The Accident (Part One)

The Prologue (Before the Accident)
(part one has NO SEX, it just gets the story started)
Before I get into the main story, I should tell you a little bit about the setting. In the beginning of the story, I am under legal age, as is everyone else involved in the story. I won’t tell you how old, or even real names, but for now let’s just say my name is William Myers. There is also my girlfriend, who, in the beginning was just my c***dhood friend, Shelby Marx, who is the exact definition of a dumb blonde. Yeah, she has her moments where she can be smart, but they are far and few between. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Allow me to tell you all the beginning of the story first.
I grew up in a very musical inclined f****y, my dad being a semi-famous percussionist and my mom being a cello player. So of course I grew up around a lot of music. It was my dream to become like my dad, and be a famous percussionist. So it was only natural that on my XXth birthday, he gave me a pair of drumsticks. Sadly, that was the last gift he ever gave me, for he became ill soon after that. He passed away a few months after that, and left me and my mother grieving his loss. It wasn’t long after that when my mom decided to end her own life. So I have been living alone for almost 6 years, but I’m not entirely alone, my friends have always come to visit me, as have my aunt and uncle who live on the other side of town. I was allowed to live alone as long as I kept up with my studies, which I did. And that brings us to the day when my life was changed forever.
It started out as a normal day. I got out of bed, took a shower, and got ready for school, which is always easy since my school requires us to wear a uniform. After getting my uniform on, I headed over to my desk, where I had my drumsticks next to a picture of me and my parents, all three of us looked so happy. I smiled at the picture and grabbed the drumsticks and waved goodbye to no one in particular. “Ok guys, I’m off.”
As soon as I headed out the door, I regretted it. For that very same moment I walked out I was nearly suffocated by soft fleshy pillows belonging to my c***dhood friend, Shelby Marx. She had gotten surprised when I walked out the door and had turned around the greet me, only to slip and fall forward a little, causing her almost double D sized breasts to kill me. When she apologized she noticed that I was holding the drumsticks that my dad had given me and she remembered the day I had yelled at her saying I would never play the drums again. She smiled at me after pushing the memory out of her head and greeted me with her usual cheery tone.
We then started to walk to school together, talking about random stuff that popped into our heads, like the weather, our grades, that kind of stuff. It wasn’t until we got to the train station that things took a turn for the worse. Some idiot had bumped into me, causing my drumsticks to fly out of my hand and onto the train tracks below us. He apologized not realizing how important the drumsticks were to me and walked off. I sighed heavily and went down to get them, knowing that the next train was a few minutes away. I was wrong, and I cursed at myself a few minutes later when I heard over the loudspeaker that a train was coming down the line and step away from the tracks. I had to move quickly, as I could see the tracks rumbling with the weight and speed of the train heading this way. I reached out and grabbed the drumsticks and smiled. But my victory was a short one, for the moment I tried to pull my arm back, the train came barreling down the track and caused my world to turn white with pain. I soon lost consciousness after that.
Chapter 1 (Returning to School)
It’s been a few months since the accident. I had survived it, mostly, my left arm however, had not and it was amputated shortly after I had arrived at the hospital. I now rest in my own bed, knowing that today was Monday, and that I should get up and get ready for school or I would be late on my first day back.
I, reluctantly, got out of bed and did my normal routine, same thing I did on the day that took my arm. Only this time things were a lot harder with only one arm. After I was ready for school, I looked on my desk at the drumsticks and the picture of me and my parents. I could never play the drums, or any other instrument for that matter, again. My life had lost meaning. “I’m sorry dad, mom.” I apologized to no one in particular and headed out the door with a small frown on my face.
When I walked out the door, I found Shelby waiting for me, but her normal cheery expression was replaced with one of concentration, which was odd. When I walked up to her she didn’t even notice me until I had placed my hand on her shoulder. She greeted me in a startled manner, and she had a slight blush on her face. She then asked me what day it was and I told her it was Monday. She lightly frowned and shook her head saying that wasn’t what she meant. I looked at my watch and saw that it was February 14th, or Valentine’s Day. I then smiled at her as she pulled a small box of chocolate out of her bag. Now, I’m normally not one for chocolate, but this was one thing I couldn’t refuse, so I took it gracefully and put it in my bag for later. We then headed to school.
When we got to school and into our classroom, I could feel all eyes on me. Apparently everyone knew what had happened that day. Even some of my former friends were looking at me as if I was a dangerous madman who had escaped the nearest asylum. The only happy faces I saw were that off Shelby, and my best friend who I had always considered a b*****r, Leo Peterson, well…Leo had more of a permanent scowl, so you had to read his eyes more, and to me, his eyes were smiling. They both greeted me and we sat down as soon as the bell rang for class to begin, and before the teacher walked in, I rested my head on the desk and fell asl**p.
Chapter 2 (Lunch on the First Day)
I was woken around lunch time by Shelby who I had promised to eat lunch with. We headed to the roof, which was our normal spot before the accident, and started to set things up while we waited for Leo. He soon called me on my cell and said that he had made other plans and couldn’t be there, so it up to me to make a move with Shelby. Before I could question what he meant, he had hung up. I silently cursed him and promised to get him back for this. Anyways, what I was now shocked about, was how well Shelby had arranged her lunch box. There was a sandwich right in the middle, cut in the shape of a heart, some rice surrounded it, and in what appeared to be a hidden compartment was a box of juice. When I pulled out my lunchbox, which consisted of poorly made food all together since it’s hard to cook with only one arm, I tried to hide it in shame from the glory that was Shelby. We both smiled and started to quietly eat our food, not really paying attention that we were almost touching we were so close. We didn’t pay attention to it until we had both finished our food and went to go grab our drinks and almost touched. We both blushed and apologized and I thought it was over. That is until Shelby scooted closer and sat on my lap, her skirt slightly open so I could see her panties a little. She blushed brightly and smiled at me. I asked her what she was doing, and she said she was trying to comfort me. She was doing more than comforting me; I could feel my erection rising in my pants. We started to move in closer for a kiss when we heard someone clear their throat behind us and we came face to face with our homeroom teacher, Mr. Salazar. He started to lecture us about hormones, the birds and the bees, and that we shouldn’t be doing something like that in public. We then parted to our 5th period classes where I once again fell asl**p and didn’t wake up until school was over. After that I headed home.

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2 years ago
Part two WILL be better, but this was originally gonna be an experiment of mine where you the readers would have decided on the girl he chose, but i cancelled that, would have been too much writing
2 years ago
Its Fucked Up.
2 years ago
so far hard to read hope it gets better 3/10