Sexcapades, Part 2

Earlier in the morning, Ashley had woken up and got ready for school. After showering her teenage naked body, shaving her pussy hair and armpits, blow-drying her long, straight brunette hair, dressing and applying her minimal amounts of makeup such as a thin eyeliner, and finally stylizing her hair in her trademark ponytail, she was practically ready for another day at school. She grabbed her JanSport backpack and sat down at the couch and waited for her neighbors, the k**s down the street, Elisha, her best friend who was the same age as her, and who she had known since and went to kindergarten with, and her older b*****r, Glen, who was two years older than Ashley and with whom she had a secret lustful crush on.

Upon their mom stopping by on her way to work and only dropping Elisha off to wait and watch cartoons until it was time for their usual walk to school, Ashley wondered where Glen was. She talked with Elisha while they waited and watched Sonic and Power Rangers, and then slyly brought up where her b*****r was.

"He's sick I guess, so he's staying home." Elisha said.

"Oh," replied Ashley, "that sucks." Ashley's mom walked into the front room and said she was driving the girls to school this day, since the oldest k** "in charge" was not here to safely walk them today. Ashley began to think. She secretly came up with a plan in her own head of what she was going to do today.

As Ashley's mom drove the two best friends to school only 2 and a half blocks away, Ashley kissed her mom on the cheek goodbye and Elisha thanked her for the ride. They both proceeded towards the school as Ashley's mom drove off and headed for work.

As they headed for their lockers to put their bags away and grab their books for first period, they told each other later, and headed off for their separate classrooms. Except Ashley had no intention of going. She waited until her friend was out of sight around the corner then headed back to her locker. She put her books back, grabbed her backpack, and headed towards the back entrance, careful to avoid the main entrance which was where the Main and Principal's Offices were.

* * *

Ashley had just returned home. The walk was not that bad. The long dead-end street between the back alleyway that came from the school's playground fields to the intersecting street she lived on was not a long walk, really. It was only about a quarter- to a half-mile. As she placed her backpack in her room, she felt a little rebellious by ditching school. The truth was, she had a plan. She was going to go over and see Glen. Of course, she had no idea what to expect or what was going to happen, but she knew an opportunity when she saw it. Both of their parents were gone at work, as always while the k**s went to school. Ashley's mom was a single mother and worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield, she would be gone during the typical 9-5 workday same as Glen and Elisha's parents.

As she was feeling this surge of rebelliousness, she was kind of getting turned on. Little had she played hooky except for when she acted like she was sick for some reason or another to avoid a school day. Which is kind of why she was suspicious of Glen's being sick this day. Rarely did he get sick, but when he did, he was down for days. He was one of those "carriers."

She could feel her nipples tighten and swell through her bra and T-shirt. They were erect. Yep, she was definitely horny. She looked down at them and saw that they were poking through her shirt. She liked it when boys could see things like that, and she liked acting like she didn't know. In that sense, she was sort of an exhibitionist, even though she had no idea what an exhibitionist was or even that she was one. She just liked being horny and showing guys that she was aroused, while playing dumb. Especially Glen. She started thinking back to last week, when she was in the backyard woods with him, and pulled down her pants and showed him her freshly shaved pussy, then turned around and bent over and flashed him her bare-naked ass. When she pulled up her pants after this, she looked down at his pants and could see a protruding bulge at his crotch. She knew he had a hard dick and was trying to hide it. She wanted so much to pull his pants down right there and his boxer shorts and see what it looked like, how big it was. Circumcised dick-head? Or no? She had wondered about this for a long time. When they were walking back, she could see the bulge still in his jeans, and judging by where the peak of the bulge was, she could conclude that it was a long dick.

Thinking about all this was making her wet in her panties, she could feel her love juices lightly moistening inside her. She quickly went to her bedroom mirror desk and opened one of the drawers on the right side. Inside, she found her favorite hairbrush with the long fat handle that she didn't use to brush her hair. She quickly hiked up her skirt and removed her sexy white cotton girlie underwear. She dropped the panties to her feet and kicked them to a corner near her nightstand. Then, with all remaining clothes still on, she hopped onto her made bed.

She laid back on her pillows and closed her eyes. She imagined Glen's cock, what it must look like. A large, long shaft as she had concluded from last week in the woods through his pants, and nasty dick-head. She instinctively reached under her skirt with her right hand and felt her clit with her fingers. She imagined sucking on his dick-head, imagining what his dick must taste like, feeling his sticky pre-cum leak onto her tongue, and swallowing it. Her fingers rubbed and rubbed away at her clit as she thought of all this, and she then slid them down and stuck out her middle finger and very hard and fast, pushed it in her vagina.

"Uhh," she moaned as it felt so good. She felt her sticky juices surround her finger. She was so warm and wet inside. Abruptly, she withdrew and simultaneously thrust her finger in and out very fast repeatedly, violently fingerbanging herself. She loved masturbating. She had been rubbing off for about a year now, and humping her pillow and her bed for about a year before that. She could hear her love juices lapping up and making squishy noises as she banged her mushy vagina hole at a rhythmic pace. Her nipples were swollen, and were even more poking through her shirt now. She kept stimulating her pussy this way, as she spread her legs and her skirt moved aside as she did so. Still holding her hairbrush in her left palm, she slowly brought it over near her soaking wet pussy hole.

She fingerbanged her vagina real fast now, as fast as she could thrust her wrist back and forth to penetrate her soggy hole with her middle finger.

