Sexcapades, Part 1

When I was young, I lived in a neighborhood that had a backyard woods behind our houses. It went back pretty far, and there was a stream if you went back far enough, about eight feet across in width. Us neighborhood k**s had fun back there playing all sorts of games, such as Kick The Can and Hide & Seek.

Me and my s****r had some friends on the block, one of our closest being Ashley, the girl down the street. Ashley was a little older than my s****r, but they were both born in the same year. I was two grades older. Ashley and my s****r were best friends, but I hung out with them all the time. We had fun playing kickball and hanging out in the backyard woods.

Secretly I really liked Ashley. Even though we were young, I thought she was cool. And I got the feeling she was hanging out with me a lot for more than just the fact I was her best friend's older b*****r. I was hanging out with my s****r and Ashley a lot. We walked to and from school together (since it was about two blocks away and I was the oldest, our parents trusted me to look out for the girls). Sometimes my mom would drop me and my s****r off at Ashley's house before school if she had to be at work early, and sometimes Ashley would be dropped off at our house before school. Usually we all just watched cartoons before we all walked to school with each other. Sometimes my s****r spent the night at Ashley's house down the road and sometimes Ashley spent the night at our house. We were all pretty tight friends.

One day, it was after school and Ashley walked over to our house. My s****r was sick and coughing, so she was bed rested. I had nothing to do so I said I would hang out with her. We went walking back in the woods. We were talking about a lot of stuff, school and teachers we had that year, f****y stuff, to just random thoughts. Then we decided to try to walk the stream and try to get to one of those hard to reach spots. I told Ashley that I didn't know, it could be dangerous.

"Come on, don't be a wussy," she said, and she started off on the little game trails that led to who knows where. I high-tailed it right behind her. We were walking for a little distance and she fell once. I went to help her up but she said she was fine. When she got up, I thought she was purposely sticking her butt out at me. Without even thinking, I looked. It was a cute little butt. I think she caught me staring because I am pretty sure she turned her head just slightly and her left eye saw me with her peripheral line of sight. I just smiled and she started walking again.

Before I knew it we had arrived to this secluded little area. There were rocks to sit on and we could see the stream running below us. There was high grass all around us and also the trees sprang up high above. This area of the woods was pretty thick. We sat down and took a breather. We began talking and she was asking me some pretty personal questions. I acted all cool like it didn't phase me though and answered honestly. Soon enough she was asking me about girls. She asked if I had any crushes on any girls or knew if any girls had crushes on me. Well I liked her but I wasn't about to say that, and we were both young so I didn't know what I should be saying to these types of questions anyway. I just replied that it was a good question and I wasn't sure. Well then she went on to ask some really embarrassing questions that made my dick semi-hard inside my jeans.

"Do you ever look at any girl's boobs?"

Oh my god. Right then I looked at her chest. She had developed a small little rack. One of her breasts could probably fit inside my handful. I immediately stopped thinking about that and brought a serious look back up to her face, right when she turned to look at me.

"Yeah," I said. "I mean I have before."

"Really?" she asked. Her eyes seemed to light up when I admitted that to her. She had a smile on her face, and she was really looking at me like she was trying to read me.

"Uh-huh. Sometimes, I wonder what they look like without the clothes on them."

"Really? What else do you think about like that?" she asked. Alright now I could see where she was going with this. This was her little game. Take me out to the woods where no one could hear and see how much I knew about girls. If she didn't drive me crazy enough before with her cute looks, now she was really driving me wild. I was curious, and figured I would continue to play along.

"Well... uh," I said as I reached back and scratched my head uncomfortably. "Sometimes... I... I think about... what a girl looks like... under her pants." I couldn't believe I just admitted that to her. I looked back over at her. She had stopped grinning now. She was looking at me with the most serious look I had ever seen her give me.

Next thing I know, she got up from the rock we were sitting on and stood facing me. She looked down and unbuttoned then unzipped her jeans. she pulled them partly down below her crotch, and then yanked her underwear down and looked right at me! I instantly got a boner. All I could see was Ashley standing in front of me, with her pants and underwear pulled partly down right in front of my face and there was her bare-naked pussy. She left it pulled down for a long while so as I could get a good look. And boy, did I. I could see the top part of her pussy only, but it was really cute. She was shaved, and her lightly pink clit was beautiful all exposed like that. The bottom part of her clit hood revealed two pouty soft pink lips that were short, and curled up tight next to each other, which went between her legs underneath her where I couldn't see.

