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Personal Information
Star sign:Pisces
Physical Information
Body type:Athletic
Height:5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
Hair length:Long
Hair color:Blonde
Eye color:Green
About Me
Character name: Shadow Dancer

Occupation: Super Villainess
Place of Birth: Unknown
Marital status: Unknown
Known relatives: Unknown
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 123lbs
Age: 39
Measurement: 36DD - 24 - 36
Eyes: Dark Green
Hair: Long, just above the small
of her back, thick blonde hair.
Base of operation: Shadows Grotto, mansion estate
located at Black Haven.

Bondage Humiliation Sex
Light torture Slavery Anal Play
Superheroine Catfights Tentacle Impregnation Erotic BDSM
Fights Non Sexual Wrestling Bimbofication Tickle fights & Submission
Capture scenes Breast Expansion

And anything generally fun (Ask for other role plays not listed above) I do non-sex fights and role plays too :) please don’t just assume that I just do sexual.

===== Dislikes, Limits and Preferences
- No Scat - No Snuff
- No Death Scenes - No Incest
- No Toilet Play - I don’t like Fake Friends.
- She-males and Herms are ok.
- No Role plays based on clubs & restaurants to just pick up. I work at a club for real I don’t particularly want to do role plays about them here on SL.
- Some things that get under my skin : Being put on invisible for long periods of time those hiding and avoid doing role plays or interact after being added for a month +. If you want to be my friend... be a friend not someone who adds and never do anything with or interact. I’m looking for friends not someone to add someone and never see or do anything with them again.

I am bi but I prefer to play with other females.
Rude Individuals will be ignored & placed on mute & reported.

1-HAYAO – Rude & clickish.
• Was at this sim for 3 months, rude, clickish and very much so a private play area although it claims to be a “Totally Immersed” there is no room for new persons with new looking AV’s, no place for new persons to jump into a ongoing storyline. You must wear their tags, you have to be APPROVED before you can play. I know of 9 friends who have waited for 9+ months only to receive a no you cannot play in the storyline.
• When I went to the owner to complain about the rudeness in the sim no solution was given other than to Ban me from the sim and Eject from his group. Was placed on a permanent ban list from the sim / Estate.
2- Gotham City
• Run by the same persons from Hayao.
3- Virtue City.
• Ruling members are part of the Hayao group.
4- Paradise City –
• This place is more rude than Hayao. Filled with lots of bots too. Most of the cops in the sim are bots.

5- Tofte – Recently management has been taken over by Hayao members.
• Was removed as admin day 1 and items returned back to inventory.
• I do not recommend this sim due to that it is Hayao oriented.

All the places above listed I’ve have had bad experiences with either rude owners and members who don’t really care about new players to their Sims. Word of Caution of these places the Owners resolution "to fix a problem" and not to get involved and be considerate and open minded but was met with rudeness, and prompt removal r from either the sim or group.

I’m here to have fun not drama.. I do not recommend going to any of those places above especially if your new or have a basic looking Avatar. You'll most likely be ignored, or otherwise not allowed to join into their "Totally immersed" environment and role plays.

===== My Subs, Friends and Contact List :
- Currently taking on female subs.
- My Girlfriend, subs and close friends get my attention first for doing role plays and activities, then if I’m free ill do stuff with those who aren’t on my friends list and then those who aren’t.
I try to give everyone some time to play with & do activities with. I do keep a active friends list.
===== About me =====
Yahoo Group affiliations :

I currently own 4 assorted role play groups for Superheroine theme role plays in yahoo and moderate for 18 other assorted yahoo groups. I’ve been role playing online and cat fighting since 1993. I have been in yahoo, Userplane.com, IRC and Bravenet for quite some time. My largest active yahoo group I own has 1752+ members and my smallest has 219 members. Both still growing and flourishing.

Second Life affiliations :
Currently moderate 4 groups and 4 Sims here in Second life.
===== Shadow Dancers Costume: =====
Wears black cut out nylon top, black shorts and black over the knee shiny boots. Long Blond hair down to the small of her back. Green eyes. Currently wears Wonder Foxes lasso and power belt.
(Former heroine caught and sold at the 3rd Superheroine Auction on 20090303 at Shadows Grotto.)
Lasso, belt and mouth are clickable.

