Help with Biology Homework Part One

(This is a fiction story that is hinting the fact that it might have actually happened)
Now, when I say this happened a few years ago, I mean it happened before I was considered ’Legal’. I won’t say how old, or even real names, let’s just say my name is Steve, and the girl in the story will be Jessica.
Now, most people at age xx only think about sex, me on the other hand, being a scrawny 5’1”, white-as-hell nerd, I knew that sex was the last thing on my mind. Then I met her, she was the head cheerleader of our school, auburn hair with some purple highlights, blue eyes, if I had to make a guess, I’d say at least a C cup, and an ass to die for. Normally, she wouldn’t have even been talking to me, but she needed some help with biology homework, and seeing as I was the class nerd who was good in that subject, I was the first choice to ask for help.
It was after the class had ended that she approached me.
“Hey Steve, can I ask you a question really quick?” Is what she asked me.
Now, all nervousness aside, of course I was taken aback by her beauty, so I had no other choice but to say, “Sure Jessica, what is it?”
“Well, I need help with the biology homework, I don’t know the first thing about DNA, RNA, nuclei, or chromosomes.”
Now, all stereotypes aside, she was actually pretty smart, she got mostly B’s and C’s. But as I was so nervous I couldn’t think straight, I agreed to help her, when I asked her where we would study together, she said her house. When I asked if her parents would mind, she said they don’t care what she does, as long as she gets good grades, and that they wouldn’t be home anyways.
When we got to her house, Jessica unlocked the door and led me to the couch where she sat down and patted the spot next to her looking at me with a smile. “Come sit Steve.”
I sat next to her with a slight nervous smile and went to my backpack and unzipped it, pulling out my biology book and setting it on the table in front of us. I then looked to Jessica to see that she was pulling her sweater off and it pulled her shirt up slightly, just enough for me to see the top of her thong peeking out from under her jeans. When she looked at me, I quickly looked away and started to open up the biology book.
“So Steve, what are we going to learn first?” When Jessica asked this in an almost nervous schoolgirl tone, I nearly lost all self-control. But I refrained from doing anything and looked at her and smiled slightly.
“Well Jessica, what is the hardest thing for you right now?” I asked this in my nervous voice and I could tell she knew how nervous I was.
“The hardest thing for me right now, is the Punnett Squares.” Now, instead of me taking a lot of time to describe the punnett square, I’ll make it simple.
“Well, the parents have the XX and the XY chromosomes, XX being Female and the XY being Male. They are put into a square, and the square will determine the percentage of the c***d being male or female.” As I was explaining this to her, she had started to slowly unbutton her shirt, enough that it started to show her bra. When I noticed this, I was slightly confused. “Um…Jessica…why are you unbuttoning your shirt?” Her answer surprised me.
“Well…you see Steve…there was another reason I brought you here…I’ve had a crush on you for a while, but I didn’t want to say anything, because I have this fear of rejection. So I’ve decided to be bold, so here goes.” After she had said that, she unbuttoned her shirt completely and pulled it off of her. “Steve…I want you to be my first…and my only…will you…” As she said this, she started to blush profusely. “Will you…” She leans forward so to whisper in my ear. “Will you fuck me Steve…and take my virginity?”
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2 years ago
very good start. i have read everything that victorl4fun has written & he does have a female colaborator. this may be for real as i had found out in hs the incrowd/popular girls were never nice unless they wanted something you had or to put you down just to be bitches
2 years ago
where is part 2
2 years ago
I think you did a hellva job with this being your first story. It's not like you're writing a best seller. It's porn!!!
2 years ago
Part two is taking a little longer to write, i will most likely have it up by the end of next week, and thats if i can get my internet to work the way i want it to
2 years ago
As you welcome constructive critiquing, and as I am a agent and have published many books but nothing like erotic literature, i can only speak from experience in other venues and personal taste. You never split a chapter in the middle of an action sequence. You should have not posted this until they made love or he turned her down then rethought about it. Also, despite what my friend below said, girls that age are way more forward, open and honest about their feelings than they counterparts. They also make love with their mind more than their bodies. So you are on the right track. I see a thousand ways this could take off. I hope you will continue to develop this story. It has great potential. PS. I know you wanted a cliff hanger moment, not here. A cliff hanger moment would be she missed her period and you are waiting for the test. Just an example.
2 years ago
good start
2 years ago
It must be fiction, Iv known many popular girls and cheerleader types, they are never so sweet. I expect Jessica has hidden motives. Maybe she is a virgin and wants to gain some skill at sex so she is not embarrassed when she goes on a real date with a jock. Steve will get to have her a few times, but she will never admit it in public.
2 years ago
episode 2 is in the process of being written, this was only my second story, so i wanted to start slow, so look forward to part two in the next coming days, beginning of next week at most
2 years ago
love it when the nerdy guy wins!!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
where's episode 2