Mission Accomplished: A True Story of a Young Man

Mission Accomplished: A True Story of a Young Man's Anal Deflowering

As a relatively inexperienced, bi-curious young man of 19, there came many occasions where the rage of my hormones took over, and I would go on the hunt for cock. I had zero interest in having a gay relationship. I wanted one thing and one thing only. I was hungry for it and nothing was going to stop me.

This is the story of one of my cock-frenzied manhunts.

I had tried on several occasions to lose my anal virginity without any luck.

I was very closeted, so these past missions were riddled with the buzz of risk taking excitement. I lived at home with my mother, working and going to community college. This was in the day before cellphones, the Internet and email were readily accessible. I was too young to go to bars, but old enough to vote and fuck. These constraints added to the risk and secrecy whenever I sought out the cock I craved.

I was hot, with long wavy brown hair that gave me a well-kept hippie-rock star look, brown-hazel eyes, and moderately fair skin. At six feet tall and one hundred eighty pounds, I had a slender, muscular build. My body hair was moderate but dark, lightly surrounding my horny pink asshole in an inviting oval ring. And of course, I sported a perfectly proportioned bubble butt, that I had grown use to receiving compliments about. For the past several years, I had been experimenting, sticking dildos and other objects in my ass, so I knew I could handle a larger than average-sized cock. My ass was an awesome prize, and I knew it.

Despite this prize, my previous missions went no further than hand jobs, cock sucking, and finger fucking. I was learning that anal sex was very intimidating for a lot of bisexual, and even gay men. However, I was ready, and by then I had a pretty good idea where to get what I needed.

I had figured out that certain parking lots throughout my home town were places where gay men would go and meet one another for sexual encounters. I knew many of my straight friends were aware of these places, so when I went to them, I had to be very careful not to be discovered by anyone I knew.

It was a warm sunny day during the workweek and I had the day off. It was time. I had an out of the way lot in mind that that most people I knew would not go anywhere near that day, as most of them would be at either work or at school. I carefully packed some KY jelly, some desensitizing anal lube that I had grown to love during the course of my autoerotic experimentations, several condoms, and a few straight porn magazines in a backpack. I also made a bed and improvised curtains inside my truck's camper shell.

Even though I was so horny, suffering through an almost a constant erection all morning long, I resisted the urge to masturbate. While my fresh, nineteen year old prostate and balls produced enough cum to allow me several ejaculations a day, I was pretty good at holding them off and the first load of the day was always the best one. I wanted my first ass fuck to be a good one, so I used every ounce of my will power to keep my hands away from my anxious cock. I was ready to roll.

I trembled with fear and excitement as I fired up the ignition to my pick-up truck. My hands were literally shaking and I almost dropped the keys. I f***ed myself to take a deep breath to regain my composure. I did not want to get into an accident on my way to the lot.

Within a few minutes, I was at the lot. There was one other vehicle there, a small RV. It was in decent shape, but it was hard for me to tell if the guy in it was there for same reason as I, or if the vehicle was his home and he simply wanted a secluded place to park for the day. In any event, I decided there was something creepy about him. It was before noon, perhaps little too early for any action at the lot, but maybe others would come. I parked away from the RV to send a message I was not interested. I started reciting lines in my head to say to the RV driver to make him politely go away in case he were to approach me, but I soon discovered that would not be necessary.

In my rear view mirror, I saw a white, newer Mercedes Benz with some minor damage to its front end pull into the parking lot. The driver stopped for a minute at the entrance to the lot, as if he were checking things out. Then, he proceeded forward and parked right next to me. It was very obvious what was going on. Waves of excitement, fear, and anxiety flowed through my body, and I could feel my heart pounding in my cock.

I looked to my right, and there he was, an older man, as they tended to be in the lots, perhaps in his late thirties or early forties. He was wearing aviator sunglasses with mirrored lenses. He had thin blonde hair that was beginning to bald, but an attractive, well-tanned face. From the sitting position in his car, he appeared to be tall, with a slender, muscular build similar to my own. I began thinking, “he will do just fine,” when I noticed he was checking me out too. The rush of excitement increased in intensity and I could feel my hands begin to shake. What would I do next?