===== POWERS =====
Shadow Dancers powers are based on a number of lantern rings that have been absorbed into her own magic lantern ring. For the most part it has retained and possesses the lantern powers and abilities in additional to the following:
• Desolidification.
• Shadow portals (can pass thru them like doors and windows,
Limited Use).
• Alter shadows, make a shadow become 3-D being as strong as what it was made from.
• Drain Powers (vs strength and energy).
• Create Darkness (20' Diameter).
• Energy Blasts.
• Energy Nets.
• Limited flight (not very fast double normal movement).
• Shadow Magic (Can alter shadows from objects into various
things they have the strength from whatever they are altered
• Shape change into a shadow. (She can change into a shadow
and go thru cracks, Limited use)
• Martial Arts
* Wears a stolen Amazon Belt and Lasso from Wonder Fox, a heroine caught and

===== WEAKNESS =====
Shadow Dancers weaknesses are consistent, some acquired & overcome thru role plays played out thru various venues against adversaries in various storylines / chats.

Currently has the following weakness:
• Removal of her ring.
• Sensitive Eyes - Intense bright light she has sensitive eyes.
Can temporary blind her or of bright enough dissipate her
• Binding hands - prevents her from creating / altering new shadows to do her
bidding but still can control the ones she has already in effect.
• Shadow Dancers ring feeds off her essence and strength the weaker she is
the weaker she becomes the less potent her ring becomes.
• Subliminal Command - Artemis gave disadvantage – Used her lasso and planted a subliminal command that she will go into a trance like state after being forced into her 4TH consecutive orgasm she will become submissive. It was imprinted into her mind with her lasso. She is not aware that this was planted in her. It was a means of punishment for Shadow Dancers acts against other amazons to be controlled by them while in their care.
• Ticklish - Artemis made her ticklish with her lasso, she is not aware of this disadvantage.
• Lactating - Artemis - While caught on paradise island prison she was Injected with a lactation serum by Artemis to her breasts give milk and subject her to more breast tortures.
* Overconfident.
* Reputation - Enslaving Super heroines for her Super Heroine Brothel.
* Her ring feeds off her essence. The more physically fit she is the more powerful. Each time she is forced to cum it reduces the power level by 1/2 eventually making the ring useless.
* 20110220 - Was caught by a heroine. Was placed on one of my machines and given a command word. Implanted in my mind to make me stop, force myself to climax and to become instantly weak. Lasts for 24 hours upon hearing the first one spoken.


~~ 1999 ~~
Shadow Dancer originally started out as a Purple Spandex Heroine Martial Artist, she was caught and tortured by the dark lords from The Legion of Shadows, a ancient evil sect of the worst villainous demons & vampires, its leaders cruel & benign. They forced her into their group & corrupted her, constant brain washing into believing she was abandoned by her friends, raped daily as entertainment & her mind twisted, culling her hatred for revenge. A former League of Amazon (LOA) hero, a green lantern named Jason went save Shadow Dancer, at a Saw Mil, underestimating her, his life was abruptly ended. His ring hand severed by a spinning blade saw. Shadow Dancer claimed the ring for herself & started looking for other lanterns to get their power rings.

Shadow Dancer joined the Brood of Vile Darkness; there under the guidance of some of its members she learned how to master her new powers. Constantly changing to what she has evolved into now become now she has become Wanted #1 in a number of heroine organizations. Thru the brood she learned to practice very minor dark arts of magic, very limited to spells of illusion and darkness she became more powerful. Her lanterns ring specialized a focus for controlling shadows, darkness & negative energies.

One of her first caught heroines (marvelgirlpx) aka. Jean Gray, Shadow Dancer became fond of her making her more. Her lover, making her promise not to leave her the two of them watched each others back from “The Brood of Vile Darkness” and from its rival Hero organizations. Both helping each other to escape before their fates was sealed permanently.

At the Brood Manor her popularity gained. Now having allies to help her out the odds of heroines attempting to snatch her faded. She learned how to channel Dark force matter thru her ring, where she started to develop her powers to control shadows and darkness. Keeping a few Heroines & Heroes as slaves she transformed some into minions.

One of her rivals from the (LOA), Witch Blade, sworn enemy and leader who formed the group to hunt down Shadow Dancer for taking her Amazon sister from her side & selling to the black market.

