Dancer by A.J. Baker

Chapter One A Villain Meets a Goddess

I turned fifty-nine and did not blink an eye because I thought all of my good years were long behind me, the eye blinking happened when I was about forty-five. For the last f******n years I have just gone through the motions, really not caring about getting laid, I ended up being the primary care giver for my younger b*****r who is nuts. Sorry for that, but he is bipolar, and he plays it up and gets everything he can out of it. I should not complain, after all it gives me a pretty good tax deduction for looking after him. Sure you can think of me as callous, but the reality is that being nuts is a free ticket for any lazy asshole that wants to work the system.

I finally got out of that situation, but it was way to late to get my own life back on track, or so I thought. I moved into a hotel that caters to men who are single and older. Most of the other guys in here are living on disability pensions and such, but the one redeeming factor about this place is that downstairs there is one of the best peeler bars in the area. The bar brings in the top-notch exotic dancers that you can find, and they stay in the hotel for the six days that they are dancing here.

I never go down there to watch them, but I get the pleasure of seeing them coming and going from their change rooms to and from the stage. Most of them are just hard working girls, nice enough except for the few that are prima donnas that really think that they are God’s gift to men. Right. The only gift God gave to men was a penis.

For at about eight months of living here, I really did not pay much attention to any of them until I met Cheryl. She billed herself as Dianna, Goddess of Love. If a Goddess is only s*******n years old, then she might very well fit the bill. I only knew her as Cheryl, the girl that brought me back to the land of the living.

The land of the living, not really a place that I cared to visit again. Did you know that there are actually people that give a dam? Forgive me for being so damn cynical, but before I took over the responsibility of looking after my b*****r, I had a very good life.
A job the allowed me to travel, an income that gave me the money to enjoy myself, and I was very involved in a lifestyle that was exciting. The women that I did meet called me Master, or Sir. They knelt at my feet and obeyed every whim that I had. I gave all of that up because my b*****r was diagnosed as chronically depressed, which meant that he could just kill himself because the coffee table had too much junk on it and he could not deal with it.

Okay, I do not want to dwell on the negative crap that led me to this point in my life because when all is said and done, I do not have much to complain about. Thanks to Cheryl. Thanks to Cheryl I am recharged. Thanks to Cheryl I want to get up tomorrow to see what the day brings me. Thanks to Cheryl, I did not end up like my b*****r.

I heard a knock on my door one evening when I was listening to some music I had downloaded on my computer. It was a group called Snakefarm that I had found on a site that allowed you to download albums for free. I had my sound cranked for a couple of reasons. One was that it was after three in the afternoon and the scary fat cow that ran the hotel was gone for the day and I could get away with having my music louder; the other reason was I had a new piece of software that made my average speakers sound like Bose. When I heard someone knocking, I was tempted to ignore it because most of the time someone was on the other side that wanted to bum tobacco off of me, or cigarette papers, whatever it was it usually was something that never made its way back to me if I gave it away. I was in a good mood that day so I got up and opened the door and to my surprise there was this absolutely gorgeous girl standing there.

“Hi, I heard the music you are playing and I just had to find out who it is.”

She was not only gorgeous, but young and vibrant, she seemed to vibrate with enthusiasm as she talked to me. She was dressed in blue jeans with a nice fitting tie die top and of course it would be easy to tell that she was one of the dancers. My biggest problem is I do not trust easily, so when this vision of loveliness appeared at my door asking about the music I was listening to, I naturally did not accept her inquisitiveness at face value.

“Snakefarm, is there anything else?”

“Well, you could invite me in to listen to more of the album.”

I had to admit that her response to my response caught me off guard for a second or two. I even considered telling her to get lost, but she reminded me of someone from my long lost past. There is a moment in everyone’s life where something happens in the realm of existentialism, sort of a moment when you know that you have do go against your nature and do something that you could never imagine yourself doing. This turned out to be such a moment.

“Then come in, I would offer you a chair but there is only one in this room, so you have the whole be to yourself.”

“Thank you, my name is Cheryl, and I have to apologize for interrupting you but I heard the music and I am looking for something new for my act and I really like this sound.”

“So Cheryl, you like this band, I am just trying them out, I have not really formed an opinion yet, but seeing as you like them, I will keep an open mind.”

