Meggan: Park Sex

Meggan pulled the car up to the parking lot of the public park and turned the engine off. It was dusk out, and the light on the horizon was quickly turning to night. Her secret boy toy, Bryan, was sitting in the passenger seat. Her boyfriend was at work, and this was the only time that she had a chance to spend time with him, other than secret IM chats while her boyfriend was home. She looked at him, and he was staring right back at her, with that evil smirk on his face that she knew all too well. She lifted the bottom of her purple dress up just above her thighs, giving Bryan a full glimpse of her shaved slit between her legs. She never wore panties when she was with him, and she never wore bras at all. Her nipples were poking through the top of her dress and Meggan could feel her pussy was wet with anticipation.

Bryan unzipped his pants and took out his hard dick. It was 9 inches, veiny and circumcised with a perfect fat head, and Meggan loved it. She bent over, gripped it in her hand, and started sucking on it. The way she sucked his dick drove Bryan wild. She created suction with her mouth, using her tongue on the underside of his shaft, and never opened her mouth for air. She slurped and slurped on his big dick, all the while feeling it growing larger in her mouth. She used her hand and jacked him off while she slurped his head, tasting sweet, sticky pre-cum as it leaked out. Bryan grabbed her ponytail and began slightly pushing her face down onto it, as he bucked his hips up in the same motion, pushing his huge dick farther into her sucking mouth. Her lips glided over his long shaft up and down repeatedly as she sucked it, his penis pulsating uncontrollably. Then he pulled on her ponytail and lifted her off of him.

She let go of his dick and climbed into the backseat. Bryan followed after her. By the time he got situated back there, she was already on her hands and knees. He unbuttoned his pants and took off his belt as he slid them down to his knees, but left his boxer shorts on. His hard penis was sticking through the hole. He inched up behind her and lifted her dress right above her bare naked ass cheeks, and in one swift motion, grabbed his 9-inch dick and shoved it into her soggy wet, mushy vagina.

"Ohh, yea," Meggan let out a sigh of pleasure. Bryan began bucking his hips back and forth, penetrating Meggan's pussy with his enlarged, hardened dick. Squishy sounds were being heard as he rocked into her wet hole with a steady pace.

"Oh, Bryan, fuck me," she pleaded. Her pussy walls were wet and squishy, and the smell of sex filled the car's aroma as Bryan kept shoving his huge penis inside of her. "Give it to me, ahh." She started moaning as he spanked her naked ass. "Yes, fuck me. Fuck me harder."

Bryan reached up and grabbed her ponytail, pulling her body back and forth onto his hard shaft and tilting her head up towards the window of the door she was facing. That's when she saw it. A few parking spots away, another car was parked there, and she had thought nothing of it when she initially pulled up, she just assumed they were all empty cars, since there were residential houses across from the park and she had just thought some residents parked here. But now she saw a man in the vehicle, which she could barely make out since it was dark now. But he obviously saw her, he was staring at her and from what she could tell, his arms were moving and by the pleasurable look on his face, she could tell he was jacking off to her.

Bryan smacked her ass again which made her let out a loud moan.


Knowing she was being watched made her even more hot. She was feeling so dirty, she began backing her pussy onto Bryan's big hard dick, moaning with each thrust.


Bryan reached around and pulled the top of her dress down below one of her breasts, fully exposing her nipple to the man in the car a few spots away. As Bryan fucked her, her breast was bouncing with the rhythm of his thrusts. She looked through the window again. There was no mistake that the man was beating off his cock now, for as she watched him watching her, he slid up from his driver's seat and exposed his penis to the window, showing her what it looked like. It had a nice big head, but not as nice as Bryan's, and was about 7 to 8 inches in length. She stared at the man's dick as Bryan pounded her pussy from behind. She licked her upper lip as Bryan fucked her faster, and the man slid back down in his seat and began stroking away at his penis again, watching her getting pounded.

The car was rocking back and forth now, and the windows were getting steamy. Meggan reached up and exposed her other breast from her dress, and now both of her titties were swinging and bouncing, her big red nipples swollen and erect. She could feel Bryan's hardness enter her vaginal tunnel again and again, his dick-head slipping up her love hole so smooth and going so deep. The wetness of her dripping cum enveloped his penis.

"Ohh, God. Fuck me. Faster. Harder," she begged.