Shadow Dancer has come to SL looking to start her Super Heroine Brothel and to look for the Lions Eye Ruby. The Lions Eye Ruby rumored to have a great power that can trap living beings inside it and even be used to control weak minds. Starting up her hidden brothel in Tofte she cashed in quite a number of diamonds from heists she has done. The Brothel, “Shadows Grotto” always open for elite customers seeking that special attention from a enslaved heroine. Often after brainwashing them to be whored out or sold when they become of no more use to Shadow Dancer.

For 1 month she seeks a place to start her operations and start her new inventory arriving at Hayao province ruled by villains her abilities to catch, maintain and dome was not welcomed by the ruling cast. The area some what promising for a place but full of other villains very clickish and hostile to outsiders, being alone she moved on looking elsewhere.

Having countless fights against an Amazon Wonder Woman Gretchen the two of them had a forbidden love affair develop again finding herself and her new partner escaping narrow captures the two meeting secretly hoping not to be discovered by each others allies of their affection for each other.

Currently Shadow Dancer is associated with the Hall of Injustice its members currently fighting the super heroines that keep raiding the hall to keep the villains in that region under control. Meeting secretly she helps to plot and capture key heroines and heroes who patrol the area. She is currently keeping a low profile there long enough to try to find out where the super heroine base is located. Rumored that they have made some sort of flying fortress hovering somewhere high above in the sky hidden in the clouds.

Shadow Dancers new plan to take over the City is to have the fallen heroines become breeding vessels for some tentacle beasts that she has scattered in the sewers of Tofte. Soon raising an army of tentacle beasts she will release them into the city to take over it.

Expanding her reign she comes to Black Haven. Small but populated city on a island there she makes another small fortune. Making her permanent mark by creating a huge 5 story mansion. From deep in the bowels there she starts over... one at a time taking on hero and heroines of the sort to turn them into her mindless minions and to take over the city. Other dangers lurking on the island unknown to her... She keeps her wits as her quest takes her one step closer to finding the Lions Eye Ruby....

In a face off vs a Superheroine Shadow Dancer got caught while in a raid on her mansion estate she eventually escaped going to prison but now has a added unknown weakness. Implanted in her head thru the use of her lasso against her while on one of her torture machines if she hears a certain word she will stop.... pleasure herself until she cums then her mind will blank out becoming a light headed bimbo who craves sex. This was done to keep the villainess from escaping and to make it easier to rematch her should her and her new nemesis cross paths again.

Back to her tricks again. Busy setting up a new strong hold in hellfire region. Shadow Dancer starts up her own sect of super villains to take over the region. The Legion of Shadows a villain group that works out of her mansion. Selling heroines and heroes to elite anonymous bidders. Top of her list is the one who caught her and imposed the will of the lasso to force her to submit.....

Shadow Dancer starts to recruit to her small but effective organization of other villains. Their goal to catch other heroines and force out of The Bizz permanently....
Operation Big Tit Torture, a milking facility created to milk and drain heroines of their milk at "Treehouse". Raided by heroines led by Erin with hopes to catch and subdue Shadow Dancer and take into custody had failed to catch her but managed to shut down the facility. 12 heroines rescued in the raid, forcing Shadow Dancer to restart her operation elsewhere.

Shadow Dancer claims Superheroine Stripperella Dakota as to be one of her own sex slave spy / pet. Caught, tortured, transformed into a agent of evil. She was brain washed and bimbofied. Stripperella mission to lure Ms Americana back to my lair to catch them both and keep as Superheroine Sex Slaves….

==================================================== Known Nemesis & Storylines From Yahoo:
Storylines from Yahoo carried over:

- (LOA) League of Amazons - Megapolis Chronicles.
- Shadows Grotto.
- The Lions Eye Ruby.
Black Canary
Invincible girl // The Pink Vixen // Supergirl - Katrina
Witch Blade // Justice Girl & American Dream // Artemis
American Avenger // Jewel & Nikki // Liberty Belle
Phoenix // Super Stacey // Plastic Woman
Ms. Americana

1- Dark Spider Queen -
- 2extra arms // paralyzing bite // climb walls // spin webs ./ impregnate.

2 - Red Scorpia -
Evil Wonder Woman Type character

3 - Cheetah ( AV Still being worked on )

4 - Scorpia
- Techno mage // Cast spells // has a widget sidekick Golem.
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