“Where are your speakers?” She was looking around my little room and could not see my little computer speakers anywhere. The speakers that she was looking for were only about sixteen cubic inches each, and I had them almost hidden, one under a table and the other behind my flat screen monitor.

“Tell me something Cheryl, I have always been curious about strippers, what the fuck are you doing taking your clothes off in front of so many men? Does it give you some sort of sexual rush or is it just money?”

“What the fuck kind of question is that?”

“I don’t know, the kind of question one asks a girl that takes her clothes off for a living I would suppose.”

“You are an asshole, shove your music up your ass, I am out of here.”

“I could not agree with you more, I am an asshole, but I do not go around bothering people just because they are listening to music that I happen to like. I guess that you do not have an answer to my question then.”

“The money.”

“See, that was not so hard, and to be honest, I hoped that you would say that.”

“Are you k**ding? Most men would want the other answer; they want a girl to get some sort of sexual thing out of performing. Why do you like money as the reason?”

“No reason that would make sense, I can accept money as an honest motivator, not that sexual would not be honest, but it would put me in a group of men that I really do not want to belong to.”

“Wow, I never heard anyone put it like that before, men always objectify me as a sexual object because of what I do for a living. Why are you different?”

“Look, you knocked on my door for some music, take your time and listen to it, if you would rather, I could burn a disk for you and you can come back and pick it up later. I really do not care to start yakking about who or what I am, or for that matter what you are.”

“Okay, I will take you up on your offer. Thank you for your time, and I am sorry that I bugged you.”

“Good, come back in a couple of hours, your disk will be ready then.”

Now, if you are male and reading this, you will think me insane, of course if you are of the fairer gender, then you will think me rude. I might be both, but in my view of things I am just a guy that does not like to waste time. I am at an age where time has more value because there is not a lot of it left. So in my mind, there is really no sense in spending my time with anyone who is forty some years younger than I am if she is not a granddaughter or a caregiver.

Why should I? It is not as if she is going to be a friend, or jump into bed with some guy that much older than she is. What would the odds of that be? Besides, when you live in a place like this, you become wary of anyone who just happens into your life. Best to keep an arms distance and not give them the chance to take you for a ride. Being a man of my word though, I put a blank disk in my pc and started the process of burning some music for her, there was lots of space so I added a couple of other artists that I had found that ran along the same lines as what she liked. Honestly I figured that she would not bother coming back as I had been down right rude so when the disk was finished being burned I put it in with my other music disks after labeling it in ink.

When she did come back I was just throwing on a jacket to go over to the Sally Ann building for dinner. “Cheryl, I was just going out, hold on a minute and I will get you your disk. I see you are heading downstairs to dance.”

“Thank you, are you coming down to watch?”

“No, I am off to eat dinner, besides, I am long passed the time of my life where watching dancers holds any appeal for me. Good luck though, have a good show.”

She was looking at me oddly as she held the music disk in her hand. “Thanks again. You never told me your name.” I was not in a hurry as I had a good half an hour before they started serving, but if you did not get there soon enough the chances of sitting with some unsavory characters was greatly increased.

I started through my doorway even though she was still standing in it so I had to take her elbow and gently start moving her into the hall so that I could close the door. “Alan, now Cheryl if there is nothing more, I must be on my way.” She was really looking puzzled now. She seemed to be standing her ground as if I had forgotten something.

“Do I owe you anything for this?”

“Hell no, it is a gift from one music lover to another. Music is free on the Internet after all.”

“Yes but you took the time to make this disk.”

“Honey, there was no effort involved at all, trust me that I do not go out of my way for anyone anymore, just take it and go, I have to run.”

I was halfway down the hallway when I heard her call my name. I turned to see what she wanted and she was still in the same spot outside of my doorway. “Why are you so rude? I have not done anything to deserve you being this way, I do not understand why you can do something as nice as this and be rude at the same time?”

“Rude? No, I am brusque maybe, would not consider that as rude, just efficient with my time.”

“Hmmm, I am not convinced, are you going to be rude to me if I come back later on to visit you?” Now I was more than a bit taken back by that idea but if she wanted to waste her time visiting me, I was not going to throw her out.

“Try me and see for yourself, later then.” I waved as I turned to make my way down the hall.

