Missed My Chance, But Never Again.

This is a true story. I was on a 3 day business trip and
settled into my motel room that evening after my
business meeting. It had been several months since I had
the opportunity to dress up. I showered, shaved and put on
my make-up and wig. I went to my dresser drawer and pulled
out my 6 strap black garterbelt and stockings. I sat down on the
bed and slowly put them on. My hands trembled as I attached my
garters to my stockings. Next I carefully and sensually pulled on my black nylon panties. Next I put on my black bra and leaned forward to insert my breast enhancers. Next came my 5 inch heels. It took me a few minutes to fasten the straps. The final garment was my black see
through negligee. I now felt totally feminine, relaxed and erotic. My room
was on a second story so I was not too concerned about
leaving my window shades open. I paraded around the room
in sheer ectasy. I made numerous trips back and forth in
front of the window, to fix another scotch
and water. At this point I was completely relaxed and thinking about the big climax I was going to treat myself to later. I was watching a tranny porno film on the VCR and wishing I had a male companion at that point. The more I watched the film and the tranny giving head the more excited I became. If only I had a guest? After about an hour I received a phone call
from a man staying in a room across the parking lot from
my room. He said to me on the phone that I was a big tease and
asked me what I was doing. He had seen me through my window. I told him just relaxing, drinking and watching aporno film. He asked if he could come to my
room. The drinks had relaxed me and I was not thinking
clearly and had no fear. I told him to come on over. In
about 2 minutes there was a knock at my door. I answered
it and there stood this handsome Afro American. I invited
him in and and I fixed him a drink. We sat and talked for
about an hour and he had a third drink. Nothing happened
after that. He then left. I still reflect back on his
visit and kick myself that I missed a golden opportunity.
I wish that I had been a little more aggressive. I know I
could have sucked his cock. If I ever have this
opportunity again I will not blow it so to speak.
29% (5/13)
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24 days ago
Naresh, I am flattered that you added my story to your blog. Obviously you enjoyed it almost as much as I did doing it. Yes I did miss that golden opportunity. :)
1 month ago
Yes you can bet we would have had a super good time. Sorry you were not there. :)
1 month ago
like all the others, I wish I had seen you in that Motel and come over for a "drink". hope you have made up for that missed opportunity!!
8 months ago
Darkstarr, I only wrote what really happened. If you only knew how many times I have replayed this in my mind, what I should have said to break the ice is that I had always heard Afro Americans were more well endowed and would he please confirm whether or not it is true. I am sure he would have taken me up on that and then I would go from there. I have played and replayed this over so many times over the years and kick myself for blowing this ( don't I wish).
8 months ago
Now I think you need to write this story the way that it should have gone. From the point where he came into your room, what do you think would have happened if you acted like the slut you are and reached out a felt his cock in his pants. What does the fantasy side of this story look like?
1 year ago
blkice, if I ever do I will certainly contact you. I think we would both be VERY happy.
1 year ago
2 years ago
cumwithme1, sorry it was not you. I would have felt much better :)
3 years ago
I can't imagine what he was thinking...if I had come over you would have had difficulty walking the next day :)
3 years ago
got to tske advantage when ever you can
3 years ago
yea it ended short but I also felt shorted. lol
4 years ago
great story...too bad it ended a bit short, but still a great night in the motel!