Again, I took a deep breath and regained my composure. He was to my right with his window rolled down, but my passenger side window was closed. I realized I would have to make innocent small talk to make sure his interest was not all in my head. I rolled down the passenger side window, which was awkward because it was opposite of me and operated by a manual crank. It was a disguised effort to keep myself cool as I began to feel the light breeze of the day flow through the open window.

Not knowing what to do, I looked over to him and said, "It sure is a nice day, I was getting hot in here."

In a kind voice, he responded, "I love coming here on nice days. I haven’t seen you around here before. Do you come here often?"

My heart racing, knowing that I realized my instincts were right about him, I said, "Not really, but its been on my list of things to do for a while now. I am sure glad I made it out today."

Undressing me with his eyes, he said, "I'm glad you made it too."

By now, the man with the RV on the other end of the parking lot was out of his vehicle pretending to be busy, watching our interaction. I looked at my new neighbor and said, "That guy gives me the creeps."

He responded, "He's probably fine."

Realizing my vehicle was set up for fucking, and trying to figure out a way to take the interaction to the next level, I said, "I'm sure you are right, but still." I paused and asked, "Would you like to come for a ride in my truck?" I never had any desire to fuck around at the lot. I was sure the cops knew about it, so this was all part of the original plan.

To my delight, he said, "Sure. Just let me lock things up."

As he exited his vehicle and stood, I could see he was about six feet, two inches tall, with the strong slender build I was hoping for. I reached over, cleared the seat, and unlocked the door for him. He came in and I felt waves of excitement as his powerful body sat next to mine.

He asked, "Where do you want to go?"

I said, "Down the street there is a sl**py residential neighborhood. The back of my camper is set up very well. I think it should be pretty safe." This was all part of what I had planned, so I did not have to think too hard about it.

He expressed concern about people seeing two guys getting in the back of the camper shell together, but cautiously agreed.

After driving for a few minutes with neither of us saying much, we reached the neighborhood and I parked beside two long fences on either side of the street, so as to avoid being right out in front of anyone's house.

We looked at each other and I said, "This is as good a spot as any."

He looked around nervously and said, "Lets get out and in quickly without making a scene."

Perhaps it was my naivety, but I was shocked how he was much more concerned about the situation than I was. Nobody was around, so we exited the cab and crawled into the camper as quickly and as quietly as we could.

Despite my efforts, the inside of the camper was cramped and hot. We managed wriggle down next to one another, side to side, and we looked each other in the eyes. Now we were both free to do what we had set out for.

Instinctively, we pressed our lips together and I stuck my tongue in his mouth, gently feeling inside of it. Our hands were rubbing each others' clothed bodies, and before too long we were both feeling each others' cocks through our pants. Still kissing, he struggled to unbutton and unzip my pants, and I tried to do the same for him, but it was difficult in such cramped quarters.

After much effort we both had removed our pants and I was able to look down at his large, hard cock. I have measured my cock several times, and depending on my hardness and how it is measured, it is between six and seven inches long, with some extra wide girth toward the head. His cock was significantly bigger, by about a full inch in length, with well-proportioned girth. It was truly beautiful, with light mane of pubes. It would be a challenge fitting him in my ass, but I knew I could do it. I was just glad he wasn't any bigger.

Laying side by side, it was hard to do much with our cocks except to reach down awkwardly or rub them together. After doing this for about a minute, I told him that I wanted to taste his cock, and wriggled around into a sixty nine position on top of him. Now, I could truly appreciate his large, manly cock. I gripped it and held it up straight to admire it as sweat dripped off my face in the hot camper. By now he had found my cock and began sucking it from below. I could not take it anymore and slowly wrapped my mouth around his member. The mix of my dripping sweat and his precum gave it musky, salty taste. He made a muffled groan with my cock in his mouth as I gently massaged his cock with my lips and tongue while feeling his balls with my hand.

I felt him begin to massage my balls and rub my ass. He gently caressed the outside of my asshole and I made a gagged moan as he simultaneously thrust his cock deeper into my mouth. I wanted his cock in my ass and I thought I knew what I needed to do.

I pulled his cock out of my mouth and looked down at his face through my legs. I said in my most serious voice, "I want you to fuck me."