It was Friday night and that is the worse night of the week where I live with the exception of Saturday night. Just below me in the hotel is a sports bar/disco that brings in big crowds of young people that like that crappy music that has only one beat no matter what song is being played by an equally crappy DJ. I cannot figure out how they can keep going back but I suppose it is the only place that they can go to get themselves laid. After all anyone stupid enough to dance all night long to the same beat had to be stupid enough to spread her legs for any dick that wants to park there.

I do not have enough money to buy crack everyday, so if I can afford a bottle of wine then I get the biggest one that I can and try and get d***k enough to suffer through my room shaking with the racket from below. Sometimes I have a movie downloaded so I put my headphones on and crank the sound with the hope of overriding the noise.

This particular night however I had no movie so I turned on the television and flicked through the channels and settled on a movie that I had seen before, probably a couple of times. The movie was much as I expected and I found my thoughts continually drifting back to my incident with Cheryl. I could not help but think of her as she easily fit into what I found attractive in a woman, physically especially.

Almost completely black hair, blue eyes, petite as she could not have been taller that 5’3” and of course her figure was very nice being a dancer and all. But it was not her looks that I kept thinking about, it was her attitude and she did seem like she was trying to be friendly which did not fit with my experience with girls in her profession.

I tried hard not to think about her, I knew that if I did, I was going end up crashing and that was something that I had no intention of doing again. My policy was don’t get involved, no friends, no women, no worry. Hell, it works for me. My b*****r lives two blocks from me now and I can’t be bothered with him either. I did my time there already.

The knock on my door was louder than usual, more like the ones that management uses when they figure you are doing something against the rules, music too loud or a hooker in your room. I had neither of those, so I yelled for whomever it was to hold on and I pulled myself out of my chair and made my way to the door.

She brushed passed me wearing a pink satin robe, too much perfume with a bottle of scotch in one hand and two glasses in the other. “What a fucked up bunch of perverts in that fucking bar tonight, I thought I was never going to finish my shift.” She just up and made herself at home on my bed and handed me a glass. “Do you mind opening this and pouring me a drink? Sorry if you take mix with your whisky, or ice, you could probably get both down in the beer and wine store.”

“And ruin good scotch? I do not think so.” I opened the bottle and poured slowly waiting for her to say when. I filled her glass as she silently watched the amber liquid pouring from the bottle. I made my drink the same size and screwed the cap back on the bottle. She was holding her glass up for me to clink, so I did the mandatory toast thing with out saying anything.

“So what are you up to, I hope that I am not disturbing anything important.” Her tone sounded as if she really did not think that there was anything more important than her or that bottle.

“Nothing more important than watching a rap singer rescue the president. Your show did not go well then?”

“No big deal now that it is over with, a girl has to put up with some shit to make a buck, it is no different than any other job I suppose except the dumbasses think that you owe them something because they showed up.”

“Well, if not for them, you would not have a job that pays so well, right?”

“True, still they could grow up a bit, they all act like freaking k**s trying to cop a feel on their first date. Most of them probably never got that far with a girl yet.”

We both took a moment to take a swig of liquor; I did enjoy the smooth heat it produced as it went down. I looked at the label to find that it was a bottle of Glenfiddich, a nice single malt aged for 18 years. “Good stuff” I nodded my approval at the bottle.

“I like it, I take a couple of bottles with me when I am staying where I am working, it beats paying the price in the bar and drinking where the creeps can try and climb all over me.”

“So now I am the one who is confused, I know it is the money but if you hate the clients so much why do you keep it up?”

“Al, it is not always this bad, usually most nights are not a problem, but when you get a bad crowd it starts off with a couple of goofs and then it seems they are all trying to out asshole each other. Tonight was like that, I almost disappeared and I would have if I had not met you earlier. The rest of the music on the disk is great too, you have good taste.”

“Not really a matter of my taste as yours, it just was the right music to go along with the one you wanted me to burn.”

“You figured that out and found that music to put together that fast? How quick do you think you could throw together say fifteen minutes for a dance routine?”

“That would be asking a lot, I do not even know what exotic dancers dance to these days, I have not been in a strip club for at least sixteen years.” I realized something and then grinned. “You were probably in diapers when I last went to a peeler bar.” She started to laugh so hard she almost choked on the scotch she was trying to swallow.

