My Girlfriend's Sexy Slut Stories (Part 2)

Here's another slut story about my girlfriend's past.

When she was in high school, she was largely an outcast and was goth, wore black clothes, and basically represented the goth chick. She met this guy who started hanging around her friends, he was a goth boy who wore black mascara, baggy black pants, chains, spiked dark hair, etc. So naturally, he caught her attention and she was attracted to him.

One day they were talking and he invited her to hang out after school at his house. She said alright and this basically consisted of her looking through his CDs and playing some music and seeing what all he was into, so far as I know. Now his parents were always there but he was allowed to have the door shut with a girl in his bedroom. She started coming over to his house more and hanging out.

One of these times, she was wearing a semi-long dress skirt that was black and matched her goth outfit, but with no panties underneath because she has always went commando in skirts and dresses. She liked giving boys peeks. Well as she was bending over his bed looking at a photo album or something, she was kind of wiggling her ass at him and flirtatiously smiling. Next thing she knows, he is behind her and has his hard dick out of his pants, lifted up her dress, and pushed it into her vagina. This made her instantly wet, and she took his dick without saying anything. He proceeded to fuck her doggy style for a long time, holding back his orgasm, and they ended up fucking in his bedroom mostly clothed for 3 hours. They had to be quiet so his dad wouldn't hear, but as she is naturally a moaner she had to bury her face in his pillow while moaning and taking his hard dick under her dress, and she had suspected his dad heard her anyway. During the fucking he grabbed her titties in which her nipples were hard and poking through her shirt, since she never wears a bra. She liked it and she didn't say anything when she felt his hardened dick slide inside of her barenaked pussy all of a sudden. She just smiled and took it like a horny nympho.

Now this is pretty much all she has told me except that she went over to his house a lot after that, and they fucked each other's brains out right under his parents' nose. And he holds the record with her: 6 hours. Although they took a few breaks in between. I think this was all through the night. Now I am determined to beat this record, but I hope the guy wasn't using Viagra which she says if he was she didn't know about it. That means I will have to train myself, although I have been known to masturbate all night more than a few times, holding my orgasm back and not cumming until sunrise, so not much training will be needed I hope...
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3 years ago
She was basically living with his cock in her. Nice.
3 years ago
good luck with ur trianing!