!"

I picked right up on that and said, "Wow, that must have been a fun ride!" He
grinned and said, "Sure was...!"

Sharon popped in with, "It is hot enough I am tempted to strip, too!" "Go ahead,
Honey!" I told her. "We won't mind."

She looked at Carl with a grin and asked him, "You don't mind? .. I really am

Carl just smiled, Sharon reached down and slid her dress up and over her head,
tossing it in the back seat.

Here it was! My fantasy, my wife completely naked in front of a stranger! I had
a boner that was getting in the way, I reached down and did an adjustment, I saw
Carl do the same.This was the begining of "Sharon with Tits out"

"Hey, shaved!" Carl exclaimed. "Yes, I just did that!" Sharon replied, and she
reached down and pulled the flesh of her pelvis back and apart. I looked down,
her clitoris was half the size of a cherry and about the same color, she was
excited! Her nipples stuck out hard as a rock.

We rode like that for a few miles, just enjoying her. I suddenly remembered a
turnoff a mile or two ahead, it went down to a flat field by the river. Usually
there was no one around, it was used mostly by fishermen in the Fall.

I took it, pulled in under some trees and shut off the engine. "Hop in the
back!" I told Sharon. She turned and scooted up and over the seat. "Give us a
show!" I asked her.

Sharon grinned, and lifted her titties and played with them, then she lay back
and spread her legs, letting us look.

It was too much for Carl, he opened the door and got out, went around and
climbed in with her. I had it in mind that I would let him play with her and
feel her up, but suddenly his cock was out and he was leaning over her. I
glanced down at his solid 8", about the same as me but circumsized. There was no
doubt he was as hard as he could get, ready to go! I started to say something to
stop him, but the words wouldn't come out. Then he was at her entrance, he
reached down with one hand to help open her up. He felt her wetness, spread some
of it on himself. Sharon adjusted herself, getting into position, then her knees
opened even wider as she let him know she was ready.

Then he was partly in, he stopped, letting her settle, then he was in her all
the way, thrusting away! I could hear the slurping noises as the juices in her
gushed around, her hips lifted as he entered.

Sharon turned her head and looked me right in the eyes as Carl fucked her, her
hips came right up to meet every thrust! It wasn't long before he was coming
inside her, she just kept pounding away and took it. I saw her eyes roll back,
then close, she was having an orgasm with the guy! He would pull out partly, I
could see the lips of her pussy grasp at him and then roll outwards with the
motion. Then they would roll back in as he plunged into her again. There was a
second obvious orgasm, then he was bucking at her as he came!

Just as they were finishing up, I heard voices. I looked up and here were two
guys walking down the trail, they were within 20 feet, too late to hide

Carl heard them and jumped up, pulling his pants up. This left Sharon laying
there, legs wide open, cum dribbling down between her legs.

The one guy walked up to the open door and looked her over, and said with a
grin, "Nice stuff, honey!" Sharon opened her eyes at his voice, looked at me
with smokey eyes. Then she pulled her knees up and spread herself even more!

I was almost in shock, here my wife had gone from a shy little lady to a pure
slut in just one day! All four of us stood there as she reached down and rubbed
Carl's sperm into herself.

Then the one guy said, "You better cover up, Honey! Our ladies are coming down
the trail in a couple of minutes!"

Sharon hopped up and slipped her dress over her head, pulling it down just as
two chubby ladies came into view.

They looked at us with suspicion, but we got in the car and pulled back out on
the highway.

Carl fingered and played with Sharon all the way to Portland. We dropped him off
at his exit, and went on home.

We were no more than in the door than I had Sharon on the floor. Her pussy felt
wetter and looser than I remembered. She pounded away at me, finally reaching
another huge orgasm.

Later as we lay in each other's arm, she asked me, "Is that what you wanted?"

"Yes, wonderful!" I told her. "Sex is fun!"

"I love you, I will do anything you want me to!" She told me. I hugged her in
content, I had me a slut wife, and there isn't any better!

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