“You are right, at the very least I was still looking at knees.” I was starting to like this young girl, she seemed to be at ease with me and that was never an easy thing for anyone these days. At sometime or another I had decided that I was a mean old man and I was getting better at it, somehow this girl was disarming.

“Let me tell you something girl, I like my space, I keep it to myself and it is rare that I let anyone invade it, somehow you managed to get by my guard. Now that I have told you that, you can tell me what it is you are doing here.”

“Why I am here because you said I could be. Does it not make sense that I would rather be with someone that is not looking at me as sexual object so that I can feel at ease?”

“Damned if that does not make some kind of sense. I will qualify that though, it is only fair. While I do not think of you as a sexual object, I am not immune to your charms, so if you want to feel comfortable you might consider wearing more than what you are in right now.”

“Good, I do not want to be an object, but that does not mean that I do not want you to find me attractive. I would be crushed if you were immune to my charms.” I really was not sure that I was hearing her right, so I decided to have another drink to see if that would improve my hearing.

I cleared my throat. “So, this music for dancing, what is it you are thinking about?”

“I was thinking that you could make a CD for me to try, I will leave it to you what you put on it, I am looking for good music that I can dance to, but music that is not being played on the radio constantly, you know what I mean?”

I thought about it for a bit, the idea was appealing for some reason. “Okay, let’s try something.” I sat down and brought my music files on my computer. I already knew the first song and the next one came quickly as I was loading the first one onto my music player, I found the second one but had to sit for a minute before an idea came to me. I found two more tunes, put one of them to play second, the second one became third and the last one finished off bringing the total minutes to just less than fifteen. Once they were set up I pressed play and sat back.

One of the girls that worked in the hotel had given me a computer for doing her a favor, it was a nice little unit that had some software on it that really made my speakers sound good. Cheryl finished her drink and then closed her eyes as she started swaying her body in time to the music. She did not make a sound for the whole fifteen minutes of sound, when the music ended she slowly let her eyes open and I found those incredible blue irises pointed right at me. “You nailed it first time out! Too bad there is no room in here to dance, I could show you what you inspired in me.” Hell I was flattered, who would not be? I shook my head to shake off the direction my mind was taking.

“Well, I suppose that I could come and watch you.”

“No, that will not do, the first time I dance to your composition can only be for you alone. Anything else would spoil it.”

“I need another drink, you?”

“Yeah, better make it a big one like the first.”

I happily poured the drinks as it gave me something to do that helped prevent me from slipping into some insane fantasy of this beautiful girl dancing for me alone. Whew she almost had me there.

A good stiff jolt of scotch makes everything normal again. I had to assume that I had slipped into one of those old man states of mind where you went off into some odd fantasyland for a moment.

“I was gone for a minute but I am back now.”


“Never mind I was just slipped away for a minute, I had this odd fantasy that you were dancing for me. Not to worry though, I have a handle on it now.”

“Oh you silly man, I am going to dance for you, that is if you want me to.”

“Then we will have to come up with a place for you to do just that. In the mean time I will just enjoy your company. I feel good right now and I would not want to spoil the moment by complications.”

“I know what you mean, do you mind if I ask you something, if it is to personal, then just tell me it is none of my business.”

“Well in that case you can ask.”

“You seem so determined to keep people at a distance, why is that, did someone hurt you?”

“I haven’t been hurt anymore than anyone else, no, it is more that people disappoint me continually, if you let them in they take a part of you, they cut you up piece by piece and leave you with nothing of yourself left. They pretend to be your friend and then it turns out that they want your energy not your friendship. I am just tired of people letting me down.”

“That sounds like pain.”

“It was at one time, now it is the absence of pain because I do not allow anyone to get into my space anymore. You are a visitor and you can be here because after tomorrow you will be gone. You will not be back here for months if you ever even make it back so there is nothing to fear from allowing you to share my space for a moment in time.”

“When is the last time you were in love?”

“Who says I am not in love right now?”

“Are you?”

“I will explain it this way, if you believe that love is permanent, then I have never been in love, if you believe it is transitory, then I have been in love a thousand times and I am in love right now.”

“Hmmm, not sure what that means. I had you pegged for a romantic. So what do you do? I mean you do not just sit around and do nothing do you?”

