My Girlfriend's Sexy Slut Stories (Part 1)

My girlfriend is a slut and has been for many many years. She has told me most of her sex stories, and she used to be a regular IM webcam slut for about 8 or so years, from about ages 16 to 24. She used to get naked on her webcam and masturbate for a bunch of guys to watch her nightly, although she was never interested in seeing them, so she just let them watch. She would get fully naked on her bed, and spread her legs apart and show them everything, and every imaginable way fucking herself and pouring cum out of her contracting pussy. This made her so hot knowing guys were watching her. And she had set the IM webcam up to where it would automatically accept incoming view webcam requests, with no alerts, so it was basically a spycam where her friends could watch her 24/7 and catch her banging herself at any time of the day, or in the middle of the night, since it was pointed directly at her bed, and she always sl**ps naked. She loves guys wanting her and nonchalantly showing her body off for them to see.

At one point, she lived on her own in a trailer park and there was a guy just a few years older than her that lived in the trailer next to hers. Her bedroom window was adjacent to his bedroom window. She would intentionally leave the blinds open, and lights on and would constantly masturbate naked on her bed, in plain view of his window. She would spread her pussy lips wide open and finger-fuck herself like crazy, often 3 or more times per day. She told me she knew that he was watching her because when her lights went on and she got naked on her bed, his light would instantly go off, and it would go dark to where she could not see a silhouette. And a few times when she saw him outside, his face would turn red if she waved at him. She masturbated constantly for this guy, and was such a slut that she had met up with about 4 guys total that she had been flirting with on online console video games and IM webcam chat, and had them fuck her naked right there in front of her open window where he could watch, sometimes giving naughty pleasurable looks towards his window when she was getting pounded from behind. This went on for a while until she moved.

She also worked at an auto body shop for about a year. She loved cars, and knew someone's relative that owned the place so she easily got the job. A regular greasemonkey. She would do horny things there for all the guys to see, like be lifted on the car lift about 10 feet in the air, wearing a short skirt with no panties underneath and all the guys saw her pussy. And some of them would touch her ass as they helped her down. She was such a dirty little slut, she was masturbating in the bathroom all the time and walking around in her short skirt with nothing underneath and dripping milky cum out of her vagina and down her leg and caught a few guys that saw there was runny cum on her thighs. She liked it. There was a guy that worked there that she thought was hot and wanted to fuck him. Well she had been flirting with him and he finally gave in to her advances and one day they went in the booth area that had one window in it, and it was back behind this that there was a little paint table area. They would go behind this and she would get on her knees and take his hard dick out and proceed to put her mouth on it and suck his dick real sloppy wet until he ejaculated into her mouth and she swallowed it. She told me this went on for the whole year she worked there, everyday they would go back there and she gave him daily blowjobs and drank his warm cum. She eventually started dating another guy that worked there, and he had got himself a little girlfriend, but the whole time she never stopped sucking his dick behind the paint table, even though they both were tied down with other people. One day she sucked his dick and drank his cum, and then went home and sucked her boyfriend's dick and drank his cum. Her boyfriend did not know about this other guy until it came out and they broke up.

Now she is with me and I let her do whatever she wants as long as it is not being with other men. However she is allowed to tease other men, which involves showing off her body and flashing her titties, ass and pussy in public. She is allowed to fuck women since she is bi-sexual, and she is just now getting back to masturbating on webcam for people to watch.
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3 years ago
Yeah, we are crazy for each other, supposedly her slut days are over because her last relationship was a serious one and she did not cheat at all. And it was kinda a bad situation, I helped her through it, and now she's fallen for me. But we have cyber sex all the time and she gets on webcam, I have secretly recorded all our sessions. I plan on uploading them when the uploader is working again, so you all can watch her masturbating and getting off. I have pics of her here: and will be adding more to that gallery soon, along with new stories about her and videos. So look out for all that if you want to see her being naughty and naked.
3 years ago
good stuff hopefully shes sticking to only fucking with u haha
3 years ago