She then pulled her underwear back up and used her thumbs on the waistline to fit them back in place. Then she pulled her jeans back up. But before she zipped up, she looked at me and I knew she was about to ask me another question.

"Wanna see my butt?"

"Yes!" My dick was hard as a rock beneath my jeans.

She turned around and bent over as she simultaneously pulled her jeans and underwear down, giving me a clear and close-up view of her cute naked ass. This girl was killing me.

"You can touch it," she said. I did not need any more convincing. I reached out and felt her right butt cheek with my entire palm. I saw her head go up as I touched her like this. I felt around her entire cheek, then I reached with my other palm and placed it on her left cheek. Now I had both hands on this girl's entire naked butt. Feeling it. Then I squeezed her cheeks gently. I was loving every minute of this little show, especially since I had never seen a girl naked before. Then I leaned in close and kissed her right cheek.

Well that must have been it for her because she said oh my God and immediately pulled up her clothes. She zipped and buttoned her jeans back up still turned away from me. When she was done, she turned around and said she thought we should go. I was in a state of arousal, and all I could say was uh-huh sure. We walked back to the house not really saying anything to each other, and all I kept thinking about was her bare ass and pussy. My semi-hard dick was rubbing against my jeans as we walked and I think she saw my bulge a couple times as we were walking.

That was the first experience I had with any girl before and I am glad it was with her, because I thought she was cute and I really liked her, I had always wanted the courage to kiss her one day. But now I had sexual feelings towards her, I had seen her cute little shaved pussy and nice firm ass, and I thought about her naked all the time. I would get a boner whenever I thought about her naked, and I started rubbing my dick back and forth at night when I would think about it. Soon I discovered that the more I rubbed my dick, the bigger it would get, until one night I took all my clothes off in bed and rubbed it as fast and hard as I could thinking about her naked pussy. My dick was incredibly big from doing this. The biggest I had ever seen it get before. I began rubbing it harder and really really fast now, making pretty loud slapping noises against my circumcised head doing this. This was the middle of the night and I'm sure if my s****r were awake, there's no doubt she could hear this, as her room was right next to mine. But I continued violently slapping it, and my body was making thrusting movements against my bed. This was making a slight squeaky bed noise. This was feeling incredible, it was a rush. I had my eyes closed and all I could see was Ashley's pussy. Next thing I know I am hearing loud slapping and my dick-head is so sensitive as I am going over the edge. Suddenly there's a hot wet feeling all over my hands as I am pumping myself hard, I still have my eyes closed and am making quiet moaning noises as I am coming down from this rush. As my movement stops and I can no longer see her pussy in my mind, I open my eyes and look down. My huge dick is still gripped in both my sweaty palms, and there is white gooey cum all over my hands, dick, and bed sheets. I sprayed my load pretty far, and all over. My cock must have been at an angle when I shot my cum out, because there were streaks on my bed sheets. I was in surprise. I had never masturbated before, so I was surprised to see my dick really big and to see liquid come from my penis. But I really liked it, and that had felt so stimulating. What a rush. I left the cum all over and just covered back up with my covers and fell asl**p. As I drifted off, I could feel excess cum leaking out of my dick-head and onto my bed and I liked it.

To be continued...
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2 years ago
Lucky! Thanks!
3 years ago
Part 4 of my Sexcapades story with Ashley
4 years ago
i agree with abiostudent
4 years ago
Thanks guys! Working on Part 2 now. There will be many parts to this story, basically it will be a story about all my girlfriends and other sexual experiences.
4 years ago
very nice
4 years ago
very well written
i hope there is more to come
4 years ago
Extremely hot! Look forward for more :)P
4 years ago
This was wonderful, I can't wait to read more.
And not only is it grammaticality correct, it's even separated into paragraphs!
that makes it much easier to read, as well as easier to immerse oneself in the story.
Thank you, I can't wait for more.