“I survive, I work when it is necessary, when it is not, I write, I explore the world, I find music.”

“What do you write?”

“Some of what I write is about my experiences, mostly from when I was a very unlikable person. Some is about what I should have been, or maybe could have been if I had made better choices. Some is just pure fiction even a little bit of pornography. My best stuff is about human bondage.”

“Bondage? What do you mean by that?”

“Just that all of us are slaves to something, some of us by choice, and others because it is f***e upon us. If we are not slaves, then we have become Masters.”

“And you? What are you a slave to? Or have you become a Master?”

“You can only know the answer to that by knowing me.”

“Gads you sure do fuck with a girl’s head. What do you say we lighten up what we are talking about.”

“I have no problem with that, does that mean you are not going to pry anymore?”

“Yeah, I see that prying into your head will just fuck up mine.”

“Good point. So tell me, what is the best thing that has ever happened to you?”

Cheryl started talking about some trip she had gone on with her parents in one of those RV,s you can rent. I listened to her ramble on while studying her features. I really had a weakness for brunettes with blue eyes, but what really got my attention was the fact that she did not have one of those huge racks that peelers like to get. She had her real breasts and they were small, just perfect. Another thing that I liked was that she did not purposely display herself, she kept her robe done up tightly so there was no way I could peek at her charms.

After her story was finished, I decided that this was enough for me and it was time to send her on her way. “Would you like me to walk you back to your room?”

“You are getting rid of me? I am shocked, and hurt.”

“Well you should be pleased that I still think enough of you that I am not trying to get between your legs. On the other hand, I have had enough to drink, and if you stay longer I will have had too much to drink. I am not a nice person when I drink too much.”

“Okay, fair enough, I have enjoyed myself tonight, you really helped get me out of a bad space.” She leaned into me and kissed me. More of a thank you kiss than a hot kiss, but it was very enjoyable. I had not been kissed that way for quite a while.

I walked her to her room, which in this little hotel did not take long, she did not ask me in and I knew better than to ask. As I walked back to my room I met Neil just coming in from one of his nightly walkabouts. Neil is much the same as my b*****r in mental illness department and was having a very rough time because his son had committed suicide fairly recently. He lived across the hall from me and whenever he was particularly bad I would talk to him and try to get him out of the ugly place he was in.

He seemed to be in a good space tonight, something that happened more these days, so I stopped in room to talk for a few minutes. I was stripping down my other computer so that I could lend it to him without there being anything on it that he should not see. Hell you never know what will set someone off when they are bipolar so I meant to just leave a few programs on it that he might get use out of, but no pictures, videos or written material. Music was good so I was copying what I wanted off of it and leaving the rest for him to sort through.

It was late so we kept our conversation short and I went back to my room to play online poker. I do not sl**p a lot, if I do it normally happens in the morning between 6 and 11. Other than that, I probably spend far more time on my computer than I should. I logged on to my favorite poker site and found a game of Badugi that had just started.

I do not have as much patience as I had when I was younger, or maybe it is just that there seem to be far to many people playing poker who are just plain idiots and one trick ponies. With that going on, I tend to just fold unless I have a hand that is as close to a sure thing as possible, after the riff raff gets rid of itself, then I dig in and apply myself to the game. With not much to think about in the game, I found myself thinking about Cheryl. Dangerous stuff that, thinking about a young girl at my age.

I knew the best course of action would be to just put her out of my mind and carry on as I always did. There was one thing I had to do first mostly because I had sort of implied that I would do it for her. I set up my disk burning software to make a seamless music CD and added the music that I had played for her. Then I set the disk to burn and went back to the game.

Lots of players from the old USSR as well as a flood of newbies from the Latin countries that had recently been allowed to play. Most of these guys did not have a clue how to play Badugi so I decided to dig in and see if I could take advantage of their lack of know how. I managed to grab a few good pots in the next twenty and then it started to get stingy, cards were not coming to me, so I took a break and listened the disk to make sure that it had turned out right. After playing it back, I decided that it was indeed a pretty good job.

Three hours later the sun was up and I was still in the tournament and unfortunately I was allowing some jerk to get under my skin. This never goes well for me so I took a break and put on a pot of coffee, which happens to be the only thing I can do in my room as far as food goes. While the coffee was dripping I looked for a case for Cheryl’s disk but there was not an extra one anywhere and I really did not want to leave any of mine unprotected so she was going to have to do without.

