Tits was now both confused and scared. Confused as to why she was feeling unsatisfied sexually. She wanted to be fucked, she needed to be taken, after all these guys had brought her close to orgasm and now they seemed to be toying with her, menacingly.

As she looed at these men, she felt fear coursing through her body, the fear now replacing her sexual feelings. What were thes 2 brutes of men planning to do to her? She didn't have to wait too long to find out.

Clint roughtly grabbed Sharon by her hair and f***ed her onto her to turn over, her arse up in the air. Jim thrust her legs wide apart and positioned himself between her legs. Next she felt a sharp pain course through her body as Jim's big rough hands slapped her arse with such power that Sharon let out a scream.

"Thats it you whore", shouted Jim, " scream like the slut you are." Clint f***ed Sharon's face into the bed, which stifled her screams. Jim slapped her arse a few more times, but by now the pain was less intense as Tits arse became de-sensitised.

Clint roughly grabbed Sharon's tits and squoze them. This caused Sharon's pain levels to rise again, but somehow, perversely Tits was beggining to enjoy the pain. By now, Jim had stopped spanking Sharon and was roughly pushing his large fingers deep into Tits' dripping cunt. After a few moments Jim had now got his whole hand into Sharon's pussy and was giving her a deep fisting. With a menacing laugh he shouted "that's what a whore like you wants, isnt in, slut?, isn't it?"

Subconsciously Sharon had to agree, but she wasn't going to let these guys know how much she was enjoying almost being ****d by these monsters.

Suddenly Jim stopped fisting Tits and began to concentrate on her arse. He rubbed her pussy juices all over her hole and arse cheeks. Then he thrust his big cock deep into her arsehole. At first it hurt Sharon, but soon the pain turned to intense pleasure and Tits began to moan. She began forcing her arse back onto Jim's big cock in direct oppostion to his rough thrusts.

Tits hadnt noticed that Clint had now moved down her body and he skilfully positioned himself alongside Jim and f***ed his monster cock deep into Sharond tight pussy. How ironic that Tits was now living out one of her inner-most fantasies. She had often dreamt of being taken by two men at once, but in those dreams her lovers were nice, handsome, gentle Lovers, not these menacing a****ls that were almost ripping her arse and cunt apart.
Jim leant forward and grabbed a bunch of Sharon's hair forcing her head back. "Bet you've never been fucked so good before bitch" Jim barked, "A slut like you don't deserve it" he continued. Tits couldn't agree more but didn't reply.

Clint was pumping her hard and deep. That moster cock was hitting every hot spot withing her cunt. She could feel herself beginning to build up to a huge orgasm and began to moan loudly. "Don't think I'm gonna let you come yet you fucking slut" growled Clint as he withdrew his cock from Tits throbbing pussy. Jim, looked at Clint and with almost telepathy took his cock out of her arsehole.

Both men now moved upto Tits face and rubbed their cocks all over her face, slapping her with those stiff cocks of theirs. Jim f***ed his cock into Sharons mouth and she could taste her arse. This made Tits even more horny and she gulped his cock deep down her throat, her tongue lapping at his balls as she was being expertly face-fucked.

Clint f***efully pinched her nose shut and watched as Tits almost chocked through lack of oxygen as Jim rammed his cock deep down her throat. Thankfully, Jim withdrew his cock before Tits choked or spewed. Her respite was only momentary though as Clint now moved in for his face-fucking session.

While Jim had an impressive cock, Clint was in a different league. Clint pulled Sharon's mouth wide open with his fingers and squeezed the head of his giant cock into her small mouth. The taste of her pussy juices was still strong and Tits lapped them up. The taste was different from that off Jim's cock, it was sweeter and more recognisable, as she had often sucked on her own pussy covered fingers. But now she was taking it from the biggest cock she'd ever seen, let alone sucked off.

Clint didn't care that his giant cock was almost splitting Tits mouth open. He pushed his prick deep into Sharons throat, slapping her face with his large, rough hands. Slapping her in an almost tender fashion, not too harshly. Sharon loved sucking cock. She'd done it so many times she was an expert and new just what to do.

While Clint was fucking her throat Sharon noticed that Jim had swigged off his bottle of beer and was grinning at her. "Time for Mr Budweiser to have some pussy" he growled in his deep voice, as he disappeared from her sight behind Clint.

Suddenly, the coldness of his beer bottle became evident as it was pushed into her cunt. Then Tits felt Jims cock enter her arse as he fucked her hard in both holes. Clint was pumping at her face and squeezing her tits hard, while Jim was banging her arse and cunt deep and frantically. Tits was getting the banging of her life and was loving every rough, violent minute.

What had started as, in her mind, was a bit of gentle fun had turned to a frightening episode and then back into the fuck of her life.

Tits could feel her orgasm building and bucked and writhed as the intensity grew. She could hold back no longer and sqeezed her tight little pussy muscles hard against Jim's cock as she squirted her orgasm all over his cock. Clint slapped her face as if to tell her to concentrate on sucking his cock.

Jim was now nearing his climax. She could feel his cock swelling and then suddely he shot his hot cum deep into her cunt, pushing the beer bottle hard up her arse. Now Tits was able to concentrate on Clint's massive manhood. She gobbled at his cock, sucking hard on it and licking his full balls at the same time. She was an expert cock-sucker.

It wasn't long before Tits expert sucking began to affect Clint. He withdrew his massive length from her throat and gave her his full load over her face. His cum matched his cock in size and she was absolutely covered in his hot, sticky spunk. Clint f***ed his cock back into her mouth and he barked at her "suck it clean, whore!" This she willingly did. Jim joined in and f***ed her to clean his spunk soaked cock as well, ending with her having to take both cocks in her mouth at the same time.

Sharon now began to realise that these brutes had had their fun and that she had was now nearing the time where she could escape, relatively unharmed. How wrong could a person be.
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3 years ago
Very good tale. I hope our heroine cums out unscathed.
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3 years ago
very good continuation part 3, 4...