Fun with cousin

Once when i was around 16 years old my cousins came over for a visit my older cousin was around 18 and she was fully developed with plump breasts and a beautiful figure. my younger cousin was 10 and was still an immature little girl but shes not important.

I had a regular 5-6inch dick then and it is bigger now at a 8 inch size.

in the middle of our visist it was just me and my older cousin because my parents had taken my younger cousin to calgary stampede. we had just been swimming in their pool and my cousin had been wearing a bikini top that just barely covered her nipples. after swimming i went inside and began wanking to the image of her bikini top and i heard footsteps coming up the stairs. i tried to reduce the noise but as i was near cumming i didnt want to stop. she walked by and i let out a sigh of relief but the she came back. right at that moment three things happened i realized id forgotten to lock the door she, opened the door, and i came all over her body.

At first we just stood there shocked but then she started to move towards me.
"so you were wanking in my house huh, well that means im gonna have to make you do something for me," she said.

"my bofriend just broke up with me and im really horny so your going to fuck me got that"

I nodded my head exicted about what was to come. first she nealt down and started to rub my already erect cock softly and i couldnt help but think that this is my first time having sex.

from all the exictment my dick was already to explode my hot mess onto her face and it did right there and then. she looked at me tisking but turned around and bent over
"i want you to fuck me in the ass," she said and i was ready to comply i waited for a bit for my limp prick to harden and then shoved it up her round ass. at first she gasped and i realized it was her first time anal and so i took it slower.
"fuck me harder" she moaned and so i did
Eventually i pounded her harder and harder and started squeesing her ass cheeks as she moaned in pleasure. Almost at the brink of cumming leaned over and squeezed her tits causing her to moan louder which finnaly sent me over the edge. her ass was filled with my hot mess and she leaned over my the bed in the room i had been sl**ping in

Then she laid down on the bed and spread her legs wide where she proceded to order me to lick her clit. i looked down and saw that her pussy lips were red and swollen and i imediatly set about my task. first i licked her with long rough strokes and then flicked her clitorus with small tiny licks then i shoved my tounge in her pussy. the smell of her pussy made me excited and then i fingered her for a bit. eventually i shoved my prick in her pussy and started to pound her harder and harder. feeling her pussy clench around my dick as she started her orgasm made me want to shoot off but i dindt not yet.

i felt her juices wash over my dick but i still pounded her which was why i didnt notice her friend standing in the door way.
"so i see that this cousin of yours is starting to understand how it works around here, all im going to ask is if i can join in," said her friend.

"sure, you come right over here and let me lick you since you haven't had as much fun."

i looked around and saw a beautiful girl, huge breasted and small figured standing before me

"oh this is going to be good" i said as she walked towards the bed
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3 years ago
i'd love to read more!
3 years ago
and the younger cousin didn't join in?