I sat down to my poker game with a fresh cup of coffee and high expectations; I was very close to being in the money in this tournament. I remember playing a few hands before waking up to someone knocking on my door. My screen was dark so I hit a key to discover that I had fallen asl**p and finished barely well enough to win back my entry fee. I answered the door to find a bright-eyed smiling Cheryl standing there.

“You look like you have not been to sl**p.”

“Good morning to you to. Actually I did sl**p in my chair but I have no idea for how long. Do you always get up this early?”

“Making me stand out in the hall?”

“Oh hell, you can come in, I might even have coffee if it is not to dark for you.”

She squeezed passed me into my room. She was dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt; hell she made everything she wore look good. Instead of sitting on my bed she went straight to the only chair I had and sat down putting her feet up and drawing her knees up to her chin. Cute.

“So? What brings you here so freaking early in the day? Do you want coffee?”

“Coffee no, it looks like you need it more than I do. I just thought you might want to have breakfast.”

“Coffee is my breakfast, sometimes it is my lunch.”

“Ewww, listen, you know the neighborhood better than I do, come with me and I will treat you to breakfast, just take me somewhere where I can get a good big mess of bacon and eggs.”

“You are a relentless little thing aren’t you? Sure, I will take you to my favorite place and introduce you as my granddaughter.”

“You are so funny, do you have a granddaughter?”

“A couple of them, and might even have a great grand by now. No one really keeps me in the loop.”

“Wow you are older than I thought.”

“I am scared to ask what you thought. But before I go anywhere, I need to shower, maybe sc**** my teeth, and change clothes. Do you want to wait in your room?”

“No, I will wait here. Can I look through your music files while you are doing all of that?”

“Sure, why not, just stick to the music though if you do not mind. I cut a disk for you, it is in the dvd drive. Give it a listen if you want.”

“So what is in your other files that I cannot look at?”

“Hey Miss Nosy Parker, just never mind, I just prefer you do as I ask.”

“I suppose I can try, but don’t blame me if my curiosity gets the better of me.”

“Grrrr.” I really did not give a damn what she did, I was just trying to protect her from being shocked. I found some clean clothes, took my toothbrush with me into the bathroom and started the water for my shower.

I came out of the bathroom feeling refreshed and almost alive. Cheryl had been nosy and was busy reading one of my word files, which meant she was reading something that I wrote. “Did you find the disk to your liking?”

“It was perfect, I like that it was seamless, I do not like breaks in the music when I am dancing they create a few seconds of awkward time. Sometimes that is all it takes to get the idiots going. I like your story, you write pretty good.”

“Which story is that?”

“Lil Red Betsy”

“What makes you think that I wrote it? Is the author’s name not B. Shelly?”

“Give me a break, it is obvious that you wrote it and are using a pen name because you wrote it from the view of the girl. It is almost believable that a girl wrote it, but there are some giveaways.”

“Maybe I should make you my editor.”

“We can make a trade, you can make music disks, and I will edit your stories.”

“A match made in heaven.” I put that out there in my most sarcastic voice.

She got up from the chair after closing what she was reading as she seemed to want to get going. “I do not have a jewel case for that disk. Do you have anything in your room you can use?”

She patted her bag. “I have it in my cd holder already. I have one of those zipper cases for my music. Thanks again, I am going to start on a routine for that tomorrow.” She grinned at me wickedly, as she brushed passed me on the way to the door. This time she did it slowly making sure that her nipples brushed my chest on the way by. Damn her nipples were sure long and hard. I thought of how I had described Lil Red and realized why Cheryl was grinning. Little brat I thought, but then started to grin myself.

We were walking down the street towards my favorite little Chinese café that served a good breakfast for a very good price. Cheryl shorter steps made it seem like she was having a hard time keeping up so I slowed a bit. She immediately hooked her arm in mine and started chattering about how it was so lovely here compared to the urban city that we are a distant suburb of. She was right, I did not take the time to appreciate how really beautiful it was here as much as I should, I really had to start getting out of my room more.

It was a long block to the restaurant but I found that I did not even notice walking there as I was becoming captivated by this little chatterbox. We almost walked by it, but she stopped and said, we should go here, look at the price for breakfast.

