Playing at Boarding Room Part 3

I woke up with a sunlight hitting my eyes. Still naked, I got up to see for Mr. Ramos and I saw him preparing for his work.
"Oh. You're awake."
"Ye..." He then kiss me not finishing my one word reply.
"Bye" He left just saying that word

I went to our house but it still closed.
Two men went outside from BR A, Jerome and Kevin, they are one of the 4 men living on that BR.
"Ahm, is there left in your BR?" I ask gently
"Yeah. King and Junior left there 'cause they're off in duty." Kevin answered
"Can I stay there for awhile? 'cause our house is locked and my parents not home." I said in a c***dish way
"Yup. They are just having some coffee, you will meet them." Jerome approved
I just nod and knock the door. The door swung open and I found King wearimg only boxer shorts and I can see the very large tent formed on his boxer shorts. He saw me looking at his down and gave me smile
"What?" he asked
"Can I stay here 'cause our house still closed and I don't have..."
"Sure, come in." he interupted
I also see Junior wearing sando and boxer short. My heart pound. Why did I enter this hell? And what make me more nervous is that I saw Junior and King grin and then laugh.
I felt so nervous, I need to pee.
"Can I use your bathroom, I need to pee."
"'kay" Junior said shortly
I finish myself. I'm scared to get out because of what happen to me with Mr. Ramos but I don't regret it 'cause I enjoy it. Lol

I get out. I thought it will happen again then I just saw them in the living room, nothing to worry.

We're watching TV when they got up to their seats and get a towel. Thoughts and ideas race around my mind. They are going to take a shower together? What will they do?
My mind continues to think while watching TV. The suddenly there is a cock slap on my cheek from the back.
"It is a beautiful cock, isnt?" King said
But before I react, he shove his cock on my mouth. I gag because its a 10" cock and very fat. Then I feel someone's touching my pussy.
"Ahhhhh, this pussy." Junior said admiring my pussy
"Ahhhhh! It is so warm, so good. Yeah! SUCK IT BITCH!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!" King moan
I continue working on King's cock while Junior is licking my arse using his saliva, preparing it for fuck.
The door of the BR open and I froze. Two men come inside, Jerome and Kevin. Jerome is 6" 3, gym built body, and he is so handsome while Kevin is shorter about 6" and regular built body.
"What you're doing?" Jerome ask
I thought its the end. I thought they are going to tell it to my parents but then
"I thought we're going to do it together, all of us four?" Kevin added
I felt so relief hearing that thing, so I just continue sucking, and the two new comers take off their clothes. I see Jerome's cock, it is 10" and fatty while Kevin have 11" cock and as thick as my wrist. Jerome and King go to my mouth and I suck it simultaneously while Kevin goes under me and insert his cock then Junior insert also his cock inside me. The pain was so intense but I admire our position, Kevin lay on the floor, I'm on top of Kevin while Junior fucking me bareback. The pain of two cock inside me subside and feel the pleasure. My ass feel its pleasure while I'm sucking a two monster cock.

Jerome and King explode to my mouth, I swallow it and clean their cock and then followed by my two fucker, they explode their cum in my mouth. I thought it's over when the four of then change course. Their cock was still erected. The two I suck made their way to my ass and the two that fuck me position their cock on my face. Scared, I just do what we have done lately.
After giving ourselves pleasure, we sl**p while the cocks inside me and the other two, Kevin and Junior, sl**p with me hugging. I feel their four cocks until I blackout.

I dress up knowing my f****y is at home. I stay in the BR for a while 'cause they gave me a group kiss

To be continued...

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