Playing at Boarding Room Part 2

As Mr. Ramos saw what I've done, he went to his BR before Junior see him. Mr. Ramos is late 30's, he is 7'1, with a gym build body because he is working on a non-government organization as a rescue volunteer.

As soon as Mr. Ramos left, I got up and wear my uniform.
"Why you're in a hurry?" Junior ask
"It's just... it's all wrong!"
"Wrong? How come? You enjoy it, don't you?"
"Bye" And then I left.

Anger and fear, it's so hard to handle. I enter our house, it's open.
"Hey Shaizer, where have you been?" Mom ask
"Ah, I just... finished my projects at our library" I lied
"Okay. You want some..."
"Nothing mom. I beed some rest"

I always remember the things Junior and I have done but the smile of Mr. Ramos always interupt it.

The next day, I explain to Junior of what bother me when we had sex but not the thing that Mr. Ramos saw us having sex. So everytime Junior is off duty I go to the BR A and we give ourselves pleasure.

Until one day, our house and the BRs were emptied. Mr. Ramos came with his motor, fear run to all of my nerves,and I stand in my position frozen.
Mr. Ramos notice me, he then come over. I ask first before he say anything.
"Ahm sir, do you know where is my parents?" I ask feeling confident
"Yes, they told me to watch for you 'cause your lil' s****r got an accident and they think they will be there for overnight" he explain
My hair all over my body tingled not because of the accident but because of the things Mr. Ramos might do to me because he knows EVERYTHING. I don't know what will happen to me and then an option came into my mind.
"What about the others in the A? Where are they?"
"Oh. Your fucker?" he grin
Embarass, my face turn red hot
"They left after you left this morning, they have a trip in Quebec" he continued
SHHHIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! What will happen to me?!

We got to their BR. All things went okay. And then the cp of Mr. Ramos ring.
"Hello" Mr. Ramos greet "Ah, yes his here, his okay"....."Okay bye I'll take care of him." His last sentence to the other line was creepy, I don't know why but my heart start to pound.
"I need to pee" I said before he said something
"Okay" He point where is the CR but I don't care cause I know this place.

I'm going out to the bathroom when I saw him in the doorway naked. Seeing his 11" can thick cock fully erected make my cock also to erect. His belly was so hairy it makes me more horny.
"Much better isn't it?" he ask playfully. I nod like a slut. "Suck it" he order
I don't know why but my body move like it is very thirsty for cum. It is hard to suck because of its size, I stretch my mouth fully wide but it is not enough. Tears fell on my face when he fuck my mouth. I look up at him, his head tilted and his eyes are closed, he moan softly and the sound is like booster I make sure to make him pleased on what I'm doing to him. He remove his cock from me. He remove my uniform and open the shower, it's like the porn vid I fantasized before but now I experiencing it and wow! it is so enjoy. He position me facing the wall and I can feel he rub his cock to my arse
But he just lick my asshole for more suspense. Then he sit on the bowl and order me to ride on him
"You ride to me like what you've to your fucker"
I sit on top of him and insert his cock on mine. I feel like my ass will tear apart because it is much bigger than Junior.
About like an eternity, the pain subside and I feel the pleasure of being fucked. The moans of two of us become louder. Sweat drip on us.
He grip my waist and he explode his load inside me. The hot fluid feels so relaxing. I jerk off and empty my balls. My cum spread to his chest. We kissed while his still hard cock is inside me.
He grab me to the bedroom still wet with water and sweat also the cum dripping in my ass. We closed our eyes and slept while his cock is inside me.

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