“Sure, this will do.” I reached passed her and opened the door allowing her to go in first. I am such a gentleman, but truthfully, why pass up a chance to view such a gorgeous tight ass? She headed to a table and sat down before I could get her chair, so I went up to the counter to let Peter know we were there. I looked back at Cheryl who was studying the menus that covered the walls. “Do you want coffee?”

“I could start with that sure. Have you been here before?”

“Actually I was taking you here, but I was distracted by the scenery and walked right by the door.”

“The scenery had better have been me.” She gave me a reproachful look as if I had done something wrong.

“Are you k**ding me? I get to see the same buildings and the same trees and mountains anytime I like, but you are the biggest improvement to the looks of this burg we have had since the facelift, bigger than that even.” That made her sit up and preen herself.

“You say all of the best things. Now what are you having for breakfast? It better be more than coffee.”

I was just about to answer when Peter came out of the back and greeted me with his usual greeting. “Mister Burrows, long time no see! You having your usual? Oh, who is this pretty girl? She your daughter?”

“Nice try Peter, my daughter is your age, but thanks. No this is Cheryl she showed up on my doorstep and dragged me out for breakfast.”

“Hi Peter, I am his girlfriend.” That stopped him in his tracks and he gaped at her, then at me. The nice thing about Peter is that he is gullible, but he recovers fast.

“Good, he needs a good woman to look after him. My wife wants to set him up with her friend but he seems to be able to avoid her when she is trying.” His big smile was back and all of us had a good laugh about that. “So missy, what you want to eat?”

“Well I am starved to I will take bacon and eggs over easy, whole wheat toast, double the bacon and give me three eggs. Oh, can you make my hash browns crispy?” He just had to gape again.

“Okay, and same for you Mister Burrows?” I was about to say that I just wanted my usual, but Cheryl beat me to it and doubled my order.

After Peter left, she started adding sugar and cream to her coffee. “Don’t worry if you cannot eat it all, I will finish it for you.” My turn to gape.

“I guess you burn a lot of energy when you are dancing so I should not be surprised. I actually like a girl that is not shy about her appetite. The worse thing is when a woman orders a salad and then eats half of your food while pretending she is just nibbling.” She almost screamed with laughter.

“You have a way with words, you really say what you think, but you do it with humor. I like that.”

“I try to say what I think, not everyone finds it humorous though.”

“So Alan, are you going to give me a chance?”

“A chance at what?”

“Well chances to get to know you, be your lover, learn from you, you know, the normal stuff a girlfriend does.” She was almost unreadable as I tried to determine how serious she was being. It seemed like there was a touch of hope in her voice and manner.

“Cheryl, you know what you are asking, I mean you know that you and I would have little chance to be a couple. Right? Hell I should not even be giving this conversation any credibility, but I sense that you are serious and I would like to know why?”

“Okay, that is all I can ask, is that you listen. I thought you were a jerk in the first moment that I met you, but you changed my opinion of you in the next moment. That made me curious, then you started with doing the nice things, like burning music for me, allowing me to visit last night when I needed someone to just be a friend after a rough night. You could have made a move on me last night and I probably would have been glad you did, but instead you treated me like a friend.”

As I listened to her, I started to appreciate her astuteness, she thought about things instead of being just a girl that reacts.

“You really impressed me with how quickly you put together that music set when I challenged you, and trust me, that is hardly ever done so easily. I won’t go on about how guys close to my age are shallow and stupid, and if they are not, they think I am. You do not treat me that way, you ask pertinent questions and you listen to the answers. Then of course you know about things that I would like to learn. So there you have it. No bullshit, I really would like to know you.”

“Fair enough, but you can know me without being a girlfriend or lover. I am more than willing to be friends with you, after all, you do not strike me as a girl that needs a man three times her age to hold her back.”

“I figured you would say that, but can you teach me about submissiveness without being my lover?

“Now that came out of left field. Where did you get that idea?”

“I read what you wrote, it is an integral part of your story and you could not have written that without some knowledge. I think it makes you even sexier than just having a brain.”

“Whew, you certainly give a guy something to think about. I will tell you what, we need to talk this over, but breakfast is here now, I think better when I have a full stomach.” Cheryl smiled at me with what I can only describe as triumph. Right there I knew that I was going to at the very least test the waters.

