Bi play group...Pt. 1

We had run across the ad "Bi play group" on Craigslist one day a couple of 3 months ago. S and I have been together a couple of years now and have always had an amazing sex life and we both enjoy guys and girls equally, so the ad definitely got our attention! We decided why not and followed the link and joined up!

Wow...our 1st impression was very nice and well organized and a nice selection of sexy solo studs and couples! We've been with couples and solo studs but never in a mixed group setting so needless to say we were both very excited at the possibilities of very erotic encounter! That evening we had some very hot sex thinking about what it might be like to be in the middle of pile of writhing moaning juicy flesh with everyone's hands and mouths on each other!

It was a very long few days but the Saturday of the first group event finally arrived. And about time because we had both become so worked up over the last few days that we felt like race horses straining at the gate waiting for the bell...or it might have been that 5 Hour Energy we had both chugged tempered with a couple of glasses of wine in anticipation of a fun evening!

Ding dong! We rang the bell and in a moment the group host Andrew answered the door. S is a very sexy voluptuous red head and was dressed in a tight fitting little black dress that accentuated her ample cleavage and a pair of sexy red wedges that tie Roman style up and around her calves that high lighted her sexy legs! When Andrew opened the door his eye's got very wide as he focused on S's chest and he stuttered for a moment as he greeted us! "P p please come in! Thank you so much for joining us we very glad you've come, please come in and meet everyone!"

We followed Andrew to the living room where we introduced ourselves to a very attractive mix of 4 couples and 3 solo guys and how funny but all the ladies were red heads! This was going to be fun! We had arrived just a little late and took the the last chair in the living room, an over stuffed recliner, I sat down and S hopped on to my lap. As I scanned the room taking everyone in S could feel me start to get aroused and turned and gave me a sexy wink and said "I know...right!" as she wiggled her ass on my stiffening cock!

At first the conversation was a little slow. But as we all relaxed and exchanged funny stories about different experiences we had all had with Craigslist and playing off the reservation it wasn't long before things started heating up! It was wonderful being part of the group and finding how much alike some of our experiences had been and how refreshing it was to find a group of such like minded people.

The conversation was becoming very erotic and I was having a hard time holding S back! Finally one of the other ladies said "OK, all this hot talk is getting me wet! Who's going to get this party started?!" We all laughed and looked at each other, but no one moved! Finally one good looking stud jumped up and said "Ooh what the heck, someones got to get this show on the road!" and started to unbutton his jeans and take his shirt off. In a flash it seemed he was naked standing at attention for us all to admire and then laid down in the middle of the living room floor and said "OK boys and's all your's!" And that's all it took, clothes started flying!

S hopped up off my lap and I grabbed the bottom of her LBD and wriggled it up and over her head. Underneath her dress she had on a brand new black and pearl shelf bra type teddy, black gartini pantyhose and black thong. I reached down and pulled her to me as she struggled with the button on my jeans and I kissed her deeply. She popped the button of my jeans loose unzipped me and as my stiff cock sprang from my fly she fell to her knees and took me in her mouth!

Other guys and girls had descended on the guy in the middle of the floor. One lady was sitting on his face sucking another guy while her husband was deep throating his ample package! As S was going at my cock with her hot mouth another stud knelt down next to her and grabbed the base of my shaft while S sucked me. In a second she released me and the young stud without missing a beat took me right to the back of his throat! S looked up at me and gave me a devilish smile and asked "Oooo...does that feel good Daddy?!" All I could do was grunt and say "Oh yes Mistress...very good!"

As S was watching the young stud go down on me she noticed a lovely lady named J sitting at the end of the couch. She looked up at me and said "Yummmm, I want some of that!" I smiled and said "Go get it baby, I'll watch from here!" S crawled to end of the crouch and took J's knees and gently parted them then reached up and took her panties off all the while staring into her eyes and smiling but not saying a word. As she took her panties off she took a quick whiff of them, sighed wantonly and then took Jennifer into her mouth! J writhed with pleasure and moaned wildly as S sucked on her hot clit and tongued her wet pussy!

I was getting hot watching S work J over with her mouth and about to bust in the studs mouth. I gently eased out of his mouth and said "Thanks, I'll be right back!" I walked around and knelt down behind J and the couch and reached around and took her ample heaving breast into my hands and began to tweak her nipples as S tongued her pussy wildly! She loved this! As I whispered in her ear and said "Give it to her J, give S you're hot cum, she's not going to stop until you cum in her mouth!" That sent her over the top as S munched down hard on her clit and J was quivering with pleasure and moaning "YES, YES, YES, just like that!" as she came all over S's hot tongue!

J laughed and sat up and said "Ooooh, you're wicked aren't you?!" as she took S's breasts into her hands and began to kiss and suck her nipples! S looked up at me and smiled and said "Daddy, I think she liked that!" J giggled as she sucked S's nipple and said "Oh yes that was wonderful, now it's my turn, switch places and let me have you!" So they switched spots and J began to tease S's g-spot with her finger as she looked up at me and smiled and winked. That was my cue to come around the couch to get behind her and hold her as she worked over S's juicy pussy with her fingers. J had a nice round bubble butt and was enjoying me fondling it and rubbing her pussy as she played with S's. As I was playing with J another stud stepped up and with out missing a beat J took him in her mouth and began to suck him as she played with S!

At this point my cock was throbbing and I was getting off on all the amazing action going on around us and J was so wet and juicy I couldn't resist slipping my hot cock into her! S was moaning with pleasure as J worked her over and J was moaning on the studs cock as I gave it to her from behind. In just a moment J put S over the top with a squirting orgasm. Just then J's husband C who had been watching everything from across the room came over and sat down next to S. C has a nice cock and in a second S was on it sucking him wildly! Just then I pulled out of J and put my throbbing cock in front of C's mouth and said "Here, suck your wife off of my cock!" and C took me deeply into his mouth savoring J's tasty juices!

Then S let go of C's cock and turned around on the couch so her hot pussy was up and open then she told C to come get her! She didn't have to tell him twice. He immediately jumped up and started to get behind her. All this time I'm still giving to J from behind and as C stands up to get into S I take in my mouth and suck his tasty cock until he's nice and wet then he slips it deep into S's pussy as she moans wildly and tells him to fuck her hard!

Now I'm really getting off watching all this while pounding on J's tight wet pussy and before I know it I'm ready to unload a big one! I tell S "Honey, Honey, I'm about to cum! Turn around, I want to cum in your mouth!" Hearing this C backs up so S can spin around just in time for me to squirt my huge load into her willing mouth! As S is savoring my juices I take C in my mouth so I can clean all of S's pussy juice off of his cock!

So far this evening has been the experience of a lifetime and that's just round one my friends...stay tuned for Part 2!
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11 months ago
Deliciously sexy story! I'm visualizing it and it's going to make me cum in just a few more strokes...
1 year ago
My goodness.

You two are AWESOME!
1 year ago just so happens we got just got some new kick ass material last Saturday night 3;-P
1 year ago
When do we get part two? And three?
1 year ago
I have no idea what you are talking about...
1 year ago
Great story -- looking forward to the sequel. Just sent a friend invite. Please accept.
1 year ago
Very hot
1 year ago
1 year ago
1 year ago
what a party, cock, cunt, and cum, I love it.
1 year ago
Damm this is hott!!