Sexcapades, Part 4


A few weeks later, Ashley and Glen were hanging out while his s****r was sick. Ashley decided to go for a walk in the woods behind their neighborhood. Glen decided to go to "the secret spot," and as soon as he had suggested that, Ashley's eyes lit up and her loins became very moist. For the last time they had been up there, Ashley had flashed him her bald slit and bare ass, and had seen it give him a nice big bulge in his pants. Then, the following week, she had snuck into his house and saw him naked, stroking his big hard penis. She was determined to suck it or fuck it, whichever came first.

Racing him up the steep, inclining trail to what they sentimentally referred to as, "the secret spot," Ashley reached the top first. Their little area was a big, flat rock worth sitting on surrounded by bushes, trees, and foliage in which it was near but impossible for anyone to see through, except for the fact that in the spot, you could see down to the creek below, without fear of being seen.

"Beat ya," exclaimed Ashley.

"Ha ha, very funny," Glen said, remembering how hot and in shape she was, and how he wasn't. And when he reached her, he dusted off his jeans, and stood facing her while catching his breath. She was staring intently into his eyes, with the most serious look on her face. By her expression, he could easily tell what was on her mind.

Suddenly, he grabbed her waist and pulled her to him, and in one swift move, wrapped his lips to hers. She started kissing him back, and before they both knew it, they were entranced in a hot and heavy liplock, making out with one another as their hands started exploring each other's firm bodies. Licking tongues as they passionately kissed, he grabbed her ass and moved his hand up to squeeze her B-cup breast, as she moved her hands over his ass and beneath his shirt to feel his chest.

He took her hand and moved it over his crotch, and she gripped his bulge and began stroking. Then he inched his hand underneath her shirt, easily gliding away her wire-frame brassiere from over her firm breast, and felt her voluptuous breast and hard nipple for the first time. Then he slid his other hand underneath her pants and panties and carressed her barenaked ass. Feeling her firm breast with its erect nipple in one hand, her smooth ass cheek in the other, and Ashley violently tugging at his penis over his clothes was all that it took. He took his hands back, stopped her, and f***ed her around, bending her over, and without any permission, took his thumb down her ass crack to grab her pants and panties and yank them down to the tops of her thighs. Her naked ass was in plain view, and he stared at it intently as he slid his pants and boxers down to bring out his very hard dick. Ashley was loving every minute of this. And then, with no warning, his dick entered her vagina.

All she could hear and feel was his body slamming and slapping against her buttocks as he kept thrusting his big, long dick inside her mushy love tunnel. Every thrust felt deeper and deeper. She could feel his engorged thickness, and the huge size of his round dick-head, sliding back and forth inside her slimy walls. He was also trimmed and his smooth testicles were slapping against her clitoris with mostly ever thrust. She started moaning as he fucked her.

Glen looked down. His huge, 9-inch penis was penetrating Ashley's pussy deep and hard as her wet love hole squished sloppily as it went in and out of her. Her beautiful ass was smooth, and small, just the way he liked it. He fucked her faster and began giving it to her nice and hard, and smacked her ass cheek as she let out a louder moan. They were not saying anything to each other, were not talking dirty, for as soon as the sex has commenced, that's all each of them wanted to feel as they savored every moment of it. He grabbed her ponytail and lightly tugged on it, forcing her body backwards to slam into his dick. He tugged her hair somewhat rougher and smacked her ass again. Then spanked her again, and pushed himself deeper into her.

"Ahh!" Ashley moaned. Her vaginal walls were soaked now with her love juice, coating Glen's large penis.

"Oh, God, I've wanted to fuck you for so long," he confessed as he slammed inside of her and pulled her ponytail.

"Yes," exclaimed Ashley, obviously liking his confession and his penis. He began moving his buttocks in a faster motion and, in turn, thrusting deeper inside her wet pussy with a faster pace. She was loving it as her moans were building up louder and louder, echoing her climax.

"I masturbate all the time thinking about fucking you," he said, confessing to her again in the heat of all the passion.

"So do I...uhh, uhh, uhh."

He couldn't believe he just heard her confess that she gets off thinking about them together the same as he. He grabbed both her hips now and fucked her as fast as he could. His dick was so incredibly hard, and her wet walls rubbing against it was making him overly sensitive, to the point where he was about ready to cum. He slapped her ass. She moaned loud. He grabbed her hips and felt his cum rising as his huge penis penetrated her slimy, gooey wetness inside her tight love tunnel. He slapped her naked ass again, hard.


He took one hand and slipped it under her shirt and bra and squeezed her titty. Her nipple was very erect and poked against his palm. He thrusted as deep as he could and as fast as he could. Her warm wetness engulfed his long shaft and sensitive dick-head, and he couldn't hold it any longer. He was going to cum.

"Oh my God, Ashley, I'm gonna cum!" He said. She backed off his huge penis and quickly spun around, got on her knees and began stroking him off, as she instinctively locked her lips around the tip of his dick-head only and began sucking very hard. That was all it took. Suddenly, Glen's huge erect penis was blasting hot spurts of thick ropey cum into Ashley's mouth, landing all over her tongue. She could taste the warm ooze dripping out of his head and all inside her mouth and tongue. It was sweet but salty, and was so hot, warm, and gooey all at the same time. She pulled his shaft a few more times as a few more drops of cum trickled out of the little hole onto the tip of her tongue, and as he pulled his penis head from her mouth, she swallowed his tasty load. She noticed that it went down her throat smooth, and she could feel the warmness gliding down.

Her love hole was leaking wet juices onto the ground as she stood up and pulled up her clothes. Glen did the same, tucking his penis back into his clothes as Ashley watched it.

"That was so hot," Glen admitted.

"Oh my God, you have no idea!" said Ashley, agreeing with his sentiments.

"We are totally going to be coming up here and doing this a lot."

"We better! Mmm, all the time if I have my way."

"Oh, you will get your way all right... Turn around," Glen said as Ashley obediently turned with her back to him. He then smacked her on the ass. "You are so hot!"

"Oh my God," she whispered under her breath. She turned back around with a big smirk. This was exactly what she wanted. Her dream had cum true.
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3 years ago
The edited word in the first sentence is "sister". Not sure why they blanked it out. Enjoy! Finally these hot 'n horny freaks hook up!