Ditchers Have Some Fun

(this is my first story, any critisicm is welcomed)

Ditchers Have Some Fun

It was a warm sunny day and I was currently heading to school holding the hand of my very cute girlfriend, Cindy. It was our senior year, we had many things in common, one of those being that we shared a birthday, we had both just turned 18 last weekend, and we wanted to do something special but never got around to it. "Hey Cindy, remember on our birthay we were supposed to do something special?"

"Yeah? Why do you ask?" She asked blushing a little and held his hand tighter. They were both virgins and the farthest they had gone with eachother had been fondeling.

"I was wondering, instead of going to school, why dont we go have some fun? I know the perfect place where we can be alone." I told her with a smile.

She blushed when I asked her that but she nodded. "S-sure, why not"

I smiled when I heard this and I pulled her a little closer. "Why dont we head back to my place? My parents are gone and we would be alone all day"

She smiled back at me. "I'd like that baby."

I smiled again and pulled at her leading her back in the direction of my house. "We can do all sorts of stuff, watch TV, play some games, or just have some fun of our own making." I grinned at her as I told her the last part.

She blushed again. "W-what kind of f-fun?"

"The good kind babe." We walk to the door of my house and I open the door for us. "So, what should we do babe? Like I told you, we can do anything you want."

She blushed as she looked at me with lustfull eyes. "C-can you fuck me babe?"

I smiled at the words and took her into my arms and kissed her on the lips deeply.

She kissed back and stuck her tongue in my mouth and started swirling it around my tongue.

I broke the kiss and started to slowly strip her clothes off. "Lets get rid of these pesky clothes."

She blushed and smiled as she was stripped naked then did the same to me. "I dont think youll need these clothes baby. Not now atleast." She bit her bottom lip as my cock came into view after I was stripped. She layed me down on the couch and straddled me. She then slammed herself down onto my cock taking both our virginities in one blow.

I smiled up at her. "How does it feel babe?" I put my hands on her hips and start grinding her against me.

She smiled down at me and started bouncing on my cock. "I-it feels g-good babe. It does h-hurt a little though."

I smile up at her. "Then take it slow babe."

(If youve read this far then I'm sorry, but this is where it ends, again, I'm sorry, but I'm out of ideas, but this is my first story, and im open to critique :) )
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2 years ago
more details on her & you the discriptions
2 years ago
PS, One last thing, I am going to put a link on here. Take some time and really read this. There are 9 parts to it. This man has convinced me that he lived it and relives it in his mind daily. If he would ever want to publish, I would kill to be his agent. This should give you a good example of seeing through you mind what your eyes can not see. Good Luck. http://xhamster.com/user/WaMan2010/posts/91373.html
2 years ago
The mind sees in Pictures. One thing any writer has to do is see it in him mind first. Close you eyes and see it happen. How is the room arranged, how is the light coming thru the window, does it set her hair off. There is no description of her, I don't know if she is a HHH or flat chested, completion of her skin, hair color or anything. You are both 18 and she is cute in your eyes, but what makes her cute to you. As I said on your other post, I am an agent and publisher and I have authored a few non fiction books. These are all questions you have to ask and answer. Before I ever write I sit down and build the characters. I know most people on here are doing this for fun but I have read some damn good stories coming out of the imaginations of people on here. You have a great potential and that is why I have taken the time to write this to you. Don't give up, develop your talent and you can do great things with it. I wish you success in whatever you choose to do.
2 years ago
very nice i look forward to reading more of your works but to be honest i think you should add a bit more buildup before jumping straight to sex
2 years ago
The last two lines are very good. You should try writing another story using the same pacing, but adding a few more details about the characters. The details don't have to necessarily be sexual. I look forward to your next attempt.
3 years ago
yeah, its my first story, thought id give it a try, been here long enough to atleast put something up, and thanks, ill try to make it better
3 years ago
i like it though at first i thought it was two girls and then i heard fuck so i realized you were a guy and you changed point of views alot