Bryan let go of her ponytail and grabbed on to both of her hips above her bare naked ass and plunged himself deeper inside her as he picked up his pace. His pelvis was slamming into her ass, making a hard slapping noise as he continued to fuck her hard. As he did so, it scooted Meggan up towards the window, and she reached up to grab hold of both the backseat and the passenger seat, bringing her naked bouncing titties into full view for the man to jack off to. She looked over at him and he was indeed stroking it faster. He brought his penis up to the window again and she saw that it was bigger, and there was pre-cum running down the front of the head. He stayed there like that as he continued stroking it up and down fast. Meggan stared at the man's penis as she was getting fucked hard. She liked it. This was going to make her cum.

She scooted forward a bit and pressed her nipples to the window. She could still see out, and kept staring at the man's hard penis as he stroked it. She began moaning loud, and this made Bryan fuck her squishy pussy hole even harder. The man's penis was big. He was staring at her big hard nipples and her D-cup titties. She was showing them off to him. She could feel Bryan's huge throbbing dick penetrate her vagina deeper and harder, and she just kept staring hard at the man's big dick.

"You like me fucking you when your boyfriend's at work, don't you, slut?" Bryan asked as he spanked her ass cheek.

"Ahh! I love it," Meggan moaned.

"Are you really a slut? Huh? Tell me!" Bryan spanked her ass again.

"Uhh! Yes... I'm a slut! I'm a slut, baby! I'm a dirty little slut, uhh..." Bryan shoved his penis inside her vaginal canal as fast and deep as he could now. She stared at the man's hard penis again. "I love dick... ohh yeah! I love getting fucked by random guys! Oh... my God..."

"You do, don't you?"

"Ohh! Yes! Yes!"

Bryan spanked her ass again, harder. "You fucking slut! You like it when I fuck you, Slave?"

"Oh yes! I love it, Master! Ohh, your... Your big dick is bigger than my boyfriend's. You fuck me better than my boyfriend! Ohhh! Ohh Bryan..."

"Take it! Take it you fucking bitch!"

"I'm taking it, I'm taking it!! Ohh! Ohh! Ohh, oh yeah!!"

The car was rocking back and forth fast now. The slapping and squishy noises were as loud as can be, Meggan's hot naked ass was bouncing against Bryan's quick thrusts, and she was moaning really hard now, that it could be heard from the outside of the vehicle.

"Ohh, oh yea, ohh, uhh, give it to me! Give it to me!!"

Bryan slammed his huge dick inside her harder and harder.

"I'm such a fucking slut!" Meggan confessed as she threw her palm against the foggy window. "I let guys fuck me! Ohh! Ohh yeah!" She wasn't sure if she should say that, as it was a secret that she didn't want him to know, but he was apparently fucking her harder from telling him how much of a slut she was.

"Oh, my God, that's so fucking hot, that's so fucking hot," Bryan moaned as he slammed it in her.

"Yeah?" she moaned.

"Yeah! So fucking hot! Tell me your dirty secrets, Meggan!"

"I let... ohh yeah... I let some guy stick his dick in me yesterday... Ohh!!"

"Yeah? Did you like it, huh? Was it big, you horny little slut?" He spanked her again and fucked her faster.

"Ohh! Oh, yeah... it was so hot... He fucked me sooo good! Ohh! Ohh!!"

Bryan smacked her ass hard again. "Yeah..."

"Then... later... uhh... we were... outside... uhh..."

"Uh-huh?" He started fucking her pussy hole as fast as he could.

"...Behind the dumpsters... ohh... And I... sucked his dick... until he... came in my mouth! Ohh! And I drank his cum!! Oh yeah!! You dirty boy... Yes! Fuck me harder! C'mon! Do it! Do it!!"

"Oh my God, I'm gonna cum! Meggan, I'm gonna cum!!"

She started cumming all over Bryan's dick, just as he pulled out of her sloppy vagina, and she knew what it meant. As he sat down in the seat, she turned around and stuck her naked ass in the air, right in front of the window, letting the man see a clear view of her pussy as she jacked off Bryan's big throbbing penis and sucked hard on his overly-sensitive dick-head. His massive penis was throbbing in her mouth, and she stuck out her tongue and rubbed it on the underside of his head and shaft as she jerked off his dick really fast and sucked his fat tip with all her might. Suddenly hot cum shot out and into her sucking mouth, making him moan, as it shot a few more times from his head all over her tongue and the insides of her cheeks. She kept sucking it out, and as the last few drops drizzled from his now-softening head, she scooped them up with her bottom lip as she sucked the rest of his cum out and popped her lips off of his tip.