I lifted one leg over his face and rolled over on my back, spreading my legs open while partially laying on him. His saliva coated hard-on rested flat on his stomach right beside my face. I lifted my balls so he could get a clear look at my hungry pink asshole. Honestly, I had no idea how we would fuck in such a small space, but I would leave those details up to him. I wanted him to take me and fuck me like the bitch I was.

It was so hot in the cramped camper shell that we were both dripping with sweat. Changing positions would be a major ordeal. He looked up between my still spread open legs, gently put his hand on my cock, and said, "It's very cramped and hot in here. How about we go to my house. I'll fuck you really good there."

I agreed and we both struggled to put our pants back on over our sweaty bodies. We both peeked outside the curtains to make sure nobody was around, quietly exited the camper, got into the cab, and slowly drove away.

We started talking and I let him know it would be my first time. I could tell he was excited, but he said, "You know I have a really big dick. Are you sure you can take it?"

I responded, "I can take it. I have a dildo about the size of your cock at home. I've been preparing for this moment."

With a satisfied look, he put his hand on my thigh, and he said, "OK then. Take me back to my car and you can follow me to my house." At that point I realized it was finally going to happen. More waves of anticipation and excilleration coursed through my body.

After some small talk, we finally reached his car. He got out of my truck and into his car, and I followed him out of the parking lot, leaving the creepy man in the RV, who was still there, behind. I made sure to follow him closely. I did not want to lose him and miss out on my chance.

After what seemed forever, but was probably only about fifteen minutes, he pulled into a nicer looking neighborhood in an otherwise bad part of town. He came to a stop in front of a modest looking bungalow that appeared to be well cared for. I pulled in behind him and he welcomed me up the front steps of the bungalow.

He unlocked and opened the door, holding it for me like a gentleman, and urged me to go inside. In the house there were a lot of boxes and things seemed to be in general disarray. He explained that his business recently encountered difficulties and he was f***ed to sell his luxury home and move to an inexpensive part of town. This explained the boxes and disarray. He offered me a beer which I accepted, and I asked to use the restroom. I wanted to clear my ass out the best I could.

When I left the restroom, I heard his voice from across the small house, "I'm here, in the bedroom down the hall."

Waves of anticipation flowed through my entire body. I followed his voice down the hall and into his bedroom, where he stood completely naked to greet me, his perfect cock half erect. Without saying a word, I knelt down in front of him, grabbed his bouncy, semi-hard cock with my hand, and started licking and gently sucking his cleanly circumcised head. As he hardened, I tightened my grip on the shaft of his cock. I looked him in the eyes and he cracked me a very genuine smile of appreciation.

After about two minutes, he backed away and told me to take off my clothes, which I promptly did. There we were, naked, aroused, and staring at one another wondering what to do next. He told me to lay down on his bed, which was stripped down to the sheets. I did as he said and he stood beside the bed towering over me. He stroked my long hair with one hand, and slowly slid his other hand down my chest to my cock, which he propped up. He then knelt down beside the bed and began to gently suck it.

Suddenly, he stopped, stood up, and rolled me onto my stomach in a f***eful manner. He hopped up on the bed behind me and spread my legs apart like a "V". He crawled behind me, and with two hands, spread my bubble butt apart, exposing my eager, hair encircled asshole. He gently rubbed his face against my ass, sniffing it, dragging his tongue across it all the while his hands were holding my cheeks firmly apart. His face slowly traveled down my crack, with his tongue leading the way, eventually finding my asshole, which he licked gently. It felt great in contrast with his firm grip on my cheeks.

He continued to rim me for only a minute or so and then reached for some lube, which he had on his nightstand next to the bed. My cock was pressed under me pointing up my flat, slightly muscular stomach, and I could feel myself leaking precum all over myself and the sheets. He squirted a large dollop of a thick water based lubricant onto his fingers and he slowly massaged the cold slippery goo around my asshole. Without much delay, he gently slid his finger into my willing hole. The lube was cold, so the feeling was not very arousing. However, from my past experiences, I knew if he kept working it, I would warm up and be ready for his man-sized cock. I moaned and arched my back up as he slowly worked two fingers deeper into my hole. Moments later, he slid his fingers out, and without warning, f***efully flipped me over onto my back. He quickly grabbed more lube and smeared the thick gelatinous substance all over my cock and started jerking me off. He said, "You know you have a pretty big dick. Next time, I'll have to let you fuck me."