"Uhh. Uhh. Oh yeah," she whispered as she felt her climax rising. She banged it in real hard and fast now, which brought her near the edge. "Omigod, omigod, oh. Fuck me... harder, omigod. Oh... Oh yes, oh yeah... yeah..." she moaned. All of a sudden she withdrew her slimy finger and her head went back as her pussy exploded inside. "Ahhhh..." she screamed sexily. A thin clear milky stream leaked and then shot out of her vagina, for only about a second and a half, which left a small wet line on her bed-spread. She had just ejaculated on her bed as she came.

"Oh yeah..." She brought the hairbrush to her pussy and flipped it around so that the handle was facing her crotch. With one fell swoop, she inserted the fat round handle into her gaping soggy vagina, and pushed it all the way up.

"Ohh..." she moaned loudly as it went in all the way. Now her creamy pussy walls were filled with that big hard rod. She imagined that it was the middle of the night, everyone was asl**p, and Glen had crept up and just pushed his naked big long hard cock deep inside her while she pretended to still be asl**p. She kept fantasizing about how difficult it would be to not move and keep still if he were to really let his inhibitions take over and fuck her in the middle of the night without her consent. Really jam that cock up inside her. Deep. She began fucking herself back and forth with the masturbatory hairbrush handle, and was really giving it to herself good and hard as she continued dreaming about her fantasy. He would have to push it inside her pretty slow, so as not to disturb her sl**p by pushing her forward with each thrust while fucking her in her sl**p. Her pajamas would be pulled down to her knees and she would be lying on her stomach. Glen would creep up and slide his erect dick out of his bottoms and stare at her naked ass while he wanked. Then he would slide a finger up inside her slowly to test the situation and see if she would awake. When she would not awake, he would bring his finger back out of her hole and lick it up clean. Then, whacking his big hard dick, he would climb over top of her ass then poke his dick-head against her, while underneath her ass, until his dick-head finally poked against her vaginal entrance and easily slid right inside her mushy wet tunnel. Then he would continue to push it up inside and she would feel his unburdened length as he slipped it all the way in, deep up in her, and slippery wet as it slid up to her belly. It would be hard and plump full and big. She would feel it jump as he twitched from being inside her, as they were both virgins.

"Ohh yeah," she whispered, as she reached up with her right palm and cupped her right breast through her shirt and bra, then squeezed the breast hard. She was masturbating furiously now, her left hand gliding the brush handle in and out deep and fast, as she imagined it was Glen's big cock fucking her the way she always wanted. Sloppy squishy sounds were echoing off her bedroom walls as she fucked herself frivolously, slamming the hairbrush voilently against her pussy lips as it penetrated her deeper with each gush. "Ohh, ohh, ahh, oh yes, ahh, omigod, yeah... fuck me... Glen..." she moaned loudly as she stimulated herself to another rising climax.

She let go of the brush and scooted down on her bed. She could feel the wet slimy trail against her buttocks and back that she just made minutes ago. Then she lifted her ass and back into the air as her legs went over her head and rested firmly above her. This position allowed her to look directly at her pussy and have it facing her face as she fucked herself, but she did this for a reason. She brought her right hand around and pushed the hairbrush still sticking out of her gaping vagina and rammed it in and out furiously.

"Ahh, ahh, ohh, ohh, oh yeah... yeah... yeah..." she was screaming her moans now. Very loudly. She was about to make herself cum.She stopped and held the brush in place for a second, still within her vagina. Then she pushed it back in as deep as it would go, then continued masturbating with it even more vigorously. "Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh... Ohhhh yeah, yeah, yeah... OH GOD!!!" She withdrew the brush and threw it on the bed somewhere. Then she rubbed her clit back and forth as fast as she could. "AHHHH," she screamed as she held her mouth open, and a clear milky stream gushed out of her vagina into the air and landed in her mouth. After her ejaculation stopped, she closed her mouth and swallowed her own cum.

She brought her legs down to lay out normally on the bed and relaxed. She had just had two very powerful orgasms and drank up her own squirt the second time. The first ejaculation was still on her bed cover. 'Oh well,' she thought, 'maybe Glen will come over and see there's a slug trail on my bed. That would be hot.' As she got up, she grabbed her underwear and was about to put them back on, when she second guessed it. She was going over to see Glen when she was supposed to be at school. No one was there except him, and she just masturbated twice thinking about him before going over there. 'Naw,' she thought. She would be naked under her skirt. If he sees it, he sees it - not like he didn't see it last week. She giggled as she picked up her hairbrush, licked the handle all up, stuck it back in the desk drawer, grabbed a sweatshirt out of her closet, locked her front door and proceeded to walk down the road to Glen's house.
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3 years ago
Part 4 of my Sexcapades story with Ashley
4 years ago
Thanks, I loved Kelly Kapowski! I would have loved to have Tiffani Amber-Thiessan back then when she was a hottie 20-something, let me just say her body was well-proportioned back then compared to what she looks like now. Her titties were small, round and firm, and her hips were exquisite!

Sorry to any readers who read this story now, the ASCII characters were placed in there by XHamster, not me. I'm not sure why they took my quotation marks out, that makes absolutely no sense for a website that allows stories. Also they take out apostrophes which also makes no sense to me whatsoever. They badly need to fix their site.
4 years ago
I enjoyed your description of Ashley ejaculating while masturbating. In the 90's, I fantasized at length about a fictional cutie by the name of Kelly Kapowski from NBC TV's 'Saved By The Bell', and the TV show gave little indication that Kelly got super turned-on while playing with herself, but I loved to think that she ejaculated slightly on the bedsheets when she came. She was a cutie. Thanks for your excellent story, you tell it really well!
4 years ago
I took a long break from these stories but I will soon upload Part 3.
4 years ago
a young girl masturbating very hot it made me cum
4 years ago

Please comment people who read this story.
4 years ago
you can make it long this is good
4 years ago
The next part will be a short one.