She ate with gusto, a starving c***d worried that she would never see this much food for a long time. I see people eat like this everyday at the Caring Place, hell I probably do it myself when I have gone a day or two without eating. Somehow I suspect with her it as the need for fuel knowing that she was going to work it off very soon. I became tempted to go and watch her dance.

“Maybe I will come and catch your first set today.” I picked up my toast and dipped in my soft yolks.

“Would you? I mean I would like it if you did, you could tell me what you think, you know? Like you could tell me how to be better.”

“I appreciate your faith in me, why don’t I just come because I want to enjoy myself by watching you do something you love to do.”

She looked a little abashed at that, I almost felt bad, but then she brightened up. “Gee, I like that. I will dance for you, just remember no matter how many people are there, I am dancing for you as if you are the only one there.”

“Many years ago, I was in my early forties, I was teaching a young girl much like you, not as pretty, but she had your spirit. That was when I found out my b*****r was bipolar and living in a fleabag hotel, worse than where I am, so I sent her away and took my b*****r in. He was with me until a year ago. I spent 14 years as his caregiver and in that whole time I only touched a woman 3 times, well 3 women several times, but you get what I mean.”

“You mean that you have been alone for almost 14 years? How could you?”

“It was hard at first, then it got harder, after a while it was really freaking hard. Somewhere it quit mattering and it has been easy ever since. Now that it is easy, I am not really convinced that I want to risk making it matter again.”

“So you are telling me that you will not give me a chance?”

“I am telling you that it is too late, after all, love is transitory and no one knows that better than I do.”

“So you are saying that you will give me a chance.”

“Yes, I am not going to commit to anything more than taking another step with you. But I have decided that there is something you need to learn from me, and that is why we met.”

“I am not sure I understand, my chance is to learn one step from you?”

I grinned at her, “You are having fun with me now, you little brat. Just feel lucky that I do not put you over my knee and spank your ass right here for being a smart ass.”

“Could you do that when we get back to your room?”

Peter saved me from answering by showing up to pour coffee for us. “You two are a very funny couple, too bad wife is not here!”

“Give me a break Peter, and don’t be telling your wife to quit looking for me, I am getting to that age where I will need a woman to change my diapers for me.”

“You very funny, Mister Burrow, you still young man, my wife find you a good wife.”

“So what is with them? Do you have a lot of people trying to hook you up?”

“Thankfully it is just them, and so far just fun, at least I hope that is all it is.”

“You did not tell me. I mean what you said I need to learn from you, the reason we met.”

“Good, you accept that then. You need me to teach you how to be confident, for some reason you also realize that you can learn that through submissiveness. Do you have any idea why you know that?” She stared at me as if I was nuts.

“I am not confident? You could have fooled me.”

“The reason I know this is because the pack has such an effect on you. If you were confident then the pack would not even bother trying to get a rise out of you when you are on stage because they would sense that they would not be able to get to you. Also, you are always looking for affirmation, and even though you have just met me you sense that I could give that to you. I do not choose to do that, but I will teach you to not need it.”

“Gads, you really don’t make sense sometimes.”

“Give it time, you are smart enough to figure it out when you apply yourself.”

Cheryl was quiet as she finished eating her food, once in a while she would look at me as if she was going to say something, then she would take another bite, or a sip of coffee. “You are telling me that the guys that bother me when I am on stage have a pack mentality, that the somehow sense that I am their bitch because I exude a vibe that tells them I am afraid of them. The other thing you are telling me is that I met you because I need to learn how to stop that.”

“What do you think of that?”

“I am not too sure, it seems like a lot to take in, all I can think of right now is that either you are very perceptive, or very crazy. Does crazy run in your f****y?”

“Yes, it does sadly enough.”

She lifted her coffee to her lips but did not drink, she studied me intensely over the top of her cup. “I came to you, I asked you to give me a chance, so I am going to take a chance and trust you. For some reason you make sense, and for some reason I believe in you.”

“Shall we go then? Your first lesson is complete and I believe you must have to get ready for your lunch hour show.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good girl.”

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i love, love, love this story. Cant wait to read more... it is very sexy and it really draws your in. Thank you for sharing your talents