After about a minute of him giving me a very slippery hand job, he grabbed a Magnum condom off his dresser and started lubing up his cock. It was then that I realized that I should probably get some of the desensitizing anal lube from my backpack, which I had left in the bathroom. I said, "I have some special anal lube in my backpack, which I really like. It contains benzocaine, which numbs your asshole, leaving a nice warm feeling. I left it in the bathroom."

He said, "Sure, go get it. That sounds great. You'll have to show me it. I think the blinds are closed, so you can just go as you are. I want to watch your cock bounce as you walk."

It felt so good to be pleasing this man. I think he truly appreciated that I was giving my prize to him. It is such a different role than being with a woman.

I returned, walking down the hallway, holding the backpack to my side, so I could let him watch my then, half erect cock bounce with each footstep.

I opened the backpack and removed the anal lube from it. As I unscrewed the lid, pressure f***ed a thick inch long glob of the cherry scented lube onto my finger. Carefully keeping the lube on my finger, I crawled up onto the bed opposite of him, got on all fours with my ass positioned straight towards him, and began to slather the cherry scented lube inside my already lubed-up ass. He said, "You are so unbelievably sexy when you do that."

As I continued to finger my ass, I arched my back and looked back at him, and I could see he was putting his Magnum condom on. His cock looked bigger than ever. I felt proud to have given him a show that had turned him on.

He said, "Come over here and lay down on your back with your head on a pillow and your legs spread open for me." I did as he said and he applied some more lube in my now warm and ready asshole. He also applied lube on his condom covered cock. The moment had finally come.

He pressed the tip of his cock up against my hole and I could feel its head penetrate into me. It started to hurt and I told him, "Hold on, it hurts."

He said, "I'll go slow and barely move. Your muscles will adjust. You just have to bear with it."

I thought taking his cock would have been easier than this. I guess it's easier to fuck yourself with dildos because you have absolute control over the insertion. Now I was relying on him not to hurt me. He was in complete control.

After about a full minute, his cock was half way inside me and my legs were still spread eagle in the air. He asked, "Is it feeling any better?"

I had to think about it, but I realized the pain from the initial insertion was starting to subside, so I responded, "Yes, its much better now," which was true even though it still hurt.

That is when he started to fuck me. He started slow and easy, but after about a minute he was driving his cock deeper and deeper into my dilated virgin ass.

It hurt much more than any of my autoerotic dildo experiences. However, it was extremely arousing having a strong, sexy man in charge. I was his bitch, and I was just along for the ride.

He flipped me over and I got on my hands and knees. I looked back at him, with my long wavy hair falling over my shoulder, and my gaping asshole pointed straight at him. He quickly scootched over to me on his knees and shoved his cock into my hungry hole.

He grabbed ahold of my long hair and pushed me down, with my chest firmly against the bed. My ass was arched up, his cock was almost all the way in me, and my head was raised slightly off the sheets. He leaned over my back and started blowing loving, warm breaths into my left ear, which sent tingling shudders of pleasure throughout my entire body as he pounded my ass from behind.

He kept fucking me like this for several minutes, and he was pounding me harder and harder. By then, his big dick was all the way in me, as I could feel his pubes rubbing and banging up against my my butt. It was really starting to hurt.

Just in time, he f***efully flipped me over onto my back. I appreciated the short break, but I spread my legs for him and raised my balls to give him a good look at the asshole he was in the process of deflowering. He took the que and slid his cock into my waiting hole while leaning over me. He kept fucking me harder and harder.

It hurt, but it felt good at the same time. It felt good to please him, and it felt good to finally succeed in my mission. After him banging into my very tender prostate for several minutes, my cock, which I was infrequently stroking throughout the pounding, began to quiver and I reached down to jerk it off. Moments later, while he was still pumping my ass, I shot a very big load all over my stomach. I moaned in pain and pleasure, wriggling with sensory overload.

He pulled his cock out of me and said, "Most people can't be fucked after they come."
I had a feeling he was right. It felt really good to no longer have his dick in my ass. However, I felt bad because I came first, depriving him of coming while fucking me. I said, "I'm sorry for coming so early, I just couldn’t hold it anymore."

