CD Driving While Dressed

I was making a 400 mile trip going south. I was driving
alone and wanted to dress up in my favorite outfit for my
day trip. After leaving home, so my wife would not know of
my traveling attire, I went to a nearby shopping center to
change into my outfit. I parked my truck in the parking
lot in an area that was not too busy with traffic. I
hurriedly removed my male clothes and reached into my
travel case to get my wig and black bra which I put on. I
then inserted my breast enhancers and looked down at my
chest to admire my large breasts. Next I slipped on my
black 6 strap garterbelt and pulled it up around my
waist. I then donned my black stockings and nervously
hooked all the garters to each stocking. I then dug out my
black nylon panties which I slipped into. By this time I
was so excited that I could see my pre-cum on the tip of
my cock which dampened my panties slightly. I had to sit
still for a few minutes and think about the trip, traffic,
etc. to get my mind off my excitement. I then put on my
black sheer long sleeve blouse. Next was my black miniskirt. As
I raised up in my seat to pull it up I could not help but
notice how my transformation was making me look like the
woman I longed to be. Finally I put on my 4 inch black
high heels. In order to connect the shoe straps I had to open
my truck door so I could bend down to hook the straps. My
transformation was almost complete. I put on lipstick
and makeup. If anyone saw me dressing I did not notice,
nor did I care as my mind was absorbed in my dressing. I
then drove my truck out of the shopping center and headed
through town heading toward the interstate. Once on the
interstate i started feeling feminine and natural. My game
plan now was to show off to the truckers giving them a
little excitement during their trip. I hiked up my
miniskirt to show my garters and stocking tops. Some
truckers would honk as I passed them ever so slowly. At
this point I was feeling like a true slut. The trip took
about 7 hours as I was sure to not exceed the speed limit
to avoid being stopped and given a speeeding ticket. I got up the nerve to stop for gas at a self service station. I was so excited as I pumped the gas and noticed several patrons admiring my slutting outfit. I felt like a real whore.
I can not wait to make my next trip driving in drag.
What a rush.

39% (9/15)
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2 years ago
Hope2nite, if you met me when I was all dressed up, would we get into trouble? :)
2 years ago
love to meet you dressed up
3 years ago
wow what happened on your trip did you get to suck some cock or get fucked in the let me know
4 years ago
Thanks Paula
4 years ago
Hi dear, great story! Keep going!!!
Kisses from Paula
4 years ago
Wow what happened next honey would make a grerat strory