"Show me," he said. She then opened her mouth partly and he could see his cum pooled all in her mouth and over her tongue. She could taste its salty sweetness.

"Okay," he said. And with that, she closed her mouth and swallowed it down her throat. She loved the taste of cum.

"Any more?" she asked as she bent down again to put her lips around his penis one last time. As she did, she lifted her ass to the window again, giving the man a clear shot of her dripping wet pussy hole and naked ass cheeks. Her milky white cum was leaking out of her vagina and running down the inner lips of her pussy. The man was staring right at her pussy hole and jacking his penis off really hard and fast to it.

"Nope," Bryan said. "But I need to go wash up, Goddamn, I am so fucking sweaty!"

"Mmm, but in a good way, huh?" Meggan asked. She already knew what she was secretly planning to do.

"Mmm, oh yes, damn girl, you are so fucking hot! I love fucking the shit out of you."

"Mmmm, me too."

"Alright, be right back. Don't finger yourself too much while I'm gone, hehehe." And with that, Bryan climbed out of the car, dressed again, and headed for the park restrooms.

Seeing him disappear into them, Meggan, with her dress in place again, got out of the car herself, and headed to the man's car. He saw her walking towards him, and lifted himself to the window again showing her his hard penis. Meggan licked her lips, then walked around to the passenger side door and opened it, climbing inside. "You like watching me get fucked?" The man didn't say a word just nodded his head, and stared at her body, but he was gripping his big penis tight, as it was sticking through the hole in his jeans. She leaned over and started sucking it hard, bobbing up and down, jacking it while she did, and wanting him to cum in her mouth before Bryan came back from the restrooms. She jacked him off fast and hard, the pace he was going the last time she looked at him, and sucked his dick-head and shaft like crazy. The man reached over and pulled her dress top off her breast, and squeezed her naked titty as she sucked him off. She heard him exhaling soft whimpering moans as she tried to siphon his hot sticky cum into her mouth.

"Turn around," she heard him say. She took her mouth off of his penis and looked at his face. "Turn around," he said again. She didn't want any trouble, so she got up and turned around on her hands and knees. The man slid his penis into her pussy and started fucking her hard and fast, very fast. He was slamming it inside her. She felt his dick was rock hard in her pussy. He was moaning fast like he was going to cum soon. Meggan felt like a hot and horny dirty nasty slut at that moment, but it excited her that much more. She loved it, loved being a dirty little slut. It was so fucking hot getting fucked by guys she just met. She felt his dick throbbing inside her. She started quietly cumming, gushing her pussy juices all over his penis.

He started moaning a lot, and suddenly took himself out of her as he sat back down, and Meggan had already turned back around and had his big dick in her mouth, sucking and slurping away with her tongue on the underside of his shaft and head, jacking him off as fast as she could. She felt his entire penis engorge, and thick hot, gooey, sticky cum shot out directly all over her tongue and into her mouth. It kept shooting into her mouth as she began swallowing it immediately. Bryan would be coming back and she had to hurry. She sucked as hard as she could, and warm cum was dripping into her mouth. She gulped down more cum. Then she swallowed even more cum. It tasted delicious. Then there was no more cum dripping out, and she took her mouth off of it, kissed the head, pulled her dress back over her nude breasts and pussy and ass, and exited the vehicle. She walked back to her car and as she got in and closed the door shut, she saw Bryan come out of the bathroom and start walking towards the car.

That was so hot, and Bryan would never know that she just sucked and fucked another guy. She loved secretly fucking guys and swallowing their cum, and the less most guys knew about it, the better. She could still taste the strange guy's cum on her taste buds and inside her mouth. As Bryan got in the driver's seat, buckled, and pulled out of the parking spot, she looked back at the weird guy staring at her whom she just let fuck her pussy and sucked and swallowed his cum, and gave him a sexy little smile and winked one eye at him. She would never see him again or ever know his name, but that wasn't the first time she had done that. And the last thought she had was about fucking and swallowing her boyfriend's cum tonight when he got home from work, as Bryan drove away from the park.
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AWESOME !!! read mine, im not sure if it's out yet... tell me if its good
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very horny xx