He said, "Oh no, you did great. You let me fuck the shit out of you. I'm surprised you lasted so long. Its normal to come while you are getting fucked. It's an intense experience."

I said, "I still feel like I owe you." By then he was laying down, his condom was off and his cock was semi-erect, glistening with lube. I crept down the length of the bed and stood over his cock, caressing it with both hands. He just laid back and closed his eyes, as I worshiped his magnificent cock, looking at it, and stroking it. I realized his cock gave me what I had been hungering for so long. My goal was to milk all the cum out of him. After about five minutes of serious two handed stroking, he shot a substantial load that burbled out and oozed all over my hands and his cock and balls. I layed down on his chest and we both rested in silent bliss for several minutes. Neither of us minded the sticky smears of lube, cum, and slightly shitty, cherry scented ass juice all over our bodies and the sheets.

He broke the silence, gently caressing my nude body still splayed-out over his strong, slightly hairy chest, "There is nothing to be ashamed of. They are wrong, not you. You still have to keep it secret though. Don't let your mom find out. My parents still don't know. At least I've never told them."

He paused, "So, do you like being fucked in the ass?"

I replied, "yes, very much," even though my ass felt like it had been turned inside-out from his big cock.

He slid his hand down my chest, started caressing my coarse black pubic hairs, and asked, "Have you ever been with more than one man?"

I replied, "yes," and explained some of the details of my earlier cock seeking missions.

He expressed concern over me taking unnecessary risks and said, "If you ever want to get fucked, you can come over here, and I'll fuck you. I know some guys who would love to do a threesome if that's something you would like to do."

I said, "I'd like that very much."

He looked at me and his expression turned to surprise. He said, "I don't even know your name," and started laughing. I did know his name because he had referred to himself in the third person earlier, but the whole idea of meeting someone and fucking the way we did, without ever acknowledging one anothers' names was very hot and excillerating. We told each other our names and laughed some more.

By this time, the mixture of lube and body fluids that I was laying in was starting to gross me out, so I asked if I could take a shower. He got up and went to his linen closet, which was well stocked despite him still unpacking from his move. He grabbed a fuzzy soft towel and wiped some of the mess off of his body. He gave me a fresh towel and allowed me some privacy in the bathroom to clean up after myself.

I sat on the toilet trying to f***e the phlegmy mixture of lube, shit, and bl**d out of my recovering ass, which still felt like it had been turned inside-out. After I while on the toilet, I was fairly confident I wouldn’t accidentally shit myself later. I got up and hopped in the steaming shower which I had started earlier.

I gently washed my body, focusing on my tired cock and aching ass, still in awe of what I had just experienced. I dried off and got dressed. I asked for a hair brush, as my long brown hair was a mess. I felt kind of weird asking him for a brush, but got over it after realizing what we had just done.

Before I left, he gave me his phone number, and understood when I declined to give him mine. At that moment, I had every intention of calling him back.

As I drove away I felt an amazing sense of satisfaction and could only think one thing: mission accomplished.

In the days following the encounter, I felt mixed feelings of pride, shame and guilt. I was highly closeted and it was not easy for me to deal with. I threw away his number in a moment of shame and thought I would never see him again. However, several months later chance intervened. That is another story that I will save for later, but I will say the second time he fucked me, it was a much better experience.

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3 months ago
good one, covered all the emotions.
6 months ago
WOW!!!! The emotions and feelings we all have when we finally make the commitment to try a cock at the time it is intoxicating but afterwards we go through a myriad of thoughts like you said shame guilt and excitement so very confusing but we always go back for cock
7 months ago
Excellent :)
7 months ago
Do you want to be my younger guy....
1 year ago
I like your story good luck for more experiences of delight...see my page for mine
1 year ago
Oooo Yesss... I LOved the Story and I can't wait to share my First experience as a young boy with an Older Man with YOU!
I Copied & Emailed this Story to myself and I Saved it in Personal Collection of Stories that I LIKE!
I'm looking forward to us Chatting in a Private Message... I'm Johnny a Horny Old Bisexual Californian
1 year ago
great story, liked it alot
2 years ago
great story....cant wait to
2 years ago
Well told. Hope to hear more.
2 years ago